T Games


Robot 883
T-Zero aka T-Zer5AdventureDennis Cunningham
T&C Surf Designunknown
T2 - The Arcade GameActionMidway
Taco FictionAdventureRyan Veeder
TacOpsStrategyArsenal Publishing
Tactical Air Combat Simulator: The 20th Century Aerial JoustStrategyForever Games
Tactical ManagerSportBlack Legend
Tactical Ops 2.2.0ActionLaurent
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling TogetherRPGQuest
Tag Team Pro Wrestlingunknown
Tag Team WrestlingSportData East USA
Tagin Dragonunknown
TahtzeePuzzleTassilo Rau
TAIHEIYOU SENSHIEducationalImagineer
Tail GunnerActionTim Enloe
Taipan for WindowsStrategyThomas J. Carroll
Taito's super space invadersActionTaito
Tajemství Oslího ostrovaAdventurePterodon Software
Take a Break! Pinballunknown
Take Away!PuzzleIan Howle
Take Down WrestlingSportGamestar
Take•A•Break CrosswordsPuzzleDynamix
Takeru: Letter of the LawAdventureEagle Peak Interactive
Tales of PiratesAdventure
Tales Of The Arabian NightsActionInterceptor Software
Tales of the Unknown: The Bard's TaleRPGInterplay
Tales of the Wild ZeepEducationalWestwind Media
Talisman - Challenging the Sand of TimeAdventurePolarware
TanakaSportPacific Media WorX
Tang ChiPuzzleCapcom
Tangentopoli (AKA Bribesville)Action
Tangled TalesRPGOrigin Systems
Tank CommanderActionBrian Sutter
Tank CommanderActionDomark Software
Tank RacerSportGlass Ghost
Tank RunActionSean Parkinson
Tank TimeActionKlaus Reimer
Tank WarsActionKenneth Morse
Tank Wars 3.0StrategyKenny Morse
Tank WorldActionBrian Barnes
Tank: The M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank Simulationunknown
TanksStrategyRichard Z. Ward
Tanks But No TanksActionZimag
Tanks DestroyerActionGamos Ltd.
Túneles MarcianosActionVentamatic
TapperActionBally Midway
Target PlusunknownDinamic
Target RenegadeActionImagine
Targeting Maths Lab 3EducationalPascal Press
Targetware 0.63SimulationMark Nine Systems
Task Force 1942SimulationMicroprose
TaskMakerRPGDavid Cook
Tass Times in Tone Townunknown
Tau CetiStrategyCRL
TazActionAtari, Inc.
Taz-ManiaActionRecreational Brainware
Tchibo Spiele Paketunknown
Teach Yourself HyperCardEducationalMark Gregory
Team SuzukiSimulationGremlin
Team YankeeSimulationOxford Digital Enterprises
Tear Down the WallPuzzleLangin Software
TeazlePuzzleBMG Interactive Entertainment
Technicus: 10 Hours LeftEducationalBrainGame/Heureka-Klett
Techno CopActionUS Gold
TechnoManiacStrategyJoe Fleck
Tecmo Baseballunknown
Tecmo Bowlunknown
Tecmo Cup Soccerunknown
Tecmo NBA Basketballunknown
Tecmo Super BowlSportTecmo
Tecmo World Wrestlingunknown
Ted Paladin and the Case of the Abandoned HouseAdventureAnssi Räisänen
Teddy BoyActionSEGA Enterprises
Teen agentAdventureMetropolis
Teen AgentAdventureMetropolis Software House
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtlesunknown
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2unknown
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3unknown
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 - The Manhattan ProjectActionKonami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeActionKonami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The HyperStone HeistActionKonami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament FightersActionKonami
Teenage Queenunknown
Telemark WarriorActionDro Soft
TelengardAdventureAvalon Hill Microcomputer Games Inc
Tempest 2000ActionAtari Interactive
Temple of Apshai trilogyRPGEpyx
Temple of KrozActionApogee
Temple of TerrorAdventureAdventuresoft
Temple of TerrorRPGPuffin Books
Temple TantrumActionGround Zero Software
Templos Sagrados, LosunknownAventuras AD
TemptationsActionTopo Soft
Ten for X Games - Volume One CollectionActionAladdin Systems
TenDounknownBletchley Group
Tenka TouitsuStrategyYukihiro Kuroda/Muse Software
Tennis CupunknownLoriciels
Tennis Cup 2SportLoriciel
Tennis ElbowunknownMana Games
Tennis Masters SeriesSportMicroids
Tennis PCSportImagic
Tenth PlagueAdventureLynnea Dally
Tera: La Cité des CrânesRPG
Terminal Interface for Models RCM301-303AdventureVigiMech Corporation
Terminal TerrorunknownPie in the Sky Software
Terminal Velocityunknown
Terminator 2unknown
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day - Chess WarsunknownCapstone
Terminator 2029, TheActionBethesda Softworks
Terminator, The: RampageActionBethesda Softworks
Terminator: Future ShockunknownBethesda Softworks LLC
Terminator: SkyNETActionBethesda Softworks
TerminusRPGVicarious Visions
Terra Nova: Strike Force CentauriActionLooking Glass Studios
TerraquakeAdventureMike Woodroffe & Others
TerraTopiaAdventureVirgin Sound and Vision
Terror en la FacultadActionEdisoft
Terror of the Catacombsunknown
Terror T.R.A.X. - Track of the VampireunknownMulti Media International
Terry Pratchett's DiscworldunknownPsygnosis
Terry Pratchett's DiscworldunknownPsygnosis
TesseraePuzzleInline Design
Test DriveSimulationAccolade
Test Drive 2unknown
Test Drive 2 Scenery Disk: European Challengeunknown
Test Drive 3unknownAccolade
Test Drive Offroad 2SimulationAccolade
TetrisPuzzleBullet-Proof Software
TetrisPuzzleMatt Plavcan
Tetris \(original\)PuzzleAcademySoft CCAS USSR
Tetris 2unknown
Tetris ClassicPuzzleSpectrum Holobyte
Tetris Triounknown
TetrixPuzzleMiroslav Nmeek
Tex Bonaventure and the Temple of the Water of LifeAdventureJim Warrenfeltz
Tex Murphy 2: Martian MemorandumAdventureAccess Software, Inc.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, TheActionWizard Video Games
Text - 01 - MefistoActionSimulmondo
TFXSimulationDigital Image Design Ltd.
The 3 StoogesActionCinemaware
The 7th GuestPuzzleTrilobyte
The Activision DecathlonActionActivision
The Addams FamilyActionOcean
The Adventures of Bayou BillyActionKonami, Inc.
The Adventures of Captain ComicActionMichael Denio
The Adventures of Captain Comic 2unknown
The Adventures of LomaxActionPsygnosis Limited
The Adventures of Maddog Williams...AdventureGameCrafters
The Adventures of Robin HoodAdventureMillennium
The Adventures of SeanAdventureAndrew Tegelaar (Rancid Tomato Software)
The Adventures of Tom SawyerActionSETA
The Adventures of Willy BeamishAdventure
The Aethra ChroniclesRPG
The all new Family FeudPuzzleSoftie
The Alpine EncounterAdventureMystery House
The Amazing Spider-Manunknown
The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!ActionParagon software
The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The KingpinActionSega
The amazon trailunknownMECC
The Ancient Art of WarStrategyEvryware
The Ancient Art of War at SeaStrategyEvryware
The Ancient Art of War in the Skiesunknown
The Astronomy QuizPuzzleSoftdisk Publishing
The Atlas Stationunknown
The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Last Dinosaur EggAdventureSanctuary Woods
The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Vampire's CoffinAdventureSanctuary Woods
The Baby-Sitters Club Friendship KitEducationalSidewalk Studios
The ball gameStrategyEsprit Software Programs
The Barber of SadvilleAdventureTim Browse
The Bard's Tale 2: The destiny knightRPGInterplay Productions
The Bard's Tale 3: Thief of fateRPGInterplay Productions
The Bard's Tale Construction Setunknown
The Bard's Tale II: Destiny KnightRPGInterplay
The Basket Managerunknown
The Battle of the Bulge: Tigers in the SnowStrategyTactical Design Group
The Beverly Hillbilliesunknown
The Big Deal - Ante-Up at the Friday Night Poker Clubunknown
The Big Deal - Gin King-Cribbage Kingunknown
The Big Deal - Trump Castleunknown
The Big Red AdventureAdventureCore Design
The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the SchnibbunknownCoktel Vision
The Black Cauldronunknown
The Black LilyAdventureHannes Schueller
The Blackwell ConvergenceAdventureWadjet Eye Games
The Blackwell DeceptionAdventureWadjet Eye Games
The Blackwell LegacyAdventureWadjet Eye Games
The Blue & the Grayunknown
The Blues BrothersActionTitus Interactive
The Blues Brothers 2: Jukebox AdventureActionTitus Interactive
The BoomtownRPGMindscape
The Bugs Bunny Hare-Brained AdventureActionHi Tech Expressions
The Cardinal of the KremlinunknownCapstone
The Carls Lewis ChallengeActionTeque
The Case of the Cautious CondorAdventureTiger Media
The Catacomb AbyssMiscSoftdisk
The Catacomb IIAction
The Chaos EngineActionBitmap Brothers
The Chaos Engine 2ActionBitmap Brothers
The Charge of the Light Brigadeunknown
The Chase on Tom Sawyer's Islandunknown
The Chessmaster 2000StrategyThe Software Toolworks, Inc.
The Chessmaster 3000StrategyThe Software Toolworks, Inc.
The Child MurdererAdventureMichael Zerbo
The Citadel of ChaosRPGPuffin Books
The Civil WarStrategyAvalon Hill
The Clue!Strategyneo Software
The ClueFinders Reading Adventures: Mystery of the Missing AmuletAdventureThe Learning Company
The Colonel's BequestAdventureSierra
The ColonyAdventure
The Complete Universal Military Simulatorunknown
The Computer Edition of Risk: The World Conquest Gameunknown
The Corporate MachineStrategy
The Crystal Rain Forest 2000AdventureSherston Software and Simon Hosler
The Crystal SkullAdventureSome Interactive
The Curse of Monkey IslandAdventureLucasArts
The CyclesSimulationAccolade
The D ShowPuzzleDisney Interactive
The Dam BustersStrategyAccolade
The Dark EyeAdventureExpert Software
The Dark HalfAdventureCapstone
The Dark Heart of UukrulRPGBroderbund
The Dark Queen of KrynnRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.
The Death and Return of SupermanActionSunSoft
The Detective GameAdventureArgus Press Software
The DigAdventureLucas Arts
The Dream Teamunknown
The Duel in the SnowAdventureUtkonos
The Dungeon of DunjinAdventureMagnus Olsson
The Elder Scrolls 2: DaggerfallRPGBethesda Softworks
The Elder Scrolls: ArenaRPGBethesda Softworks
The Elfen Maiden: A Comedy of Error MessagesAdventureAdam Le Doux
The End of He-Man!AdventureMr Creosote
The Entropy CageAdventureStormrose
The Even More Incredible MachineunknownDynamix
The Explorer’s Guide to the Whirlitzer of WisdomAdventureRoger Allen
The ExterminatorMiscWindmill Software
The Factory DeluxeEducationalSunburst
The Faery Tale AdventureRPGMicroillusions
The Fancy Pants Adventureunknown
The Fancy Pants Adventure 2unknown
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzyunknown
The Feeble FilesPuzzleAdventure Soft
The Fellowship of the RingAdventureBeam Software
The Final ConflictStrategyImpressions
The Final Crusade of KrozActionApogee
The FiremenActionHuman Entertainment
The Fish Who Could WishEducationalTivola
The FlinstonesActionHi Tech Expressions
The Flintstones - Dino: Lost in BedrockActionSoftie
The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & HoppyPuzzleTaito Corporation
The Fool's ErrandPuzzleMiles Computing
The Forest of DoomRPGPuffin Books
The Forest of DoomRPGPuffin Books
The Fourth ProtocolAdventureThe Electronic Pencil Co.
The Fourth ProtocolStrategyHutchinson Computer Publishing
The Gamblerunknown
The Games - Summer EditionSportEpyx
The Games '92: Españaunknown
The Games Winter ChallengeSportAccolade
The Games: Summer ChallengeSportMindspan
The Games: Winter EditionunknownEpyx
The Geekwad - Games of the GalaxyActionTsunami Media
The Gene MachineAdventureDivide by zero
The Global Dilemma: Guns or ButterStrategyMindscape
The Godfather: The Action Gameunknown
The Gold of the Aztecsunknown
The GooniesActionFreeware
The Goonies IIActionKonami, Inc.
The Grandest Fleetunknown
The Great EscapeStrategyOcean
The Great Giana SistersActionRainbow Arts
The Great War 1914-1918StrategyBlue Byte
The Greatest Paper AirplanesEducationalKitty Hawk Software, Inc.
The Guild of ThievesAdventureMagnetic Scrolls
The Hitchhiker';s Guide to the GalaxyAdventureInfocom, Inc.
The HobbitAdventureMelbourne House
The Hollywood MurdersAdventureMichael Zerbo
The Holy Grailunknown
The Holy GrailAdventure
The HoneymoonersMiscFirst Row Software
The HordeStrategyCrystal Dynamics
The Hound of ShadowAdventureEldritch Games
The HoursAdventureRobert Patten
The House at the End of Rosewood StreetAdventureMichael Thomét
The Humansunknown
The Humans 2unknown
The Hunt for Red Octoberunknown
The ImmortalAdventureElectronic Arts
The Immortalunknown
The IncidentPuzzleKHAN Games
The Incredible HulkActionU.S. Gold
The Incredible MachineEducationalDynamix
The Incredible Machine - Even More ContraptionsunknownDynamix
The Incredible Machine 3unknownDynamix
The Incredible Toon MachinePuzzle
The Incredibles: When Danger CallsEducationalDisney Interactive / THQ
The Interstate 76 ArsenalSimulationActivision
The IslandAdventureAndy Brown
The Island of Dr. BrainPuzzleSierra
The Italian JobunknownPixelogic
The Journeyman Project 2AdventurePresto Studios
The Jungle Bookunknown
The Keys to MaramonRPGMindcraft Software
The Killing CloudStrategyVektor Grafix
The King of ChicagoAdventureCinemaware
The Laffer UtilitiesunknownSierra
The Last Canopyunknown
The Last ExpressAdventureSmoking Car Productions
The Last Missionunknown
The Last NinjaAdventureSystem 3
The Last Ninja 2 - Back With a VengeanceActionActivision
The Last Standunknown
The Lawnmower ManActionTHQ
The LegacyRPGMicroprose
The Legacy of the NecromancerAdventureLee Chapel
The legend of KyrandiaAdventureWestwood Studios
The Legend of Kyrandia 2 - Hand of fateAdventureWestwood Studios
The Legend of Kyrandia: Book 3 - Malcolm's RevengeAdventureWestwood Studios Inc.
The Legend of RagnarokStrategyImagitec
The Legend of the Prophet and the AssassinAdventureArxel Tribe
The Legend of ZeldaActionNintendo
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastActionNintendo Co., LTD
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DXActionNintendo EAD (Japan)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeActionNintendo EAD (Japan)
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish CapAdventureCapcom Co., Ltd.
The Lemmings ChroniclesStrategyPsygnosis
The Lion KingActionVirgin Interactive
The Longest JourneyAdventureFuncom
The Lord of the Rings, Vol 2: The Two Towersunknown
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingActionElectronic Arts
The Lords of MidnightStrategyBeyond Software
The Lost Admiralunknown
The Lost Dutchman MineAdventureMagnetic Images
The Lost Dutchman MineAdventureMagnetic Images
The Lost Episodes of Doomunknown
The Lost Files of Sherlock HolmesAdventureElectronic Arts
The Lost Mind of Dr. BrainunknownSierra
The Lost PatrolAdventureOCEAN
The Lost Treasures of Infocomunknown
The Lost Treasures of Infocom Vol IIunknown
The Lost TribeStrategyLawrence Productions
The Lost VikingsActionSilicon & Synapse, Inc.
The Lost Vikings 2: Norse By NorsewestPuzzleBlizzard Entertainment
The Louvre MuseumEducationalLearn Interactive
The Lurking HorrorAdventure
The Magic Candleunknown
The Magic Candle 2unknown
The Magic Candle 3RPGMindcraft Software
The Magic School Bus: In ConcertEducationalKnowWonder
The Magic School Bus: Volcano AdventureEducationalKnowWonder
The Magic School Bus: Whales & DolphinsEducationalKnowWonder
The Magical Quest Starring Mickey MouseActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
The ManagerunknownKron Simulation Software
The Manager (Camp. italiano)SportSoftware 2000
The MasterplanStrategyShark Punch
The mistAdventureAngelsoft
The Monuments of MarsAction
The MoviesStrategyRobosoft/Lionhead Studios
The Mummy MysteryAdventureBig Tune New Media
The Mystery of the Mission MuseumEducationalSan Diego State University
The Need For SpeedunknownElectronic Arts Inc.
The New Zealand StoryAction
The Oregon TrailStrategyThe Learning Company
The Oregon TrailStrategyMecc
The Oregon Trail 4th EditionEducationalThe Learning Company
The Otter's AdventureEducationalSoftKey
The PagemasterAdventureMammoth Micro Productions
The PatricianStrategyAscon
The Patricianunknown
The PawnAdventureMagnetic Scrolls
The Perfect GeneralStrategyWhite Wolf Productions
The Perfect General Scenario Disk: World War II Battle Setunknown
The Perfect General: Greatest Battles of the 20th Centuryunknown
The PremiershipSportCodemasters
The President is Missing!unknown
The Price is RightPuzzleGameTek
The Princess and the GoblinRPGSchuster & Partner
The ProphecyAdventureCoktel Vision
The PunisherAdventureParagon Software
The PunisherActionTHQ
The Pyramids of EgyptActionSoftdisk, Inc.
The Quest for the Holy GrailAdventureDream Software
The Quest for the Time-Birdunknown
The Return of MedusaRPGStarbyte Software
The Rocketeerunknown
The Roslin Stationunknown
The Ruins of CawdorRPGSierra Online
The Sacred Mirror of KofunAdventureFuture Concept
The Savage EmpireRPGOrigin
The ScoopAdventureSpinnaker Software
The Scottish Open: Virtual Golfunknown
The ScrabblePuzzleUnknown
The Secret of Monkey IslandAdventureLucasfilm Games
The SentinelPuzzleFirebird
The SettlersStrategyBlue Byte Software
The Settlers II \(Gold Edition\)StrategyBlue Byte
The Settlers of CatanStrategy
The Seven Colors: Legend of PSY・S CityAdventureMasaya Matsuura
The sevent spirits of RaActionSir-tech Software, Inc.
The Shadow of the Third MoonSimulationBlack Blade Design
The Shadow of YserbiusRPGSierra Online
The ShivahAdventureWadjet Eye Games
The Sierra Networkunknown
The simpsonsActionKonami
The Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutantsunknown
The Simpsons: Bart's NightmareActionAcclaim
The SimsunknownElectronic Arts, Inc.
The Sims 2StrategyMaxi
The SluggerSportMastertronic
The SmurfsActionInfogrames
The Software Toolworks Game Pack 3unknown
The Solar Hockey LeagueSportGalifir Developments
The Songs of Distant EarthAdventureMike Oldfield
The SpongeBob Squarepants MovieAdventureTHQ
The Sporting News BaseballunknownOgdon Micro Design
The Spy Who Loved MeActionDomark
The Spy's Adventure in North AmericaPuzzlePolarware
The Strength of Nationsunknown
The Summoningunknown
The Superhero League of HobokenAdventureLegend Entertainment
The Swiss Family Robinson: An Island AdventureEducationalMulti Dimensional Communications
The Taking of Beverly Hillsunknown
The Tell-Tale HeartEducationalDiscis
The Temple of Elemental EvilRPGAtari
The Test is Now READYAdventureJim Warrenfeltz
The ThingAdventureBlack Label Games
The third courierAdventureSynergistic software
The Time Warp Of Dr. BrainunknownDynamix
The Town With No NameAdventureDelta 4 Interactive
The Tracer SanctionAdventureActivision
The Train GamePuzzleMicrosphere
The Treehouseunknown
The Typing of the DeadActionSEGA
The Ultimate Doomunknown
The UndersideActionInsignificant Studios
The UntouchablesActionOcean
The Wacky World of Miniature GolfPuzzlePhilips Sidewalk Studio
The Warlock of Firetop MountainRPGPuffin Books
The Warp FactorStrategySSI
The Way of the Exploding FistSportMelbourne House
The Way of the TigerActionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
The White ChamberAdventureStudio Trophis
The Wicker WomanAdventureKevin McGrorty
The WitcherRPGAtari
The WitnessAdventureInfocom
The Wonders of Electricity: An Adventure in SafetyEducationalInteractive Solutions New Media
The World Is Not EnoughActionElectronic Arts, Inc.
The World's Greatest Baseball GameSportEpyx
The X-FilesAdventureFox Interactive
Theatre of DeathActionThe Software Shed
Theatre of Warunknown
Their Finest Hour - Battle of BritainunknownLucasArts
Theme HospitalMiscBullfrog Productions
Theme ParkMiscBullfrog Productions
Theme Park Mysteryunknown
ThexderActionGame Arts
Thexder 2 - Fire HawkActionSierra
They Stole A MillionStrategyAriolasoft
Thief 2: The Metal AgeActionLooking Glass Technologies Inc.
Thief: The Dark ProjectAdventureLooking Glass Technologies Inc.
Thimbleweed ParkAdventureTerrible Toybox
Thinkin' Things: Sky Island MysteriesEducationalEdmark
Thomas & Friends: Building the New LineAdventureStunt Puppy Entertainment
Thor's HammerAction
Three Sisters' StoryAdultJAST Co.
Thunder and Lightningunknown
Thunder Bladeunknown
Thunder Bladeunknown
ThundergroundActionSEGA Enterprises
Thunderhawk 2: FirestormSimulationCore Design Ltd.
Tic TacticsPuzzle
Tie BreakSportStarbyte Software
Tie Fighterunknown
Tie Fighter - Star WarsunknownLucasArts
Tie Fighter Demounknown
Tie Fighter: Defender of the Empireunknown
Tie Fighter: Defender of the Empireunknown
Tiger Heliunknown
Tiger Roadunknown
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005SportHeadgate
Tigers on the Prowl 2unknown
Tiki Magic Mini GolfActionMondo Robot
Time and Magik: The TrilogyAdventureLevel 9 Computing
Time BanditActionMichTron
Time Gate: Knight's ChaseAdventureInfogrames
Time Lordunknown
Time OutActionZafiro
Time PilotActionKonami
Time SlaughterActionBloodlust Software
Time TreksEducationalEARTHQUEST Inc.
Time ZoneAdventureOn-Line Systems
TimecopActionVictor Interactive
TimequestAdventureLegend Entertainment
Times of LoreRPGOrigin Systems
Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle GamesMiscTHQ
Timothy Leary's Mind Mirrorunknown
Tintin - The Prisoners of the SunActionInfogrames
Tintin in TibetActionInfogrames
Tintin on the MoonActionInfogrames
Tiny SkweeksPuzzleKalisto Entertainment
Tiny Toon AdventuresActionKonami
Tiro de PichónActionMicrohobby
Titan QuestRPGIron Lore Entertainment
TitanAttacksActionPuppy Games
TitanicActionTopo Soft
TitanionunknownKenta Cho
Titus the FoxActionTitus Interactive
TKKG 11: Film Ab!EducationalTivola
TKKG 12: Alarm in der GeisterbahnEducationalTivola
TKKG 14: Gefährliche FerienAdventureTivola
TNM 6.2+ Wrestling SimulatorSimulation
TOCA Race Driver 3: The Ultimate Racing SimulatorSportCodemasters/Robosoft
TOCA Touring Car ChampionshipunknownCodemasters
Toi Acid GameActionIber
Tokyo GangActionG.LL.
Tom & JerryActionHi-Tech Expressions, Inc.
Tom and the GhostActionBlue Byte Software
Tom BoyActionRainbow Vision
Tom Clancy's Ghost ReconActionRed Storm
Tom Clancy's PolitikaStrategyRed Storm
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue SpearActionRed Storm
Tom Clancy's Splinter CellActionUbiSoft
Tom Clancy';s Rainbow SixStrategyRed Storm Entertainment
TomahawkSimulationDigital Integration
Tomb RaiderPuzzleCore Design
Tomb Raider: The Angel of DarknessActionCore Design
Tomb Raider: The Last RevelationAdventureCore Design
Tomb Raider: Unfinished BusinessActionCore Design Ltd.
Tombs and Treasureunknown
Tomcat AlleyActionSega
TommyActionFuture stars
Tomy en el SlalomActionGTS
Tongue of the FatmanActionBrian A. Rice
Tony & Friends in Kellogg's LandActionRauser Entertainment
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterSportActivision Inc.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2SportActivision Publishing, Inc.
Tony La Russa Baseball IIunknown
Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseballunknown
ToobinActionDomark Software
ToonstruckAdventureBurst Studios
Tooth invadersActionCommodore
Top by TopounknownTopo Soft
Top by Topo 2unknownTopo Soft
Top GunSimulationThunder Mountain
Top Gun - Fire at Will v1.0unknownMicroProse
Top Gun 2unknown
Top Gun: Danger Zoneunknown
Top Players Tennis - Featuring Chris Evert and Ivan Lendlunknown
Top SecretAdventureLoriciels
Torched EarthActionDelta Code
ToribashunknownNabi Studios
Torin's PassageunknownSierra
TornadounknownDigital Integration
Tornado & Falcon 3.0unknownDigital Integration
Tornado: Operation Desert Stormunknown
Total AnnihilationStrategyAtari
Total Eclipseunknown
Total Immersion RacingSportRazorworks
Total RecallActionInterplay Productions
Total SoccerSportLiveMedia UK
Totally Radunknown
Touché - The Adventures of the 5th MusketeerAdventureUS Gold
Tour 91SportTopo Soft
TowerStrategyBAO Ltd.
Tower of Druaga, TheActionNamco
Tower Toppler \(Nebulus\)ActionHewson
Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the RescueActionDisney / Pixar
Toyota GTSimulationGremlin
ToySight GoldActionFreeverse Software
Track & FieldSportKonami
Track and Field 2unknown
Trackmania SunriseunknownNadeo
TradersStrategyMerit Software
Traffic Department 2192ActionSafari Software
Trail BlazerActionMr. Chip
TrailblazerSportShadowBit Interactive
Train - escape to Normandy, theActionArtech Digital Entertainments, Inc.
Trainer, DerunknownBlack Legend
Traitors GateAdventureDreamcatcher Interactive, Inc.
TransparentAdventureHanon Ondricek
TransplantActionJumping Jack Flash
Transport TycoonSimulationMicroProse
Transport Tycoon DeluxeSimulationMicroProse
Trap door, thePuzzleMacmillion ltd.
Trash ItActionRage Games Ltd.
TraumaActionNoria Works
Travelrama USAEducationalZenda Studio
Treasure Hunter GRPGSting Entertainment
Treasure IslandAdventureTelarium
Treasure Island DizzyAction
Treasure TrapAdventureEmerald Software
Treasures of the Savage FrontierRPGStormfront Studios
Trek TriviaPuzzleApogee Software, Ltd.
Tres Luces de Glaurung Remake, LasActionM.A. Soft
Trespasser: Jurassic ParkAdventureElectronic Arts
Trevor McFur in the Crescent GalaxyActionAtari
Trick or treatAdventureACA Soft
Trick ShotSportImagic
TriggerunknownOpera Soft
Trilby the art of theftAdventureYahtzee
Trilby's NotesAdventureYahtzee
Trilogía de Ci-U-Than, LaunknownJackson
Triplane TurmoilSimulationDodekaedron Software
Triple Action Volume 2unknown
Triple ComandoActionDro Soft
TripleAStrategySean Bridges & Others
TriskelionPuzzleNeil J. Rubenking
Trivia 101unknown
Trivia BingoPuzzleThomas J. Malama
Trivial Pursuitunknown
TroddlersPuzzleSales Curve Interactive
Troggle Trouble MathEducationalMECC
TrogloActionACE Soft
TroikaPuzzleParagon software
Troll's TaleAdventureSierra On-Line, Inc.
TrollsActionFlair Software Ltd
TRON 2ActionMonolith Productions
TRON: Deadly DiscsActionMattel Electronics
Tropico ReloadedStrategyKalypso Media Digital
True LiesActionLjn
True loveAdventureSpectrum Holobyte
TruggPuzzleDigital Workshop
Trump Castle IIunknown
Trump Castle: The Ultimate Casino Gambling SimulationStrategyCapstone
Trust & Betrayal - The Legacy of SibootStrategyMindscape
TuaregActionTopo Soft
Tube WarriorsActionDynabyte
Tubular WorldsActionCreative Game Design
Tunnel RunnerActionCBS Electronics
TunnelerActionGeoffrey Silverton
Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of KhazanRPGNew World Computing, Inc.
Tunnels of Armageddonunknown
TurbounknownDoug Ross
Turbo CarSport
Turbo CupSimulationLoriciels
Turbo GomokuStrategy
Turbo OutrunSimulationSega
Turbo RacingActionLenguaje Máq
Turbo SpeedwaySportWorld Spy Software
TuroidActionJason Truong
Turok: Dinosaur HunterActionAcclaim Entertainment
TurricanActionRainbow arts
Turrican 2002ActionPekaro Software
Turrican II: The Final FightActionRainbow Arts, Factor 5
Turtle TurmoilActionBrainfreeze Entertainment
Tut's TombPuzzle
TV and Cinema 101unknown
TV Sports BaseballunknownCinemaware
TV Sports BasketballSportCinemaware
TV Sports Footballunknown
TV Sports: BoxingunknownACME Interactive
Twilight ZoneAdventureGigabit Systems, Inc.
Twilight: 2000unknown
Twin Cobraunknown
Twisted MetalunknownSony Computer Entertainment
Twisted Metal 2ActionSingleTrac Entertainment Technologies
Two WorldsRPGTopWare Interactive
Type to Learn 3EducationalSunburst
Typhoon of SteelStrategySSI
Typing Fighter IIActionApcom
Typing IntrigueEducationalMicro Courseware Corporation
Typing Tutor 7EducationalDavidson & Associates
TyrianActionEclipse Software
Tyrian 2000Action