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Robot 123
(menacing growl) Resident... Eeevil...PlaystationActionCapcom
007 - License to KillPCActionDomark
007 A View To A KillPCAdventureMindscape
007 GoldfingerPCAdventureMindscape
007 Licence to KillPCActionQuixel
007 License to KillPCActionDomark
007: Licence to KillPCunknown
007: Licence to KillPCunknown
007: License to KillPCunknownQuixel
007: License to killPCActionDomark
1-0 Soccer ManagerPCSportWizard Games of Scotland
1-0 Soccer ManagerPCSportWizard Games of Scotland, Ltd.
10 Gnomes – early spring gardenPCunknown
10 Gnomes – foggy flatPCunknown
10 Gnomes – the hallPCunknown
10 Gnomes – the rooftopsPCunknown
10 Gnomes – the shipyardPCunknown
10 Gnomes – walk in the parkPCunknown
10 Yard FightNESunknown
10 Yard FightNESSportNintendo
10-Key RacingMacintoshSportChrysler Graphics
10-Pin BowlingC64SportCDS Microsystems
10-Yard FightNESSportIrem
100 Schafe KartenMacintoshMisc'Tiki' Kuestenmacher
1000 GamesMacintoshActionBeachWare
1000 MigliaPCSimulationSimulmondo
1000 MigliaPCSportSimulmondo
1000 MIGLIAPCunknownSimulmondo
1000 MigliaPCunknownSimulmondo
1000 MigliaunknownSportSimulmondo
1000 MigliaPCSportSimulmondo
1000 migliaPCSportSimulmondo
1000 MilesMacintoshPuzzleRobert Harris
100000 Dollar PyramidPCMiscBox Office
101 Monochrome MazesPCunknown
101: The Airborne Invasion of NormandyPCStrategyEmpire Interactive
10th FramePCSportAccess Software
10th FramePCunknownAccess Software
10th FrameunknownSportAccess Software, Inc.
10th Frame BowlingPCunknownAccess Software, Inc.
10th Frame BowlingPCSportAccess Software
11th Hour, ThePCAdventureVirgin Interactive
11th Hour, TheunknownAdventureTrilobyte, Inc.
11th Hour, The - Der Nachfolger von 7th GuestPCunknownVirgin
1213 - Special EditionPCunknownFreeware
1830 RailroadsPCunknownSimTex
1830 Railroads & Robber BaronsPCStrategyAvalon Hill
1830 Railroads & Robber BaronsPCStrategyAValon Hill
1830 Railroads and Robber BaronsPCStrategyAvalon Hill
1830 Railroads and Robber BaronsPCunknown
1830: Railroads & Robber BaronsPCStrategyAvalon Hill
1830: Railroads & Robber BaronsPCStrategyThe Avalon Hill Game Company
1830: Railroads & Robber BaronsunknownStrategySimTex, Inc.
1863 ChancellorsvilleMacintoshStrategyMarc Davidsaver
1869AmigaStrategyMax Design
1869PCStrategyMax Design
1869PCActionMax Design GesMBH
1869PCunknownMax Design GesMBH
1869PCSimulationMax Design
1869PCSimulationMax Design
1869PCStrategyMax design
1869PCStrategyMax Design
1869: History Experience Part IunknownStrategyMax Design
1893: A World's Fair MysteryMacintoshEducationalIlluminated Lantern
18th Hole Miniature GolfPCSportUnknown
1942C64ActionElite Systems
1942: The Pacific air warPCSimulationMicroProse Software
1942: The Pacific Air WarPCunknownMicroprose
1942: The Pacific Air WarPCSimulationMicroProse
1942: The Pacific Air WarPCStrategyMicroProse Software
1942: The Pacific Air WarPCunknown
1943: The Battle of MidwayNESActionCapcom
1944: Across The RhinePCunknownMicroprose
1985 - The Day AfterC64ActionMastertronic
1989 Ford Simulator IIMacintoshStrategyThe SoftAd Group
1990 Ford Simulator IIMacintoshSportThe SoftAd Group
1993trisPCPuzzleYoung K. Chung
1st Division ManagerC64SportCodemasters
1st Person PinballunknownSimulationTynesoft Computer Software
20 TonsC64Action64 Tape Computing
20,000 Leagues Under the SeaunknownAdventureCoktel Vision
20000 Leagues Under the SeaPCAdventureM. Rougeulle
20000 Leagues under the seaPCAdventureCoktel vision
20000 Leagues Under the SeaPCAdventureCoktel Vision
221 B Baker St.PCAdventureDatasoft
221B Baker StreetC64PuzzleDatasoft
221B Baker StreetPCPuzzleDatasoft
221B Baker StreetPCStrategyDatasoft
221B Baker StreetPCAdventure
221b Baker StreetC64StrategyDatasoft
221B Baker StreetPCStrategyDatasoft
240 RacingPCSport
2400 A.D.PCRPGOrigin Systems, Inc.
2400 A.D.PCRPGOrigin Systems
2400 A.D.PCRPGORIGIN Systems
2400 A.D.PCRPGORIGIN Systems
2400 A.D.PCRPGOrigin Systems
2400 ADPCunknown
2400 ADPCRPGOrigin
2400ADPCunknownOrigin Systems Inc
25PCActionDevilish gam
2c4 (Forza 4)PCStrategyFreeware
2K5MacintoshActionDoomHammer Software
3 in ThreeMacintoshPuzzleCinemaware
3 Ninjas Kick BackMega DriveActionMalibu Interactive
3 Sister's StoryPCAdventureJast USA
3 Skulls of the ToltecsPCAdventureRevistronic
3 Skulls of the ToltecsPCAdventureRevistronic
3 Skulls of the ToltecsPCAdventureWarner Interactive
3 Skulls of the ToltecsunknownAdventureRevistronic
3-D CannonMacintoshStrategyBill Corbett
3-D Helicopter SimulatorPCSimulationSierra
3-D ManC64ActionScott Elder
3-D Tic-Tac-ToePCPuzzleAtari
3-D Tic-Tac-ToeAtari 2600PuzzleAtari
3-D Tour of the Solar SystemMacintoshEducationalLPI (Lunar and Planetary Institute Houston
3-D Ultra Mini GolfPCunknownSierra
3-D Ultra PinballPCunknownSierra
3-DemonPCActionJohn D. Price and Rick Richardson
3-DemonPCActionMagicom Multimedia
3-DemonPCunknownPC Research Inc.
3-DemonPCActionPC Research Inc.
3-DemonPCActionPC Research Inc.
3-K TriviaPCunknown
3D Brick BashMacintoshActionMatthew Diamond
3D Brick Bash 2.0MacintoshActionMatthew Diamond
3D CheckersMacintoshPuzzleFred Moulden
3D Construction KitPCunknown
3D Construction KitPCunknown
3D Construction kit \(a.k.a. Virtual reality studio\)PCActionIncentive
3D CyberPuckPCSportTicsoft
3D CyberpuckPCunknown
3D Dinosaur Adventure (Anniversary Edition)MacintoshEducationalKnowledge Adventure
3D Noughts & CrossesMacintoshPuzzleGuy Argo
3D Paddle Bash!MacintoshActionMatthew Diamond
3D Pitch DeluxeMacintoshPuzzleChristopher Gross
3D PitfallPCStrategyJ. Shramko
3D PoolPCSportMicroPlay Software
3D Power Games Volume 1PCunknownElectronic Entertainment Publishing
3D SpacewarsZX SpectrumActionGraftgold
3D Thinking LabMacintoshEducationalEdmark
3D Toad PanicMacintoshActionWebfoot Technologies
3D Ultra NASCAR PinballMacintoshActionDynamix
3D Ultra Pinball - Creep NightMacintoshActionDynamix
3D Ultra Pinball - Fastest Pinball in SpaceMacintoshActionDynamix
3D Ultra Pinball - The Lost ContinentMacintoshActionDynamix
3D Ultra Pinball - ThrillrideMacintoshActionDynamix
3D World BoxingPCunknown
3D World BoxingPCSportSimulmundo
3d World BoxingPCunknownSimulmondo
3D World BoxingPCunknownSimulmondo
3D World BoxingPCActionSimulmondo
3D World BoxingPCSportSimulmondo
3D World TennisPCSportSimulmundo
3D World TennisPCSportSimulmondo
3D-InterceptorZX SpectrumActionVentamatic
3rd FloorMacintoshAdventureJ. Olson
3TrisMacintoshPuzzleFrancesco M. Munafo
3Wiz!MacintoshPuzzleFrancesco M. Munafo
3x8PCMiscCírculo A.S.
4 Queens Computer CasinoPCStrategyApplications Plus
4 Super 4ZX SpectrumunknownDinamic
4 Super 4Amstrad CPCunknownDinamic
4-D Sports boxingPCActionDistinctive Software
4-D Sports BoxingPCSportElectronic Arts, Inc.
4D BoxingMacintoshSportDistinctive Software
4D BoxingPCActionMindscape
4D Prince of PersiaPCActionKirill A. Terebilov
4D Prince of PersiaPCunknownFreeware
4D Prince of PersiaPCActionTerebilov K.A.
4D Prince of persiaPCActionFreeware
4D Sports - BoxingPCSportMindscape
4D Sports - TennisPCSportMindscape
4D Sports BoxingPCunknown
4D Sports BoxingPCSportDistinctive Software
4D Sports BoxingunknownSportDistinctive Software, Inc.
4D Sports BoxingPCSportDistinctive Software
4D Sports DrivingPCSportBrøderbund Software
4D Sports TennisPCunknownDistinctive Software
4D Sports TennisPCSportMindscape
4D Sports TennisPCSimulationDistinctive Software
4D Sports: DrivingPCunknown
4D Sports: DrivingPCunknown
4D Sports: DrivingPCunknown
4th & InchesPCunknown
4th & InchesPCActionAccolade
4th & InchesMacintoshSportAccolade
4th & InchesC64SportAccolade
4th & InchesPCunknown
4th & Inches (Team Construction Kit)C64SportAccolade
4th and InchesPCSportAccolade
4th and InchesPCSportAccolade
4th ProtocolPCStrategyAriolasoft
4x4 EVO 2MacintoshSportAspyr
4x4 EvolutionMacintoshSportGathering of Developers
4x4 Off-Road RacingPCSimulationEpyx
4x4 Off-Road RacingPCSportEpyx, Inc.
4x4 Offroad RacingPCSportEpyx
5 a Day AdventuresMacintoshEducationalDole Food Company
5 Éxitos de Opera SoftZX SpectrumunknownOpera Soft
5 Éxitos de Opera SoftAmstrad CPCunknownOpera Soft
5 Éxitos de Opera SoftPCunknownOpera Soft
5 Days a StrangerPCAdventureYahtzee
5 Days a StrangerPCAdventureFreeware
5 Days a StrangerPCAdventureFreeware
5 Days a StrangerPCAdventureFully Ramblomatic
5 Plus One - Super TetrisPCunknownPrism Leisure
5A Side SoccerPCSportMastertronic
5th FleetPCunknownStanley Associates
5th FleetPCStrategyAvalon Hill
5th FleetPCunknown
5th FleetPCunknown
5th Fleet, ThePCStrategyAvalon Hill
6 Day AssassinPCAdventureFreeware
6 Days a SacrificePCAdventureYahtzee
6 Days A SacrificePCAdventureFreeware
688 attack subPCSimulationElectronic Arts
688 Attack SubPCunknownElectronic Arts Inc.
688 Attack SubPCSimulation
688 Attack SubPCSimulationElectronic Arts
688 Attack SubPCSimulationElectronic Arts
688 Attack SubMega DriveSimulationSega
688 Attack SubPCunknown
688 Attack SubPCSimulationElectronic Arts
688 SubmarinePCSimulationElectronic Arts
688I Hunter-KillerPCunknownElectronic Arts
7 Card StudPCStrategyVilla Crespo Software
7 CitiesPCunknownOzark Softscape
7 Cities of GoldPCStrategyElectronic Arts
7 ColorsPCPuzzleInfrogames
7 colorsPCPuzzleGamos
7 ColorsPCunknownGamos Ltd.
7 ColorsPCPuzzleInfogrames
7 Days a SkepticPCAdventureYahtzee
7 Days a SkepticPCAdventureFreeware
7 Days a SkepticPCAdventureFreeware
7 dní a 7 nocíPCAdultPterodon Software
7 dní a 7 nocíunknownAdventurePterodon software
7 Spirits of RaPCActionSir-Tech Software, Inc.
720 DegreesC64SportU.S. Gold
7th Guest, ThePCAdventureVirgin Interactive
7th LegionPCStrategyMicroProse
7th LegionPCStrategyMicroProse
8 Ball DeluxePCActionPAS Systems/Amte
8 EyesNESActionThinking Rabbit
8 EyesunknownActionThinking Rabbit
8 EyesNESunknown
8-Ball DeluxeMacintoshActionAmtex
8088 OthelloPCPuzzleUnknown
8088 OthelloPCStrategy
8088 OthelloPCStrategyM.W. Bayley
9 PokerPCStrategy
9 Princes in AmberPCAdventureTelarium / Trillium
9: The Last ResortMacintoshAdventureGT Interactive
9:05InterpreterAdventureAdam Cadre
911 Tiger SharkC64SportElite
99 BottlesMacintoshMiscPad Parrot Productions