H Games


Robot 614
H.U.R.L.ActionMillennium Media Group
H.U.R.L. (Slob Zone 3D)Action
H2OunknownWebfoot Technologies, Inc.
HackRPGMichael Kahl
Hacker 2AdventureActivision
HadesActionJ.M. Rodrígu
Hades ChallengeAdventureDisney Interactive
Haegemonia: Legions of IronStrategyDigital Reality
Haight-Ashbury in the SixtiesEducationalCompton's New Media
Hail!ActionKen Iwasa
Half-LifeActionValve Corporation
Halley ProjectEducationalMindscape Inc
Halloween HarryunknownInteractive Binary Illusions
Halloween Harry in Zombie WarsunknownSprint
Halls Of DeathAdventureMelbourne House
Halls of MontezumaStrategyStrategic Studies Group (SSG)
Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure IIRPGDreamer's Guild, The
Halo: Combat EvolvedActionMicrosoft Games Studios
Hameru to MonsterPuzzleEBA Planning Office
Hammer BoyActionDinamic Software
Hammer of the GodsStrategyHolistic Design
Hampa 1930unknownJ. Izquierdo
HamstersStrategyInterQuest Productions
HangManPuzzleKen Winograd
HangmanMiscAtari, Inc.
HangMan PlusPuzzleKen Winograd
Hangman ProPuzzleKen Winograd
Hank’s QuestAdventureFemo Duo Entertainment
Hanna-Barbera's Cartoon CarnivalAction*FunHouse*
Hanse - Die Expedition \(German\)StrategyAscon GmbH
Happiest day of your life, thePuzzleFirebird
Happy Boy's HutAdventureRobin Sevakis
Happy HouseStrategyHarumi Arai
Happyland AdventuresActionFree Lunch Design
Happyweed!ActionChristopher B. Council
Harald HardtandunknownColgate-Palmolive
Hard Drivin'unknown
Hard Drivin' 2SportAtari
Hard Drivin' IIunknownDomark Software
Hard Hat MackActionElectronic Arts
Hard NovaRPGElectronic Arts
Hard Truck 1: Road to Victoryunknown1C Company
Hard Truck 2unknownValuSoft
Hardball 2unknown
Hardball 3unknownMindSpan
Hardball 4unknownMindSpan
Hardball 5SportAccolade
HardlineActionCryo Interactive
Harlem GlobetrottersSportGameTek
Harley Davidson: Road To SturgisSimulationMindscape
HarpoonStrategyLarry Bond
Harpoon 2: BattleSet 3 - Cold Warunknown
Harpoon Battleset 2unknown
Harpoon IIStrategyAztech New Media
Harpoon IIIStrategyAdvanced Gaming Systems
HarpoonedunknownConor O’Kane
Harrier Jump Jetunknown
Harrier Strike MissionSimulationMiles Computing
Harrier Strike Mission IISimulationMiles Computing
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsAdventureAspyr
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneAdventureAspyr
Harry the Handsome ExecutiveActionAmbrosia Software
Harvest MoonunknownNatsume
HarvesterAdventureDigiFX Interactive
Hat TrickSportCapcom
Hattrick!StrategyIkarion Software
Haunted HouseActionAtari
Haunted House (Alligata Version)ActionAlligata Software
Haunted Mission AdventureAdventureAdventureWare
Haunting: Starring PoulterguyStrategyElectronic Arts
Have a N.I.C.E. day!unknownMagic Bytes
HAVOCActionReality Bytes
Hawaii High: The Mystery of the TikiAdventureEssex Interactive
HawkeyeActionBoys without brains
Head Over HeelsActionOcean Software Ltd.
Head over Heels RemakeActionHelmantika
Headline Harry and the Great Paper RaceEducationalDavidson & Associates
Heart of AfricaAdventureOzark softscape
Heart of Chinaunknown
Heart of DarknessActionAmazing Studios
Heart of the Alien: Out of this World parts I and IIActionInterplay
HeartQuestActionIngemar Ragnemalm
HeartsPuzzleLoki Engineering
Hearts of IronStrategyVirtual Programming
Hearts of Iron II: DoomsdayStrategyParadox
Heat SeekerActionMind Games
Heat WaveSportAccolade
Heaven & EarthStrategyBuena Vista Software
Heaven';s DawnAdventureArt 9 Entertainment Inc.
Heavy BarrelActionData East
Heavy GearunknownActivision
Heavy MetalSimulationAccess Software
Heavy Metal ParadroidActionGraftgold
Heavy on the MagickAdventureGargoyle Games, Ltd
Heavy Shreddinunknown
Hedor del Dinero, ElActionJ.P. & E.J.
HeimdallRPGCore Design
Heimdall 2ActionCore Design
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of WorldsRPGThe 8th Day
Heirs to the ThroneStrategyQuantum Quality Productions
Heli Boardingunknown
Helicopter MissionSimulationRauser Advertainment
Helicopter simulatorSimulationSierra On-Line
Helikopter JagdActionOcean
HeliousStrategyAlbino Frog Software, Inc.
Helious 2StrategyAlbino Frog Software, Inc.
Hell - A Cyberpunk ThrillerAdventureGameTek
Hell CabAdventureDigital Fusion, Inc.
Hellcat AceSimulationMicroProse
Hellfire ZoneSimulationPanoramic Software
Hello Kitty Big Fun DeluxeEducationalSanrio
Helter SkelterActionThe Assembly Line
Henry'S HouseActionEnglish Software
Herbert'S Dummy RunAdventureMikro-Gen
HerculesActionEurocom Developments
HereticActionRaven Software
Heretic 2ActionActivision
Hernán CortésunknownNCF Soft
Hero Of The Golden TalismanActionMr. Chip Software
Hero QuestAdventureGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Hero Questunknown
Hero Quest 2: Legacy of SorasilRPGGremlin
Hero-QuestunknownKarry Soft
Hero';s HeartStrategyEverett Kaser Software
Hero';s Quest aka Quest for Glory IAdventureSierra
Herod’s Lost TombAdventureMedia Art
Heroes Of KarnAdventureInterceptor Software
Heroes of Might & MagicStrategyNew World Computing
Heroes of Might & Magic 2 - Gold EditionStrategyNew World Computing
Heroes of Might & Magic 3MiscNew World Computing
Heroes of the 357thunknown
Heroes of the LanceActionSSI
Heroes of the Lanceunknown
Heroes of War and MoneyAction
Heroquest 2004StrategyFreeware
Heros: The Sanguine SevenAction
HerrscherStrategyMr Creosote
Hexen - Deathkings of the Dark Citadelunknownid Software
HexpertActionAnirog Software
HextrisPuzzleEzra Dreisbach
Hexuma – Das Auge des KalAdventureWeltenschmiede
HexxagonPuzzleArgo Games
Hexxagon 2PuzzleArgo Games
Hi OctaneunknownElectronic Arts
Hidden AgendaunknownTRANS Fiction Systems
High FlyerSimulationCommodore
High noonActionOcean
High Seas TraderStrategyImpression Games
Highway FighterSportSafari Software Ltd.
Highway HunterActionSafari Software
Highway Patrol IIunknown
Hill Street BluesAdventureKrisalis Software Ltd.
HindunknownSold Out
Hiper TronicActionGTS
Hired GunsRPGPsygnosis
Historias de MedialandunknownJSJ Soft
History Line 1914-1918StrategyBlue Byte
Hitchhiker's Guide To The GalaxyAdventureInfocom
Hitman: Codename 47ActionIO Interactive
Hobbit (Disk Version)AdventureMelbourne House
Hockey League SimulatorSportBethesda Softworks
Hocus PocusActionMoonlite Software
Hodj 'n' PodjStrategyBoffo Games
Hogan's AlleyActionNintendo
Hole In OneSportMAD
Hole in One Miniature GolfActionDigitek Software
Holiday IslandunknownSunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software
Holiday LemmingsStrategyPsygnosis
Holiday Lemmings (Xmas Lemmings) '91PuzzleDMA Design Limited
Holiday Lemmings (Xmas Lemmings) '92PuzzleDMA Design Limited
Holiday Lemmings '94MiscDMA Designs
Holiday MakerAdventurePM Entertainment
Hollywood HijinxAdventureInfocom
Hollywood PicturesStrategyStarbyte
Hollywood SquaresPuzzleGameTek
Holye Classic Card GamesStrategySierra
Home AloneActionManley & Associates
Home Alone 2 Lost in New Yorkunknown
Homeworld: CataclysmStrategyBarking Dog Studios
Homey D. Clownunknown
Hooligans: Storm Over EuropeActionDarXabre Games
Hopkins FBIAdventureMP Entertainment
Horace Goes SkiingActionMelbourne House
Horde, TheActionCrystal Dynamics
Hormiguero MalditoActionMicrohobby
Horror CityActionNovotrade
Horror Zombies from the CryptunknownMillennium Interactive
Horse RaceSportThomas Schulze
Hostile WatersStrategyRage
Hot PopSportActivision
Hot SlotsAdultPanesian Ltd.
Hot WheelsSportEpyx
Hot Wheels Micro Racers (a.k.a. Hot Wheels: Slot Car Racing)unknownTHQ Inc.
HoundedMiscInternational Software
House of Cardsunknown
House of the DeadunknownSega
House of the Dead 2, TheActionActivision
House of the Dead 3, TheActionSEGA
House Of UsherActionKingsoft
Hover BovverActionLlamasoft
HoverforceunknownAstral Software
HovertankActionid Software
How Would You Survive?EducationalGrolier
Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 1unknown
Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 2unknown
Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 3unknown
Hudson HawkActionOcean Software
Hudson's Adventure IslandActionHudson Soft
Hudson's Adventure Island IIActionHudson Soft
HugounknownTresor TV
Hugo 2 - Whodunit?AdventureGray Design Associates
Hugo 3: Jungle of DoomAdventureGray Design Associates
Hugo's House of HorrorAdventureGray Design Ass.
Human CannonballStrategyAtari, Inc.
Human Killing MachineActionTiertex
Humans 2, ThePuzzleGameTek
Humans 3: Evolution Lost in TimePuzzleGameTek
Humans, ThePuzzleImagitec Design Inc.
Humphrey RemakeActionRetrospec
Hunchback - The AdventureAdventureOcean
Hunchback At The OlympicsSportSoftware Projects Ltd
Hunchback Ii - Quasimodo'S RevengeActionOcean
Hundir la FlotaMiscM.A. Soft
Hunger DaemonAdventureSean M. Shore
Hungry HoraceActionMelbourne House
Hunt for Red Octoberunknown
Hunter HuntedActionSierra On-Line
Hunter patrolActionMastertronic
Hunter'S MoonActionThalamus
Hurra DeutschlandStrategyPromotial Software
HusitaStrategyPhoenix Arts
Hybrid HeavenActionKonami of America, Inc.
HydraActionIce Software
Hyper Lode RunnerActionBandai
Hyper Princess PitchActionRemar Games
Hyper SportsSportImagine
HyperoidActionFree Software Foundation
HypsysActionDro Soft