1988 Games


Robot 476
100000 Dollar PyramidMiscBox Office
20,000 Leagues Under the SeaAdventureCoktel Vision
2400 A.D.RPGOrigin Systems
4th & Inchesunknown
4x4 Off-Road RacingSimulationEpyx
8 EyesActionThinking Rabbit
A Dudley DilemmaAdventuretbf
A Nightmare on Elm StreetActionMicroProse Software Inc
AaarghActionBinary Design
Abrams Battle TankSimulationDynamix
Advanced Lawnmower SimulationSimulationGardensoft
Adventure!AdventureEpiboly Software
AdventureMakerMiscEpiboly Software
Aigina'S ProphecyActionvic Tokai Inc
Air Attack IIStrategyJeff Miller
Air Traffic Controller (aka Air Traffic Control Simulator)StrategyHJC Software
Airborne Rangerunknown
Ale Hop!ActionTopo Soft
Alex Higgins World SnookerSportLindensoft
Alex Kidd: The Lost StarsActionSEGA
AlfActionAlien Productions
Alf - World of WordsEducationalVision Software
Alf';s Thinking SkillsEducationalVision Software
Aliants: The Desperate Battle for EarthActionKeyPunch
Alien SyndromeActionAce
Altered BeastActionSEGA
Alternate Reality - The CityRPGDataSoft
Amoto's PufActionSPE
Ancient land of YsRPGBrøderbund
Ancient land of YsRPGBrøderbund
Annals of RomeStrategyPersonal Software Services
Apollo 18 - Mission to the MoonSimulationAccolade
Arcade #2unknown
Arcade Gamesunknown
Arcade VolleyballSportCOMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
Arctic AdventureActionApogee
ARK...ActionScott DeMers
ArkanoidPuzzleTaito, Nova Logic
Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of DohPuzzleTaito, Nova Logic
Armorik the Viking: The Eight Conquestsunknown
Artillery Combat \(EGAbomb\)StrategyRad Delaroderie
Aspar GP masterSportDinamic Multimedia
Astro BlasterActionRolf Franzon
AtalanAdventureAtlas Adventure Software
Atlántida 3000ActionKeops Soft
Auto DuelSimulationOrigin
AutoduelRPGORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Awesome EarlSportBubble Bus Software
Awesome Earl in SkateRockunknown
Bad Dudesunknown
Bad Dudes VS Dragon NinjaActionData East
Balance of Power: The 1990 EditionStrategyChris Crawford
Ball RaceSimulationCarl McLawhorn
Ball RaiderActionDiamond
BarbarianActionPalace software
Barbarian 2: Dungeons of DraxActionPalace Software, LTD.
Bard's Tale 3 - Thief of FateRPGInterplay
Bard's tale 2: Destiny knightRPGElectronic Arts Inc.
Batman the caped crusaderPuzzleOcean
Battle chessStrategyInterplay
Battlehawks 1942SimulationLucasfilm Games
BattleTech - The Crescent Hawk's InceptionStrategyInfocom
Bionic CommandoActionCapcom
Blades of SteelSportKonami
Blaster MasterActionSunSoft
Blitzkrieg - Battle at the ArdennesStrategyCommand Simulations
Boing BoingActionIdealogic
Bomber RaidActionSanritsu Denki Co.
Borland Turbo Basic 1.0unknown
Bouncing BlockActionIdealogic
Bubble BobbleActionTaito America Corporation
Bubble GhostAction3RE International
Bubble Ghostunknown
Buggy BoySportElite
CabalunknownTAD Corporation
California GamesunknownEpyx
California GamesActionEpyx, Inc.
California Pro GolfSportMastertronic Group
CaponeunknownActionware Corporation
Captain Bloodunknown
Captain ComicActionMichael Denio
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the FutureActionBox Office Inc.
Card Sharksunknown
Card SharksPuzzleSharedata
Carrier CommandSimulationRainbird
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestActionKonami
Caveman Ugh-lympicsSportDynamix
Caverna InfernalunknownJorge Fuerte
Centerfold SquaresPuzzleArtworx Software Co
Charlie ChaplinMiscU.S. Gold
Chase H.Q.SportTaito
Chessmaster 2100StrategySoftwork Toolworks
Chopper CommandoSimulationUnknown
Classic ConcentrationPuzzleShareData
Colección de Éxitos DinamicunknownDinamic
Colección Dinamic 90unknownDinamic
ContraActionBanana Development
Corona, LaunknownSPE
Corporate Raider: The Pirate of Wall StreetunknownSoftServ
CorruptionAdventureMagnetic Scrolls
Daily Double Horse Racingunknown
Dance Of The VampiresAdventureInteractive Technology
Dangerous DaveActionUptime Disk Monthly
Dark SideActionIncentive
DartsSportBob Boylan
Dea TenebrarumActionSystem 4
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol. 2 and 3StrategyStrategic Studies Group
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War, Vol. 2unknown
Defender of the crownStrategyCinemaware
DelfoxAction100% by Dina
DeluxePaint IIunknown
DeluxePaint IIunknown
Demon StalkerRPGMicro Forte
Demon's WinterRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Die FuggerStrategyThe Electric Ballhaus
Dive Bomberunknown
Dolphin Boating SimulatorunknownDolphine marine systems
Donald Duck´s PlaygroundActionSierra / Disney
Donald's Alphabet Chaseunknown
Donald's Alphabet Chaseunknown
Donkey Kong Jr.ActionNintendo
Double DragonActionTechnos Japan
Double Dragon 2: The RevengeActionTechnos Japan Corp.
Dragon Quest III (Dragon Warrior III)RPGChunsoft
Dragon Spiritunknown
Dream ZoneAdventureBaudville
Driller - Space Station OblivionStrategyIncentive
Duck talesActionDisney
Duck Tales The Quest for GoldActionDisney
Dungeon MasterRPGFTL Games
Dungeon Master's Assistant Volume I: Encountersunknown
Dungeon of ShalanAdventure
Earl Weaver Baseballunknown
EGA BombActionRad Delaroderie
Electric Crayon Deluxe - Dinosaurs are ForeverEducationalPolarware
Emilio Butragueño ¡Fútbol!SportTopo Soft
Empire - War of the CenturyStrategyInterstel
Empire Strikes BackActionDomark
En busca de MortadeloActionAlfonso Fdez
Erbe 88unknownErbe
Eternal DaggerAdventureSSI
Evaristo el PunkyActionSPE
EvetsRPGSAck Enterprizes
F-14 TomcatSimulationActivision
F-19 Stealth Fighterunknown
Faery Tale AdventureAdventureMicroillusions
Falcon - The F-16 Flight SimulatorSimulationSpectrum HoloByte
Falcon A.T.unknown
Fast BreakunknownAccolade, Inc.
Final assaultMiscInfogrames
Final Fantasy IIRPGSquare Co., Ltd.
Final WarStrategyAlfredo Delg
Fire & ForgetSimulationTitus
Fire PowerActionFreeware
Fire StarActionOMK
Firehouse RescueEducationalGameTek
Fist +ActionMelbourne House
Flasch BierPuzzleWerner Soft
Forgotten Realms I - Pool Of RadianceAdventureSSI
Freddy Hardestunknown
Free ClimbingSportZafiro
Galactic ConquerorActionTitus France
GalaxStrategyKeith Reick
Game OverunknownDinamic Multimedia
Game Over & Phantisunknown
Game Over IIunknown
Games, The: Winter EditionSportEpyx, Inc.
Gamma ForceAdventureInfocom
GarrisonActionRainbow Arts
Genghis KahnStrategyKoei
GokkastPuzzleBig 'Elro'
Gold RushAdventureSierra
Golvellius: Valley of DoomRPGCompile
GoodyActionOpera Soft
Gran Prix CircuitSportAccolade
Grand Prix CircuitSportDistinctive Software
Guardians of Infinity: to Save KennedyAdventureParagon software
Guerra de las Vajillas, LaunknownAD
GunsmokeActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
HangmanPuzzleKhobey Software
HawkeyeActionBoys without brains
Heroes of the LanceActionSSI
Hidden AgendaStrategySpringboard
Holiday MakerAdventurePM Entertainment
Hollywood SquaresPuzzleGametek
Human Killing MachineActionTiertex
HypsysActionDro Soft
IBM BASIC QuizEducationalApogee
Ice HockeySportNintendo
If Monks Had MacsEducationalBrian Thomas
Iggy Iggopolis Into the VoidActionDavid Bayard
IK+SportSystem 3
Ikari Warriors 2: Victory RoadunknownSNK Corporation
Impossible mission 2ActionNovotrade Software
Infiltrator IIunknown
Ingrid';s BackAdventureLevel 9 Computing
Inside OutingAdventureThe Edge
IntrépidoActionMind Games
Io - Into OblivionActionFirebird
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golfunknown
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship GolfSportAccolade
James Clavell's Shogununknown
Jeopardy! New Sports EditionStrategyShareData
JetFighter - The AdventureSimulationVelocity
JinxterAdventureMagnetic scrolls
Jockey Wilson's dart challengeSportZeppelin games
John Elway's Quaterbackunknown
John Madden Footballunknown
Jordan vs Bird: One on Oneunknown
Journey to the center of the earthAdventureChip
Jr. Pac-ManActionThunder Mountain
Jungle Bookunknown
K'Kai AdventureAdventureLeo Posazhennikov
Kane IiActionMastertronic
KatakisActionRainbow Arts
KenseidenActionSEGA Enterprises
King of ChicagoActionCinemaware
King´s Quest IV - The perils of RosellaAdventureSierra
King's Quest 2: Romancing the ThroneAdventureSierra
King's Quest 3: To Heir Is HumanAdventureSierra
King's Quest 4: The Perils of Rosellaunknown
King's Quest IV: The Perils of RosellaAdventureSierra On-Line
Kingdom of KrozActionApogee
Kings of the Beachunknown
Knight ExchangeStrategySoftdisk
Knight Gamesunknown
L.A. CrackdownAdventureEpyx, Inc.
LancelotAdventureLevel 9 Computing, Ltd.
Lane Mastodon vs. The Blubbermanunknown
Laser SquadStrategyTarget Games, Krisalis Software Ltd.
Last Days of DoomAdventureToplogika Software
Last NinjaActionSystem 3
Last Ninja 2unknown
Leather Goddesses Of Phobos (Solid Gold Edition)AdventureInfocom
Legend Of BlacksilverAdventureEpyx
Legend of the SwordAdventureSilicon Soft
Legends of the Lost Realm I: The Gathering of HeroesRPGAvalon Hill
Leisure Suit Larry 2 - Goes Looking for LoveAdventureSierra
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (B&W)AdventureSierra
Life & deathSimulationSoftware Toolworks
Little Green ManActionBug-Byte
Live And Let DieActionDomark
Livingstone supongoActionOpera Soft
Lola huele bien y adora el MariscounknownA. Bárcena
Lombard RAC RallySimulationRed Rat Software
Lords of the rising sunStrategyCinemaware
Lunar Rescue (1988 PCAI version)ActionMike Saenz
MacArthur's War: Battles for Koreaunknown
MacBreakActionKeith Laepple
Mad CityActionKonami
Mad MixActionTopo Soft
Mah Jongg for WindowsPuzzleRon Balewski
Manhunter - New YorkAdventureSierra
Manhunter 2 - San FransiscoAdventureSierra
Maniac MansionAdventureLucasfilm Games
Manollo el CavernícolaActionIber
Mega Man 2ActionCapcom
Mejor de Dinamic, LounknownDinamic
Microprose Pro SoccerunknownSensible Software
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v3.0)SimulationMicrosoft Game Studios
Middle EarthRPGVirgin
Might and Magic 2 - Gates to Another WorldRPGNew World Computing, Inc.
Mike GunnerunknownDinamic
Mines of Titan (Mars Saga)RPGWestwood Studios, Inc.
Minigolf PlusActionStarbyte
Modem WarsStrategyOzark Softscape
Monopoly \(the official one\)StrategyLeisure Genius
Moraff's RevengeRPGMoraffWare
Mortville ManorAdventureLankhor
Motor ManiaSportUnknown
Motorbike Madnessunknown
Mundo Perdido, ElActionTopo Soft
Murder in the AtlanticAdventureCobraSoft
Murder on the Atlanticunknown
Mutan ZoneActionOpera Soft
NARCActionWilliams Entertainment Inc.
Navcom 6 - The Persian Gulf DefenseSimulationCosmi Corporation
Navy MovesActionDinamic
Near MissStrategySimon & Schuster
NebulusActionHewson Consultants
New Zealand StoryActionTaito Corporation
Night HunterActionUBI Soft
Night Hunterunknown
Night mission pinball 3.0PuzzlesubLOGIC
Ninja GaidenActionTecmo, Ltd.
Nobunaga's AmbitionStrategyKOEI Co., Ltd.
Norton Commander 2.0unknown
Ocean RangerSimulationActivision
Off RoadSimulationMontsoft
Off Shore WarriorSimulationTitus
Office AttackActionRico Vaccaro
OligopolySimulationXOR Corporation
Operation Cleanstreetsunknown
Operation wolfActionTaito
Out RunSportUS Gold
P.H.M. PegasusSimulationLucasFilm Games
P51 Mustang Flight SimulatorSimulationBullseye Software
Pac-MaineActionRaymond T. Albert
Pac-ManiaActionNamco Limited
Pac-ManiaActionNamco Limited
Paladin + Quest Disk - The Scrolls of TalmouthRPGOmnitrend Software
Pete Rose BaseballSportAbsolute, Dynamix, GameStar
Pete Rose Pennant Feverunknown
Phantasie 3 : The Wrath of NikademusRPGSSI
PhantisActionDinamic Software
Phantom ClubAdventureOcean
Pipe Mania (Pipe Dream)PuzzleAssembly Line
Pitstop 2SimulationEpyx
Planetfall (Solid Gold Edition)AdventureInfocom
Playhouse Strip PokerAdultPlayhouse
Poder Oscuro, ElActionZigurat
Pole Positionunknown
Pole Position IISportNamco
Police Quest 2 - The VengeanceAdventureSierra On-Line, Inc.
Post MortemunknownIber
Power StrikeActionCompile
Power StruggleStrategyPSS
President ElectSimulationStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Press Your LuckPuzzleGameTek
Prophecy: The Fall of TrinadonRPGActivision
PsychoAdventureStarsoft Development
Punk StarActionIber
Purple HeartActionCRL
QuadActionNick Sumner
Quarterstaff: The Tomb of SetmothAdventureAmy Briggs
Questron 2RPGWestwood Studios
R.B.I. BaseballSportTengen
R.C. Pro-AmSportRare, Ltd.
Rack 'emunknownArtech Studios
Ralph Bosson';s High SeasSimulationGarde Games of Distinction
Rambo 3unknownOcean
Rampart, TheActionIber
Red Storm RisingSimulationMicroProse Software
Return Of The JediActionDomark
Return to doomAdventureTopologika Software
Revenge of DefenderActionEpyx
River Raid IIActionActivision
Rock'n RollerActionTopo Soft
Rocket RangerAdventureCinemaware
Rockford: The Arcade Gameunknown
Rockford: The Arcade Gameunknown
Rolling ThunderActionU.S. Gold
Romance of the Three KingdomsStrategyKOEI
Romantic encounters at the domeAdventureMicroIllusions
Roy Of The RoversSportGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
SabotajeActionPJ Soft
Santa ParaviaStrategyKeypunch
Sargon IVPuzzleDan and Kathe Spracklen
SavageActionMicroplay Software
Scavengers of the Mutant WorldRPGInterstel Corporation
SchmoozerAdventureMichael J. Bruno
Sentinel Worlds 1: Future MagicRPGElectronic Arts
Serve & Volleyunknown
Shadows of MordorAdventureBeam Software
Shard of Inovarunknown
Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown JewelsAdventureChallenge
Side Arms Hyper DyneunknownCapcom
Side Arms Hyper Dyneunknown
Silent ShadowActionTopo Soft
Sinbad and the Throne of the FalconAdventureCinemaware
Skate or DieSportElectronic Arts, Konami
Skull ExilonActionIber
Sky SharkSimulationTaito
Sky WarActionOMK
Skyfox 2 - The Cygnus ConflictActionElectronic Arts
Sol Negrounknown
Solomon's KeyPuzzleTecmo
Sorcerer LordStrategyPSS
Sordoth's CastleRPGTimothy A. Dorcas Jr. (Designed Images)
Space RacerSimulationLoriciels
Spectrum +3 PackunknownDinamic
Sports SpectacularSportKeypunch
Sports Spectacularunknown
Sprint MasterSportAtari
Star CommandRPGStrategic Simulations Inc
Star Trek - The Rebel UniverseStrategySimon & Schuster
Star Trek: First ContactAdventureMicromosaics
Star WarsSimulationAtari
Steel thunderSimulationAccolade
Stellar Crusadeunknown
Stir Crazy featuring Bobounknown
Street fighterActionCapcom
Street Sports SoccerSportEpyx, Inc.
Strike Fleetunknown
Strip Poker 2unknown
Stunt Car RacerSportMicrostyle
Summer Olympiadunknown
Super HueySimulationCosmi
Super Huey 2SimulationCosmi
Super Mario Bros. 2ActionNintendo Co., LTD
Super Mario Bros. 3ActionNintendo Co., LTD
Super Off-RoadSimulationVirgin Interactive
Superski Challengeunknown
Supervivencia (El Firfurcio)unknownAventuras AD
Sword of SodanAction?
Take Down WrestlingSportGamestar
Target PlusunknownDinamic
Target RenegadeActionImagine
Techno CopActionUS Gold
Teenage QueenStrategyERE Informatique
TemptationsActionTopo Soft
The Astronomy QuizPuzzleSoftdisk Publishing
The Bard's Tale 2: The destiny knightRPGInterplay Productions
The Big Deal - Trump Castleunknown
The Black Cauldronunknown
The BoomtownRPGMindscape
The ColonyAdventure
The Faery Tale Adventure: Book 1unknown
The Games - Summer EditionSportEpyx
The HoneymoonersMiscFirst Row Software
The Hunt for Red OctoberSimulationArgus Press Software
The Oregon TrailStrategyThe Learning Company
The President is Missing!unknown
The PunisherAdventureParagon Software
The Sluggerunknown
The Sporting News BaseballunknownOgdon Micro Design
The Strength of Nationsunknown
Time and Magik: The TrilogyAdventureLevel 9 Computing
Time BanditActionMichTron
Time OutActionZafiro
Times of LoreRPGOrigin Systems, Inc.
TitanicActionTopo Soft
Treasure Island Dizzy (Dizzy 2)AdventureCode Masters
Trek TriviaPuzzleApogee Software, Ltd.
Triple ComandoActionDro Soft
Trump Castle: The Ultimate Casino Gambling SimulationStrategyCapstone
TuaregActionTopo Soft
TV Sports Footballunknown
Twilight ZoneAdventureGigabit Systems, Inc.
Ultima 5 - Warriors of DestinyRPGORIGIN Systems, Inc.
UMS - The Universal Military SimulatorStrategyInterplay Productions
Uncanny X-men, theActionLJN toys, ltd.
UndergroundActionSystem 4
UninvitedAdventureICOM Simulations Inc
Up PeriscopeSimulationActionsoft Corp.
VectorballunknownBinary Design
Viejo Archivero, ElunknownLevel 10
VigilanteActionIrem Corp.
Vindicator, theActionImagine
VindicatorsActionAtari Games
VisitorActionMind Games
Volleyball SimulatorSportRainbow Arts Software GmbH
WandererActionSteven Shipway
War in Middle EarthStrategySynergistic Software
WarshipStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc.
WastelandRPGInterplay Productions Ltd.
Wayne Gretzky HockeySportBethesda Softworks
Weird DreamsAdventure
Wells & FargoActionTopo Soft
Werewolves Of LondonActionViz Design
Wheel of Fortune: New Second Editionunknown
Where in Europe is Carmen SandiegoPuzzleBroderbund
Who Framed Roger Rabbitunknown
Will Harvey's Zany GolfSportSandcastle
WillowAdventureMindscape Inc
Winter Olympiad 88unknown
Wishbringer (Solid Gold Edition)AdventureInfocom
Wizard WarzAdventureGo!
Wizardry 4: The Return of WerdnaRPGSir-tech Software
Wizardry 5: Heart of the MaelstromRPGSir-tech Software, Inc.
Word WhizPuzzle
XenonActionBitmap Brothers
XenophobeActionSun Corporation
Yacht RaceSportEric Acosta
Yes, Prime MinisterSimulationOxford Digital Enterprises
Yuppi';s Revenge \(German\)StrategyAriolasoft GmbH
Zak McKrackenAdventureLucasfilm
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkActionNintendo Co., LTD
Zoom!StrategyDiscovery Software
Zork Quest 2 - The Crystal of DoomAdventureInfocom
Zork Quest I - Assault On Egreth CastleAdventureInfocom
Zork ZeroAdventureInfocom