Playstation Games


Robot 516
(menacing growl) Resident... Eeevil...ActionCapcom1996
Alien ResurrectionActionFox Interactive2000
Clock Tower (Clock Tower II in Japan)AdventureASCII Entertainment1997
Knockout Kings 2000SportElectronic Arts, Inc.1999
Legend of ManaActionSquare Co., Ltd.1999
Medal of HonorActionElectronic Arts1999
Men in Black: The Series - CrashdownActionInfogrames2001
Metal Gear SolidActionKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.1998
PaRappa the RapperActionNanaOn-Sha Co., Ltd.1996
Resident Evil 2ActionCapcom1998
Silent HillunknownKonami1999
Simple 1500 Series Volume 55: The DartsSportD3Publisher2001
The World is Not EnoughActionElectronic Arts2000
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2SportActivision Publishing, Inc.2000
Twisted MetalunknownSony Computer Entertainment1995
Valkyrie ProfileActiontri-Ace Inc.1999
Vigilante 8: 2nd OffenseActionActivision, Inc.1999
World Championship SnookerSportCodemasters Software Company, Ltd.2000