1996 Games


Robot 139
(menacing growl) Resident... Eeevil...PlaystationActionCapcom
3 Skulls of the ToltecsPCAdventureRevistronic
3 Skulls of the ToltecsPCAdventureRevistronic
3 Skulls of the ToltecsPCAdventureWarner Interactive
3 Skulls of the ToltecsunknownAdventureRevistronic
3D Dinosaur Adventure (Anniversary Edition)MacintoshEducationalKnowledge Adventure
3D Ultra Pinball - Creep NightMacintoshActionDynamix
5 Plus One - Super TetrisPCunknownPrism Leisure
9: The Last ResortMacintoshAdventureGT Interactive
A Case For Cap & CoMacintoshEducationalTivola
A-10 CubaPCSimulationActivision
A-10 Cuba!MacintoshSimulationActivision
A-10 Cuba!PCunknownActivision
A.T.F. - Advanced Tactical FightersPCunknownElectronic Arts
A.T.F. - Advanced Tactical FightersPCunknownElectronic Arts
Abbalone 3DMacintoshPuzzleAnomic Software
Absolute PinballPCunknown21st Century
Absolute PinballPCActionUnique Development Studios
Absolute PinballPCAction21st Century Entertainment
Absolute SolitaireMacintoshPuzzleGlenn Seemann
AbusePCActionCrack dot com
AbuseunknownActionCrack dot Com
AccesinatoPCAdventureIsxem Games
Ace VenturaPCAdventure7th Level
Ace VenturaPCunknownBomico
Aces High - The True Duel SimulatorPCSimulationCadaver
Actua SoccerMacintoshSportGremlin Interactive
Actua Soccer 2.0.2 (with Patch)MacintoshSportGremlin Interactive
Admiral: Sea BattlesPCStrategyMegamedia
Adom v1.1PCRPG
Advanced CivilizationPCStrategyAvalon Hill
Advanced civilizationPCStrategyAvalon Hill
AdventurePCAdventureMr Creosote
AH-64D LongbowPCunknownElectronic Arts
AlbionPCRPGBlue Byte
AlbionPCRPGBlue Byte Software, Inc.
AlbionPCRPGBlue Byte Software
Alien IncidentPCAdventureGameTek Inc.
Alien IncidentunknownAdventureHousemarque
Alien RampagePCPuzzleInner Circle Creations
Alien RampagePCunknownSoftdisk Publishing
Alien RampagePCActionSoftdisk Publishing
Alien RampageunknownActionInner Circle Creations
Alien TrilogyPCActionProbe Entertainment
Alien TrilogyPCActionAcclaim Entertainment
Alien TrilogyPCActionAcclaim
Alien TrilogyPCActionAcclaim
Alien TrilogyunknownActionProbe Entertainment Ltd.
Alien VirusPCAdventureVic Tokai
Alien virusPCAdventureVic Tokai
Alone in the Dark 2MacintoshActionBrainstorm Software
Alone in the Dark 3MacintoshActionBrainstorm Software
Amazon Trail IIMacintoshAdventureMECC
Amazon Trail IIMacintoshEducationalMECC
AMBER: Journeys BeyondMacintoshAdventureChangeling Software
Amber: Journeys BeyondPCAdventureHue Forest Entertainment
American Civil War: From Sumter To AppomattoxPCStrategyInteractive Magic
Angel Devoid: Face of the EnemyMacintoshActionElectric Dreams
Animal QuestPCunknown
Animal QuestPCunknown
Anvil of dawnPCRPGStrategic Simulations Inc.
Apache LongbowMacintoshSimulationDigital Integration
Aquaman: War of the Water WorldsMacintoshAdventureInverse Ink
Arcade AmericaPCunknownBMG Interactive
Arcade Volleyball DeluxePCunknown-
Archaeology of the FutureMacintoshEducationalClaude Guillemot
Archimedean DynastyPCSimulationMassive Development
AresMacintoshActionAmbrosia Software
Ashes to AshesPCActionCorel Corporation
AssassinMacintoshStrategySteven H. Taylor
Assault RigsPCActionPsygnosis
AsterbammMacintoshActionDavid Cook
Asterix & ObelixPCActionInfogrames
Asterix & ObelixPCunknownInfogrames
Asterix and ObelixPCActionInfogrames
Astrid Lindgren's Pippi LongstockingMacintoshEducationalAhead Multimedia
ATF NATO FightersPCunknownElectronic Arts
Atomic BombermanPCunknownInterplay Entertainment
AttilaPCStrategyLüder Osmers
AvaraMacintoshActionAmbrosia Software
Azile 4.5 and Eliza 6.0.1MacintoshStrategyTom Bender
Azrael's TearPCAdventureMindscape
Azrael's TearunknownAdventureIntelligent Games, Ltd.
Back to BaghdadPCSimulationMilitary Simulations
Bad MojoMacintoshAdventurePulse Entertainment
Bad MojoPCAdventureAcclaim Entertainment
Bad MojoPCunknownAcclaim
Bad MojoPCunknownAcclaim
Bad MojounknownActionPulse Entertainment
BaldiesPCStrategyCreative Edge Software
BallernPCActionMr Creosote
Banzai BugPCunknownMulti Media International
Barbie Magic Fairy Tales: Barbie As RapunzelMacintoshAdventureMattel Interactive
Batman ForeverPCunknownAcclaim Entertainment
Batman ForeverPCActionAcclaim Entertainment
Batman ForeverPCActionAcclaim
Batman Forever - The Arcade GamePCActionAcclaim Entertainment
Batman: Partners in PerilMacintoshAdventureInverse Ink
Battle Arena ToshindenPCActionPlaymates
Battlearena ToshindenPCActionPlaymates Interactive Entertainment
BedlamPCActionMirage Technologies
BedlamPCActionGT Interactive
Being a Scientist: The Case of the Vanishing TreesMacintoshEducationalAnglia Multimedia
Bermuda SyndromePCAdventureCentury Interactive
Big Science ComicsMacintoshEducationalTheatrix Interactive
Birthright: The Gorgon's AlliancePCStrategySierra Entertainment
Birthright: The Gorgon's AllianceunknownStrategySynergistic Software, Inc.
Birthright: The Gorgon's AlliancePCStrategySynergistic Software
Blood & MagicPCStrategyInterplay
Blood & MagicPCStrategyInterplay Entertainment
Blood & MagicPCStrategyInterplay
Blood & MagicunknownStrategyTachyon Studios Inc.
Blood & MagicPCStrategyTachyon Studios, Inc.
Boston Computer Society Disk ImagesMacintoshActionBoston Computer Society
Broken Sword 2 - The Smoking MirrorPCAdventureRevolution Software
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the TemplarsPCAdventureRevolution Software
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the TemplarsPCAdventureVirgin Interactiv
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the TemplarsunknownAdventureRevolution Software, Ltd.
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the TemplarsPCAdventureRevolution Software
Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow IslandsPCunknownAcclaim Entertainment
Bud Tucker in Double TroublePCAdventureMerit Studios
Bud Tucker in Double TroubleunknownAdventureMerit Studios (Europe) Limited
Buichi Terasawa's Takeru - Letter of the LawPCunknownSunsoft
Bundesliga Manager ProfessionalPCunknownSoftware 2000
Cabol IIMacintoshActionD•revolution
CaesarPCStrategyLüder Osmers
Caesar IIPCunknownImpressions Games
Caesar IIMacintoshStrategyImpressions
Candy Land AdventureMacintoshAdventureHasbro Interactive
CapitalismPCunknownInteractive Magic
Caribbean DisasterAmigaStrategySilver Style
Carmen Sandiego: Junior Detective EditionMacintoshEducationalBrøderbund
CatFight: The Ultimate Female Fighting GamePCActionPhantom Card
CavewarsPCStrategyAvalon Hill
CavewarsPCStrategyBroken Arrow Entertainment
CHAMP KongPCActionChamProgramming
CHAMP Ms. Pac-emPCunknownChampProgramming
CHAMP Pac-emPCunknownChampProgramming
Championship Manager 2 Season 96-97(English and Scottish Leagues)PCSportEidos Interactive
Chaos Engine 2AmigaActionBitmap Brothers
Chaos OverlordsPCStrategyNew World Computing, Inc.
Chaos OverlordsPCStrategyNew World Computing
Chex QuestPCActionDigital Cafe
Chex QuestPCAction
Chex QuestPCActionFreeware
Chex Quest 2PCActionFreeware
ChickensPCPuzzleMartin Magnusson
Civil War GeneralPCStrategySierra Entertainment
Civilization 2PCStrategyMicroProse Software
Civilization 2, Sid Meier'sPCStrategyMicroProse
Civilization IIPCStrategyMicroprose Software, Inc.
Close CombatPCStrategyMicrosoft
Clueless ChessPCStrategy-
College SlamSNESSportAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
College SlamPCSportAcclaim Entertainment
Colony Wars 2492PCStrategyBlack Legend Software GmbH
Color LinesMacintoshPuzzleABSYS Company
Command & Conquer - Red AlertPCunknownVirgin
Command & Conquer - Red AlertPCunknownSold Out
Command & Conquer - Red AlertPCunknownDice
Command & Conquer Teil 2 - Alarmstufe RotPCunknownVirgin
Command & Conquer: Red AlertunknownStrategyWestwood Studios, Inc.
Command & Conquer: Red AlertPCStrategyVirgin Interactive
Command & Conquer: Red AlertPCMiscWestwood Studios Inc.
Command & Conquer: The Covert OperationsunknownStrategyWestwood Studios, Inc.
Command and Conquer: Red AlertPCStrategyVirgin Interactive
Command and Conquer: Red AlertPCStrategyWestwood Studios
Command and Conquer: The Covert OperationsPCStrategyVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Congo: Descent into ZinjMacintoshAdventureViacom
Conqueror A.D. 1086PCunknownSierra
Conqueror AD 1086PCStrategySierra Entertainment
Conquest of the New WorldPCStrategyInterplay Entertainment Corporation
Conquest of the New WorldunknownStrategyQuicksilver Software, Inc.
Conquest of the New WorldPCStrategyInterplay
Conquest of the New World (deluxe edition)PCStrategyQuicksilver Software
Conquest of the New World Deluxe EditionPCunknownDice
Conway's Game of LifePCStrategyAlan Hensel
CreaturesPCunknownTime Warner Interactive
Crusader - No RegretPCunknownOrigin
Crusader 2: No RegretPCActionOrigin Systems
Crusader: No RegretPCActionOrigin
Crusader: No RegretunknownActionORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Crusader: No RegretPCActionORIGIN Systems Inc.
Crusader: No RegretPCunknownOrigin Systems
Cutthroat IslandSNESActionAcclaim/LJN
Cyber JudasPCunknownMulti Media International
Cyber SpherePCPuzzlePsycon Software
Cyber SpherePCActionClay Hellman
Cyberia v1.87PCunknownInterplay
CydoniaPCPuzzleVirtual Fant
DaggerfallPCRPGBethesda Softworks
DaggerfallMacintoshRPGBethesda Softworks
Daggerfall - The Elder Scrolls Chapter IIPCunknownBethesda
Daggerfall - The Elder Scrolls Chapter IIPCunknownBethesda
DAISENRYAKU V DXMacintoshStrategySystemSoft Corporation
Darby the DragonMacintoshAdventureBrøderbund
Dark Seed IIMacintoshAdventureCyberdreams
Dawn PatrolPCunknownMulti Media International
Daytona USAPCunknownSEGA
Daytona USA DeluxePCSportSega
DDM Soccer '96PCSportDDM
DDM Soccer 96PCSportDigital Dreams Multimedia
DDM Soccer 96PCSportDigital Dreams Multimedia
DeadlinePCStrategyNova Spring
Deadlock - Planetary ConquestPCunknownTime Warner Interactive
Deadly Rooms of Death (a.k.a. D.R.O.D.)PCPuzzleWebfoot Technologies
Death RallyPCSport
Death RallyPCunknownGT Interactive Software
Death RallyPCMiscApogee
Death RallyPCSportRemedy Entertainment Ltd.
Death RallyunknownSportRemedy Entertainment Ltd.
Death RallyPCActionApogee
Death RallyPCActionRemedy Entertainment
Defender 2000JaguarActionAtari/Williams
Defender of the CrownPCStrategyNova Spring
Der Preis ist heißPCStrategyMr Creosote
Der Produzent - Die Welt des FilmsAmigaStrategySilver Style
Descent 2PCActionInterplay Entertainment
Destination: PyramidsMacintoshEducationalEdmark
Destruction Derby 2PCunknownPsygnosis
Destruction Derby 2PCSimulationPsygnosis
DiabloPCRPGBlizzard North
DiabloPCActionBlizzard Entertainment
Diablo IPCRPGBlizzard Entertainment
Die Enviro-Kids greifen einPCAdventureArt Department
Die Fugger 2PCStrategySunflowers
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCActionFox Interactive
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCunknownElectronic Arts
Die Hard TrilogyPCActionFox Interactive
Die Siedler II: Veni, Vidi, ViciPCStrategyBlue Byte
Dig ItPCunknownPixel Painters
DiggersPCStrategyMillenium Interactive Ltd.
Discworld 2: Mortality Bytes!PCAdventurePerfect Entertainment
Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!? (a.k.a. Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!)PCAdventurePsygnosis
Disney's PocahontasMega DriveActionBuena Vista Games
Disney's PocahontasGame BoyActionBuena Vista Games
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!SNESActionRare, ltd.
Doom 2DPCunknownFreeware
Doom: D!ZONE MACMacintoshActionMacSoft
Doom: PerversePCActionFreeware
Down in the DumpsPCunknownPhilips
Down in the DumpsPCunknownPhilips
Dr. ŠílenecunknownAdventureMirage
Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes BackunknownAdventureDigital Dreams Multimedia
Dragon Lore 2: The Heart of the Dragon ManunknownAdventureCryo Interactive Entertainment
Dragon Lore II - The Heart of the Dragon ManPCunknownDice
Drascula: The Vampire Strikes BackPCAdventureDigital Dreams Multimedia
Drascula: The Vampire Strikes BackPCAdventure
Drascula: The Vampire Strikes BackPCAdventureDigital Dreams Multimedia
Duke Nukem 3DPCAction3d Realms
Duke Nukem 3DPCActionFormgen
Duke Nukem 3DPCAction3D Realms
Duke Nukem 3DPCAction3D Realms Entertainment
Duke Nukem 3DMega DriveAction3D Realms Entertainment
Duke Nukem 3DPCAction
Duke Nukem 3DPCActionFormGen
Duke Nukem 3DunknownAction3D Realms Entertainment
Duke Nukem 3DPCAction3D Realms Entertainment
Duke Nukem 3DPCAction3D Realms
Duke Nukem 3D \(shareware\)PCMisc3DRealms
Duke Nukem 3D v1.30PCunknown3D Realms
Duke Nukem 3D v1.3DPCunknown3D Realms
Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic EditionPCActionGT Interactive
Duracell: Run the BunnyPCunknown
Earthsiege 2PCSimulationSierra Entertainment
Earthworm Jim 1 + 2PCActionInterplay
Eclipse TotalPCunknownIsxem Games
Eek!Stravaganza: The EeX FilesMacintoshAdventureInverse Ink
EF2000 (Special Edition)unknownSimulationDigital Image Design Ltd.
EF2000 TACTCOMunknownSimulationDigital Image Design Ltd.
Elder Scrolls - DaggerfallPCRPGBethesda Softworks
Elder Scrolls II, The: DaggerfallPCRPGBethesda Softworks
Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, TheunknownRPGBethesda Softworks
Elroy Hits the PavementMacintoshAdventureHeadbone Interactive
Elroy's Costume ClosetMacintoshAdventureHeadbone Interactive
Emperor of the Fading SunsPCStrategySegaSoft
En el Nombre del SeñorPCunknownKurioV Soft
ErachaPCunknownMirinae Software
Eternity InnMacintoshPuzzleLittleFingers Software
EUFA EURO 96 EnglandPCSportGremlin Interactive
Evil's DoomunknownRPGOlympia Entertainment Group
F-16 Fighting FalconPCSimulationDigital Integration
F-16 Fighting FalconunknownSimulationDigital Integration Ltd.
F.A.R.M. PatrolMacintoshActionFive Guys from Stanford
F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 (Strike! Missions)MacintoshSimulationFront
F1 ManagerPCunknownSoftware 2000
F1 Manager 96PCSimulationSoftware 2000
F22 Lightning IIPCunknownNova Logic
FablePCAdventureSimbiosis Interactive
FablePCAdventureTelstar Electronic Studios Ltd
FablePCAdventureTelstar Electronic Studios
FableunknownAdventureSimbiosis Interactive
Fantasy GeneralPCStrategySSI
Fantasy generalPCStrategySSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Fantasy GeneralPCStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc.
Fantasy GeneralPCStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc.
FIFA 97PCSportElectronic Arts
FIFA 97PCSportElectronic Arts
FIFA 97PCSportElectronic Arts, Inc.
Fighter Duel: Special EditionPCSimulationInfogrames
Final DoomPCActionGT Interactive
Final DOOMMacintoshActionGT Interactive
Final Soccer ChallengePCunknownM. Magnusson and M. Brynervall
FlippersMacintoshPuzzleMichel de Messieres
Flug 714 nach SydneyPCAdventureMr Creosote
Fragile AllegiancePCStrategyGremlin Interactive
Frankenstein's Helper 3.0MacintoshEducationalRobert Schenk
Franko: The Crazy RevengePCActionMirage Interactive
Free EnterprisePCSimulationTsunami Media
Free EnterprisePCSimulationTsunami Games
Fuenfte Dimension, DiePCunknownEidos
Gabriel Knight - Sins of the FathersPCunknownSierra
GalaxusMacintoshActionAlgomedia Software
Game DoctorMacintoshMiscIllume
Gearheads CDMacintoshStrategyR/GA Interactive
Geh Aufs GanzePCStrategyMr Creosote
Gender WarsunknownStrategy8th Day, The
Gender WarsPCStrategyGT Interactive
Gene MachinePCunknownBomico
Gene Machine, ThePCAdventureVic Tokai
Gene Machine, TheunknownAdventureDivide By Zero
GenewarsPCMiscBullfrog Productions
GeoSafari AnimalsMacintoshEducationalEducational Insights
GexPCunknownCrystal Dynamics
Gloriana (a.k.a. Elisabeth I)PCStrategyAscon GmbH
GrailQuestPCunknownGuildhall Leisure Services
Grand Prix 2PCunknownMicroProse
Grand Prix 2unknownSportMicroProse Ltd.
Grand Prix IIPCSportMicroProse Software
Grand Prix Manager 2PCSimulationMicroProse Software, Inc
Grand Prix Manager 2PCunknownMicroProse
Grand Prix Manager 2PCunknownMicroProse
Grand prix manager 2PCSportMicroProse
Grand Prix WizardPCSportWizard Games
Grand Prix WizardPCunknownWizard Games
Grandprix 2PCunknownMicroProse
Grandprix 2PCunknownMicroProse
Great Naval Battles V: The Final FuryPCSimulationSSI
H.U.R.L.PCActionMillennium Media Group
H2OPCPuzzleWebfoot Technologies
H2OPCStrategyWebfoot Technologies
Halloween Harry in Zombie WarsPCunknownSprint
Harvest MoonSNESunknownNatsume
HarvesterPCAdventureDigiFX Interactive
HarvesterunknownAdventureDigiFX Interactive, Inc.
Heroes of Might & MagicPCStrategyNew World Computing
Heroes of Might & Magic 2 - Gold EditionPCStrategyNew World Computing
Heroes of Might and Magic IIPCRPG3DO Company The
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession WarsunknownStrategyNew World Computing, Inc.
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession WarsPCAdventureNew World Computing
Hexen - Deathkings of the Dark CitadelPCunknownid Software
Hexen - Deathkings of the Dark CitadelPCunknownid Software
Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark CitadelPCActionid Software
Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark CitadelunknownActionRaven Software Corporation
HIND: The Russian Combat Helicopter SimulationPCSimulationInteractive Magic
Holiday IslandPCSimulationSunflowers Interactive
Holiday IslandPCSimulationBomico Entertainment Software
Holiday IslandPCunknownBomico
Holiday IslandPCunknownSunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software
Hot Wheels Micro Racers (a.k.a. Hot Wheels: Slot Car Racing)PCunknownTHQ Inc.
HugoPCunknownTresor TV
Hunter HuntedPCunknownDynamix
Hunter HuntedPCunknownSierra Entertainment
Hunter HuntedPCActionSierra On-Line
I Have No Mouth and I Must ScreamPCunknownAcclaim
id AnthologyMacintoshActionGT Interactive
Indiana Jones and his Desktop AdventuresPCAdventureLucas Arts
Indiana Jones and his Desktop AdventuresPCAdventureLucasfilm/Lucasarts
Indiana Jones and his Desktop AdventuresPCunknownLucasArts
Indiana Jones and His Desktop AdventuresMacintoshAdventureLucasArts
Indiana Jones and His Desktop AdventuresPCAdventureLucasArts
Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisPCunknownLucasArts
Indiana Jones Desktop AdventuresPCAdventure
IndyCar Racing 2PCunknownSierra Entertainment
IndyCar Racing 2PCSimulationSierra
IndyCar Racing IIMacintoshSportPapyrus Design Group
Infinity CityMacintoshEducationalHeadbone Interactive
Inner WorldsPCActionSleepless Software Inc.
International Moto XPCunknownWarner Interactive
InterposePCunknownWebfoot Technologies
InterposePCActionKatz Media
InterposePCActionTwilight Zone Software
Iron BloodPCunknownMicroforum
Jagged Alliance: Deadly GamesPCStrategySir-Tech
Jagged Alliance: Deadly GamesPCStrategySir-tech Software
Janosch - Riesenparty für den TigerMacintoshEducationalNavigo
JauntTrooper - Mission: FirestormMacintoshRPGDave Scheifler
JetMotoPCunknownSony Interactive
Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures – Cover-up at RoswellMacintoshAdventureVirgin Sound and Vision
Judge DreddPCActionAcclaim
Jumpstart ToddlersMacintoshEducationalKnowledge Adventure
Justicieros, LosPCAdventureDinamic Mult
K3PCActionI. Ecenarro
Kampf um TrubellandPCAdventureTriNeT Computer GmbH
Keyboom!MacintoshActionMichel de Messieres
Kick Off 96PCSportAnco Software
Kick Off 96PCSportAnco Software
Kid Phonics 2 - Ages 7-9MacintoshEducationalDavidson & Associates
Kids Arcade PakMacintoshActionMacSoft
Killing TimePCunknownStudio 3DO
Killing TimeMacintoshActionLogicware
King's Quest VII - The Princeless BridePCunknownSierra
Kingdom - The Far ReachesPCAdventureInterplay Entertainment
Kingdom o' MagicPCunknownSCi
Kingdom O' MagicPCAdventureSCi
Kirby Super StarSNESActionHAL Laboratory
Kirby Super StarSNESActionNintendo
Kirby Super StarSNESActionHAL Laboratory, Inc.
Krazy IvanPCActionPsygnosis
Last Knight at CamelotPCunknownAdventure LearningWare
Le cauchemar de PPDMacintoshAdventureCanal+ Multimedia
Legend of the Silver TalismanPCRPGInter-Active Arts
Leisure Suit Larry - Yacht nach Liebe!PCunknownSierra
Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for Sail!PCunknownSierra
Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for SailPCAdventureSierra Entertainment
Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for SailPCAdventureSierra
Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for SailPCAdventureSierra On-Line
Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!PCAdventureSierra
Lemmings 95 (for Windows)PCPuzzlePsygnosis
Lemmings PaintballPCActionPsygnosis
Leonard Nimoy's PrimortalsMacintoshAdventureBig Entertainment
Leonardo the InventorMacintoshEducationalSoftKey
Leviathan - The Tone RebellionPCunknownLogic Factory
Lighthouse - The Dark BeingPCunknownSierra
Lighthouse: The Dark BeingPCAdventureSierra Entertainment
Lighthouse: The Dark BeingunknownAdventureSierra On‑Line, Inc.
Lords of the Realm IIPCunknownSierra
Lords of the Realm IIPCStrategySierra On-Line
Los JusticierosPCActionDinamic Multimedia
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 2, The - The Case of the Rose TattooPCAdventureElectronic Arts
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Rose TattoounknownAdventureMythos Software Inc.
M.A.X - Mechanized Assault & ExplorationPCActionInterplay Productions
M.A.X. - Mechanized Assault & ExplorationPCunknownInterplay
M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault and ExplorationPCStrategyInterplay Entertainment
M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault and ExplorationunknownStrategyInterplay Productions Ltd.
Mac Arcade Pak IIMacintoshActionTony Breitzman
MacChessMacintoshPuzzleWim van Beusekom
Mad TV 2PCStrategyGreenwood Entertainment
Magic Carpet 2PCActionElectronic Arts
Magic Tales: Sleeping Cub's Test of CourageMacintoshAdventureCapital Multimedia
Marathon 2: DurandalPCActionBungie
Marathon 2: DurandalPCActionBungie Studios
Master of Orion 2PCStrategySimtex
Master of Orion 2: Battle at AntaresPCStrategySimTex
Master of Orion 2: Battle at AntaresPCStrategyMicroProse
Master of Orion II: Battle at AntaresPCStrategySimTex
Master of Orion II: Battle at AntaresPCStrategyMicroProse Software
Math HeadsMacintoshEducationalTheatrix
MechWarrior 2: 31st Century CombatMacintoshActionActivision
MechWarrior 2: MercenariesPCActionActivision
Mechwarrior 2: MercenariesPCSimulationActivision
Megarace 2PCunknownMindscape
Metal and Lace 2: Ningyou Tsukai 2PCActionForest
Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95PCSimulationMicrosoft
Microsoft Return of ArcadePCunknown
Microsoft Return of ArcadePCunknown
MiedosoPCActionM. Toscano
Mighty Math: Carnival CountdownMacintoshEducationalEdmark
Mission CriticalPCAdventureLegend Entertainment
Mission Force: CyberstormPCunknownDynamix
Money TownMacintoshEducationalDavidson & Associates
Monster Truck MadnessPCunknownMicrosoft
Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy GrailPCPuzzle7th Level
Mortal Kombat TrilogyPCActionGT Interactive Software
Mr. Wonder's Greatest Toyshop on EarthMacintoshEducationalMartin Koronka
Mutant Chicken RacesPCSimulation
Mutant PenguinsPCActionGameTek
Mutation of J.B.unknownAdventureInvention
NASCAR RacingMacintoshSportPapyrus Design Group
Nascar Racing 2PCunknownSierra Entertainment
Navy StrikePCSimulationEmpire Interactive
NBA Live 96PCunknownElectronic Arts
NecrobiusMacintoshAdventureDaniel Auld
Need for Speed, The - Special EditionPCunknownElectronic Arts
Need for Speed, The: Special EditionPCunknownElectronic Arts
Need for Speed, The: Special EditionunknownSportPioneer Productions
Network Q RAC Rally ChampionshipPCunknownMagnetic Fields
Neverhood, TheunknownAdventureThe Neverhood, Inc.
Neverhood, ThePCAdventureDreamworks Interactive
Neverhood, ThePCunknownDreamWorks
NHL 97PCunknownElectronic Arts
NHL 97PCSportElectronic Arts
Nikolai's MysteriesMacintoshEducationalI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.
Nikolai's PharaohsMacintoshEducationalI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.
Nikolai's ToysMacintoshEducationalI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.
Noir: A Shadowy ThrillerunknownAdventureTSi, Inc.
NormalityPCAdventureGremlin Interactive (UK), Interplay (US)
NormalityPCAdventureGremlin Interactive
NormalityunknownAdventureGremlin Interactive Ltd.
ObsidianMacintoshAdventureRocket Science Games: Howard Cushnir and Adam Wolff
Ocean TraderPCSimulationSoftware 2000
Ocean TraderPCSimulationSoftware 2000
Oddballz EggzMacintoshStrategyPF Magic
Oddballz: Your Wacky Computer PetzMacintoshStrategyPF Magic
Odell Down UnderMacintoshEducationalMECC
Odyssey: The Legend of NemesisMacintoshRPGMacSoft
OffensivePCStrategyWave Software, Ltd
OffensivePCStrategyOcean of America
OffensiveunknownStrategyWave Software Ltd.
Oil EmpireunknownStrategy88th Panzer Division
Opera FatalMacintoshAdventureHEUREKA-Klett
Operation RescueMacintoshActionLamprey Systems
Orion BurgerPCAdventureSanctuary Woods
Orion BurgerunknownAdventureSanctuary Woods, Inc.
Osadníci (Polanie)unknownStrategyMDF
OverkillPCActionID Interactive
PacMac DeluxeMacintoshActionDAPPSoft
Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark OutsideMacintoshAdventureHumongous Entertainment
Pandora Akte, DiePCunknownVirgin
Panzer GeneralMacintoshStrategyHalestorm
Panzer General (Windows Version)PCStrategyMindscape
PaRappa the RapperPlaystationActionNanaOn-Sha Co., Ltd.
PC calcio 5.0 (96/97)PCSportDynamic
PegLeg 2MacintoshActionSean D. Ansorge
Phantasmagoria 2PCAdventureActivision
Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of FleshPCAdventureSierra On-Line
Pick Up the Phone Booth and DieInterpreterAdventureR. Noyes
Pilotwings 64N64ActionNintendo of America, Inc.
Pirates! GoldPCunknownMicroProse
PisqorxunknownPuzzleMartin Schmidt
Pitfall Mayan AdventurePCunknownActivision
Pokémon Blue VersionGame BoyRPGNintendo
Pokémon Red VersionGame BoyRPGNintendo
Pokémon Red VersionGame BoyActionGame Freak, Inc.
Pool ChampionPCunknownMindscape
Power Rangers Zeo versus The Machine EmpireMacintoshActionCyberFlix/Saban Entertainment
Powerslave - ExhumedPCActionPlaymates Interactive
Powerslave (Exhumed)unknownActionLobotomy Software, Inc.
Pray for DeathPCActionVirgin Interactive
Pray for DeathunknownActionLight Shock Software s.n.c.
Primal RagePCunknownTime Warner Interactive
Private EyePCAdventureSimon & Schuster Interactive
Privateer 2 - The DarkeningPCunknownOrigin
Privateer 2 - The DarkeningPCunknownOrigin
Privateer 2 - The Darkening v16.0PCunknownOrigin
Puppen, Perlen und PistolenPCunknownPhilips
QuakePCActionid sofware
QuakePCActionid software
QuakePCActionid Software
QuakePCActionid Software
QuakeunknownActionid Software, Inc.
QuakePCActionid Software
QuakePCActionID Software
Quake \(1.06\)PCMiscId
Quarantine 2 - Road WarriorPCActionGameTek
Quarantine 2: Road WarriorPCunknownMindscape
QuarkMacintoshActionSpencer Seidel
Quark 1.0MacintoshActionSpencer Seidel
QuartoMacintoshPuzzleAlan Weiss
Quasar WarsAmigaActionLight Design
Quest Of Yipe!MacintoshRPGKevin Kinell
Quest: The Dungeon EscapePCunknownMichael Duhm
QuickShot DeluxeMacintoshActionJim Plamondon
Racing DaysMacintoshSportKitt Peak
Raetsel des Master Lu, DasPCunknownCentreGold
Rally SportPCSimulationJukka Jakala
Rally SportPCSport
RamaunknownAdventureDynamix, Inc.
Rave Shuttle: The Cosmic ChallengeMacintoshAdventureNAVIGO Multimedia
RChessMacintoshPuzzleStrategic Studies Group
Reader Rabbit's Interactive Reading Journey 1MacintoshEducationalThe Learning Company
Ready for Math with PoohMacintoshEducationalDisney Interactive
Realms of Arkania 3 - Shadows over RivaPCRPGAttic Entertainment
Realms of Arkania 3: Shadows over RivaunknownRPGAttic Entertainment Software
Realms of Arkania III: Shadows Over RivaPCRPGSir-tech Software
Realms of the HauntingPCunknownGremlin
Realms of the Haunting vF1.4PCunknownGremlin
Red AlertPCStrategyWestwood Studios
Resident Evil (Bio Hazard)unknownAdventureCapcom
Return FirePCActionGT Interactive Software
Return FirePCunknownTime Warner Interactive
Return FirePCActionSilent Software
Revolt of Don’s KnightsunknownRPGEmerald Software
Richard's Curling GameMacintoshSportRichard Woloshyn (Gluonic Systems Research)
RipperMacintoshAdventureTake-Two Interactive
RipperunknownAdventureTake‑Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires, ThePCStrategySierra Entertainment
Road RashPCSimulationElectronic Arts
Road RashPCunknownPapyrus
Road RashPCunknownElectronic Arts
Road RashPCunknownElectronic Arts
Road RashPCunknownElectronic Arts
Rytíři GráluunknownRPGCentauri Production
Santa Fe Mysteries: The Elk Moon MurderMacintoshAdventureActivision
SapiensMacintoshAdventureDidier & Olivier Guillion
Schiffe versenkenMacintoshStrategyTivola
School House Rock! America RockMacintoshEducationalCreative Wonders
Schoolhouse Rock: Exploration StationMacintoshEducationalCreative Wonders
Schoolhouse Rock: Math RockMacintoshEducationalCreative Wonders
Scorched PlanetPCunknownCriterion
ScorcherPCSimulationGT Interactive
Scrabble CD-ROMMacintoshPuzzleHasbro Interactive
Screamer 2PCunknownVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Season of the SakuraPCAdultJAST USA
Secret MissionPCAdventureMicroïds
Seek and DestroyPCActionEpic MegaGames
Sensible GolfPCSportSensible Software
Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97PCSimulationSensible Software
Sensible World of Soccer 95/96PCSportSensible Software
Sensible World of Soccer 96-97PCSportSensible Software
Sensible World of soccer 96/97PCSportSensible Software
Settlers II, The: Gold EditionPCStrategyBlue Byte Software
Settlers II, The: Veni, Vidi, ViciPCStrategyBlue Byte Software
Settlers II, The: Veni, Vidi, ViciunknownStrategyBlue Byte Software GmbH & Co. KG
Shadow of the DevilunknownAdventureRiki Computer Games
Shane Warne CricketMega DriveSportCodemasters Software Company, Ltd.
Shards 1.3MacintoshPuzzleMike & Pat Dooley
ShellshockPCSimulationCore Design
Shine: Die Angst hat einen NamenMacintoshAdventureChilli
Sid Meier's Civilization IIPCStrategyMicroProse Software
Silent HunterPCSimulationSSI
Silent HunterPCSimulationSSI
SimCopterPCSimulationMaxis Software
SimParkPCSimulationMaxis Software
SimTower - The Vertical EmpirePCunknownDice
SimTower: The Vertical EmpirePCSimulationOpenBook Co., Ltd.
SimTunesPCSimulationMaxis Software
Slam TiltAmigaAction21st Century Entertainment
Soccer SuperstarsPCSportDigital Dreams
Sonic 3D BlastMega DriveActionSEGA
Space HulkPCunknownElectronic Arts
Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood AngelsPCunknownElectronic Arts
Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood AngelsPCStrategyElectronic Arts
Space Trader (Beta)MacintoshStrategyKevin Quigley
Special Edition 4 Pack Volume OnePCunknownGremlin
SplaymasterPCActionChris Elsbree
Spycraft: The Great GamePCAdventureActivision
Star control 3PCSimulationLegend Entertainment
Star Control 3PCStrategyAccolade, Inc.
Star Control 3PCStrategyAccolade
Star Control 3PCunknownAccolade
Star Control 3PCActionAtlam Toys
Star GeneralPCStrategyMindscape
Star GeneralPCStrategySSI
Star OceanunknownRPGtri-Ace Inc.
Star Trek - BorgPCunknownSimon & Schuster
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Harbinger v1.0PCunknownViacom New Media
Star Trek - Klingon v1.0PCunknownSimon & Schuster
Star Trek: BorgPCAdventureSimon & Schuster Interactive
Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden EmpirePCunknownLucasArts
Star Wars: Shadows of the EmpireN64ActionNintendo of America, Inc.
StargunnerunknownActionApogee Software, Ltd.
Stay Tooned!PCunknown<span class="small">Funnybone Interactive</span>
Steel Panthers II: Modern BattlesPCStrategySSI
Steven Spielberg's Director's ChairMacintoshStrategyKnowledge Adventure
Still HuntPCunknownHiCom
Strike BasePCActionMax Design
Su-27 FlankerPCSimulationSSI
Summer & Winter Olympic ChallengePCunknownMedia Safari
Super Fire Pro Wrestling X PremiumSNESSportHuman Entertainment, Inc.
Super Mario 64N64ActionNintendo EAD (Japan)
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsSNESRPGNintendo
Super StardustPCunknownGameTek
Super TourPCSportHaza
Supercars InternationalPCunknownHit Squad, The
Supercars InternationalPCSportThe Hit Squad
Swigridova KletbaunknownAdventureAgawa
Syndicate WarsPCStrategyBullfrog
Syndicate WarsPCStrategyBullfrog
Syndicate warsPCStrategyBullfrog
Syndicate WarsPCStrategyElectronic Arts
Syndicate WarsPCStrategyBullfrog
Syndicate WarsPCActionBullfrog Productions
SynnergistPCAdventure21st Century
System ShockPCunknownElectronic Arts
Szenarios & Maps fuer Civilization IIPCunknowntewi Verlag
TAIHEIYOU SENSHIMacintoshEducationalImagineer
Takeru: Letter of the LawMacintoshAdventureEagle Peak Interactive
Teach Yourself HyperCardMacintoshEducationalMark Gregory
Teen AgentPCAdventure
Tempest 2000MacintoshActionJeff Minter
Terminal VelocityMacintoshActionMacSoft
Terminator, The: SkyNetPCActionBethesda Softworks
Terminator: SkyNETPCActionBethesda Softworks
Terminator: SkyNET, TheunknownActionBethesda Softworks
Terra Nova: Strike Force CentauriPCActionLooking Glass Studios
TerraTopiaMacintoshAdventureVirgin Sound and Vision
Tetris (Academysoft)PCPuzzleAcademy Soft
Tex Murphy: The Pandora DirectivePCAdventureAccess Software
The Baby-Sitters Club Friendship KitMacintoshEducationalSidewalk Studios
The Complete Great Naval Battles: The Final FuryPCSimulationSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
The Elder Scrolls II: DaggerfallPCRPG
The Elder Scrolls II: DaggerfallPCRPGBethesda Softworks
The Gene MachinePCAdventureDivide by zero
The Hollywood MurdersInterpreterAdventureMichael Zerbo
The Louvre MuseumMacintoshEducationalLearn Interactive
The Sacred Mirror of KofunMacintoshAdventureFuture Concept
The Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, ViciPCMiscBlue Byte Software
The Time Warp Of Dr. BrainPCunknownDynamix
This Means War!PCStrategyMicroProse
Three Sisters' StoryPCAdultJAST Co.
Time CommandoPCActionActivision
Time Gate: Knight's ChasePCAdventureInfogrames
Time ParadoxPCAdventureFlair Software
Time SlaughterunknownActionBloodlust Software
Tintin in TibetPCunknownInfogrames
Tintin in TibetPCActionInfogrames
Tomb RaiderPCPuzzleCore Design
Tomb RaiderPCAdventureCore design
Tomb RaiderunknownActionCore Design Ltd.
Tomb RaiderPCActionCore Design LTD.
Tomb Raider IPCActionEidos
Tomb Raider Starring Lara CroftPCActionEidos Interactive
ToonstruckPCAdventureBurst Studios
ToonstruckPCAdventureVirgin Interactive
Top Gun - Fire at Will v1.0PCunknownMicroProse
Top Gun: Fire at WillPCSimulationMicroProse
TowerPCStrategyBAO Ltd.
Toxic BunnyPCunknownCelestial
Toy Story Animated StorybookMacintoshAdventureDisney Interactive
TranslandPCActionOrigin Systems
Transport Tycoon DeluxePCSimulationMicroProse
Transport Tycoon DeluxePCSimulationMicroProse
Transport Tycoon DeluxePCStrategyMicroProse Software
TraumaPCActionNoria Works
Treasure Hunter GunknownRPGSting Entertainment
Triplane TurmoilPCSimulationDodekaedron Software
Triplane TurmoilPCActionFreeware
TrollsPCActionFlair Software Ltd
Typing Tutor 7MacintoshEducationalDavidson & Associates
UEFA Euro 96 EnglandPCSportGremlin
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Mega DriveActionMidway Games
Ultimate Soccer Manager 2PCSportImpressions Games
Ultimate Soccer Manager 2 (USM 2)PCSportSierra Entertainment
Ultimate Spin DoctorMacintoshActionCallisto Corporation
UltraDiceMacintoshPuzzleIntergalactic Development Inc.
Uncle Fudd's TreasureMacintoshAdventureLeslie Wooddavis
Unlimited WarriorsunknownActionDigitalica
Urban Runner: Lost in TownunknownAdventureCoktel Vision
Vegas TrekMacintoshAdventureCary Torkelson
Veil of DarknessPCunknowntewi Verlag
Vigilance on Talos VPCActionPolyEx Software
Vikings: The Strategy of Ultimate ConquestMacintoshActionGT Interactive
Virtua FighterPCActionSEGA
Virtual CorporationPCunknownTopWare
Virtual PoolMacintoshSportCeleris
W!ZonePCunknownWizard Works
War DiaryPCStrategyThe Game Factory
War DiaryPCStrategyGame Factory
War WindPCStrategySSI
War WindPCunknownSSi
Wargame Construction Set 3: Age of Rifles 1846 - 1905PCStrategySSI
Wargame construction set III: Age of rifles 1846-1905PCStrategySSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned RatPCStrategyMindscape
Weekend WarriorMacintoshActionBungie
Wing Commander II - Vengeance of the KilrathiPCunknownOrigin
Wing Commander II - Vengeance of the KilrathiPCunknownOrigin
Wing Commander IV - The Price of FreedomPCunknownElectronic Arts - Origin
Wing Commander: The Kilrathi SagaPCSimulationElectronic Arts
Witchaven 2PCActionIntraCorp
Witchaven 2: Blood VengeanceunknownActionCapstone Software
Wizardry GoldPCRPGSir-Tech
World Rally Fever: Born on the RoadunknownSportSplit
WWF In Your HousePCActionAcclaim Entertainment
X-Plane 2MacintoshSimulationLaminar Research
Xenophage: Alien BloodSportPCActionArgo Games
XiomunknownPuzzleMagna media
XSPCActionGT Interactive
XSPCActionSci Games
Yellow Brick RoadMacintoshActionSynergy Interactive
Yellow Brick Road IIMacintoshAdventureSynergy Interactive
Yendorian Tales - Book 1 - Chapter 2PCRPGSmithWare
Yendorian Tales Book I: Chapter 2 (a.k.a. Yendor II)PCRPGSpectrum Pacific Publishing
You Don't Know Jack: MoviesMacintoshPuzzleBerkeley Systems
You Don't Know Jack: SportsMacintoshSportBerkeley Systems
You Don't Know Jack: Volume 2MacintoshPuzzleBerkeley Systems
ZPCStrategyBitmap Brothers
ZPCStrategyBitmap Brothers
ZPCStrategyRenegade Software
ZPCStrategyBitmap Brothers
Z (Zed)unknownStrategyBitmap Brothers
Zeddas: Horror Tour 2MacintoshAdventureCaravan Interactive
Zone RaidersPCActionImage Space Inc.
Zone RaidersMacintoshActionImage Space
ZonezMacintoshPuzzleAndrew Walters
Zoombinis Logical JourneyMacintoshEducationalBrøderbund
Zork - Nemesis - Das Verbotene LandPCunknownActivision
Zork NemesisMacintoshAdventureActivision
Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden LandsPCAdventureActivision
ZPCMacintoshActionGT Interactive
ZPC (Zero Population Count)PCActionGT Interactive
Zyclunt: Blade WarriorPCunknownPhantagram