1991 Games


Robot 883
1000 MigliaSportSimulmondo
3D Construction Kitunknown
4-D Sports boxingunknownDistinctive Software
4D Prince of persiaActionFreeware
688 Attack SubSimulationSega
7 Card StudStrategyVilla Crespo Software
7 ColorsPuzzleInfogrames
A Silly Noisy HouseEducationalPeggy Weil
A-10 Tank KillerStrategyDynamix
A.G.E.SimulationCoktel Vision
A320 AirbusSimulationThalion
ABC Wide World of Sports BoxingSportData East USA
AcquireStrategyAvalon Hill
Action Stations! Aka Naval Surface Combat 1922 - 1945SimulationRAW Entertainment
Addams Family, TheActionOcean Software
Admirals CommandStrategySimoneSystems Software
Advantage TennisSportInfogrames Europe
Adventures of Dr.Know-it-All Inside Human BodyEducationalTom Snyder Productions
Adventures of Lolo 3PuzzleHAL Laboratory
Adventures of Robin HoodAdventureMillennium Interactive Ltd.
Adventures of Willy BeamishAdventureDynamix
AggravationStrategyCutlass Software
AirlineStrategyFalken Software
AkbarrunknownA. Viedma
Aldos AssaultActionBen and Dave Ibach
Alice: An Interactive MuseumAdventureSynergy Interactive
Alien BreedActionTeam 17
Altered DestinyAdventureAccolade
AmandaStoriesAdventureAmanda Goodenough
Animal QuestEducational
Animated Memory GameStrategy
Another Lifeless Planet and Me With No BeerAdventure
Another WorldActionDelphine Software
Another WorldActionGolden Disk 64
Apogee Software Bonus Disk 7unknown
Aqua Blooper PiperPuzzleCasady & Greene
ArashiActionProject STORM team
Arcade Blockbusters!unknown
Arcade Hitsunknown
Arctic Adventureunknown
Arctic AdventureAction
Armada 2525unknown
ArmorStrategyBrad Sanders
Armor Alleyunknown
AssaultStrategyBrad Sanders
AstérixActionSEGA Enterprises
AsylumAdventureDoppelganger Adventures Inc
AtominoPuzzlePlay Byte
Auf dem Weg nach Europaunknown
Baby Jo in Going HomeActionLoriciels
Back to the future 3ActionImage Works
BackBayStrategyJeff Strobel
BackrgammonStrategyKrista Comp.
Bad BloodAdventureOrigin Systems Inc
Ball GameActionEsprit Software
BananoidActionBanana Development
Barbarian IIActionPsygnosis Limited
Bard's ConstructionsetMiscInterplay
Barney Bear Goes to SchoolEducationalFree Spirit Software
BasstourSportOlsen Outdoors
Batman: Return of the JokerActionSunsoft
Battle ChessMisc
Battle FleetStrategyWade L. Corby
Battle IsleStrategyBlue Byte
BattleshipPuzzlePhilips Interactive Media, Inc.
BattleTech 2: The Crescent Hawk's RevengeStrategyInfocom
BattletoadsActionRare, Ltd.
Bible AdventuresActionWisdom Tree
Bicycle HolidayPuzzleSWFTE International
Big Game FishingSimulationSimulmondo
Bill and Ted's Excellent Video Game AdventureAdventureLJN
Birds of PreySimulationElectronic Arts
Black CrownStrategyTopo Soft
Black GoldStrategyStarbyte
Blade WarriorActionImage Works
Blue ShadowActionNatsume Co., Ltd.
Blues BrothersActionTitus
Bo Jackson Baseballunknown
Bomberman II (Dyna Blaster)ActionHudson Soft
Boston Bomb ClubPuzzleSilmarils
BrixPuzzleMichael Riedel
Bubble Bath BabesAdultHacker International
Buck Rogers: Countdown to DoomsdayRPGElectronic Arts
Budokan: The Martial SpiritActionElectronic Arts
Bush BuckStrategyPC Globe Inc.
Byte BanditunknownRinzai Satori
Cadaver - The PayoffRPGBitmap Brothers
Caesar's PalaceSportUnknown
California Games 2unknown
CamelStrategyCary Torkelson
CastelianActionHewson Consultants
CastleunknownSami Tammilehto
Castle of Dr BrainPuzzleSierra
Castles: The Northern Campaignunknown
Catacomb 2ActionSoftdisk
Catacomb 3-DAdventureSoftdisk
Center Court TennisSportVisutech
Challenge of the Ancient EmpiresPuzzleLearning Company
Champion of the RajActionLevel 9
Chess HousersActionDDM
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue RangersActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Chip's Challengeunknown
Chuck Yeager's Air Combatunknown
Cisco HeatSimulationImage Works
CivilizationStrategyMicroProse \(Sid Meier\)
Civilization for WindowsStrategyMicroprose
CJ's Elephant Anticsunknown
Cohort - Fighting for RomeStrategyImpressions Games
Comic, Arcade & AventuraunknownDro Soft
Coming Attractionsunknown
Command H.Q.StrategyMicroprose
Commander Keen - Episode 4Action
Commander Keen - Keen DreamsAction
Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon MachineActionid Software
Commander Keen 6 - Aliens Ate My Baby SitterActionFormGen, Inc.
Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxy!ActionApogee
Conan The CimmerianRPGVirgin Games, Inc.
Conflict: Middle Eastunknown
Conquests of the LongbowAdventureSierra
Corncob 3Dunknown
CorporationActionCore Design
Cover Girl Strip PokerStrategyEmotional Pictures
Covert ActionStrategyMatt Kaufman
Crime CityAdventureISC
Crisis in the KremlinunknownSpectrum Holobyte
Croisière pour un cadavreAdventureDelphine Software
CruncherunknownKarsten Finger
Crystal CavesActionApogee Software
CyberboxPuzzleDoug Beeferman
Cybercon IIIunknown
Daffy DuckActionRiedel Software
Dames Simulatorunknown
Dangerous Dave - The Haunted MansionActionSoftDisk
Danny Sullivan's Indy HeatSportLeland, Tradewest
Dark Agesunknown
Dark Designs 1 - Grelminar's StaffRPGSoftdisk Publishing
Dark Designs 2 - Closing the GateRPGSoftdisk Publishing
DarkmanActionOcean Software
DartsSportSoftdisk Publishing
Das ErbeAdventureComad
Death Bringerunknown
Death Knights of KrynnRPGStrategic Simulations Inc.
Deathbringer: The Sword of AbaddonActionEmpire
Defender of the CrownStrategyCinemaware
Desperado 2ActionTopo Soft
Destination: Marsunknown
Dick Tracy: The Crime-Solving Adventureunknown
Die HardActionActivision
Die KathedraleAdventureSoftware 2000
Discovery - In the Steps of ColumbusStrategyImpressions
Disney's TaleSpinActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Dizzy - Fantasy WorldActionCodemasters
Double Crossunknown
Dr. RudyPuzzleKevin Jay North
Drachen von Laasunknown
Dragon's Lair II: Time WarpActionReadySoft
DruglordStrategyFantasyWare, Inc.
Duke Nukemunknown
Duke Nukem 2MiscApogee
Dungeons of AvalonRPGZeret
Dusk of the GodsRPGInterstel
Eagle's RiderActionInfogrames
Earl Weaver Baseball 2SportElectronic Arts
Eco Quest 1 - The Search for CetusunknownSierra
Eco-SaurusEducationalFirst Byte
EggerlandPuzzleVampire Vangeance
Einmal Kanzler seinStrategyComputerpartner T&S GmbH
EliminatorActionJerry Judd
Elvira - Mistress Of The DarkAdventureFlair Software Ltd
Elvira - The Arcade GameActionFlair Software
Elvira 2 - The Jaws of CerberusRPGAccolade
Engineering Jones and The Time Thieves of DSPeaPuzzlePrentice Associates
Eric the UnreadyAdventureLegend Entertainment
Eskimo GamesSportGolden Disk 64
ESS MegaSimulationCoktel Vision
ExileActionAudiogenic Software Ltd
Eye of the Beholderunknown
Eye of the Beholder 2 - The Legend of DarkmoonRPGSSI
Eye of the Beholder 2 - The Legend of DarkmoonRPGSSI
Eye of the beholder 3: Assault on Myth DrannorRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
F-117A - Stealth Fighter 2SimulationMicroProse
F29 RetaliatorSimulationOcean
Facing the EmpireStrategyMVP Software
Falcon 3.0SimulationSpectrum Holobyte
Family FeudPuzzleGametek
Fate: Gates of DawnRPGreLINE Software
Final BattleRPGMirrorsoft
Final conflictActionImpressions
Final Fantasy IVAdventureSquare Co., Ltd.
Final FightActionCreative Materials
Fire WarriorActionElectromagic
Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943unknown
Fireteam 2200StrategyRAW Entertainment
First SamuraiActionVivid Image
Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & HoppyActionTaito
Formula One Grand Prix (World Circuit)SportMicroProse Software, Inc.
Free DC!unknown
Full ContactActionTeam 17
Galactic FrontiersStrategyHuman Media
Galactix 2 - The Search for the Lost OrbsActionRichard L. Wright
Gamer's Edge Samplerunknown
Games, The: Winter ChallengeSportMindSpan
Gang WarsRPGDoerr Bros Software
Gateway to the Savage Frontierunknown
Gazza IIunknown
Genghis KhanStrategyPositive
GoalunknownNew Era Software
GobliiinsunknownCoktel Vision
GodsActionBitmap Brothers
Gold HuntPuzzleEric Saito
Golden AxeActionSega
Golden Axe IIActionSEGA Enterprises
Golden Axe WarriorRPGSEGA Enterprises
Goofy's Railway Expressunknown
Grand Prix 500 2SportMicroïds
Great Courts 2unknown
Gremlins 2ActionHi Tech Expressions
Ground WarStrategyEnque Software
Ground War 2StrategyEnque Software
Gunship 2000SimulationMicroProse
HadesActionJ.M. Rodrígu
Hammer BoyActionDinamic Software
HangMan PlusPuzzleKen Winograd
Harpoon BattleSet 3: The MED Conflictunknown
Harpoon BattleSet 4: IOPGunknown
Harpoon Challenger Pak - Signature Editionunknown
Headline Harry and the Great Paper RaceStrategyDavidson & Associates
Heart of ChinaAdventureDynamix
HeimdallRPG8th Day, The
Hero QuestStrategyGremlin Graphics Software Ltd.
HextrisPuzzleEzra Dreisbach
Hill Street BluesSportKrisalis
Holiday Lemmings (Xmas Lemmings) '91PuzzleDMA Design Limited
Holiday MakerAdventurePM Entertainment
Home Aloneunknown
Horror Zombies from The CryptActionMillennium
Hot SlotsAdultPanesian Ltd.
HovertankActionid Software
Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 2unknown
Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 3unknown
Hudson HawkActionOcean Software
Hudson's Adventure Island IIActionHudson Soft
Hugo 2 - Whodunit?AdventureGray Design Associates
Hundir la FlotaMiscM.A. Soft
InchWorm!ActionMike Amadeo
IndentureAdventureCraig Pell
Intel386 SX Math CoProcessor Utilitiesunknown
International Championship AthleticsSportGolden Sector
International Ninja Rabbitsunknown
Invasión LunaunknownRafa Vico
Island of DangerAdventureRichard E. Carr
It came from the desertAdventureFreeware
Jahanghir Khan';s SquashSportKrisalis
Jai AlaiSportOpera Sport
James Pond 2 - Codename: Robocodunknown
Jimmy White's Whirlwind SnookerSportVirgin
Joe & Mac - Caveman NinjaActionNew World Computing
John Madden Football IIunknown
Johnnie VersounknownWazertown Wo
Johnny CastawayunknownSierra
Jones in the Fast LaneActionSierra On-Line Inc.
Jumpman 2ActionApogee
Kangaroo CourtStrategyDave and P.F. Dumanis
Katie's FarmEducationalLawrence Productions
KengiPuzzleSoftware 2000
KentrisPuzzleKen Silverman
Killing Cloudunknown
King's BountyRPGNew World Computing
King's Quest 5: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!AdventureSierra
Kong's RevengeActionZigurat
KoolahPuzzleMarko Teittinen
Kung Fu 2 (Spartan X 2)ActionIrem
Kuwait AssaultActionOMK
LabyrinthActionEagle I. Berns
Laffer's Utilitiesunknown
Lagaf: Les Aventures de Moktar - Vol 1: La ZoubidaActionTitus Ltd.
Last Ninja 3ActionSystem 3 Software, Ltd.
Last Warrior, TheunknownIron Chip
LeanderActionTravellers Tales Ltd.
Legend of the Mystical NinjaActionKonami, Inc.
Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the PastRPGNintendo
Leisure Suit Larry 1 (Color)AdventureAl Lowe
Leisure Suit Larry 5 - Passionate Patti Does A Little Undercover WorkunknownSierra
Les Manley in: Lost in L.A.AdventureAccolade
Liberación de Silvania, LaunknownAventuras FJ
Lone Wolf: The Mirror of Deathunknown
Lord of the Rings 2 - The Two TowersRPGInterplay
Lucky Dime Caper, TheActionSEGA Enterprises
Mach One: America's Best 25 Entertainment Hitsunknown
Mad Painter!ActionSteve Elder
Mad TVunknownRainbow Arts
Magic Candle II, The: The Four and FortyRPGMindcraft Software, Inc.
Magic PocketsActionBitmap Brothers
Magnetic Scrolls CollectionAdventureMagnetic Scrolls
Maldición de Aros, LaunknownIstari Desig
Mario & YoshiPuzzleGame Freak, Nintendo
Mario Andretti's Racing Challengeunknown
Martian DreamsRPGOrigin
Martian Memorandumunknown
Maupiti Islandunknown
Medieval Lords: Soldier Kings of Europeunknown
Medieval Warriorsunknown
Mega 4unknownTopo Soft
Mega BoxunknownDinamic
Mega lo ManiaStrategySensible Software
Mega Man 4ActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
MegaTraveller 2: Quest for the Ancientsunknown
Merchant ColonyStrategyImpressions Games
Metal MutantPuzzleSilmarils
Mickey's Jigsaw Puzzlesunknown
Mickey's Runaway Zoounknown
Micro MachinesunknownCodemasters
Microsoft Entertainment Pack Volume 2unknown
Microsoft Entertainment Pack Volume 3unknown
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 Sound, Graphics & Aircraft Upgradeunknown
Midwinter 2: Flames of FreedomStrategyMaelstrom Games
MiG-29 Fulcrumunknown
Might and Magic 3 - Isles of TerraRPGNew World Computing, Inc.
Mike Ditka Ultimate Footballunknown
Millenium 2.2StrategyParagon
Mission: ImpossibleAdventureDistinctive Software
Mixed up Fairy TalesunknownSierra
Mixed-Up Mother Goose (MPC - VGA)AdventureSierra On‑Line, Inc.
Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's RevengeunknownLucasArts
MonopolyPuzzleParker Brothers
Monuments of Marsunknown
Moonstone: A Hard Days KnightActionMindscape
Moraff's BlastActionMoraffware
Moraff's StonesPuzzleMoraffWare
Multi SportsunknownDinamic
Murder Makes Strange DeadfellowsAdventureTiger Media
Navigation Simulatorunknown
NCAA - Road to the Final FourSportBethesda Software
Nemesis the Go MasterStrategyNemesis Enterprises
Netwars \(2.06\)ActionNovell, Inc.
Neverwinter NightsRPGStormfront Studios
New Math Blaster PlusEducationalDavidson & Associates
NFL Pro League Football \(1991 Edition\)SportMicro Sports Inc.
NHL HockeySportPark Place Productions
Ninga Demo Reelunknown
Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaosunknown
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomActionTecmo
No Greater Glory: The Civil WarStrategySSI
Nobunaga's Ambition: Lord of DarknessStrategyKOEI Co., Ltd.
Nova 9unknown
NY Warriorsunknown
ObitusRPGPsygnosis Limited
Oh No More LemmingsPuzzlePsygnosis
Once Upon a Time - AbracadabraAdventureCoktel Vision
Once Upon a Time - Baba YagaAdventureCoktel Vision
Once Upon a Time - Little Red Riding HoodAdventureCoktel Vision
Operation C (Probotector)ActionKonami
Operation Desert StormActionBungie
Out Run EuropaSportUS Gold
Over the Netunknown
PacmanActionM. Tsuji
Panic DizzyActionCodemasters
Paper Boy 2ActionMindscape
Patton Strikes Back: The Battle of the BulgeStrategyBrøderbund
PGA Tour GolfSportThe Dreamers Guild
Phalanx: Project ClimaxActionKemco
Pharaoh's TombAction
Pick'n PilePuzzleUbiSoft
Pilgrims QuestStrategyDecision Development Corp.
PinballActionPhilips Interactive Media, Inc.
Pipe DreamPuzzle
Pit FighterActionAtari
Planet's EdgeRPGNew World Computing
Planet's Edge - The Point of No Returnunknown
Point of AttackStrategyHPS Simulations
Police Quest 1 - VGA remakeAdventureSierra
Police Quest 3 - The KindredunknownSierra
PonorkyStrategyJaroslav Křepinský
Pools of Darknessunknown
Popeye 2ActionAlternative Software
Populous 2 - Trials of the Olympian GodsStrategyBullfrog
Power BladeActionNatsume Co., Ltd.
Predator 2ActionKonami
PrehistorikActionTitus Interactive
Prince of PersiaActionBroderbund Software
Prophecy: The Viking ChildActionImagitec Design
PrPuzzleMartin Filip
QBasic GorillasStrategyMicrosoft Corporation
QuackShot starring Donald DuckActionSega Corporation
Quick Majik AdventureRPGNeurosport
Quo VadisPuzzleAndrea Pellizzon
Race Drivin';SimulationTengen Inc.
Reading MazeEducationalGreat Wave Software
RecycleStrategyBen Resner
Rescate en el GolfoActionOpera Soft
Rescue RoverPuzzleid Software, Inc.
Rescue Rover 2Puzzleid Software, Inc.
Riders of RohanStrategyKonami
Rings of Medusa II: The Return of MedusaRPGStarbyte
Rise of the DragonAdventureDynamix
Road RashSportElectronic Arts
Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesRPGVirgin Games
RoboCop 2ActionData East
Rockin' KatsActionAtlus
Rodent's RevengePuzzle
Roger Rabbit in Hare Raising HavocActionBlueSky Software
Rules of EngagementStrategyOmnitrend Software
SaborActionGamos Ltd.
Saddam's RevengePuzzleBovine Software
Safari IIActionJohn Gallaugher
SarakonPuzzleStarbyte Software
Sargon VStrategyActivision Publishing
ScapeghostAdventureLevel 9 Computing
SchoolhouseEducationalMaverick Software
Schwert und Magie 5: Das Haus des VampirsRPGGerman Design Group
Schwert und Magie 6: Der Turm des TodesRPGGerman Design Group
Scorched EarthStrategyWendell Hicken
Scrabble DeluxePuzzleVirgin Games
Secret Weapons of the LuftwaffeSimulationLucasfilm Games
Sega ChessPuzzleProbe Software
Shadow SorcererRPGSSI
Sherlock Holmes Consulting DetectiveAdventureICOM Simulations
Sherlock: the Game of LogicPuzzleEverett Kaser Software
Shogi MasterStrategyIshi Press International
Sierra & Dynamix Coming Attractions Demo Diskunknown
Sierra Demosunknown
SimCity Graphics Set 1: Ancient Citiesunknown
SimCity Graphics Set 2: Future Citiesunknown
SimCity Terrain Editorunknown
Simpsons, The - Arcade GameActionKonami
Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsActionImagineering
SimRabbitStrategyPaul B. Jones
Sito Pons 500 c.c. Grand PrixSportZigurat
Skate or Die: Bad 'N RadSportKonami, Inc.
Ski FreeAction
Snake Rattle 'n' RollActionRare, ltd.
Snoopy Game ClubEducationalAccolade
Sonic the HedgehogActionSega
Space 1889unknown
Space Ace 2: Borf's RevengeAdventureReadySoft
Space Quest 1 VGA - The Sarien EncounterAdventureSierra
Space Quest 4 - Roger Wilco and the Time RippersAdventureSierra
Space Quest: Roger Wilco in the Sarien EncounterAdventureSierra On-Line, Inc.
Spacewrecked: 14 Billion Light Years From Earthunknown
Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's ApplianceAdventureLegend Entertainment
Spirit of AdventureRPGAttic Entertainment Software
SporeAdventureProwler Productions (Mike Snyder)
Star BowlsActionZigurat
Star controlMiscToys for Bob
Steigenberger HotelmanagerStrategyFirst Step
Stellar EscapeActionPyramid
Storm MasterStrategySilmarils
Street Fighter 2: The World WarriorActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Street rod 2SportCalifornia Dreams
Street Rod 2: The Next GenerationSportLogical Design Works
Streets of RageActionSEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Strip Poker 3AdultArtworx
Super Castlevania IVActionKonami Inc
Super Ghouls 'n GhostsActionCapcom U.S.A., Inc.
Super Jeopardy!PuzzleGameTek
Super Mario Bros. Print Worldunknown
Super R-TypeActionIrem Software Engineering, Inc.
Super Sled AcerMiscMike Brent
Super Smash T.V.ActionAcclaim
Super Solvers - Operation NeptuneEducationalThe Learning Company
Super Space Invadersunknown
Super TennisSportTokyo Shoseki
Super TetrisPuzzleSphere
Superman: The Man of Steelunknown
Symantec Game Packunknown
T-Zero aka T-Zer5AdventureDennis Cunningham
T2: The Arcade GameActionMidway
TanksStrategyRichard Z. Ward
Team Suzukiunknown
Tecmo Super BowlSportTecmo
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: The Coin-Op!unknown
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - The Arcade GameActionKonami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 - The Manhattan ProjectActionKonami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeActionKonami
Templos Sagrados, LosunknownAventuras AD
Terminator 2unknown
Test Drive III: Road & Carunknown
The ball gameStrategyEsprit Software Programs
The Bard's Tale Construction Setunknown
The Case of the Cautious CondorAdventureTiger Media
The Charge of the Light Brigadeunknown
The Chessmaster 3000unknown
The Dungeon of DunjinAdventureMagnus Olsson
The Godfather: The Action Gameunknown
The ImmortalRPGElectronic Arts
The Lost Admiralunknown
The Lost Treasures of Infocomunknown
The Lost Treasures of Infocom Vol IIunknown
The ManagerunknownKron Simulation Software
The Manager (Camp. italiano)SportSoftware 2000
The Perfect GeneralStrategyWhite wolf productions
The Perfect General Scenario Disk: World War II Battle Setunknown
The Rocketeerunknown
The Secret Codes of CYPHER: Operation Wildlifeunknown
The Secret of Monkey IslandAdventureLucasfilm Games
The TerminatorActionBethesda
The TreehouseEducationalBroderbund
Thunderhawk AH-73MSimulationCore Design Ltd.
TimequestAdventureLegend Entertainment
Tiny Toon AdventuresActionKonami
Titus the Fox: to Marrakech and BackActionTitus Interactive
Tom and Jerryunknown
Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseballunknown
Top by Topo 2unknownTopo Soft
Top Gun: Danger Zoneunknown
Tour 91SportTopo Soft
Treasure TrapActionElectronic Zoo
Tristan PinballSimulationLittleWing
TroikaActionDima Pavlovski
Trump Castle IIunknown
TunnelerActionGeoffrey Silverton
Turrican II: The Final FightActionRainbow Arts, Factor 5
TV Sports BaseballunknownCinemaware
TV Sports: BoxingunknownACME Interactive
Twilight: 2000unknown
Typhoon of SteelStrategySSI
Ultima Vi - The False ProphetAdventureOrigin Systems Inc
Ultra SlotunknownUnited Innovations Plus
UMS 2: Nations at Warunknown
Uncharted WatersStrategyKoei
Utopia - The Creation of a NationStrategyInfogrames
V For VictoryStrategyThree-Sixty Pacific
V for Victory: D-day Utah BeachStrategyAtomic Games
Valley of PerilAdventureThomas Reed
VaxineunknownThe Assembly Line
Vengeance of ExcaliburRPGVirgin Interactive Entertainment
VertigoActionSpectrum HoloByte
Vette!SportSpectrum HoloByte
Virtual Reality StudioEducationalDomark Software
Virtual Worldsunknown
Vysvoboď princeznu ArabeluAdventureEleps
Wagon Train 1848EducationalMECC
Walls of RomeStrategyMindcraft
Warlock: The AvengerActionMillenium
Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2unknown
Western Front: The Liberation of Europe 1944-1945unknown
Wetten Dass..?PuzzlePCSL Software
Wheel of Fortune Featuring Vanna Whiteunknown
Wheel of Fortune: Golden Editionunknown
Where in America's past is Carmen Sandiego?PuzzleBroderbund Software
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?unknown
Where's Waldo?unknownTHQ
Window Wizardunknown
Windows Entertainment Pack 3unknown
Wing CommanderActionOrigin
Wing Commander 2: Special Operations 1unknown
Wing Commander 2: Speech Accessory Packunknown
Wing Commander: The Secret Missionsunknown
Wing Commander: The Secret Missions 2unknown
Woody The WormActionGolden Disk 64
World Championship Soccerunknown
World Class RugbySportAudiogenic Software Ltd
Wrath Of The DemonActionReadysoft Inc
WWF Wrestlemaniaunknown
XenopodsActionSoftdisk Publishing
XtronActionKeyPunch Software
XyphrActionEugene Lin
Zero WingActionToaplan Co., Ltd.
Zona 0ActionTopo Soft
ZZTActionEpic MegaGames