1997 Games


Robot 139
3-D CannonMacintoshStrategyBill Corbett
3-D Tour of the Solar SystemMacintoshEducationalLPI (Lunar and Planetary Institute Houston
3-D Ultra Mini GolfPCunknownSierra
3D Power Games Volume 1PCunknownElectronic Entertainment Publishing
3D Ultra Pinball - The Lost ContinentMacintoshActionDynamix
688I Hunter-KillerPCunknownElectronic Arts
7th LegionPCStrategyMicroProse
7th LegionPCStrategyMicroProse
A-10 Cuba!PCunknownMegamedia
AbaloneMacintoshPuzzlePeter Tax
Achtung SpitfireMacintoshStrategyAvalon Hill
Achtung Spitfire!PCSimulationAvalon Hill
Action SuperCross v1.2PCSportBalász Rózsa
Activision Game Vault Volume 3PCunknownActivision
Activision's Atari 2600 Action PackPCunknownMegamedia
Activision's Atari 2600 Action PackMacintoshActionActivision
Actua Soccer 2PCSportGremlin Interactive
Actua Soccer Club EditionPCSportGremlin Interactive
Actua Soccer: Club EditionPCSportGremlin Interactive
Advanced NetwarsPCActionCaldera
Adventure of LomaxPCunknownPsygnosis
Age of EmpiresPCStrategy
Age of EmpiresMacintoshStrategyEnsemble Studios
Age of EmpiresPCMiscMicrosoft
Age of Empires + The Rise of Rome (Expansion)PCStrategyMicrosoft
Age of Empires 1PCStrategyEnsemble Studios
Air Warrior IIIPCunknownInteractive Magic
AIV Network$ (a.k.a. C.E.O.)PCSimulationInfogrames
Aleshar - The World of IcePCRPGHypothermia
Aleshar - World Of IcePCRPGHypothermia
Aleshar World of IcePCRPG
Aleshar: World of IcePCRPGHypothermia
Aleshar: World of IcePCRPGFreeware
Alien AttackMacintoshActionFantasoft
Alien cabalPCActionQASoft
Alien CabalPCActionQASoft
Alien CabalPCAction
Alien CabalPCActionQASoft
Alien CabalPCActionQASoft
Alien InvadersMacintoshActionLinda Frasier
Alien PhobiaPCActionFreeware
Alien PhobiaPCActionn.a.
Alone in the Dark TrilogyMacintoshActionInfogrames
Alpha StormPCActionPsygnosis Limited
Alpha StormPCActionPsygnosis
Alpha StormunknownActionTAG
Amulets & ArmorPCRPG
Amulets & ArmorPCRPGUnited Software Artists
Amulets and ArmorPCRPGUnited Software Artists
An American Tail: Animated MovieBookMacintoshAdventureSound Source Interactive
Animaniacs Game PackMacintoshActionFunnybone Interactive
Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Midway Collection 2PCunknownGT Interactive
Ark of TimePCAdventureInterplay Entertainment
Ark of TimePCunknownDice
Arthur's BirthdayMacintoshEducationalBrøderbund
Arthur's Computer AdventureMacintoshEducationalBrøderbund
Assault TrooperPCunknownWebfoot Technologies
Assault TrooperPCActionWebfoot Technologies
Assault TrooperPCStrategyWebfoot Technologies
Assault TrooperPCActionWebfoot Technologies
AssholeMacintoshPuzzleGreg Munro
Asterbamm 1.0.1MacintoshActionDavid Cook and Tom Zehner
AT RobotsPCPuzzleEd T. Toton
Atlantis - Das sagenhafte AbenteuerPCunknownCryo
Atlantis: The Lost TalesMacintoshAdventureCryo Interactive
Atomic BombermanPCActionInterplay Productions
Attack of the Ma-Ma'sMacintoshActionDavid P. Derwin
Avalon 2029MacintoshActionBill Corbett
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Path of ZukoMacintoshAdventureHoughton Mifflin
Aventura en el Siglo XXIVPCunknownRVM
Awesome Animated Monster Maker: Ultra EditionMacintoshAdventureHoughton Mifflin
B.A.D.PCActionWebfoot Technologies
Babylon 5MacintoshEducationalSierra
Backyard BaseballMacintoshSportHumongous Entertainment
BaldiesPCStrategyPanasonic Interactive
Bananas in Pyjamas - It's Fun TimeMacintoshEducationalKoei
Baphomets FluchPCunknownMegamedia
Baphomets Fluch II - Die Spiegel der FinsternisPCunknownVirgin
Barschsoft SpecialPCPuzzleBarschsoft
Battle Arena Toshinden 2PCActionFujitsu Interactive
Battle WrathPCActionMagicom Multimedia
Beasts 'n BumpkinsPCMiscWorldweaver Productions Ltd.
Beasts & BumpkinsPCStrategyElectronic Arts
Bedlam 2 - Absolute BedlamPCActionMirage Technologies
Bedlam 2: Absolute BedlamPCActionGT Interactive
Best of Sierra #3PCunknownSierra
Betrayal at KrondorPCRPGActivision
Betrayal in AntaraPCunknownSierra
Betrayal in AntaraunknownRPGSierra On‑Line, Inc.
BlackoutMacintoshAdventureDeadline Games
Blade RunnerPCAdventureWestwood Associates
Blade RunnerPCAdventureVirgin Interactive
Blade RunnerPCunknownVirgin
Blade RunnerPCAdventureVirgin Interactive
Blast CorpsN64ActionNintendo of America, Inc.
Bleifuss FunPCActionUDS
BloodPCActionMonolith Productions
BloodunknownActionMonolith Productions, Inc.
BloodPCActionGT Interactive Software
BloodPCActionGT Interactive
BloodPCMiscMonolith Productions, Inc.
Blood Omen: Legacy of KainPCRPGActivision
Blood: Plasma PackPCActionGT Interactive
Blown AwayPCunknownMagellan
Borscht RaiderMacintoshActionShannon Schroeder
Broken Sword 2: The Smoking MirrorPCAdventureVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Broken Sword 2: The Smoking MirrorunknownAdventureRevolution Software, Ltd.
Broken Sword II - Las Fuerzas del MalPCunknownFriendware
Broken Sword II: The Smoking MirrorPCAdventureRevolution Software
Bubble PopPCActionSoftware of Sweden
Bud Tucker in Double TroublePCunknownTopWare
Bust a movePCPuzzleFreeware
Bust a move (Puzzle bubble)PCPuzzleTaito
Caesar IIPCunknownSierra
Caesar IIPCunknownSierra
Caesar IIIPCStrategySierra Entertainment
Callahan's Crosstime SaloonPCAdventureLegend Entertainment
Callahan's Crosstime SaloonPCAdventureTake-Two Interactive
Callahan's Crosstime SaloonPCAdventureLegend Entertainment
Callahan's Crosstime SaloonunknownAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Captain Gysi und das Raumschiff BonnPCAdventurePDS
Captain Gysi und das Raumschiff BonnPCunknown
Captain Salve: Secret of the PyramidMacintoshAdventureCederroth
CarmageddonPCSimulationStainless Software
CarmageddonPCActionStainless Software
CarmageddonPCSportStainless Games
CarmageddonPCSportSCi Games
CarmageddonMacintoshActionSCi (Sales Curve Interactive)
CarmageddonPCunknownInterplay Entertainment
CarmageddonunknownSportStainless Games
CarmageddonPCMiscStainless Software
CarmageddonPCActionStainless Games
Carmageddon 1 FULL CDMacintoshActionSCi (Sales Curve Interactive)
Carmageddon Splat PackMacintoshSportInterplay
Carmageddon: Splat PackPCunknownSCi Games
Carmen Sandiego Word DetectiveMacintoshEducationalBrøderbund
Caso Cerrado I: La MansiónPCunknownPapada Soft
Ceremony of InnocencePCPuzzleReal World Multimedia
CHAMP KongPCunknownChampProgramming Corp.
Championship Manager 97/98PCSportEidos Interactive
Championship Manager 97/98PCSportSports Interactive Limited
Chasm: The RiftPCActionWizardsWorks
Chasm: The RiftPCActionAction Forms
Chasm: The RiftunknownActionAction Forms
Checkers for WindowsPCStrategy
City of Lost Children, ThePCAdventurePsygnosis
Civil War General IIPCStrategySierra Entertainment
Civilization 2: Multiplayer Gold EditionPCStrategyHasbro Interactive
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Civilization II - Fantastic WorldsPCunknownMicroProse
Clif DangerPCunknownCDV
Clock Tower (Clock Tower II in Japan)PlaystationAdventureASCII Entertainment
Close Combat II: A Bridge Too FarPCStrategyMicrosoft
Colony 28unknownActionNapoleon Games
Comanche 3PCSimulationNovaLogic
Comanche 3PCunknownNova Logic
Comanche 3PCunknownNova Logic
Command & Conquer (Gold Edition)unknownStrategyWestwood Studios, Inc.
Command and Conquer Gold EditionPCStrategyVirgin Interactive
ConstructorPCActionSystem 3
ConstructorPCSimulationAcclaim Entertainment
ConstructorPCStrategyAcclaim Entertainment
ConstructorPCSimulationSystem 3 Software
ConstructorPCStrategyAcclaim Entertainment
Creatures Egg DiskPCunknown
Cricket 97PCSportBeam Software
Cricket 97PCSportElectronic Arts
Crush! DeluxePCSportMegamedia Corp.
Cryptic Passage for BloodunknownActionWizardWorks Software
Curse of Monkey Island, ThePCunknownLucasArts
Cyberlaw (a.k.a. Cyber Police)PCActionBal@nce
Cybersphere PlusPCAction
Daleks ETMacintoshStrategyE. Jeremy Tira-Thompson
Damage IncorporatedMacintoshActionMacSoft
Dark Ages 1 - The ContinentsPCRPGMike Hoopmann
Dark ColonyMacintoshStrategyAlternative Reality Technologies
Dark ColonyPCStrategySSI
Dark Corona PegasusMacintoshActionAlgomedia Software
Dark EarthPCAdventureMicroProse
Dark EarthPCunknownMicroProse
Dark Reign: The Future of WarPCStrategyActivision
Darkseed IIPCunknownInfogrames
Dart BoardMacintoshSportJim Plamondon
Das Tor der MinervaMacintoshAdventureStephan Stoske
Daytona USA DeluxePCunknownExpert Software
Deadlock II- Shrine WarsPCunknownElectronic Arts
Deadlock II: Shrine WarsPCStrategyAccolade
Deer HunterPCSimulationSunstorm Interactive
Der Schatz von VenedigMacintoshAdventureDe Agostini Multimedia
Detective BogeyPCunknownLoudness Multimedia
DiablounknownRPGBlizzard North
DiabloPCActionBlizzard North
Diablo I + Hellfire (includes Hellfire The Dark and Rebirth)PCRPGBlizzard Entertainment
Dink SmallwoodPCRPG
Dink SmallWoodPCRPGIridon Interactive
Disney's Hercules Action GamePCunknownDisney Interactive
Dogs of WarPCStrategySoftware Engineering
Doom 64N64ActionMidway
Dr. Drago's Madcap ChasePCStrategyBlue Byte Software
Dracula: Reign of Terror (a.k.a. Vlad Tepes Dracula)PCStrategySoftKey Multimedia
Duke Nukem 3D + 8 Expansion PacksPCActionWizardWorks Software
Duke Nukem 3D: Duke it Out DCPCActionWizardWorks Software
Duke Nukem 3D: Nuclear WinterPCActionWizardWorks Software
Duke Nukem: Nuclear WinterPCActionWizardWorks
Dungeon CrawlPCRPG
Dungeon KeeperPCStrategyElectronic Arts
Dungeon KeeperPCStrategyBullfrog
Dungeon KeeperPCActionBullfrog Productions
Dungeon Keeper 2PCStrategyBullfrog
Eagle StrikeMacintoshActionJim Plamondon
Earth 2140PCStrategyInterplay Entertainment
Earth 2140unknownStrategyReality Pump Studios
Earth 2140 - TrilogyPCStrategyTopWare Interactive
Eastern FrontPCStrategyEmpire Interactive
Eastern Front - Der Russland-FeldzugPCunknownEmpire
Ebola Monkey BingoMacintoshPuzzleArgus IG
Ecstatica 2PCAdventurePsygnosis
EdnaunknownAdventureBlack Raven
Electronic PopplePCunknownCAPCOM
EntombedPCAdventureWizardWorks Software
Entombed - Episode 1PCAdventure
EntrepreneurPCSimulationStardock Systems
Exile III: Ruined WorldMacintoshRPGJeff Vogel
Extreme AssaultPCActionBlue Byte Software
Extreme TacticsPCunknownPiranha
F-22 RaptorPCSimulationNovalogic
F-22 RaptorPCunknownNova Logic
F-A-18 Hornet 3.0PCunknownEmpire
F/A-18 Hornet 3.0.xMacintoshSimulationGraphic Simulations
F/A-18 KOREA 1.2MacintoshSimulationGraphic Simulations
F1 Manager ProfessionalPCunknownSoftware 2000
Faery Tale Adventure 2 - Halls of the DeadPCRPGEncore Software
Faery Tale Adventure 2: Halls of the DeadPCRPGEncore Software
Faery tale adventure II: Halls of the deadPCRPGEncore
Fallen HavenPCStrategyInteractive Magic
FalloutPCRPGInterplay Productions
FalloutPCRPGInterplay Entertainment
FalloutPCRPGBlack Isle Studios
FalloutunknownRPGBlack Isle Studios
FalloutPCActionInterplay Productions
Fallout (for Classic Mac OS)MacintoshRPGBlack Isle Studios
Fantasy generalPCStrategyMindscape
Fatal FumesPCunknownSpectrum Pacific Publishing
FIFA 98 - Die WM-QualifikationPCunknownElectronic Arts
FIFA 98: Road to World CupPCSportElectronic Arts
Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000PCStrategyHolistic Design
Fire FightPCActionElectronic Arts
Flesh FeastPCActionSegaSoft
Flight Unlimited IIPCunknownSold Out
Flying CorpsPCunknownEmpire
Flying Corps GoldPCunknownEmpire
Flying Corps GoldPCunknownPMR International
Fourth Generation, ThePCunknownAssistant Publishing
Frogger - RemakePCActionHasbro Interactive
G-NomePCAction7th Level
Galactica 1.1.2MacintoshStrategyEd Zavada
Galapagos: Mendel's EscapeMacintoshPuzzleAnark Game Studios
Galapagos: Mendel's EscapePCSimulationElectronic Arts
Gnap - Der Schurke aus dem AllPCunknownArtech
GoldenEye 007N64ActionNintendo
GookaunknownAdventureJRC Interactive
Grand Theft AutoPCSportDMA Design Limited
Grand Theft AutoPCActionBMG Interactive
Grand Theft AutoPCActionRockstar Games
Grand Theft AutoPCActionDMA Design
Grand Theft AutoPCActionDMA Designs
Grand Theft Auto (GTA)PCActionBMG Interactive Entertainment
Grand Theft Auto (GTA)unknownActionDMA Design Limited
Grand Theft Auto \(GTA\)PCActionRockstar
Great Battles of Hannibal, ThePCStrategyInteractive Magic
Grosse Schlacht von Napoleon in Russland, DiePCunknownEmpire
GT Racing '97PCunknownOCEAN
Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure IIunknownRPGDreamer's Guild, The
HardlineMacintoshActionCryo Interactive
Harry the Handsome ExecutiveMacintoshActionAmbrosia Software
Have a N.I.C.E. day!PCunknownMagic Bytes
HeartQuestMacintoshActionIngemar Ragnemalm
Heavy GearPCunknownActivision
Hernán CortésPCunknownNCF Soft
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - Gold EditionPCRPGNew World Computing
Hexen 2PCActionRaven
Hexen 2PCActionActivision
Holiday islandPCSimulationSunflowers
HTML TadsPCActionunknown company
HusitaunknownStrategyPhoenix Arts
I Can Be a Dinosaur FinderMacintoshEducationalCloud 9 Interactive
I Can Be An Animal DoctorMacintoshEducationalCloud 9 Interactive
I-0 Jailbait on the InterstatePCAdventureAdam Cadre
I-WarPCSimulationParticle Systems
I-War - Enter InfinityPCunknownOcean
IgnitionPCunknownVirgin Interactive Entertainment
IgnitionPCSportVirgin Interactive Entertainment
IgnitionPCActionUnique Development Studios Sweden
iM1A2 AbramsPCunknownMegamedia
Impérialisme/ImperialismMacintoshStrategyFrog City Software
ImperialismPCStrategyFrog City
ImperialismMacintoshStrategyFrog City Software
Imperium GalacticaPCunknownGT Interactive
Imperium GalacticaPCStrategyGT Interactive
IncarnatiaMacintoshAdventureMedia Juggler
Incredible Hulk, The: The Pantheon SagaPCActionEidos Interactive
IncubationPCStrategyBlue Byte
IncubationPCStrategyBlue Byte
Incubation: Time is Running OutunknownStrategyBlue Byte Studio GmbH
Independence DayPCSimulationFox Interactive
Intellivision for Mac: Volumes 1 - 3MacintoshActionIntellivision Productions
International Rally ChampionshipPCunknownEuropress Software
Interstate '76PCActionActivision
Intruder, ThePCunknownMicrofolie's
Isle of Four Winds: Rune WarPCStrategyArcanium Productions
Jack Nicklaus 4MacintoshSportCinematronics
Jack Nicklaus 4 v4.1PCunknownMegamedia
Jack Nicklaus Golf 4MacintoshSportMacSoft
Jack Orlando - A Cinematic AdventurePCunknownTopWare
Jack Orlando - A Cinematic AdventurePCunknownTopWare
Jack's AtticMacintoshAdventureKids Count Entertainment
Jagged Alliance - Deadly Games v1.0PCunknownMegamedia
Jane's Combat Simulations: 688(I) Hunter/KillerPCSimulationElectronic Arts
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces IIPCAction
Jet MotoPCSimulationSony Interactive Studios
Jigsaw PowerMacintoshPuzzleCentron Software
Josephine on HolidayMacintoshEducationalMinimedia
Judge DreddPCunknownAcclaim Entertainment
Jump ZampoliMacintoshActionRampZamp
JumpStart Math for Second GradersMacintoshEducationalKnowledge Adventure
Jurassic WarPCStrategyDigital Dreams Multimedia
Kick Off 97PCSportAnco Software
Kick Off 97PCSportAnco Software
Kick Off 98PCunknownUbi Soft
Killing TimePCActionStudio 3DO
King's Quest VII - The Princeless BridePCunknownSierra
KKND - Krush, Kill 'n DestroyPCunknownElectronic Arts
KKND - Krush, Kill 'n DestroyPCunknownElectronic Arts
KKND XtremePCStrategyMelbourne House
KKND: Krush, Kill 'N' DestroyPCStrategyMelbourne House
Koala Lumpur - Reise ins ChaosPCunknownBroderbund
L.E.D. Wars, ThePCStrategyIONOS
Léto s OskaremPCAdventureVochozka Trading
Lame DukePCActionFreeware
Lands of Lore 2: Guardians of DestinyPCRPGWestwood Associates
Lands of Lore 2: Guardians of DestinyunknownRPGWestwood Studios, Inc.
Lands of Lore: Guardians of DestinyPCActionWestwood Studios
Last Express, ThePCunknownBroderbund
Last Express, TheunknownAdventureSmoking Car Productions
Last RitesPCActionOcean Software
Last RitesunknownActionOcean Software Ltd.
Le Mystère XIIIMacintoshAdventureDargaud - France Telecom Multimedia
Le Mystère XIIIMacintoshAdventureDargaud - France Telecom Multimedia
Le Roi des FjordsMacintoshEducationalEuro CD Interactive
Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for SailMacintoshAdventureSierra
Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!MacintoshAdventureSierra
Lenny And RitaMacintoshAdventureKarl Dolenc
Links LSMacintoshSportAccess Software
Little Big Adventure 2PCAdventureAdeline Software International
Little Big Adventure 2, The: Twinsen's OdysseyPCAdventureActivision
Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's OdysseyunknownAdventureAdeline Software International
Longbow 2PCunknownElectronic Arts
Longbow GoldPCunknownElectronic Arts
Lords of the Realm 2PCStrategySierra Entertainment
Lords of the Realm 2: Siege PackPCStrategySierra Entertainment
Lords of the Realm II - Siege PackPCunknownSierra
Lost Vikings 2, ThePCunknownInterplay Entertainment
Lost Vikings II: Norse by NorsewestPCActionInterplay, Blizzard
Lost Vikings II: Norse by NorsewestSNESActionInterplay, Blizzard
Lure of the TemptressPCunknownRevolution
Lure of the TemptressPCunknownSold Out
Machine HunterPCActionEurocom Entertainment
Madden Football 64N64SportElectronic Arts
MageslayerPCActionGT Interactive
Magic: The GatheringPCStrategyMicroProse Software
Magic: The GatheringPCStrategyMicroProse
Maid's Story, ThePCAdventureC's Ware
Manic MinerPCActionAndy Noble
Manic MinerPCunknownAlchemist Research
Marble DropPCPuzzleMaxis Software
Marine Fighters - U.S. Navy Fighters Expansion DiskPCunknownElectronic Arts
Mass DestructionPCActionBMG Interactive
Master of OrionPCunknownGT Interactive
Master of Orion II - Battle at Antares v1.3PCunknownMegamedia
MDKPCActionPlaymates Interactive
MDKunknownActionShiny Entertainment, Inc.
MDK (Murder, Death, Kill)PCActionShiny Entertainment
Meat PuppetPCActionPlaymates Interactive Entertainment
Mega Man X3PCunknownCapcom Entertainment
Mega Man X4PCunknownCapcom Entertainment
Megarace 2PCunknownMindscape
Men in Black: The GamePCAdventureSouthpeak Interactive
Men in Black: The GamePCActionGremlin Interactive
Metersteiner Beer ManagerPCSimulationMunchhoff & Janz
Mission Masters Math Grade 3 Defeat Dirty D!MacintoshEducationalMcGraw-Hill
Mission: The Pharaoh's ChallengeMacintoshEducationalAnglia Multimedia
Monkey Island 3: The Curse of Monkey IslandPCAdventureLucasArts
Monopoly - Star Wars CD-ROM EditionPCunknownHasbro
Montezuma's ReturnPCActionWizardWorks
Monty Python's - The Meaning of LifePCunknownTake 2
Monty Python's The Meaning of LifePCAdventure7th Level
Mortal PongPCActionCheesy Software
Moto RacerunknownSportDelphine Software International
Moto RacerPCunknownElectronic Arts
Moto RacerPCSimulationDelphine Software
Moving Puzzle - Jungle WorldMacintoshPuzzleRavensburger
Moving Puzzle - Motor SportsMacintoshPuzzleRavensburger
Moving Puzzle - Sea WorldMacintoshPuzzleRavensburger
Myth - The Fallen LordsPCunknownVirgin
Myth - The Fallen LordsPCunknownEidos
Myth: The Fallen LordsPCStrategyBungie Studios
Nahan: The Ultimate 3D Puzzle Game (AKA Shomei)MacintoshPuzzleElectric Sheep
NBA HangtimePCSportMidway
NBA Jam ExtremePCSportAcclaim Entertainment
NBA Live 98PCunknownElectronic Arts
Need for Speed 2, ThePCunknownElectronic Arts
Need for Speed 2, The: Special EditionPCunknownElectronic Arts
Need for Speed IIPCunknownElectronic Arts
Need for Speed IIPCunknownElectronic Arts
Need for Speed, The - Special EditionPCunknownElectronic Arts
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Iron MaidenPCunknownGAINAX
NetStorm: Islands at WarPCStrategyActivision
Next SpaceunknownAdventureMagic Systems
NFL MathMacintoshEducationalSanctuary Woods
NHL Open Ice 2 on 2 ChallengePCSportMidway Games
NHL Powerplay 98PCSportVirgin Interactive
Night CaféMacintoshAdventureEMME Interactive
Night CaféMacintoshAdventureEMME Interactive
Nightmare CreaturesPCActionActivision
Nightmare CreaturesN64ActionActivision, Inc.
Nikolai's PiratesMacintoshEducationalI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.
Nitro RacersPCunknown3DO Studio
No RespectPCActionOCEAN Software
Oddworld: Abe's OddyseePCunknownGT Interactive Software
Oddworld: Abe's OddyseePCActionOddworld Inhabitants Inc.
Outpost 2PCunknownDynamix
Outpost 2PCStrategySierra Entertainment
Outpost 2PCunknownSierra
Pacific GeneralPCStrategySSI
Pacific GeneralPCStrategySSI
PandemoniumPCActionCrystal Dynamics
Pandemonium 2PCActionVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Pandemonium!PCActionCrystal Dynamics, Inc.
Panzer General 2PCStrategySSI
Panzer General 2PCStrategyStrategic Simulations
Panzer General 2PCStrategySSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Panzer General IIunknownStrategyStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Panzer General IIPCStrategySSI
Pax Imperia: Eminent DomainMacintoshStrategyHeliotrope Studios
Pax Imperia: Eminent DomainPCStrategyTHQ
PC Basket 4.5PCSportDinamic Mult
Perfect AssassinPCunknownGrolier Interactive
POD - Back to HellPCunknownUbi Soft
PostalPCActionRipcord Games
Postal - Going over the EdgePCunknownMulti Media International
Premier Manager 97PCSportGremlin Interactive
Prisoner of IcePCunknownInfogrames
Prokletí EridenuunknownRPGNapalm Soft
Puzzle BobblePCActioncompany
QuakeMacintoshActionid Software
Quake 2PCActionid software
Quake 2PCActionActivision
Quake 2PCMiscId
Quake IIPCActionid Software
Quake Shareware EditionMacintoshActionid Software
QuelleMacintoshPuzzleCaleb J. Emmons
QuerkzMacintoshPuzzleAdam Winiecki
Quest 2: The Forest TrapPCunknownMVD Software
Quien mato a Brett Penance - El Caso del Surfista EcologistaPCunknownSystem 4
QuiverPCActionESD Games
Raiden 2PCunknownKinesoft Development
Reader Rabbit ToddlerMacintoshEducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit's KindergartenMacintoshEducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit's Reading Development Library 1MacintoshEducationalThe Learning Company
Realms of the HauntingPCAdventureGremlin Interactive
Realms of the HauntingPCAdventureInterplay
Realms of the HauntingPCunknownGremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
Realms of the HauntingunknownActionGremlin Interactive Ltd.
Red Baron with Mission BuilderPCunknownSierra
Redneck RampagePCActionInterplay
Redneck RampagePCAction
Redneck RampagePCActionInterplay Entertainment
Redneck RampageunknownActionXatrix Entertainment, Inc.
Requiem: en mordgata pa 1600-taletMacintoshAdventureParegos Mediadesign
Resident EvilPCActionCapcom Entertainment
Rising LandsPCStrategyMC2-Microïds
Riven - The Sequel to MystPCPuzzleCyan Worlds
Riven - The Sequel to MystPCunknownRed Orb
Riven: The Sequel to MystPCAdventureRed Orb Entertainment
SafecrackerMacintoshAdventureDaydream Software
SandWarriorsPCActionInterplay Entertainment
Santa Fe Mysteries: Sacred GroundMacintoshAdventureActivision
Schoolhouse Rock!: 3rd & 4th Grade EssentialsMacintoshEducationalThe Learning Company
Screamer RallyPCunknownVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Season of the SakuraPCAdventureJAST USA
Seasons of SakuraPCAdventureJAST USA
Sega Rally ChampionshipPCunknownSEGA
Sensible Soccer 98PCSportSensible Software
Settlers II, The (Gold Edition)unknownStrategyBlue Byte Software GmbH & Co. KG
Seven KingdomsunknownStrategyEnlight Software Ltd.
Shadow of the CometPCunknownInfogrames
Shadow WarriorPCActionAtari
Shadow WarriorPCAction
Shadow WarriorunknownAction3D Realms Entertainment
Shadow WarriorPCActionGT Interactive Software
Shadow WarriorPCunknown3d Realms
Shadow WarriorPCAction3D Realms
Shadow WarriorPCAction3D Realms
Shih Tao ProPCunknownHemming
Shivers 2: Harvest of SoulsPCAdventureSierra Entertainment
Sid Meier's Gettysburg!PCStrategyElectronic Arts
Sign of the SunPCunknownPMR International
Sim City 2000 - NetzwerkversionPCunknownMegamedia
Sim CopterPCSimulationMaxis
SimIsle - Missions in the RainforestPCunknownDice
Simon Woodroffe's Floyd - Es Gibt noch HeldenPCunknownBomico
Smurfs, ThePCunknownInfogrames
Soko-Ban 97PCPuzzleThinking Rabbit
Speed Demons (Eidos)PCunknownEidos Interactive
Speedboat AttackPCunknownValusoft
SpellcrossPCStrategyJRC Interactive
Spellcross: The Last BattleunknownStrategyCauldron
Sport ActionPCunknownIntertoys
Sport ActionPCunknownIntertoys
Sport ActionPCunknownIntertoys
Sport ActionPCunknownIntertoys
Sport ActionPCunknownIntertoys
Sport ActionPCunknownIntertoys
Star Command RevolutionPCStrategyGT Interactive
Star Trek - BorgPCunknownVirgin
Star Trek - GenerationsPCunknownMicroProse
Star Trek - Starfleet AcademyPCunknownInterplay
Star Trek - The Next Generation - A Final UnityPCunknownMicroProse
Star Trek: Captain's ChairPCAdventureImergy
Star Trek: Starfleet AcademyMacintoshActionMacPlay
Star Trek: Starfleet AcademyPCSimulationInterplay
Star Wars - Yoda StoriesPCunknownLucasArts
Star Wars - Yoda StoriesPCunknownLucasArts
Star Wars: Dark Forces II - Jedi KnightPCActionLucasArts
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2PCActionLucasArts
Star Wars: Shadows of the EmpirePCActionLucasArts
Star Wars: Yoda StoriesPCActionLucasArts
Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command (1939-1999)PCStrategySSI
Strategy HeadsMacintoshEducationalTheatrix
Street Fighter Alpha IPCActionCapcom Entertainment
Streets of Sim CityPCunknownMaxis Software
SubHuntPCSimulationWebfoot Technologies
Sunes SportlovMacintoshAdventureRaben Multimedia
Take No PrisonersPCActionRed Orb Entertainment
TaskMakerMacintoshRPGDavid Cook
TeazleMacintoshPuzzleBMG Interactive Entertainment
TeazlePCPuzzleBMG Interactive
Tennis ElbowPCSportGOTO Software
Test Drive 4PCunknownAccolade
Test Drive Off-RoadPCunknownAccolade
The Adventures of LomaxPCActionPsygnosis Limited
The Curse of Monkey IslandPCAdventureLucasArts
The Curse of Monkey IslandPCAdventureLucasArts
The Feeble FilesPCPuzzleAdventure Soft
The Last ExpressPCAdventureSmoking Car Productions
The Settlers II \(Gold Edition\)PCStrategyBlue Byte
Theatre of PainPCActionMirage Technologies
Theme HospitalPCSimulation
Theme HospitalPCunknownSold Out
Theme HospitalPCSimulationElectronic Arts
Theme HospitalPCStrategyElectronic Arts
Theme HospitalPCunknownElectronic Arts
Theme HospitalPCStrategyBullfrog
Theme HospitalPCStrategyBullfrog Productions
Theme hospitalPCActionBullfrog
Theme HospitalPCStrategyBullfrog
Theme HospitalPCMiscBullfrog Productions
Time Stripper MakoPCAdventureOtaku Publishing
Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle GamesSNESMiscTHQ
Tintin - The Prisoners of the SunPCActionInfogrames
Tintin: Prisoners of the SunPCunknownInfogrames
TOCA Touring Car ChampionshipPCunknownCodemasters
Tom Clancy's PolitikaMacintoshStrategyRed Storm
Tomb Raider I Gold: Unfinished BusinessPCActionEidos
Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of XianPCActionEidos
Total AnnihilationPCStrategyGT Interactive
Total AnnihilationPCStrategyAtari
Total SoccerPCSportLive Media
Touche: Adventures of The Fifth MusketeerPCAdventureUS Gold
Towers II: Plight of the StargazerPCRPGTelegames
Trash ItunknownActionRage Games Ltd.
Turok: Dinosaur HunterPCActionAcclaim Entertainment
Turok: Dinosaur HunterPCActionAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Twisted Metal 2PCunknownSony Computer Entertainment
Twisted Metal 2PCActionSingleTrac Entertainment Technologies
Ultima VIII - PaganPCunknownOrigin
Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 (USM 98)PCSportSierra Entertainement
Ultimate Word AttackMacintoshEducationalDavidson & Associates
Unfinished - Another Day at Work: WednesdayMacintoshActionBrian Kendall
Uprising: Join or DiePCStrategyStudio 3DO
Vaahteramäen EemeliMacintoshAdventureAstrid Lindgren
Vermeer – Die Kunst zu erbenPCStrategyAscaron
Versailles: A Game of Intrigue (aka Versailles 1685)MacintoshAdventureCanal+ Multimedia
Vigilance on Talos VPCunknownPolyEx Software
Virtua Cop 2PCActionSEGA
Virtua Cop: Virtua SquadPCActionSEGA
Virtua Fighter 2PCActionSEGA
Virtual NightclubMacintoshAdventureThumb Candy
Virtual WingsMacintoshSimulationCAT III Systems
War DiaryPCStrategyTrigger Soft
War Of FlowersMacintoshPuzzleMinho Choi
War Wind II: Human OnslaughtPCStrategyMindscape
Warhammer Epic 40.000: Final LiberationPCStrategySSI
Warlords III: Reign of HeroesPCStrategyRed Orb Entertainment
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? CD-ROMMacintoshEducationalBrøderbund Software/The Learning Company
Wing Commander - ProphecyPCunknownElectronic Arts - Origin
Wing Commander - ProphecyPCunknownElectronic Arts - Origin
Wing Nuts: Battle in the SkyPCActionRocket Science Games
Wipeout XL (a.k.a. Wipeout 2097)PCunknownPsygnosis
Wishbone Activity ZoneMacintoshEducationalPalladium Interactive
Word HeadsMacintoshEducationalSanctuary Woods
Worms 2PCAction
Worms 2PCActionElectronic Arts
X-COM (Collector's Edition)PCStrategyMicroProse
X-COM: ApocalypsePCStrategyMicroProse
X-COM: ApocalypsePCStrategyMicroProse Software
X-COM: ApocalypsePCStrategyMythos Software
X-COM: ApocalypsePCActionMythos Games Ltd.
X-Plane 3MacintoshSimulationLaminar Research
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter: Balance of PowerPCSimulationLucasArts
XeniaMacintoshActionRichard Theil
Yacht-3DMacintoshPuzzleRoger Eastman
Yendorian Tales - The Tyrants of ThainePCRPGSmithWare
Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine (a.k.a. Yendor III)PCRPGSpectrum Pacific Publishing
Yes ManMacintoshStrategyBrian Kendall
Yeti TilesMacintoshPuzzleNoah Stewart
Yoda StoriesPCunknownLucasArts
You Don't Know Jack: TelevisionMacintoshPuzzleBerkeley Systems
You Don't Know Jack: Volume 3MacintoshPuzzleBerkeley Systems
Young's ModulusMacintoshActionAustin Meyer
Zork - Der GrossinquisitorPCunknownActivision
Zork - The Undiscovered UndergroundC64AdventureActivision
Zork: The Undiscovered UndergroundMacintoshAdventureActivision