Simulation Games


Robot 420
1000 MigliaPCSimulmondo1992
1869PCMax Design1992
1869PCMax Design1992
1942: The Pacific air warPCMicroProse Software1994
1942: The Pacific Air WarPCMicroProse1994
1st Person PinballunknownTynesoft Computer Software1989
3-D Helicopter SimulatorPCSierra1987
4D Sports TennisPCDistinctive Software1990
4x4 Off-Road RacingPCEpyx1988
688 attack subPCElectronic Arts1989
688 Attack SubPCunknown
688 Attack SubPCElectronic Arts1989
688 Attack SubPCElectronic Arts1989
688 Attack SubMega DriveSega1991
688 Attack SubPCElectronic Arts1991
688 SubmarinePCElectronic Arts1989
A-10 Attack!MacintoshParsoft Interactive1995
A-10 CubaPCActivision1996
A-10 Cuba!MacintoshActivision1996
A-10 tank killerPCDynamix1989
A-10 Tank KillerPCDynamix1990
A-10 Tank KillerPCDynamix, Inc.1989
A-10 Tank Killer v1.5PCDynamix, Inc.1991
A-TrainPCMaxis Software1992
A-TrainPCMaxis Software1992
A.G.E.PCCoktel Vision1991
A10 Tank KillerPCDynamix, Inc.1989
A320 AirbusPCThallion Software1993
A320 AirbusPCThalion Software1991
A320 AirbusPCThalion1991
A320 AirbusAmigaThalion1992
A320 Airbus: EuropePCThalion Software1993
A320 Airbus: USAPCThalion Software1993
Abrams Battle TankPCDynamix1988
Abrams Battle TankPCDynamix, Inc.1989
Abrams Battle TankPCDynamix1989
Ace 2PCCascade1987
ACE 2PCArtronic Limited1987
Ace IiC64Cascade Games Ltd1987
Ace IIPCCascade1987
Ace of AcesPCAccolade1987
Ace of AcesPCArtech Studios1987
Ace of acesunknownArtech digital1986
Ace of AcesunknownArtech Digital Productions1986
Ace: Air Combat EmulatorC64Cascade Games Ltd1985
ACE: Air Combat EmulatorPC1986
Aces High - The True Duel SimulatorPCCadaver1996
Aces of DeepPCDynamix1994
Aces of the DeepPCDynamix1994
Aces of the deepPCDynamix1994
Aces of the DeepunknownDynamix, Inc.1994
Aces of the DeepPCDynamix1994
Aces of the Deep Expansion DiskunknownDynamix, Inc.1995
Aces of the PacificPCDynamix1992
Aces of the PacificPCDynamix1992
Aces of the PacificPCDynamix1992
Aces of the PacificPCDynamix1992
Aces Over EuropePCDynamix1993
Aces Over EuropePCDynamix1993
Aces Over EuropePCDynamix1993
Aces Over EuropePCDynamix1993
Achtung Spitfire!PCAvalon Hill1997
Across the RhinePCMicroProse1995
Action in The North AtlanticPCGeneral Quarters Software1989
Action Stations! Aka Naval Surface Combat 1922 - 1945PCRAW Entertainment1991
Advanced Destroyer SimulatorPCFutura1990
Advanced Flight TrainerPCEdward Lenner1987
Advanced Lawnmower SimulationZX SpectrumGardensoft1988
Aegis - Guardian of the FleetPCSoftware Sorcery1994
African RaidersPCInference1986
After burnerPCSega1989
After BurnerPCSEGA1989
After Burner 2PCSega1989
AfterburnerPCSEGA Enterprises1989
Air BucksPCSierra Entertainment1992
Air BucksPCImpressions Games1992
Air BucksPCImpressions Games1992
Air Power - Battle in the SkiesPCMindscape1995
Air Strike USAPCCinemaware1990
Air Traffic ControllerPCCascoly Software1985
Air traxPC1983
Air WarriorPCKonami1992
Airborne RangerPCMicroProse1988
Airline TycoonPCMonte Cristo Multimedia1998
AirlinesPCInterActive Vision1994
AirstrikePCDigital Integration1990
Airstrike USAPCSpotlight Software1990
AIV Network$ (a.k.a. C.E.O.)PCInfogrames1997
Alpha WavesPCInfogrames1990
Alter EgoPCActivision1986
Alter EgoPCActivision1986
Alter Ego - FemalePCActivision1986
Alter Ego - MalePCActivision1986
Alter Ego (Male Version)C64Activision1986
Amazon Trail, ThePCMECC1992
Apache LongbowMacintoshDigital Integration1996
Apache LongbowPCInteractive Magic1995
Apache StrikePCUnknown1989
Apache strikePCActivision1989
Apollo 18 - Mission to the MoonPCAccolade1988
Apollo 18 - Mission to the MoonPCAccolade1988
Archimedean DynastyPCMassive Development1996
Arctic FoxC64Electronic Arts1986
Arctic FoxPC1987
Arctic Fox (a.k.a. Arcticfox)PCDynamix1987
Armor AlleyPC1990
Armored fistPCNovaLogic1994
Armored fistunknownNovalogic1994
Armored FistPCNovaLogic1994
Arnie 2PC1993
Aspar GP MastersPCDinamic1989
ATAC: The Secret War Against DrugsPCMicroProse1992
AtlasPCSunflowers Interactive1995
Auto DuelPCOrigin1988
B-1 nuclear bomberPCAvalon Hill1981
B-1 Nuclear BomberPCThe Avalon Hill Game Company1983
B-17 Flying fortressPCMicroProse Software1992
B-17 flying fortressunknownMicroprose1992
B-17 Flying FortressPCMicroprose1992
B-17 Flying FortressPCMicroProse1992
B-17 Flying FortressPCMicroProse Software1992
B-17 Flying fortressPCFreeware1992
Back to BaghdadPCMilitary Simulations1996
Balance of Power: The 1990 EditionPCMindscape1989
Ball RacePCCarl McLawhorn1988
BaryonPCACRO Studio1995
Battle CommandPCOcean Software1990
Battlehawks 1942unknownLucasfilm Games1988
BC RacersPCCore Design1993
Big Game FishingPCSimulmondo1991
Big game fishingunknownSimulmondo1991
Big Game FishingPCSimulmondo1991
Big Red RacingPCDomark1995
Biing!: Sex, Intrigue and ScalpelsPCreLINE Software1995
Birds of PreyPCElectronic Arts1991
Black Knight: Marine Strike FighterPCFormGen1995
Blue Max: Aces of the Great WarPCThree Sixty Pacific1991
BuranZX SpectrumOMK1990
BuranAmstrad CPCOMK1990
CampaignPCEmpire Software1992
CapitalismPCEnlight Software1995
Capitalism PlusPCInteractive Magic1995
Car & DriverPCLooking Glass Technologies1993
Car Builder v2.02PCOptimum Resource1982
Cardinal of the Kremlin, ThePCIntraCorp1990
CarmageddonPCStainless Software1997
CarnagePCZeppelin Games1993
Carrier CommandPCRainbird1988
Carrier commandPCRealtime Games1989
Carrier CommandPCRealtime Games1988
Carrier CommandPCRealtime Games Software1989
Carrier Strike - South Pacific 1942-44PCStrategic Simulation Inc.1992
Carriers at War 2PCSSG Strategic Studies1993
Caterpillar Construction TycoonPCActvision2005
Championship ManagerPCDomark, Ltd1992
Championship Manager 2PCSports Interactive1995
Chicago 90PCMicroids1989
Chopper CommandoPCUnknown1988
Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu WarriorZX SpectrumPositive1990
Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu WarriorAmstrad CPCPositive1990
Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu WarriorMSXPositive1990
Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu WarriorPCPositive1990
Chuck Yeager Air CombatPCElectronic Arts1992
Chuck Yeager's Air CombatPCElectronic Arts1991
Cinema Tycoon 2: Movie ManiaPCTik Games2007
Cinema Tycoon GoldPCTik Games2006
Cisco HeatPCImage Works1991
ColonizationPCSid Meier1995
Comanche 2PCNovaLogic1995
Comanche 3PCNovaLogic1997
Comanche: Maximum overkillPCNovaLogic1992
Comanche: Maximum OverkillPCNovaLogic1992
Comanche: Maximum OverkillPCNovalogic1993
Comanche: Maximum OverkillunknownNovaLogic, Inc.1992
Comanche: Maximum OverkillPCNovalogic, Inc.1992
Combat Air PatrolPCPsygnosis1995
Conflict - The Middle East Political SimulatorPCVirgin Mastertronics1990
Conflict: FreespacePCVolition1998
ConquerorPCRainbow Arts1990
ConstructorPCAcclaim Entertainment1997
ConstructorPCSystem 3 Software1997
Corncob 3DPC1992
Corporate RaiderPCSoftServ, Inc.1987
Crazy CarsPCTitus1989
Crazy Cars 2PCTitus1989
Crazy Cars 3PCTitus1992
Crime FighterPC1993
Crisis in the KremlinPCSpectrum Holobyte1991
DarkerPCPsygnosis Limited1995
DarkerunknownPsygnosis Limited1995
Das BootPCThree Sixty1990
Das BootPCArtech1990
Das BootPCArtech Studios1990
Das Boot: German U-Boat SimulationPCThree-Sixty Pacific1990
Das Boot: German U-Boat SimulationunknownArtech Studios1990
David's midnight magicunknownBroderbund1982
DawgfightPCSoftdisk Publishing1992
Dawn of AcesMacintoshiENtertainment Network1995
Dawn PatrolPCRowan Software Ltd.1994
Dawn PatrolPCEmpire Interactive1994
Dawn PatrolPCEmpire Interactive Entertainment1994
Dawn PatrolunknownRowan Software Ltd.1994
Dawn PatrolPCRowan Software1994
Dawn Patrol: Head to HeadunknownRowan Software Ltd.1995
Days of ThunderPCMindscape1990
Death SquadronPCGatecom1992
Death TrackPC1989
DeathtrackPCActivision, Inc.1990
Deep SpacePC1987
Deep space: Operation CopernicusPCLerner Research1986
Deer HunterPCSunstorm Interactive1997
DescentPCParallax Software1994
Descent: FreeSpace - The Great WarunknownVolition, Inc.1998
Destruction DerbyPCPsygnosis1995
Destruction Derby 2PCPsygnosis1996
DethKarzPCBeam Software1998
DetroitPCImpressions Games1993
DetroitPCSierra Entertainment1993
DetroitunknownImpressions Games1993
Dino Park TycoonPCMECC1993
Dinopark TycoonPCMECC1993
DinoPark TycoonPCMECC1993
Dive BomberPCUS Gold, Ltd.1988
Dogfight - 80 Years of Aerial WarwarePCMicroProse1993
Dogfight: 80 years of aerial warfarePCVektor graphics1993
Dogfight: 80 Years of Aerial WarfarePCMicroProse1993
DragonStrikeunknownWestwood Associates1990
EarthsiegePCSierra Entertainment1995
Earthsiege 2PCSierra Entertainment1996
EchelonPCAccess Software1988
EF2000unknownDigital Image Design Ltd.1995
EF2000 (Special Edition)unknownDigital Image Design Ltd.1996
EF2000 aka Eurofighter 2000PCOcean Software1995
EF2000 TACTCOMunknownDigital Image Design Ltd.1996
El-FishPCMaxis Software1993
Elite PlusPCMicroplay1991
Elite PlusunknownMicroplay1991
Elite plusPCFreeware1991
Elite PlusPCRealtime Games1991
Elite PlusPC1991
Emergency RoomPCLegacy Interactive1995
Emergency: Fighters for LifePCWizardWorks Software1998
Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche versus KA-52 HokumMacintoshZonic/Razorworks2004
Energie-ManagerPCBundesministerium für Wirtschaft1993
EntrepreneurPCStardock Systems1997
Eos - Earth Orbit StationC64Electronic Arts1987
EpicPCDigital Image Design1992
EpicPCOCEAN Software1992
EpicunknownDigital Image Design Ltd.1992
Epic PinballPCDigital Extremes1993
Epic PinballunknownDigital Extremes1993
Epic: The Adventure BeginsAmigaDigital Image Design1992
EsheepPCGod's Pet Lama Corp.1998
ESS MegaPCCoktel Vision1991
Evasive actionPCParticle Systems1993
Evasive ActionPCSoftware Toolworks, The1993
ExplorationPCSoftware 20001994
F-117A - Stealth Fighter 2PCMicroProse1991
F-117A Nighthawk Stealth FighterMacintoshMicroProse1994
F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0MacintoshMicroProse1994
F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0PCMicroProse Software1991
F-14 TomcatPCDynamix1990
F-14 TomcatunknownActivision Publishing, Inc.1988
F-14 TomcatC64Activision1988
F-14 TomcatPCActivision1990
F-14 TomcatPCActivision1990
F-14 Tomcat: Fleet DefenderPCMicroProse1994
F-15 Strike EaglePCMicroProse1985
F-15 Strike EaglePCMicroProse Software1985
F-15 Strike EagleGame BoyMicroProse Software1985
F-15 Strike EagleNESMicroProse Software1985
F-15 Strike eagleunknownMicroprose1984
F-15 Strike Eagle 2PCMicroprose1989
F-15 Strike Eagle 2unknownMicroProse Software, Inc.1989
F-15 Strike Eagle 3PCMicroProse1993
F-15 Strike Eagle IPCMicroProse1985
F-15 Strike Eagle IIPCMicroProse Software1989
F-15 Strike Eagle IIPCMicroProse1989
F-15 Strike Eagle IIIPCMicroProse1993
F-16 Combat PilotPCElectronic Arts1989
F-16 Fighting FalconPCDigital Integration1996
F-16 Fighting FalconunknownDigital Integration Ltd.1996
F-19 Stealth fighterPCMicroProse Software1988
F-19 Stealth FighterunknownMicroProse Software, Inc.1987
F-22 RaptorPCNovalogic1997
F-29 RetaliatorunknownDigital Image Design Ltd.1989
F/A-18 HornetMacintoshGraphic Simulations1993
F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 (Strike! Missions)MacintoshFront1996
F/A-18 Hornet 2.0.1MacintoshGraphic Simulations1995
F/A-18 Hornet 3.0.xMacintoshGraphic Simulations1997
F/A-18 Hornet 3.1 & KOREA 1.1 (Updates)MacintoshGraphic Simulations2000
F/A-18 KOREA 1.2MacintoshGraphic Simulations1997
F1 Manager 96PCSoftware 20001996
F19 - Stealth FighterPCMicroProse1988
F29 RetaliatorPCOcean1991
F29 retaliatorPCDigital Image Design1990
F29 RetaliatorPCOCEAN Software1990
FalconPCSpectrum Holobyte1987
FalconunknownSpectrum Holobyte1987
FalconPCSpectrum Holobyte1987
Falcon - The F-16 Flight SimulatorMacintoshSpectrum HoloByte1988
Falcon 3.0PCSpectrum Holobyte1991
Falcon 3.0PCSpectrum Holobyte1991
Falcon 3.0PCSphere1991
Falcon 3.0 - Operation Fighter TigerPCSpectrum Holobyte1992
Falcon 4.0MacintoshMacSoft1998
Falcon 4.0PCHasbro Interactive1998
Falcon ATPCSpectrum Holobyte1988
Falcon ATPC1988
Falcon MCMacintoshSpectrum HoloByte1992
Ferrari Formula OnePCElectronic Arts1989
Fighter BomberPCActivision1989
Fighter DuelPCPhilips Interactive1995
Fighter DuelPCPhilips Interactive Media1995
Fighter Duel: Special EditionPCInfogrames1996
Fighter WingPCMerit Studios1995
Fire & ForgetPCTitus1988
Fire & Forget 2 - The Death ConvoyPCTitus1990
Firestorm - The Forest Fire SimulationPCCricket Software1995
Fleet DefenderPCMicroProse Software1994
Fleet DefenderPCMicroprose1994
Fleet Defender - F-14 TomcatPCMicroprose1994
Flight DeckC64Bytebusters1986
Flight Simulator IIC64subLOGIC1984
Flight UnlimitedunknownLooking Glass Technologies, Inc.1995
Flight UnlimitedPCLooking Glass1995
FlightmarePCPeter Adams1984
Floor 13PCVirgin Interactive1992
FlyerfoxC64Tymac Software1984
Football Manager 3PCAddictive1993
Ford SimulatorPCFord Motor Company1987
Ford simulatorunknownBeck-tech1987
Ford SimulatorPCThe SoftAd Group1987
Ford Simulator 2PCThe SoftAd Group1989
Ford simulator 5PCThe SoftAd Group1994
Free EnterprisePCTsunami Media1996
Free EnterprisePCTsunami Games1996
FreelancerunknownDigital Anvil2003
Freespace + Expansion (a.k.a. Descent: Freespace)PCGOG.com1998
Freespace 2PCGOG.com1999
Frontier: Elite 2PCGametek1993
Frontier: Elite 2PCFrontier Developments1993
Frontier: Elite 2PCGameTek1993
Frontier: Elite 2PCFrontier Developments1993
Frontier: Elite IIunknownFrontier Developments Ltd.1993
Frontier: First EncountersPCFrontier Developments1995
Frontier: First Encounters (a.k.a. Elite 3)PCGameTek1995
Fury 3PC1995
Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space GolfPCPixel Painters Corporation1995
G-Force (a.k.a. MiG-29M Super Fulcrum)PCSimbiosis Interactive1989
Gadget TycoonPCMonte Cristo2006
Galapagos: Mendel's EscapePCElectronic Arts1997
Galleons of GloryPCBroderbund1990
Galleons of Glory: The Secret Voyage of MagellanPCBrøderbund Software1990
GatoPCSpectrum Holobyte1984
GATOPCSpectrum Holobyte1984
Gone fishinunknownAmtex1994
Grand Prix 500 2PCMicroids1991
Grand Prix CircuitPCAccolade1988
Grand Prix CircuitPC1988
Grand Prix Manager 2PCMicroProse Software, Inc1996
Great Naval Battles I: North Atlantic 1939-1943PCSSI1992
Great Naval Battles II: Guadalcanal 1942-43PCSSI1994
Great Naval Battles III: Fury in the Pacific 1941-1944PCSSI1995
Great Naval Battles IV: Burning Steel 1939-1942PCSSI1995
Great Naval Battles V: The Final FuryPCSSI1996
Great Naval Battles vol. 2: Guadalcanal 1942 - 43PCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1994
Great Naval Battles vol. 3: Fury in the Pacific 1941-1944PCDivide by zero1995
Great Naval Battles vol. 4: Burning Steel, 1939-1942PCDivide by zero1995
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939 - 1943PCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1992
Grey Wolf: Hunter of the North AtlanticPCPro One1994
GunboatunknownAccolade, Inc.1990
GunshipunknownMicroProse Software, Inc.1986
GunshipC64MicroProse Software1986
GunshipPCMicroProse Software1986
Gunship 2000PCMicroprose1992
Gunship 2000PCMicroProse1991
Gunship 2000PCMicroProse1991
Gunship 2000PCMicroProse Software1991
Gunship 2000unknownMicroProse Software, Inc.1991
Gunship 2000PCMicroprose1991
Hard Drivin';PCDomark Software1990
Hard Drivin'; 2PCDomark Software1990
Harley Davidson: Road To SturgisPCMindscape1989
HarpoonPCThree-Sixty Pacific1989
Harpoon IIPCThree-Sixty Pacific1994
Harrier Jump JetPCMicroProse1992
Harrier Strike MissionMacintoshMiles Computing1985
Harrier Strike Mission IIMacintoshMiles Computing1987
Heat Wave - Offshore Superboat RacingPCAccolade1990
Heavy metalPCAccess Software1989
Heavy MetalPCAccess Software1989
Helicopter MissionAmigaRauser Advertainment1993
Helicopter simulatorPCSierra On-Line1987
Helicopter SimulatorPC??unknown
Hellcat AcePCMicroProse1984
Hellfire ZonePCPanoramic Software1995
Heroes of the 357thPCMidnight Software1992
High FlyerC64Commodore1983
HIND: The Russian Combat Helicopter SimulationPCInteractive Magic1996
Holiday IslandPCSunflowers Interactive1996
Holiday IslandPCBomico Entertainment Software1996
Holiday islandPCSunflowers1997
Hot WheelsC64Mattel1985
I-WarPCParticle Systems1997
IL-2 Sturmovik - 1946PCUbisoft2006
Independence DayPCFox Interactive1997
Indianapolis 500PCPapyrus Design Group1989
IndyCar RacingPCPapyrus Publishing1993
IndyCar Racing 2PCSierra1996
Inferno: The Odyssey ContinuesPCOCEAN Software1994
Inferno: The Odyssey ContinuesunknownDigital Image Design Ltd.1994
Inside traderunknownCosmi corporation1987
Interactive Girls ClubPCInteractive Girls Club1993
Iron SeedPC1994
Ironman Offroad RacerPCVirgin1990
Jack Charlton's match fishingunknownAligata software1985
Jane's Combat Simulations: 688(I) Hunter/KillerPCElectronic Arts1997
Jet MotoPCSony Interactive Studios1997
JetFighter - The AdventurePCVelocity1988
JetFighter 2 - Advanced Tactical FighterPCVelocity1990
Jetfighter IIPCVelocity1990
JetstrikePCRasputin Software1994
JetstrikePCRasputin Software1994
Jimmy White's wirlwind snookerunknownVirgin1991
JuggernautunknownPete Cooke1985
KA-50 HokumPCVirgin Interactive1995
KA-50 HokumPCVirgin Interactive1995
Kennedy ApproachC64MicroProse Software1985
KenoPCTed Gruber Software1989
King of the RoadPCSoftlab-NSK2002
KingpinunknownTeam 171995
Knights of the SkyPCMicroProse1990
Knights of the SkyPCMicroProse1990
Kosmonaut aka SkyroadsPCBluemoon Interactive1990
Lamborghini - American ChallengePCTitus1994
Laser Surgeon: The Microscopic MissionPCActivision1987
Lemonade TycoonPCHexacto Games2002
Lemonade Tycoon 2: New York EditionPCUnknown1988
LHXPCElectronic Artsunknown
LHX Attack ChopperPCElectronic Arts1990
LHX Attack ChopperPCElectronic Arts1990
LHX: Attack ChopperPCElectronic Arts1990
LHX: Attack ChopperMega DriveElectronic Arts1990
Life & deathPCSoftware Toolworks1988
Life & death 2PCSoftware Toolworks1990
Life & DeathPCSoftware Toolworks1988
Life & Death 2 - The BrainPCThe Software Toolworks1990
Life and DeathPCThe Software Toolworks1988
Life and DeathPCSoftware Toolworks1988
Life and DeathPCThe Software Toolworks Inc.1988
Life and DeathPCThe Software Toolworks, Inc.1988
Life and Death 2 - The BrainPCSoftware Toolworks1990
Life and Death 2: The BrainPCThe Software Toolworks Inc.1990
Life and Death 2: The BrainPCMindscape1990
Line WarsPCFreeware1989
LionPCSanctuary Woods1995
LionPCSanctuary Woods1995
LionunknownManley associates1995
LionunknownManley and Associates, Inc.1995
Little Computer People (Disk Version)C64Activision1985
Little Computer People (Tape Version)C64Activision1985
Lombard RAC RallyPCRed Rat Software1988
Lost Dutchman MinePCMagnetic Images1989
Lost Tribe, ThePCKidsoft1995
Lotus - The Ultimate ChallengePCGremlin1993
Lunar CommandPCunknown
M1 Tank PlatoonPCMicroprose1989
M1 Tank platoonunknownMicroprose1989
Mac-ChallengerMacintoshAegis Development1985
Macadam BumperunknownERE Informatique1985
Mad TVPCRainbow Arts1991
Mad TvPCRainbow Arts Software1991
Mall TycoonPCGathering of Developers2002
Marco PoloPCPhilips Interactive Media1995
MechWarriorunknownDynamix, Inc.1989
Mechwarrior 2PCTaking a look at one of the colonies.1995
Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century CombatPCActivision1995
Mechwarrior 2: MercenariesPCActivision1996
Mechwarrior 3PCZipper Interactive1999
MegafortressPCArtech Studios1991
Merchant ColonyPCMerit Studios1991
Merchant PrincePCHOlistic Design, Inc1993
Merlin ChallengeunknownDigital Integration Ltd.1993
Metaltech: BattledromeunknownDynamix, Inc.1995
Metaltech: EarthsiegeunknownDynamix, Inc.1994
Metersteiner Beer ManagerPCMunchhoff & Janz1997
Micro MachinesPCCode Masters1994
Micro Machines 2 - Turbo TournamentPCCodemasters1995
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v3.0)PCMicrosoft Game Studios1988
Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0PCMicrosoft1983
Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0unknownsubLOGIC1982
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.0PCMicrosoft1984
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.0unknownsubLOGIC1984
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0PCsubLOGIC1988
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0PCMicrosoft1988
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0PCMicrosoft1988
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0unknownsubLOGIC1988
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0PCsubLOGIC1988
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0unknownBruce Artwick Organization Ltd.1989
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0PCMicrosoft1989
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0PCMicrosoft1989
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0PCThe Bruce Artwick Organization1989
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0unknownBruce Artwick Organization Ltd.1993
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1PCMicrosoft1993
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1unknownBruce Artwick Organization Ltd.1995
Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95PCMicrosoft1996
Microsoft Space SimulatorPCMicrosoft1994
Microsoft Space SimulatorPCThe Bruce Artwick Organization1994
Midnight MagicAtari 2600Brøderbund Software1984
MiG-29 FulcrumPCDomark1991
MiG-29 FulcrumPCDomark Software1990
Millennia: Altered DestiniesPCTake-Two Interactive1995
Mind MirrorPCElectronic Arts1985
Moto RacerPCDelphine Software1997
Motor CityPCMax Design1994
Mutant Chicken RacesPC1996
Nascar racingunknownPapyrus design group1994
Nascar RacingPCSierra Online1994
Navcom 6 - The Persian Gulf DefensePCCosmi Corporation1988
Navy StrikePCEmpire Interactive1996
Network Q RAC Rally ChampionshipPCEuroPress1994
Night Hawk: F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0PCMicroProse Software1991
Night mission pinballunknownSublogic1982
NS ArnhemPCR. Plokhaar1994
NS HilversumPCR. Plokhaar1995
Ocean RangerPCActivision1988
Ocean RangerPCActivision1988
Ocean rangerunknownActivision1988
Ocean RangerPCActivision1989
Ocean RangerPCActivision1988
Ocean TraderPCSoftware 20001996
Ocean TraderPCSoftware 20001995
Ocean TraderPCSoftware 20001996
Ocean TraderPCSoftware 20001995
Off RoadPCMontsoft1988
Off Shore WarriorPCTitus1988
Oil BaronsPCStarsoft Development1992
Oil ImperiumPCreLINE Software1989
Oil ImperiumPCreLINE Software1989
Oil imperiumPCRainbow Arts1990
OK Cash MachineunknownComputer Experts1994
OligopolyPCXOR Corporation1988
OpenTTDPCChris Sawyer Productions2005
Operation OverlordPCRowan Software1994
Oregon Trail DeluxePCMECC1992
Oregon Trail, ThePCMECC1990
Oregon Trail, TheunknownMECC1982
OverlordunknownRowan Software Ltd.1994
P.H.M. PegasusPCLucasFilm Games1988
P47 The Freedom FighterPCFirebird Software1990
P51 Mustang Flight SimulatorMacintoshBullseye Software1988
Pacific islandsPCOxford Digital Enterprises1992
Pacific StrikePCORIGIN Systems1994
Pacific StrikePCOrigin Systems1994
Pacific StrikeunknownORIGIN Systems, Inc.1994
Panthers in the ShadowsPCHPS Simulations1995
Panzer General 3D - AssaultPCStrategic Simulations1999
Paris Dakar 1990PCTomahawk1990
Parlour gamesunknownCompile1987
Patrician, ThePCAscaron1993
Pilgrim QuestPCDecision Development1991
Pinball DreamsPCDigital Illusions1992
Pinball DreamsSNESDigital Illusions1992
Pinball DreamsGame BoyDigital Illusions1992
Pinball DreamsunknownDigital Illusions CE AB1992
Pinball dreamsunknownDigital Illusions1992
Pinball FantasiesunknownDigital Illusions CE AB1992
Pinball fantasiesunknownDigital Illusions1992
Pinball IllusionsunknownDigital Illusions CE AB1995
Pinball MagicunknownLoriciels1989
Pirates GoldPCMicroProse1993
Pirates GoldPCMicroprose1993
Pitstop 2PCEpyx1988
Pizza TycoonPCMicroProse1994
Pizza TycoonPCMicroProse1994
Pizza TycoonPCCybernetic Corporation1994
Pole PositionPCUnknownunknown
Pole Position 2PCMindscape1982
Ports of CallPCAegis International1992
Ports of callPCAegis International1992
President ElectPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1988
Princess Maker 2unknownGainax1995
Prison TycoonPCValuSoft2005
Prison Tycoon 2: Maximum SecurityPCValuSoft2006
Project Space StationPCAvantage1987
Project Stealth FighterC64MicroProse Software1987
Project: Space StationC64HesWare1985
Project: space stationPCAdvantage Software1987
Psycho PinballunknownCodemasters1994
QuarterPolePCMicroleague Interactive Software1993
Race Drivin';PCTengen Inc.1991
Race!PCCarl Erikson1989
Rags to Riches: The Financial Market Simulation (a.k.a. Wall Street Manager)PCInterplay1993
RAH-66 Comanche versus Ka-52 HokumPCRazorworks1999
RaidenPCImagitec Design1994
Railroad EmpirePCSeika Corporation1989
Railroad TycoonPCMicroProse1990
Railroad Tycoon 1PCMicroProse1990
Railroad Tycoon 1 DeluxePCMicroProse1993
Railroad Tycoon 2PCGathering of Developers1998
Railroad Tycoon DeluxePCMicroProse1993
Rally ChampionshipsPCFlair Software1994
Rally SportPCJukka Jakala1996
Rally-KPCKurt W. Dekker1995
Ralph Bosson';s High SeasPCGarde Games of Distinction1988
Re-VoltPCAcclaim Entertainment1999
Red BaronPCDynamix1990
Red BaronPCBMB Compuscience1984
Red BaronPCSierra1990
Red BaronPCDynamix1990
Red BaronPCSierra Entertainment1990
Red baronunknownDynamix1990
Red BaronPCFreeware1990
Red BaronPCDynamix1990
Red BaronunknownDynamix, Inc.1990
Red Baron 3DunknownDynamix, Inc.1998
Red LightningPCStrategic Simulations Inc. (SSI)1989
Red Storm RisingPCMicroprose1989
Red Storm RisingPCMicroProse1989
Red Storm RisingC64MicroProse Software1988
Red Storm RisingPCMicroProse1988
Rescue on Fractalus!unknownLucasfilm Games1984
Rms TitanicC64Electric Dreams Software1986
Road FighterPCKonami1985
Road RashPCElectronic Arts1996
Rock Star Ate My HamsterC64Codemasters1989
Roller Coaster TycoonPCMicroProse1999
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2PCInfogrames2002
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3PCAtari Games2004
Rosemary West's House of FortunesPCVilla Crespo1993
SchiffbruchPCdP-Software (Freeware)2002
ScorcherPCGT Interactive1996
Sea RoguePCMicroplay1992
Sea RoguePCMicroplay Software1992
SEAL TeamPCElectronic Arts1993
SEAL TeamPCElectronic Arts1993
Search And DestroyPCBroderbund1987
Secret Weapons of the LuftwaffePCLucasfilm Games1991
Secret Weapons of the LuftwaffePCLucasArts1991
Secret Weapons of the LuftwaffePCLucasFilm Games1991
Secret Weapons of the LuftwaffeunknownLucasfilm Games LLC1991
Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97PCSensible Software1996
Shadow PresidentPCDC True1993
ShellshockPCCore Design1996
Sherman M4PCLoriciels1989
Shortline Railroad (a.k.a. Shortline)PCDoka Studios1992
ShuttlePCVektor graphics1992
Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon DeluxePCMicroprose Software, Inc.1993
Silent HunterPCSSI1996
Silent HunterPCSSI1996
Silent ServicePCMicroProse Software1985
Silent servicePCMicroProse Software1985
Silent ServicePCMicroProse1985
Silent servicePCMicroProse Software, Inc.1985
Silent Service 2PCMicroProse1990
Silent Service 2PCMicroProse1990
SilverballunknownDigital Extremes1993
Sim CityPCMaxis Software Inc.1989
Sim City 2000PCMaxis Software Inc.1993
Sim CopterPCMaxis1997
Sim EarthPCMaxis1990
Sim Theme ParkPCElectronic Arts1999
SimAntPCMaxis Software1991
SimCityPCMaxis Software1989
SimCity 2000PCMaxis1993
SimCity 2000PCMaxis Software1993
SimCity 2000: Special EditionPCMaxis1994
SimCity 3000PCElectronic Arts1999
SimCity 3000 Unlimited (World Edition)PCLoki Entertainment Software2000
SimCopterPCMaxis Software1996
SimEarthPCMaxis Software1990
SimFarmPCMaxis Software1995
SimHealthPCMaxis Software1994
SimIsle: Missions in the RainforestPCMaxis Software1995
SimLifePCMaxis Software1992
SimParkPCMaxis Software1996
SimSafariPCMaxis Software1998
SimTowerPCMaxis Software1995
SimTower: The Vertical EmpirePCOpenBook Co., Ltd.1996
SimTunesPCMaxis Software1996
Sky SharkPCTaito1988
Skyroads: Xmas SpecialPC1994
Slicks ';n SlidePCT&J Kaupinnen1993
Slipstream 5000PCGremlin1995
SnowstrikeAtari STEpyx1990
Solo FlightPCMicroProse1985
Solo flightPCMicroProse Software1985
Solo FlightPCMicroProse1985
Solo FlightAtari 400/800Microprose1983
SopwithPCBMB Compuscience1984
Sopwith 2PCBMB Compuscience1985
Sopwith 2PCunknown
Space RacerPCLoriciels1988
Space RoguePCGryphon Software1989
Space RoguePCOrigin1989
Speed HastePCFriendware1995
SpyhunterPCBally Midway1984
Star controlPCToys for Bob1990
Star control 2PCToys for Bob1992
Star control 3PCLegend Entertainment1996
Star Fleet I: The War Begins!PCInterstel Corporation1983
Star Fleet II: Krellan CommanderPCInterstel Corporation1989
Star Ship CommandPCDon G. Bowen1987
Star Trek V: The Final FrontierPCMindscape1989
Star Trek: Starfleet AcademyPCInterplay1997
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy - Chekov's Lost MissionsPCInterplay1998
Star Trek: Starfleet CommandPCInterplay Entertainment1999
Star Wars: Tie FighterPCLucasArts1994
Star Wars: X-WingPCLucasfilm/Lucasarts1993
Star Wars: X-WingPCLucasArts1992
StarflightPCBinary Systems1986
Starflight 2: Trade routes of the Cloud NebulaPCBinary Systems1989
StarlancerunknownDigital Anvil2000
Station NasaPC??unknown
Steel thunderunknownAccolade1988
Steel ThunderPCAccolade1989
Street RodPCCalifornia Dreams1989
Street Rod 2PCCalifornia Dreams1990
StrikerPCDerek Williams1985
STUN RunnerPCDomark Software1990
Stunt Car RacerC64Microstyle1989
Stunt Car RacerPCMicrostyle1990
Stunt Car RacerPCMicroStyle1989
Stunt IslandPCDisney1992
Stunt IslandPCDisney1992
Stunt IslandPCWalt Disney Computer Software1992
StuntsPCDistinctive Software1990
Su-25 StormovikPCElectronic Arts1990
Su-25 StormovikPCElectronic Arts1990
Su-27 FlankerPCSSI1996
Sub Battle SimulatorPCEpyx1987
SubHuntPCWebfoot Technologies1997
subLOGIC Flight Simulator IIunknownsubLOGIC1983
Subwar 2050PCMicroProse1993
Super HueyPCCosmi1988
Super Huey 2PCCosmi1988
Super Huey IIPCCosmi Corporation1988
Super Huey UH-IXPCCosmi Corporation1985
Super Off-RoadPCVirgin Interactive1988
Sword of the SamuraiPCMicroProse1989
Task Force 1942PCMicroprose1992
Task Force 1942PCMicroProse1992
Task Force 1942PCMicroProse Software1992
Tau CetiPC1987
Team SuzukiPCGremlin1991
Team SuzukiPC1991
Team YankeePCOxford Digital Enterprises1990
Terminal VelocityPC3D Realms1995
Terminal VelocityPC1995
Test DrivePCAccolade1987
Test DrivePC1987
Test Drive 2 - The DuelPCAccolade1989
Test Drive 3 - The PassionPCAccolade1990
Test Drive II - The DuelPCDistinctive Software1989
Test Drive Offroad 2PCAccolade1998
TFXunknownDigital Image Design Ltd.1993
TFX: Tactical Fighter eXperimentPCOCEAN Software1993
The Complete Great Naval Battles: The Final FuryPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1996
The CyclesPCAccolade1989
The Dam bustersPCSydney Development1985
The Hunt for Red OctoberPCArgus Press Software1988
The Incredible Machine 1PCunknown
The Interstate 76 ArsenalPCActivision1998
The Need for SpeedPCPioneer Productions1995
The Shadow of the Third MoonAmigaBlack Blade Design1998
Their Finest Hour: The Battle of BritainunknownLucasfilm Games1989
Their Finest Hour: The Battle of BritainPCLucasArts1989
Theme HospitalPC1997
Theme HospitalPCElectronic Arts1997
Theme ParkPCElectronic Arts1994
Thunderhawk 2: FirestormPCCore Design1995
Thunderhawk 2: FirestormunknownCore Design Ltd.1995
ThunderHawk AH-73MPCCore Design1992
Thunderhawk AH-73MPCCore Design1992
Thunderhawk AH-73MunknownCore Design Ltd.1991
Thunderhawk AH-73MPCCore design1992
TIE FighterPCLucasarts1994
TNM 6.2+ Wrestling SimulatorPC2003
TomahawkPCDigital Integration Ltd.1987
TomahawkPCDigital Integration1987
TomahawkZX SpectrumDigital Integration1985
Top GunPCOcean1986
Top GunNESKonami1987
Top gunPCOcean1987
Top GunPCThunder Mountain1987
Top Gun: Fire at WillPCMicroProse1996
Toyota GTPCGremlin1992
Transport TycoonPCMicroProse1994
Transport TycoonPCMicroProse1994
Transport TycoonPCMicroprose1994
Transport Tycoon DeluxePCMicroProse1996
Transport Tycoon DeluxePCunknown
Transport Tycoon DeluxePCMicroProse1996
Transport Tycoon DeluxePCMicroProse1995
Transport Tycoon on MarsPCMicroProse1995
Triplane TurmoilPCDodekaedron Software1996
Tristan PinballunknownLittleWing1991
Tunnels of ArmageddonPCCalifornia Dreams1989
Tunnels of ArmageddonPC1990
Turbo CarPCDoug Ross1987
Turbo CupPCLoriciels1987
Turbo OutrunPCSega1990
U.S. Navy FightersPCElectronic Arts1994
U.S. Navy Fighters GoldPCElectronic Arts1995
U.S.S. John Young 2PCMagic Bytes1992
Ultimate golfunknownGremlin1990
Ultrabots (Xenobots)unknownNovaLogic, Inc.1993
Unchartered Waters 2 - New HorizonsPCKOEI1995
Unnatural SelectionPCMaxis Software1993
Up PeriscopePCActionsoft Corp.1988
Up periscope!unknownActionsoft1986
Utopia: The New WorldsPCGremlin Interactive1992
ValkyrieMacintoshDonald A. Hill Jr.1993
Vegas gamblerunknownLogical Design Works, Inc.1987
Veritech - Variable Fighter SimulatorPCRYLO Software1994
Viaje de Colón, ElPCMicronet1992
Video PinballAtari 2600Atari, Inc.1980
Video Trek 88PCWindmill Software1982
Virtual WingsMacintoshCAT III Systems1997
Visual Star TrekPCtbf1990
Wacky WheelsPCApogee1994
War EaglesPCCosmi Corporation1989
War EaglesPC1989
War in the GulfPCEmpire Software1993
Warbird 2.7 HiRes (!) CockpitsMacintoshiEN2001
WarBirds 2.75MacintoshiENtertainment Network1998
WarBirds 2.77MacintoshiENtertainment Network2001
WarBirds III: Fighter Pilot AcademyMacintoshiENtertainment Network2002
Wing CommanderPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1990
Wing CommanderPCOrigin1990
Wing CommanderPCORIGIN Systems1990
Wing CommanderPCOrigin Systems1990
Wing Commander 2PCORIGIN Systems1991
Wing Commander 2: Vengeance of the KilrathiPCOrigin Systems1991
Wing Commander AcademyPCORIGIN Systems1993
Wing Commander academyPCOrigin Systems1993
Wing Commander AcademyPCOrigin1993
Wing Commander ArmadaPCORIGIN Systems1994
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the KilrathiunknownORIGIN Systems, Inc.1991
Wing Commander: PrivateerPCORIGIN Systems1993
Wing Commander: PrivateerPCOrigin Systems1993
Wing Commander: Privateer - Gemini GoldunknownPrivateer Gemini Gold Project2005
Wing Commander: Privateer - Righteous FireunknownORIGIN Systems, Inc.1994
Wing Commander: The Kilrathi SagaPCElectronic Arts1996
Wings of FuryPCBroderbund Software1989
Wings of GloryunknownORIGIN Systems, Inc.1995
WolfunknownSanctuary Woods1994
WolfPCSanctuary Woods1994
WolfPCSanctuary Woods1994
WolfunknownManley and Associates, Inc.1994
WolfpackPCBrøderbund Software1990
World Circuit: The Grand Prix Race SimulationPCMicroprose1992
X-15C64Absolute Entertainment Inc1986
X-COM: InterceptorPCMicroProse1998
X-Plane 2MacintoshLaminar Research1996
X-Plane 3MacintoshLaminar Research1997
X-Plane 4MacintoshLaminar Research1998
X-Plane 5MacintoshLaminar Research2000
X-Plane 6MacintoshLaminar Research2001
X-Plane 7MacintoshLaminar Research2003
X-Plane 8MacintoshLaminar Research2004
X-Plane 8MacintoshLaminar Research2004
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter: Balance of PowerPCLucasArts1997
X-Wing: B-WingPCLucasArts1993
XF5700 Mantis Experimental FighterPCMicroplay Software1992
Yacht Racing SimulatorPCGeoff. Brayford & Associates1986
Yes, Prime MinisterPCOxford Digital Enterprises1988
Yoot TowerPCSEGA1999
Yoot TowerPCOPeNBooK90031999
Zona 0PCTopo Soft1991
Zone 66PCEpic Megagames1993
Zone RaidersPC1995
Zoo TycoonPCEmpire Interactive Entertainment2001