1997 Games


Robot 834
101 Amazing Things To Do With Your ComputerEducationalKingfisher
3-D CannonStrategyBill Corbett
3-D Tour of the Solar SystemEducationalLPI (Lunar and Planetary Institute Houston
3-D Ultra Mini GolfunknownSierra
3D Power Games Volume 1unknownElectronic Entertainment Publishing
3D Ultra Pinball - The Lost ContinentActionDynamix
688I Hunter-KillerunknownElectronic Arts
7th LegionStrategyMicroProse
A-10 Cuba!unknownMegamedia
AbalonePuzzlePeter Tax
Achtung SpitfireStrategyAvalon Hill
Action SuperCross v1.2SportBalász Rózsa
Activision Game Vault Volume 3unknownActivision
Activision's Atari 2600 Action PackunknownMegamedia
Actua Soccer 2SportGremlin Interactive
Advanced NetwarsActionCaldera
Adventure of LomaxunknownPsygnosis
AeroFighters AssaultActionVideo System U.S.A., Inc.
Age of EmpiresMiscMicrosoft
Air Warrior IIIunknownInteractive Magic
AIV Network$ (a.k.a. C.E.O.)SimulationInfogrames
Aleshar - The World of IceRPGHypothermia
Alien AttackActionFantasoft
Alien CabalActionQASoft
Alien InvadersActionLinda Frasier
Alien PhobiaActionFreeware
Alone in the Dark TrilogyActionInfogrames
Alpha StormActionPsygnosis Limited
Amulets & ArmorRPG
An American Tail: Animated MovieBookAdventureSound Source Interactive
Animaniacs Game PackActionFunnybone Interactive
Ankh 3AdventureIbis Inc.
Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Midway Collection 2unknownGT Interactive
Ark of TimeAdventureInterplay Entertainment
Arthur's BirthdayEducationalBrøderbund
Arthur's Computer AdventureEducationalBrøderbund
Assault TrooperStrategyWebfoot Technologies
AssholePuzzleGreg Munro
Asterbamm 1.0.1ActionDavid Cook and Tom Zehner
AT RobotsPuzzleEd T. Toton
Atlantis - Das sagenhafte AbenteuerunknownCryo
Atomic BombermanActionInterplay Productions
Attack of the Ma-Ma'sActionDavid P. Derwin
Aventura en el Siglo XXIVunknownRVM
Awesome Animated Monster Maker: Ultra EditionAdventureHoughton Mifflin
B.A.D.ActionWebfoot Technologies
Babylon 5EducationalSierra
Backyard BaseballSportHumongous Entertainment
BaldiesStrategyPanasonic Interactive
Bananas in Pyjamas - It's Fun TimeEducationalKoei
Baphomets FluchunknownMegamedia
Baphomets Fluch II - Die Spiegel der FinsternisunknownVirgin
Barschsoft SpecialPuzzleBarschsoft
Battle Arena Toshinden 2ActionFujitsu Interactive
Battle WrathActionMagicom Multimedia
Bazooka SueAdventureStarbyte
Beasts 'n BumpkinsMiscWorldweaver Productions Ltd.
Bedlam 2 - Absolute BedlamActionMirage Technologies
Best of Sierra #3unknownSierra
Betrayal at KrondorRPGActivision
Betrayal in AntaraunknownSierra
BlackoutAdventureDeadline Games
Blade RunnerAdventureVirgin Interactive
Blast CorpsActionNintendo of America, Inc.
Bleifuss FunActionUDS
BloodunknownMonolith Productions
Blood Omen: Legacy of KainRPGActivision
Blood: Plasma PackActionGT Interactive
Blown AwayunknownMagellan
Borscht RaiderActionShannon Schroeder
Bubble PopActionSoftware of Sweden
Bud Tucker in Double TroubleunknownTopWare
Bust a movePuzzleFreeware
Caesar IIunknownSierra
Caesar IIIStrategySierra Entertainment
Callahan's Crosstime SaloonAdventureLegend Entertainment
Captain Gysi und das Raumschiff BonnAdventurePDS
Captain Salve: Secret of the PyramidAdventureCederroth
CarmageddonMiscStainless Software
Carmageddon Splat PackSportInterplay
Carmen Sandiego Word DetectiveEducationalBrøderbund
Caso Cerrado I: La MansiónunknownPapada Soft
Ceremony of InnocencePuzzleReal World Multimedia
CHAMP AsteroidsActionChamProgramming corp.
CHAMP KongunknownChampProgramming Corp.
Championship Manager 97/98SportSports Interactive Limited
Chasm: The RiftActionAction Forms
Chasm: The RiftActionWizardsWorks
Checkers for WindowsStrategy
City of Lost Children, TheAdventurePsygnosis
Civil War General IIStrategySierra Entertainment
Civilization 2: Multiplayer Gold EditionStrategyHasbro Interactive
Clif DangerunknownCDV
Clock Tower (Clock Tower II in Japan)AdventureASCII Entertainment
Close Combat II: A Bridge Too FarStrategyMicrosoft
Colony 28ActionNapoleon Games
Comanche 3unknownNova Logic
Command & Conquer (Gold Edition)StrategyWestwood Studios, Inc.
ConstructorStrategyAcclaim Entertainment
Creatures Egg Diskunknown
Cricket 97SportBeam Software
Crush! DeluxeSportMegamedia Corp.
Cryptic Passage for BloodActionWizardWorks Software
CuboidsActionGrant Schindler
Curse of Monkey Island, TheunknownLucasArts
Cyberlaw (a.k.a. Cyber Police)ActionBal@nce
Cybersphere PlusAction
Daleks ETStrategyE. Jeremy Tira-Thompson
Damage IncorporatedActionMacSoft
Dark Ages 1 - The ContinentsRPGMike Hoopmann
Dark ColonyStrategySSI
Dark Corona PegasusActionAlgomedia Software
Dark EarthAdventureMicroProse
Dark Reign: The Future of WarStrategyActivision
Darkseed IIunknownInfogrames
Dart BoardSportJim Plamondon
Das Tor der MinervaAdventureStephan Stoske
Daytona USA DeluxeunknownExpert Software
Deadlock II- Shrine WarsunknownElectronic Arts
Deer HunterSimulationSunstorm Interactive
Der Schatz von VenedigAdventureDe Agostini Multimedia
Detective BogeyunknownLoudness Multimedia
DiabloRPGBlizzard North
Dilbert's Desktop GamesAction
Dink SmallwoodRPG
Disney's Hercules Action GameunknownDisney Interactive
Dogs of WarStrategySoftware Engineering
Doom 64ActionMidway
Dr. Drago's Madcap ChaseStrategyBlue Byte Software
Dracula: Reign of Terror (a.k.a. Vlad Tepes Dracula)StrategySoftKey Multimedia
Duke Nukem 3D + 8 Expansion PacksActionWizardWorks Software
Duke Nukem 3D: Duke it Out DCActionWizardWorks Software
Duke Nukem 3D: Nuclear WinterActionWizardWorks Software
Dungeon CrawlRPG
Dungeon KeeperStrategyBullfrog
Dungeon Keeper 2StrategyBullfrog
Eagle StrikeActionJim Plamondon
Earth 2140StrategyInterplay Entertainment
Eastern FrontStrategyEmpire Interactive
Ebola Monkey BingoPuzzleArgus IG
Ecstatica 2AdventurePsygnosis
EdnaAdventureBlack Raven
Electronic PoppleunknownCAPCOM
EnterpreneurunknownStardock Entertainment
EntombedAdventureWizardWorks Software
EntrepreneurSimulationStardock Systems
Exile III: Ruined WorldRPGJeff Vogel
Extreme AssaultActionBlue Byte Software
Extreme TacticsunknownPiranha
F-22 RaptorSimulationNovalogic
F-A-18 Hornet 3.0unknownEmpire
F/A-18 KOREA 1.2SimulationGraphic Simulations
F1 Manager ProfessionalunknownSoftware 2000
Faery Tale Adventure 2 - Halls of the DeadRPGEncore Software
Fallen HavenStrategyInteractive Magic
FalloutRPGInterplay Productions
Fantasy generalStrategyMindscape
Fatal FumesunknownSpectrum Pacific Publishing
FIFA 98 - Die WM-QualifikationunknownElectronic Arts
Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000StrategyHolistic Design
Fire FightActionElectronic Arts
Flesh FeastActionSegaSoft
Flight Unlimited IIunknownSold Out
Flying CorpsunknownEmpire
Fourth Generation, TheunknownAssistant Publishing
Frogger - RemakeActionHasbro Interactive
G-NomeAction7th Level
Gadget: Past as Future (ガジェット 完全版)AdventureCryo Interactive
Galactica 1.1.2StrategyEd Zavada
Galapagos: Mendel's EscapePuzzleAnark Game Studios
Gloom 3: Zombie EditionActionAlpha Software
Gnap - Der Schurke aus dem AllunknownArtech
GoldenEye 007ActionNintendo
GookaAdventureJRC Interactive
Grand Theft AutoActionBMG Interactive
Great Battles of Hannibal, TheStrategyInteractive Magic
Grosse Schlacht von Napoleon in Russland, DieunknownEmpire
GT Racing '97unknownOCEAN
HardlineActionCryo Interactive
Harry the Handsome ExecutiveActionAmbrosia Software
Have a N.I.C.E. day!unknownMagic Bytes
HeartQuestActionIngemar Ragnemalm
Heavy GearunknownActivision
Hernán CortésunknownNCF Soft
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - Gold EditionRPGNew World Computing
Hexen 2ActionActivision
Holiday islandSimulationSunflowers
HusitaStrategyPhoenix Arts
I Can Be a Dinosaur FinderEducationalCloud 9 Interactive
I Can Be An Animal DoctorEducationalCloud 9 Interactive
I Can Be An Animal DoctorEducationalCloud 9 Interactive
I Spy / I Spy School DaysEducationalBlack Hammer Productions
I-0 Jailbait on the InterstateAdventureAdam Cadre
I-WarSimulationParticle Systems
I-War - Enter InfinityunknownOcean
iM1A2 AbramsunknownMegamedia
Impérialisme/ImperialismStrategyFrog City Software
Imperium GalacticaStrategyGT Interactive
IncarnatiaAdventureMedia Juggler
Incredible Hulk, The: The Pantheon SagaActionEidos Interactive
IncubationStrategyBlue Byte
Independence DaySimulationFox Interactive
Intellivision for Mac: Volumes 1 - 3ActionIntellivision Productions
International Rally ChampionshipunknownEuropress Software
Interstate '76ActionActivision
Intruder, TheunknownMicrofolie's
Isle of Four Winds: Rune WarStrategyArcanium Productions
J.R.R. Tolkien's Riders of RohanStrategyPapyrus Design Group
Jack Nicklaus 4SportCinematronics
Jack Orlando - A Cinematic AdventureunknownTopWare
Jack's AtticAdventureKids Count Entertainment
Jagged Alliance - Deadly Games v1.0unknownMegamedia
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces IIAction
Jet MotoSimulationSony Interactive Studios
Jigsaw PowerPuzzleCentron Software
Josephine on HolidayEducationalMinimedia
Judge DreddunknownAcclaim Entertainment
Jump ZampoliActionRampZamp
JumpStart Math for Second GradersEducationalKnowledge Adventure
Jurassic WarStrategyDigital Dreams Multimedia
Kick Off 97SportAnco Software
Kick Off 98unknownUbi Soft
Killing TimeActionStudio 3DO
King's Quest VII - The Princeless BrideunknownSierra
KKND - Krush, Kill 'n DestroyunknownElectronic Arts
KKND XtremeStrategyMelbourne House
Koala Lumpur - Reise ins ChaosunknownBroderbund
L.E.D. Wars, TheStrategyIONOS
Léto s OskaremAdventureVochozka Trading
Lame DukeActionFreeware
Lands of Lore 2: Guardians of DestinyRPGWestwood Studios, Inc.
Last Express, TheAdventureSmoking Car Productions
Last RitesActionOcean Software Ltd.
Le Mystère XIIIAdventureDargaud - France Telecom Multimedia
Le Roi des FjordsEducationalEuro CD Interactive
Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for SailAdventureSierra
Lenny And RitaAdventureKarl Dolenc
Links LSSportAccess Software
Little Big Adventure 2AdventureAdeline Software International
Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Odyssey)AdventureAdeline Software International
Longbow 2unknownElectronic Arts
Longbow GoldunknownElectronic Arts
Lords of the Realm 2StrategySierra Entertainment
Lords of the Realm 2: Siege PackStrategySierra Entertainment
Lost Vikings 2, TheunknownInterplay Entertainment
Lure of the TemptressunknownRevolution
Machine HunterActionEurocom Entertainment
Madden Football 64SportElectronic Arts
MageslayerActionGT Interactive
Magic: The GatheringStrategyMicroProse Software
Maid's Story, TheAdventureC's Ware
Manic MinerActionAndy Noble
Marble DropPuzzleMaxis Software
Marine Fighters - U.S. Navy Fighters Expansion DiskunknownElectronic Arts
Mass DestructionActionBMG Interactive
Master Axe: The Genesis of MysterXActionAxe To Grind
Master of OrionunknownGT Interactive
Master of Orion II - Battle at Antares v1.3unknownMegamedia
MDKActionPlaymates Interactive
MDKActionShiny Entertainment, Inc.
Meat PuppetActionPlaymates Interactive Entertainment
Mega Man X3unknownCapcom Entertainment
Mega Man X4unknownCapcom Entertainment
Megarace 2unknownMindscape
Men in Black: The GameAdventureSouthpeak Interactive
Metersteiner Beer ManagerSimulationMunchhoff & Janz
Mission Masters Math Grade 3 Defeat Dirty D!EducationalMcGraw-Hill
Mission: The Pharaoh's ChallengeEducationalAnglia Multimedia
Monopoly - Star Wars CD-ROM EditionunknownHasbro
Montezuma's ReturnActionWizardWorks
Monty Python's - The Meaning of LifeunknownTake 2
Mortal PongActionCheesy Software
Moto RacerunknownElectronic Arts
Moving Puzzle - Jungle WorldPuzzleRavensburger
Moving Puzzle - Motor SportsPuzzleRavensburger
Moving Puzzle - Sea WorldPuzzleRavensburger
Myth - The Fallen LordsunknownVirgin
Nahan: The Ultimate 3D Puzzle Game (AKA Shomei)PuzzleElectric Sheep
NBA HangtimeSportMidway
NBA Jam ExtremeSportAcclaim Entertainment
NBA Live 98unknownElectronic Arts
Need for Speed 2, TheunknownElectronic Arts
Need for Speed, The - Special EditionunknownElectronic Arts
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Iron MaidenunknownGAINAX
NetStorm: Islands at WarStrategyActivision
Next SpaceAdventureMagic Systems
NFL MathEducationalSanctuary Woods
NHL Open Ice 2 on 2 ChallengeSportMidway Games
NHL Powerplay 98SportVirgin Interactive
Night CaféAdventureEMME Interactive
Nightmare CreaturesActionActivision, Inc.
Nikolai's PiratesEducationalI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.
Nitro Racersunknown3DO Studio
No RespectActionOCEAN Software
Oddworld: Abe's OddyseeunknownGT Interactive Software
OphiuchusActionAdam Winiecki
Outpost 2unknownDynamix
Pacific GeneralStrategySSI
PandemoniumActionCrystal Dynamics
Pandemonium 2ActionVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Panzer General 2StrategyStrategic Simulations
Pax Imperia: Eminent DomainStrategyHeliotrope Studios
PC Basket 4.5SportDinamic Mult
Perfect AssassinunknownGrolier Interactive
Perfect Detective Manual (完全探偵マニュアル)AdventureDynaware
POD - Back to HellunknownUbi Soft
PostalActionRipcord Games
Premier Manager 97SportGremlin Interactive
Prisoner of IceunknownInfogrames
Prokletí EridenuRPGNapalm Soft
QuakeActionid Software
Quake 2ActionActivision
QuellePuzzleCaleb J. Emmons
QuerkzPuzzleAdam Winiecki
Quest 2: The Forest TrapunknownMVD Software
Quien mato a Brett Penance - El Caso del Surfista EcologistaunknownSystem 4
QuiverActionESD Games
Raiden 2unknownKinesoft Development
Reader Rabbit ToddlerEducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit's KindergartenEducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit's Reading Development Library 1EducationalThe Learning Company
Realms of the HauntingunknownGremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
Red Baron with Mission BuilderunknownSierra
Redneck RampageActionInterplay Entertainment
Requiem: en mordgata pa 1600-taletAdventureParegos Mediadesign
Resident EvilActionCapcom Entertainment
Rising LandsStrategyMC2-Microïds
Riven - The Sequel to MystunknownRed Orb
SafecrackerAdventureDaydream Software
SandWarriorsActionInterplay Entertainment
Santa Fe Mysteries: Sacred GroundAdventureActivision
Schoolhouse Rock!: 3rd & 4th Grade EssentialsEducationalThe Learning Company
Screamer RallyunknownVirgin Interactive Entertainment
SeaDreamsAdventureGooey Orbit Software
Season of the SakuraAdventureJAST USA
Sega Rally ChampionshipunknownSEGA
Sensible Soccer 98SportSensible Software
Settlers II, The (Gold Edition)StrategyBlue Byte Software GmbH & Co. KG
Seven KingdomsStrategyEnlight Software Ltd.
Shadow of the CometunknownInfogrames
Shadow WarriorAction
Shih Tao ProunknownHemming
Shivers 2: Harvest of SoulsAdventureSierra Entertainment
Sid Meier's Gettysburg!StrategyElectronic Arts
Sign of the SununknownPMR International
Sim City 2000 - NetzwerkversionunknownMegamedia
Sim CopterSimulationMaxis
SimIsle - Missions in the RainforestunknownDice
Simon Woodroffe's Floyd - Es Gibt noch HeldenunknownBomico
SlippyActionCool Breeze Studio
Smurfs, TheunknownInfogrames
Soko-Ban 97PuzzleThinking Rabbit
Speed Demons (Eidos)unknownEidos Interactive
Speedboat AttackunknownValusoft
SpellcrossStrategyJRC Interactive
SpherulesActionGrant Schindler
Sport ActionunknownIntertoys
Star Command RevolutionStrategyGT Interactive
Star SeedRPGPowderhouse Software
Star Trek - BorgunknownVirgin
Star Trek - GenerationsunknownMicroProse
Star Trek - Starfleet AcademyunknownInterplay
Star Trek - The Next Generation - A Final UnityunknownMicroProse
Star Trek: Captain's ChairAdventureImergy
Star Wars - Yoda StoriesunknownLucasArts
Star Wars: Shadows of the EmpireActionLucasArts
Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command (1939-1999)StrategySSI
Strategy HeadsEducationalTheatrix
Street Fighter Alpha IActionCapcom Entertainment
Streets of Sim CityunknownMaxis Software
SubHuntSimulationWebfoot Technologies
Sunes SportlovAdventureRaben Multimedia
Take No PrisonersActionRed Orb Entertainment
TaskMakerRPGDavid Cook
TeazlePuzzleBMG Interactive Entertainment
Tennis ElbowunknownMana Games
Test Drive 4unknownAccolade
Test Drive Off-RoadunknownAccolade
Theatre of PainActionMirage Technologies
Theme HospitalStrategyElectronic Arts
Time Stripper MakoAdventureOtaku Publishing
Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle GamesMiscTHQ
Tintin - The Prisoners of the SunActionInfogrames
TOCA Touring Car ChampionshipunknownCodemasters
Tom Clancy's PolitikaStrategyRed Storm
Tomb Raider I Gold: Unfinished BusinessActionEidos
Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of XianActionEidos
Total AnnihilationStrategyGT Interactive
Total SoccerSportLive Media
Touche: Adventures of The Fifth MusketeerAdventureUS Gold
Towers II: Plight of the StargazerRPGTelegames
Trash ItActionRage Games Ltd.
Turok: Dinosaur HunterActionAcclaim Entertainment
Twisted Metal 2unknownSony Computer Entertainment
Ultima VIII - PaganunknownOrigin
Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 (USM 98)SportSierra Entertainement
Ultimate Word AttackEducationalDavidson & Associates
Ultra Resort Keroncuel (ウルトラリゾートケロンキュール)AdventureToshiba EMI
Unfinished - Another Day at Work: WednesdayActionBrian Kendall
Uprising: Join or DieStrategyStudio 3DO
Vaahteramäen EemeliAdventureAstrid Lindgren
Vermeer – Die Kunst zu erbenStrategyAscaron
Vigilance on Talos VunknownPolyEx Software
Virtua CopunknownSega
Virtua Cop 2ActionSEGA
Virtua Cop: Virtua SquadActionSEGA
Virtua Fighter 2ActionSEGA
Virtual NightclubAdventureThumb Candy
Virtual PongActionMalcolm Software
Virtual WingsSimulationCAT III Systems
Wacky Races: A Tsuyoshi Takashiro Digital film (チキチキマシン猛レース)AdventureFuture Pirates Inc. (フューチャー・パイレーツ)
War DiaryStrategyTrigger Soft
War Of FlowersPuzzleMinho Choi
War Wind II: Human OnslaughtStrategyMindscape
Warlords III: Reign of HeroesStrategyRed Orb Entertainment
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? CD-ROMEducationalBrøderbund Software/The Learning Company
Wing Commander - ProphecyunknownElectronic Arts - Origin
Wing Nuts: Battle in the SkyActionRocket Science Games
Wipeout XL (a.k.a. Wipeout 2097)unknownPsygnosis
Wishbone Activity ZoneEducationalPalladium Interactive
Word HeadsEducationalSanctuary Woods
Worms 2ActionElectronic Arts
Worms 2Action
X-COM (Collector's Edition)StrategyMicroProse
X-COM: ApocalypseStrategyMicroProse Software
X-Plane 3SimulationLaminar Research
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter: Balance of PowerSimulationLucasArts
XeniaActionRichard Theil
Yacht-3DPuzzleRoger Eastman
Yellow Brick Road III: Harapeko Tsuki To Hoshi Atsume (ハラペコ月と星あつめ)AdventureSynergy Inc.
Yendorian Tales - The Tyrants of ThaineRPGSmithWare
Yes ManStrategyBrian Kendall
Yeti TilesPuzzleNoah Stewart
You Don't Know Jack: TelevisionPuzzleBerkeley Systems
You Don't Know Jack: Volume 3PuzzleBerkeley Systems
Young's ModulusActionAustin Meyer
Zork - Der GrossinquisitorunknownActivision
Zork - The Undiscovered UndergroundAdventureActivision