R Games


Robot 420
R TypeActionIrem
R.B.I. BaseballSportTengen
R.C. Pro-AmSportRare, Ltd.
R.I.P.ActionWhite Elephant Games
R1-D1ActionYour Commodore
Ríos de EspanyaStrategyF. Vallejo
Rölli ja metsänhenkiAdventureElävät Kirjat
Race Car SimulatorSportCreative Solutions
Race Drivin';SimulationTengen Inc.
Race the NagsAction
RACE: The WTCC GameunknownSimBin
RacerunknownPC Solutions
Racing DaysSportKitt Peak
Racing Days RSportFeral Interactive
Racing Destruction SetSportElectronic Arts
Rack 'emunknownArtech Studios
Racket Attackunknown
RacterStrategyINRAC Corporation
Rad Racerunknown
Rad WarriorActionEpyx
Radical CastleAdventureChristopher Kent Wigginton
Radio BaseballSportElectronic Arts
Radix - Beyond the VoidActionEpic MegaGames
Raetsel des Master Lu, DasunknownCentreGold
Raft Warsunknown
Rags To RichesActionMelody Hall Publishing Corp
RAH-66 Comanche versus Ka-52 HokumSimulationRazorworks
Raid 2020unknown
Raid on Bungeling BayActionWill Wright
Raid Over MoscowActionAccess Software
RaidenSimulationImagitec Design
Raiders of the Lost ArkAdventureAtari, Inc.
Railroad EmpireStrategySeika Corporation
Railroad TycoonStrategyMicroprose
Railroad Tycoon - The Next MillenniumunknownLearning Company
Railroad Tycoon 2unknownPop Software
Railroad Tycoon 3StrategyMacSoft
Railroad Tycoon DeluxeStrategyMicroprose
Railroad WorksPuzzleCBS Software
Railway Challengeunknown
Rainbow ChaserActionCommodore Disk User
Rainbow Fish - The most beautiful fish in the oceanEducationalEmme/Lexis Numérique
Rainbow Fish and the Amazing LagoonEducationalEmme/Lexis Numérique
Rainbow Fish and the WhaleEducationalEMME Interactive
Rainbow IslandsActionOcean
Rainbow Web: An Enchanted Matching AdventurePuzzleMumboJumbo
Rallo GumpActionEdge Creations
Rally Championshipsunknown
Rally ShiftSportCodeBlender
Rally SpeedwaySportJohn Anderson
Rally SportSport
Rally TrophyunknownBugbear
Rally-KSimulationKurt W. Dekker
Ralph Bosson';s High SeasSimulationGarde Games of Distinction
Ramón RodríguezActionErbe
Rambo - First Blood Part 2AdventureMindscape
Rambo - First Blood Part IiActionOcean
Rambo 3unknownOcean
Rambo: First Blood Part IIAdventureAngelsoft
Ramonovo KouzloAdventureRiki Computer Games
RampartStrategyBally Midway Manufacturing Co.
Rampart, TheActionIber
Ranger FoxActionSoftAction
RanxActionUbi Soft Entertainment Software
Ranx: The Video GameActionUBI Soft
Raptor - Call of the ShadowsActionApogee
Raptor: Air Superiority FighterActionConstant Variable
Rave Shuttle: The Cosmic ChallengeAdventureNAVIGO Multimedia
Ravenhearst (Mystery Case Files)PuzzleBig Fish Games
Ravenloft - Strahd';s PossessionRPGStrategic Simulations Inc.
Ravenloft: Stone ProphetRPGDreamForge Intertainment
Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles Adventure GameAdventureByron Preiss Multimedia
Ray's MazeAdventureRay Dunakin
RaymanActionUbi Soft
Rayman 3: Hoodlum HavocActionFeral Interactive
Razor Freestyle ScooterSportCrave Entertainment, Inc.
RBI Baseball 2unknown
RBI Baseball 3unknown
RChessPuzzleStrategic Studies Group
Re-VoltSimulationAcclaim Entertainment
Re!MiscPivoňka Software
Re! (Mari)Puzzle1993
Reach For The Stars V3.0StrategySSG
Read, Write & Type!EducationalCalifornia Neuropsychology Services
Reader Rabbit 1st Grade: Capers on Cloud NineEducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit 2EducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade: Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship AdventureEducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit 3EducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit 3EducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit and Friends: Let's Start Learning!EducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit Dreamship TalesEducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit KindergartenEducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit Personalized Math Ages 6-9EducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit Preschool: Sparkle Star Rescue!EducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit ToddlerEducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit's Interactive Reading Journey 1EducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit's KindergartenEducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit's Math Ages 4-6EducationalInc.
Reader Rabbit's Math Ages 4-6EducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit's Reading Development Library 1EducationalThe Learning Company
Reading Blaster: Ages 9-12EducationalDavidson and Associates
Reading Detective BeginningEducationalThe Critical Thinking Company
Reading GalaxyEducationalBrøderbund
Reading Made Easy - Phonics FunhouseEducationalDorling Kindersley
Reading MazeEducationalGreat Wave Software
Ready 2 Rumble BoxingSportMidway Games, Inc.
Ready for Math with PoohEducationalDisney Interactive
Real PokerPuzzleHenderson Associates
RealGirls Strip PokerPuzzlePokai Software
Realm Of ImpossibilityActionElectronic Arts
RealmsStrategyElectronic Arts
Realms of ArkaniaunknownAttic Entertainment Software GmbH
Realms of Arkania - 2. Star TrailRPGAttic Entertainment
Realms of Arkania 3 - Shadows over RivaRPGAttic Entertainment
Realms of ChaosAction
Realms of the HauntingAdventureGremlin Interactive
RealPoolSportDigital Fusion
RealSports SoccerSportAtari
RealSports VolleyballSportAtari
Reaper ArenaActionEpic Banana
Reaping The DungeonRPG
Rebel Charge Chickamaugaunknown
Rebel PlanetRPGPuffin Books
Rebel PlanetAdventureAdventure Soft
Rebelstar 2: Alien EncounterStrategy
Rebelstar RaidersStrategyJulian Gollop
RebounderActionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Recipe BoxMiscSonoma Graphics
Reckless Drivin'ActionJonas Echterhoff
RecycleStrategyBen Resner
Red AlertStrategyWestwood Studios
Red BaronSimulationSierra
Red BaronSimulationBMB Compuscience
Red Baron 3DSimulationDynamix, Inc.
Red CatActionDavilex
Red FactionActionVolition, Inc.
Red Hook's RevengeMiscImagiSoft
Red LightningStrategySSI
Red MoonAdventureLevel 9 Computing
Red Orchestra 3.1ActionTripWire
Red sky at morningStrategySimulations Canada
Red Storm RisingStrategyMicroProse Software
RedhawkAdventureMelbourne House
Redline RacerSportCriterion Studios
Redneck Deer Huntin'unknownInterplay
Redneck RampageActionInterplay
Reelect JFKAdventureQuadra
Remote ControlPuzzleHi-Tech Expressions
Rendezvous with Ramaunknown
Renegade Legion: Interceptorunknown
Republic: The RevolutionStrategyEidos, Inc.
Requiem: en mordgata pa 1600-taletAdventureParegos Mediadesign
RescateunknownJosé Pons
Rescate del TesoroActionInvestrónica
Rescate en el GolfoActionOpera Soft
Rescate en la MontañaActionCibercomp
Rescue - The Embassy Missionunknown
Rescue at RigelRPGEpyx
Rescue On FractalusActionLucasfilm Games
Rescue RoverPuzzleid Software
Rescue Rover 2Puzzleid Software, Inc.
Resident Evil (Bio Hazard)AdventureCapcom
Resident Evil 2ActionCapcom
Resolution 101unknown
Restricted AreaActionWhiptail Interactive
ResummaPuzzleJ.S. Franses
RetributionunknownGremlin Interactive
Retro City RampageActionVBLANK Entertainment
Retro Wars Episode IV¼AdventureAmiga Wave
Return FireActionSilent Software
Return of Double DragonActionTechnos
Return of the Incredible Machine - ContraptionsunknownDynamix
Return Of The JediActionDomark
Return Of The Mutant CamelsActionMastertronic
Return of the PhantomAdventureMicroprose
Return of Valkyr, TheActionM.A. Soft
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: ArkotActionArKot 24
Return to Dark Castle (aka Dark Castle 3)ActionZ Sculpt Entertainment
Return to doomAdventureTopologika Software
Return to KrondorRPGActivision
Return to KrozActionApogee
Return to RingworldAdventureTsunami Media
Return to ZorkAdventureActivision
Returned RacoonActionKyunghee University
ReunionStrategyAmnesty Design
Revenge of DefenderActionEpyx
Revenge of Shinobi, TheActionSEGA Enterprises
Revenge of the Mutant CamelsActionLlamasoft, LTD.
Revolt of Don’s KnightsRPGEmerald Software
Revolution XActionAcclaim
Rex HardActionMister Chip
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender BenderAdventureMicroProse
RexChessPuzzleLarry Kaufman, Don Dailey
RHEM 2: The CaveAdventureKnut Müller
Richard's Curling GameSportRichard Woloshyn (Gluonic Systems Research)
Rick DangerousActionCore Design
Rick Dangerousunknown
Rick Dangerous 2ActionMicroStyle
Rick Davis's World Trophy Soccerunknown
Riders of Rohanunknown
Ring CycleRPGMaelstrom
Ring Kingunknown
Rings of MedusaunknownStarbyte Software
Rings of Medusa 2unknownStarbyte Software
Rings of Medusa GoldActionStarbyte
Rings of Zilfinunknown
Ringworld - Revenge of the PatriarchunknownTsunami
RipperAdventureTake-Two Interactive
Rise of Nations Gold EditionStrategyMacSoft
Rise of the DragonAdventureSierra
Rise of the RobotsActionMirage
Rise of the TriadAction
Rise of the Triad: Dark WarActionApogee
Rise of the Triad: Dark Warunknown
Rise of the Triad: Power Packunknown
Rise Out from DungeonsPuzzleASCII
RisicoStrategyVirgin Interactive
RiskStrategyParker Brothers
Risky WoodsActionDinamic Multimedia
RistarActionSega Corporation
Rival ChessPuzzleAlastair Scott
Riven - The Sequel to MystunknownRed Orb
River City RansomActionTechnos Japan
River RaidActionActivision
River Raid IIActionActivision
River Raid II RemakeAction
Rms TitanicSimulationElectric Dreams Software
Road AvengerActionRenovation Productions
Road FighterSimulationKonami
Road Fighter RemakeActionBrain games
Road Kill & Xerixunknown
Road RashunknownElectronic Arts
Road RunnerSportAtari
Road Runner's Death Valley RallyActionSun Corporation of America
Road ToadActionCDS
RoadburnerActionPlayers Premier
Roadwar 2000RPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Roadwar EuropaRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Rob BlancAdventureYahtzee
Rob Blanc 2AdventureYahtzee
Rob Blanc 3AdventureYahtzee
Roberta Williams' PhantasmagoriaAdventureSierra On‑Line, Inc.
Robin & OrchidAdventureRyan Veeder
Robin Hoodunknown
Robin HoodAdventureMillenium
Robin Hood - Legend QuestActionCodemasters
Robin Hood: Conquests of the LongbowAdventureSierra On-Line
Robin Hood: The Legend of SherwoodRPGSpellbound Entertainment
Robin Of Sherwood - The Touchstones Of RhiannonAdventureAdventure International
Robin Of The WoodAdventureOdin Computer Graphics
Robin To The RescueActionSolar Software
Robinson's Requiemunknown
Robo Copunknown
Robo RumbleStrategyMetropolis Software House
Robocod (James Pond 2)ActionMillennium
RoboCop 2ActionData East
RoboCop 3ActionOcean Software
Robocop vs TerminatorActionVirgin Games
Robot OdisseyStrategyThe Learning Company
Robot RascalsStrategyElectronic Arts
Robot TankActionActivision
Robotron 2084unknown
Robots Of DawnAdventureEpyx
Rock 'n Rollunknown
Rock 'n Rollunknown
Rock 'n Shaolinunknown
Rock 'n' Roll RacingActionInterplay
Rock n Ballunknown
Rock N' BoltActionActivision
Rock Star Ate My HamsterSimulationCodemasters
Rock'N RollActionRainbow Arts
Rock'n RollerActionTopo Soft
Rock'N WrestleSportMelbourne House
Rocket RangerAdventureCinemaware
Rockett's Adventure MakerEducationalPurple Moon
Rockett's Camp AdventuresEducationalAddictive Media
Rockett's First DanceEducationalPurple Moon
Rockett's Tricky DecisionEducationalPurple Moon
RockfordPuzzleFirst Star Software
Rockford: The Arcade Gameunknown
Rockford: The Arcade Gameunknown
Rockin' KatsActionAtlus
RockstarAdventureWizard Games
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter: Interactive Big Game HuntingStrategySunstorm Interactive
Rocky';s BootsEducationalThe Learning Company
Rodent's RevengePuzzle
Roger Clemens MVP Baseballunknown
Roger Rabbit in Hare Raising HavocActionBlueSky Software
Roger Wilco's Spaced Out Game PackActionSierra On-Line, Inc.
RogueRPGArtificial Intelligence Design
Roland in the CavesActionAmsoft
Roland on the RopesActionAmsoft
Roland'S RatraceActionOcean
Roll 'm UpSportDommelsch
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2unknownChris Sawyer Productions
Roller Gamesunknown
Rollercoaster RumblerActionTynesoft
RollergamesActionKonami Industry Co. Ltd
Rolling Stones: Voodoo LoungeAdventureSecond Vision
Rolling ThunderActionU.S. Gold
Rollo and the Brush Brosunknown
Roma, La Conquista del ImperioStrategyIdealogic
Romance of the three kingdomsStrategyKOEI
Romance of the three kingdoms 2StrategyKOEI
Romance of The Three Kingdoms 3unknownKOEI Co., Ltd.
Romancing SaGa 3RPGSquare Co., Ltd.
Romantic encounters at the domeAdventureMicroIllusions
Rome – Pathway to PowerAdventureMillennium
Room of DoomActionCommaVid
Rooms of Doomunknown
Rootin' Tootin'ActionHesWare
Rorke's Driftunknown
Rose and Camelliaunknown
Round 42ActionElven Software
Roundball 2-on-2 Challengeunknown
Roy Of The RoversSportGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Rubik CubePuzzle-
Rugby World Cup '95SportElectronic Arts, Inc.
Rugrats Mystery AdventuresActionBrøderbund
Ruiner PinballSportAtari
Ruins of CawdorRPGSierra On-Line
Rules of Engagementunknown
Rules of Engagement 2unknown
Rupert And The Ice CastleActionQuicksilva
Rupert And The Toymaker'S PartyActionQuicksilva
Rush 'N AttackActionKonami
Russia: Great War In The EastStrategySSG
Rytíři GráluRPGCentauri Production