RPG Games


Robot 598
2400 A.D.PCOrigin Systems, Inc.1988
2400 A.D.PCOrigin Systems1988
2400 A.D.PCORIGIN Systems1988
2400 A.D.PCORIGIN Systems1988
2400 A.D.PCOrigin Systems1987
2400 ADPCOrigin1988
Abandoned PlacesPCInternational Computer Entertainment1992
Abandoned PlacesPCInternational Computer Entertain1992
Abandoned Places - A Time for HeroesPCArtgame1992
Abandoned Places 2unknownArtgame1993
Abandoned Places: A Time for HeroesPCInternational Computer1992
Abandoned Places: A Time for HeroesunknownArtGame1992
Adom v1.1PC1996
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Collector's EditionMacintoshMacSoft1994
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the LanceNESStrategic Simulations1990
Adventure construction setPCElectronic Arts1987
Adventure WriterPCGilsoft1983
Aethra Chronicles, The: Volume one - Celystra's banePC1994
aGORA: Soul of the OracleMacintoshKnowble Design1998
AkalabethPCRichard Garriot1980
Akalabeth (a.k.a. Ultima 0)PCCalifornia Pacific Computer1981
Akalabeth: World of DoomunknownTop of the Orchard Software1980
Akalabeth: World of DoomApple IICalifornia Pacific Computer (official releases)1980
Al-Qadim - The Genie';s CursePCSSI1994
Al-Qadim - The Genie's CursePCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1994
Al-Qadim: The Genie's CursePCCyberlore studios1994
Al-Qadim: the genie's curseunknownCyberlore studios1990
Al-Qadim: The Genie's CursePCSSI1994
AlbionPCBlue Byte1996
AlbionPCBlue Byte Studio1995
AlbionPCBlue Byte Software, Inc.1996
AlbionPCBlue Byte Software1996
AlbionPCBlue Byte1995
AlbionPCBlue Byte Software1995
AlbionunknownBlue Byte Studio1995
AlbionPCBlue Byte Software1995
Aleshar - The World of IcePCHypothermia1997
Aleshar - World Of IcePCHypothermia1997
Aleshar World of IcePC1997
Aleshar: World of IcePCHypothermia1997
Aleshar: World of IcePCFreeware1997
Alien LogicPCSSI1994
Alternate Reality - The CityPCDataSoft1988
Alternate Reality: The CityMacintoshDatasoft1985
AmbermoonunknownThalion Software1993
AmberstarPCThalion Software1992
AmberstarPCThalion Software1992
AmberstarPCThalion Software1992
AmberstarunknownThalion Software1992
AmberstarPCThalion Software1992
Amulet of YendorPCKeypunch1986
Amulet of YendorPCKeypunch Software1985
Amulets & ArmorPC1997
Amulets & ArmorPCUnited Software Artists1997
Amulets and ArmorPCUnited Software Artists1997
Ancient Domains of MysteryPCThomas Biskup2002
Ancient EvilPCSilver Lightning Software1998
Ancient Land of YsPCKyodai1989
Ancient Land of YsPCBrøderbund Software, Inc.1989
Ancient land of YsPCBrřderbund1988
Ancient Land of Ys, The (a.k.a. Ys: The Vanished Omens)PCBrøderbund Software1989
Ancients 1 - Death WatchPCFarr-Ware Software1993
Ancients 1: DeathwatchPCEpic MegaGames1993
Ancients 2 - Approaching EvilPCFarr-Ware Software1993
Ancients 2: Approaching EvilPCEpic MegaGames1993
Ancients I: Death WatchPCFarrware1993
Ancients II: Approaching EvilPCFarrware1993
AniraMacintoshDECK 132006
AniraMacintoshRay Dunakin1992
Another WarMacintoshMacPlay2003
Anvil of DawnPCDreamforge1995
Anvil of dawnPCDreamForge Intertainment1995
Anvil Of DawnPCNew World Computing, Inc.1995
Anvil of DawnPCNew World Computing1995
Anvil of DawnPCDreamForge Intertainment, Inc.1995
Anvil of dawnPCStrategic Simulations Inc.1996
Anvil of DawnPCDreamForge Intertainment, Inc.1995
Arcanum - of Steamworks and Magick ObscuraPCActivision2001
Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick ObscuraPCGOG.com2001
Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick ObscuraPCTroika Games2001
Arena GamesMacintoshJeff Derstadt1995
Arx FatalisPCGOG.com2002
Arx FatalisPCArkane Studios2002
Atlas: The Gift of AramaiMacintoshDigital Terra2001
AutoduelPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1988
AutoduelPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1988
Avadon: The Black FortressPCSpiderweb Software2011
AvalonPCMiG Outpost1998
AvalonPCMiG Outpost1998
Avernum 1PCSpiderweb Software2000
Avernum 2PCSpiderweb Software2001
Avernum 3PCSpiderweb Software2002
Avernum 4PCSpiderweb Software2005
Avernum 5PCSpiderweb Software2007
Avernum 6PCSpiderweb Software2010
B.A.T.: The Bureau of Astral TroubleshootersunknownComputer's Dream1990
B.A.T.2: The Koshan ConspiracyunknownComputer's Dream1992
Bad BloodPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1990
Bad BloodPCORIGIN Systems1990
Bad BloodunknownORIGIN Systems1990
Bad BloodPCOrigin Systems1990
Baldur's GateMacintoshBioWare2000
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnMacintoshBioWare2001
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Throne of BhaalMacintoshBioWare2000
Baldur';s GatePCAtari1999
Baldur';s Gate 2 - Shadows of AmnPCAtari2000
Baldur's GatePCBioware1998
Baldur's GateunknownBioWare Corp1998
Baldur's Gate II: The CollectionPCGOG.com2000
Baldur's Gate: The Original SagaPCGOG.com1999
Bard's TaleMacintoshElectronic Arts1989
Bard's TalePCInterplay1985
Bard's Tale 1: Tales of the UnknownunknownInterplay Productions1985
Bard's Tale 2 - The Destiny KnightPCInterplay1985
Bard's Tale 2: The Destiny KnightunknownInterplay Productions1986
Bard's Tale 3 - Thief of FatePCInterplay1988
Bard's Tale 3: Thief of FateunknownInterplay Productions1988
Bard's Tale I, The: Tales of the UnknownPCElectronic Arts1987
Bard's Tale II, The: The Destiny KnightPCElectronic Arts1988
Bard's Tale III, The: Thief of FatePCElectronic Arts1988
Bard's TalePCElectronic Arts Inc.1987
Bard's tale 2: Destiny knightPCElectronic Arts Inc.1988
Bard's tale 3: Thief of fatePCElectronic Arts Inc.1990
BattleTech - The Crescent Hawks InceptionPCInfocom, Accolade1988
BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's inceptionPCWestwood Associates1988
BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's InceptionunknownWestwood Associates1988
Battletech: The crescent hawk's inceptionunknownWestwood1988
BattleTech: The Crescent Hawks' RevengeunknownWestwood Studios1989
Betrayal at KrondorPCDynamix1993
Betrayal at KrondorPCSierra On-Line, Inc.1993
Betrayal at KrondorPCSierra Entertainment1993
Betrayal at KrondorunknownDynamix, Inc.1993
Betrayal at KrondorPCActivision1997
Betrayal at KrondorPCSierra On-Line1993
Betrayal in AntaraunknownSierra On‑Line, Inc.1997
Beyond DivinityPCLarian Studios2004
Black & White Platinum PackMacintoshLionhead Studios2002
Black CryptPCElectronic Arts1992
Black CryptAmigaRaven Software1992
Black CryptunknownRaven Software Corporation1992
Blades of AvernumPCSpiderweb Software2004
Blind JusticePCR.A.W. Entertainment1995
Blood Omen: Legacy of KainPCActivision1997
BloodNetPCMicroProse Software, Inc1993
BloodnetPCMicroProse Software, Inc.1994
Bloodstone - An Epic Dwarven TalePCMindcraft1993
Bloodstone: an epic dwarven talePCMindcraft Software1993
Bloodstone: An Epic Dwarven TalePCMindcraft1993
Bloodstone: An Epic Dwarven TaleunknownMindcraft Software, Inc.1993
BloodwychPCImage Works1989
BloodwychunknownMirrorsoft Ltd.1989
Blues Brothers RPGPCFreeeware2004
Blues Brothers RPGPC2004
Bob's Dragon HuntPCNeurosport1992
Brány SkeldaluunknownNapoleon Games1998
Breath of FireSNESCapcom Co., Ltd.1993
Buck RogersPCSSI1990
Buck Rogers - Countdown To DoomsdayPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1990
Buck Rogers - Countdown to DoomsdayPCSSI1990
Buck Rogers - Matrix CubedPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1992
Buck Rogers - Matrix CubedPCSSI1992
Buck Rogers: Countdown to doomsdayPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1990
Buck Rogers: Countdown to DoomsdayunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc.1990
Buck Rogers: Countdown to DoomsdayPCSSI1990
Buck Rogers: Countdown to doomsdayunknownSSI1990
Buck Rogers: Countdown to DoomsdayMega DriveElectronic Arts1991
Buck Rogers: Matrix CubedPCSSI1992
Buck Rogers: Matrix cubedPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1992
Buck Rogers: Matrix CubedunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc.1992
BurntimeunknownMax Design1993
CadaverPCBitmap Brothers1990
CadaverunknownBitmap Brothers1990
Cadaver - The PayoffPCBitmap Brothers1991
Cadaver: The PayoffunknownBitmap Brothers1991
CardhaliaunknownCalimero Industries2005
Castle AdventurePCKevin Bales1985
Castle AdventurePCFreeware1985
Castle ChaosMacintoshModern Ancients Software1998
Castle of the WindsPCSaadaSoft1993
Castle of the WindsPCEpic MegaGames1993
Castle of the Winds: Part 1PC1989
Castle of the Winds: Part 2PC1989
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestNESKonami1987
Cave QuestPCLightwave Consultants1985
CavequestPCLightwave Consultants1985
Celtic Kings: Rage of WarMacintoshHaemimont Games2004
Challenge of the Five RealmsPCMicroProse Software1992
Champions of KrynnPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1990
Champions of KrynnPCSSI1990
Champions of KrynnPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1990
Champions of KrynnPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1990
Champions of KrynnPCSSI1990
Chrono TriggerSNESSquare Soft1995
Chrono TriggerSNESSquare Soft, Inc.1995
Chrono TriggerSNESSquare Co., Ltd.1995
Circuit's edgePCWestwood Associates1990
Cobra MissionPCMegaTech Software1992
Cobra MissionunknownMegaTech Software1992
Cobra MissionPCMegaTech Software1992
Cobra MissionPCMegaTech Software1992
Conan - The CimmerianPCVirgin Interactive1992
Conan the CimmerianPCVirgin1991
Conan The CimmerianPCVirgin Games, Inc.1991
Conan: The CimmerianPCVirgin Interactive1991
Conan: the CimmerianPCSynergistic Software1991
Crystal DragonunknownMagnetic Fields (Software Design) Ltd.1994
Crystal of ArboreaPCGOG.com / DotEmu1990
CrystalisNESSNK Corporation1990
Crystals of ArboreaPCSilmarils1990
Crystals of ArboreaPCSilmarils1990
Curse of the Azure BondsPCSSI1989
Curse of the Azure BondsPCSSI1989
Curse of the Azure BondsPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1989
DaemonsgatePCImagitec Design1992
DaemonsgatePCImagitec Design1992
DaemonsgatePCImagitec Design1992
DaggerfallPCBethesda Softworks1996
DaggerfallMacintoshBethesda Softworks1996
DaggerfallPCBethesda Softworks1995
Dark Ages 1 - The ContinentsPCMike Hoopmann1997
Dark Designs 1 - Grelminar's StaffPCSoftdisk Publishing1991
Dark Designs 2 - Closing the GatePCSoftdisk Publishing1991
Dark Heart of Uukrul, ThePCBrøderbund Software, Inc.1990
Dark Heart Of Uukrul, ThePCBrøderbund Software1989
Dark Heart of Uukrul, TheunknownDigital Studios Limited1989
Dark Queen of Krynn, ThePCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1992
Dark Queen of Krynn, ThePCSSI1992
Dark Sun - Shattered LandsPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1993
Dark Sun - Shattered LandsPCStrategic Simulations Inc.1993
Dark Sun - Wake of the RavagerPCStrategic Simulations Inc.1994
Dark sun 1: Shattered landsPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1993
Dark sun 2: Wake of the ravagerPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1994
Dark Sun 2: Wake of the RavagerPCSSI1994
Dark sun: shattered landsunknownSSI1993
Dark Sun: Shattered LandsunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc.1993
Dark Sun: Shattered LandsPCSSI1993
DarklandsPCMicroProse Software1992
DarklandsunknownMicroProse Software, Inc.1992
DarklandsPCMicroProse Software, Inc.1992
DarklandsPCMicroprose Software, Inc.1992
Darkmere: The Nightmare's BegununknownZero Hour Software1993
DarkspyrePCEvent Horizon1990
DarkspyreunknownEvent Horizon Software, Inc.1990
DarkSpyrePCElectronic Zoo1990
DarkspyrePCElectronic Zoo1990
DarkstonePCGathering of Developers1999
DarkwoodMacintoshRobert Chancellor1992
Das Schwarze Auge: Die SchicksalsklingePCAttic1992
Day Of The ViperPCAccolade1989
Death BringerPCPandora1989
Death Bringer (a.k.a. Galdregon's Domain)PCPandora1989
Death Bringer (a.k.a. Galdregon's Domain)PCPandora1988
Death Knights of KrynnPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1991
Death Knights of KrynnPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1991
Death Knights of KrynnPCSSI1991
Death Knights of KrynnPCStrategic Simulations Inc.1991
Death Knights of KrynnPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1991
Defender of Boston: The Rock Island MysteryPCTim Wisseman1992
Demon StalkerPCMicro Forte1988
Demon's WinterunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc.1988
Demon's WinterPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1989
Demons WinterPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1989
Deus Ex: Invisible WarPCIon Storm2004
DiabloPCBlizzard North1996
DiablounknownBlizzard North1997
Diablo 1 DieBlo Item UtilityMacintoshMichaelPollet1998
Diablo IPCBlizzard Entertainment1996
Diablo I + Hellfire (includes Hellfire The Dark and Rebirth)PCBlizzard Entertainment1997
Diablo IIPCBlizzard Entertainment2000
Dink SmallwoodPC1997
Dink SmallwoodPCIridon Interactive AB1998
Dink SmallWoodPCIridon Interactive1997
Dink SmallWoodunknownRobinson Technologies1998
Disciples of SteelPCFormGen, Inc.1994
Disciples of SteelunknownMegaSoft Entertainment, Inc.1994
Divine DivinityPCGOG.com2002
Divine DivinityPCLarian Studios2002
DNDPCR O Software1986
Don't Go AlonePCAccolade1989
Don't go aloneunknownSterling silver software1989
Don't Go AlonePCAccolade1989
Dont Go AlonePCSterling Silver Software1989
Doomdark's RevengePCBeyond1985
Dragon Quest III (Dragon Warrior III)unknownChunsoft1988
Dragon WarriorNESEnix Corporation1986
Dragon WarsPCInterplay1989
Dragon WarsPCInterplay Entertainment1990
Dragon WarsunknownInterplay Entertainment Corp.1989
Dragon WarsPCInterplay Productions1990
DragonflightunknownThalion Software1990
Dragons of FlamePCSSI1989
Dragons of flamePCUS Gold1989
Dragons of FlameunknownU.S. Gold Ltd.1989
DragonStomperAtari 2600Starpath Corporation1982
DragonstoneAmigaCore Design1995
DriftmoonPCInstant Kingdom2013
Druid: Daemons of the MindunknownSynthetic Dimensions1995
Druid: Daemons of the MindPCMindscape1995
Dual Orb IIunknownI'Max Corp.1994
Dungeon CrawlPC1997
Dungeon ExplorerPCJohn Murphy1990
Dungeon HackPCSSI1993
Dungeon HackPCDreamForge Intertainment1993
Dungeon hackunknownDreamforge intertainment1993
Dungeon HackPCSSI1993
Dungeon HeroesunknownPatrik Hlinka2014
Dungeon MasterPCFTL1989
Dungeon MasterPCFTL1988
Dungeon MasterPCFTL Games1987
Dungeon MasterPCFTL Games1989
Dungeon MasterPCunknown
Dungeon MasterPCFTL Games1988
Dungeon MasterSNESFTL Games1987
Dungeon MasterPCFTL Software1989
Dungeon MasterunknownFTL Games1987
Dungeon masterPCFTL1989
Dungeon masterPCFTL Software1988
Dungeon Master - Return To ChaosunknownGeorge Gilbert2008
Dungeon Master 2 - The Legend of SkullkeepPCInterplay1994
Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of SkullkeepunknownFTL Games1993
Dungeon master 2: The legend of SkullkeepPCFTL1995
Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of the SkullkeepPCInterplay Entertainment1995
Dungeon Master II: The Legend of SkullkeepPCFTL Games, Interplay1993
Dungeon Master: Chaos Strikes BackunknownFTL Games1989
Dungeon MercenaryPCJean-Christophe Bach2016
Dungeon SiegePCGas Powered Games2002
Dungeons of AvalonunknownZeret1991
Dusk of the GodsPCInterstel1991
Dusk of the GodsPCInterstel Corporation1991
Dusk of the godsPCEvent Horizon1991
Elder Scroll ArenaPCBethesda Softworks1994
Elder Scrolls - ArenaPCBethesda Softworks1994
Elder Scrolls - DaggerfallPCBethesda Softworks1996
Elder Scrolls II, The: DaggerfallPCBethesda Softworks1996
Elder Scrolls, The: ArenaPCU.S. Gold1993
Elder Scrolls: ArenaPCUS Gold1994
Elder scrolls: Arena, theunknownBethesda Softworks1993
Elder Scrolls: Arena, TheunknownBethesda Softworks1994
Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, TheunknownBethesda Softworks1996
Elvira 2 - The Jaws of CerberusPCAccolade1991
Elvira 2: The Jaws of CerberusunknownHorrorsoft1991
Elvira II: The Jaws of CerberusPCAccolade1991
Elvira: Mistress of the DarkPCAccolade1990
Elvira: Mistress of the darkunknownHorrorsoft1990
Elvira: Mistress of the DarkunknownHorrorsoft1990
Entomorph: Plague of the DarkfallMacintoshCyberlore Studios1995
Entomorph: Plague of the DarkfallPCSSI1995
Escape from HellPCElectronic Arts1990
Escape from HellPCElectronic Arts1990
Escape from HellunknownElectronic Arts, Inc.1990
Eschalon: Book 1PC2007
Eschalon: Book 2PC2010
Eschalon: Book IunknownBasilisk Games2007
EvetsPCSAck Enterprizes1988
Evil's DoomunknownOlympia Entertainment Group1996
Exile III: Ruined WorldMacintoshJeff Vogel1997
Eye of Beholder IPCImpressions1990
Eye of Beholder II: The Legend of DarkmoonPCImpressions1991
Eye of Beholder III: Assault on Myth DrannorPCImpressions1992
Eye of the BeholderAmigaWestwood1991
Eye of the beholderPCWestwood Associates1991
Eye of the BeholderSNESWestwood Associates1991
Eye of the BeholderPCWestwood Associates1991
Eye of the BeholderunknownWestwood Associates1990
Eye of the beholderunknownWestwood1990
Eye of the Beholder - Vol. 1PCSSI1990
Eye of the beholder 2unknownWestwood1991
Eye of the Beholder 2 - The Legend of DarkmoonPCSSI1991
Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of DarkmoonPCWestwood Associates1991
Eye of the beholder 3unknownSSI1993
Eye of the Beholder 3 - Assault on Myth DrannorPCSSI1993
Eye of the beholder 3: Assault on Myth DrannorPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1991
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of DarkmoonAmigaWestwood1992
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of DarkmoonunknownWestwood Studios1991
Faery Tale Adventure 2 - Halls of the DeadPCEncore Software1997
Faery Tale Adventure 2: Halls of the DeadPCEncore Software1997
Faery tale adventure II: Halls of the deadPCEncore1997
Faery Tale Adventure, TheunknownMicroIllusions1987
Faery Tale Adventure, ThePCMicroIllusions1989
Faery Tale Adventure, ThePCMicroIllusions1989
FalloutPCInterplay Productions1997
FalloutMacintoshBlack Isle Studios2002
FalloutPCInterplay Entertainment1997
FalloutPCBlack Isle Studios1997
FalloutunknownBlack Isle Studios1997
Fallout (for Classic Mac OS)MacintoshBlack Isle Studios1997
Fallout 2MacintoshBlack Isle Studios1999
Fallout 2PCGOG.com1998
Fallout 2PCBlack Isle Studios1998
Fallout 2PCInterplay1998
Fallout 2PCBlack Isle Studios1998
Fallout TacticsPCGOG.com2001
Fate: Gates of DawnunknownreLINE Software1991
Fates of TwinionPCSierra On-Line1993
Fates of TwinionPCSierra Entertainment1993
Fates of TwinionPCSierra1993
FaxanaduNESHudson Soft1987
Final BattlePCMirrorsoft1991
Final FantasyNESSquare Co., Ltd.1987
Final FantasyunknownSquare Co., Ltd.1987
Final Fantasy IINESSquare1988
Final Fantasy IINESSquare Co., Ltd.1988
Final Fantasy IIINESSquare Co., Ltd.1990
Final Fantasy Legend, TheGame BoySquare Co.1989
Final Fantasy VIIPCSquare1998
Fire EmblemGame Boy AdvanceNintendo Co., LTD2003
Fire KingPCElectronic Arts1990
Forest of DoomunknownPuffin Books1984
Forgotten Realms - Unlimited AdventuresPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1993
Forgotten Realms: Unlimited AdventuresPCSSI1993
Forgotten Realms: Unlimited AdventuresPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1993
Fountain of DreamsunknownElectronic Arts1990
Gang WarsMacintoshDoerr Bros Software1991
Gargoyle's Quest 2: The Demon DarknessNESCapcom1992
Gateway to the Savage FrontierPCSSI1991
Gateway to the savage frontierPCStormfront Studios1991
Gateway to the Savage FrontierPCSSI1991
Gateway to the savage frontierunknownStormfront studios1991
Gene SplicingPCNachos Software1998
God of ThunderPCArgo Games1994
God of thunderPCAdept Software1993
God of ThunderPCSoftware Creations1993
Golden Axe WarriorMaster SystemSEGA Enterprises1991
Golvellius: Valley of DoomMaster SystemCompile1988
Gorky 17PCcompany1999
GothicPCPiranha Bytes2001
GothicunknownPiranha Bytes2001
Gothic IIPCPiranha Bytes2003
HackMacintoshMichael Kahl1987
Hack, Slash, LootPC2012
Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure IIunknownDreamer's Guild, The1997
Hard NovaPCMalibu Interactive1990
Hard NovaPCElectronic Arts1990
HardnovaPCElectronic Arts Inc.1990
HeimdallPCCore Design1992
HeimdallPCCore design1992
HeimdallPCCore Design1992
Heimdallunknown8th Day, The1991
HeimdallunknownThe 8th day1992
HeimdallPCCore Design1991
Heimdall 2 - Into the Hall of WorldsPCCore Design1994
Heimdall 2: Into the hall of worldsPCThe 8th Day1994
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of WorldsPCCore Design1994
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of WorldsPCCore Design1994
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of Worldsunknown8th Day, The1994
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of WorldsPCThe 8th Day1994
Hero QuestPCunknown
Hero QuestPCGremlin Interactive1991
Hero QuestPCGremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive1991
Hero Quest 2: Legacy of SorasilAmigaGremlin1994
Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A HeroPCSierra On-Line1989
Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A HeroPCSierra1989
Heroes of Might and MagicPCNew World Computing1995
Heroes of Might and MagicPCNew World Computing1995
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - Gold EditionPCNew World Computing1997
Heroes of Might and Magic IIPC3DO Company The1996
Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete (Collector's Edition)PCGOG.com2000
Heroes of the LanceunknownU.S. Gold Ltd.1988
HeroQuestPCGremlin Graphics1991
HeroQuestPCGremlin Graphics Software1991
HeroQuestPC221B Software Development1991
Hexx - Heresy of the WizardPCPsygnosis Limited1994
Hexx: Heresy of the WizardPCPsygnosis1994
Hexx: Heresy of The WizardPCPsygnosis1994
HillsfarPCWestwood Associates1989
HillsfarPCStrategic Simulations Inc1989
Hired gunsPCDMA Design Limited1993
Hired GunsPCPsygnosis1993
Hired GunsunknownDMA Design Limited1993
Icewind DaleMacintoshBlack Isle Studios2000
Icewind DalePCBlack Isle Studios/ Interplay2000
Icewind Dale 2PCAtari2002
Icewind Dale 2PCBlack Isle Studios2002
Icewind Dale CompletePCGOG.com2001
Icewind Dale II CompletePCGOG.com2002
ICON: Quest for the RingPCMacrocom1984
Immortal, ThePCElectronic Arts1991
Infra ArcanaPCMartin Törnqvist2011
Ishar 1: Legend of the FortressPCGOG.com / DotEmu1992
Ishar 1: legend of the fortressPCSilmarils1992
Ishar 2: Messengers Of DoomPCGOG.com / DotEmu1993
Ishar 2: Messengers of DoomPCSilmarils1994
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityPCSilmarils1994
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityPCGOG.com / DotEmu1994
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityPCSilmarils1994
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityPCSilmarils1994
Ishar compilationPCSilmarils1994
Ishar: Legend of the fortressPCSilmarils1992
JauntTrooper - Mission: FirestormMacintoshDave Scheifler1996
Jewel of Arabia: DreamersMacintoshQuarter Note Software1998
Keef the Thief - A Boy and His LockpickPCElectronic Arts1989
Keef the Thief: A Boy and his LockpickPCNaughty Dog1989
Keys to MaramonPCMindcraft Software1990
Keys to Maramon, ThePCMindscape Inc.1990
Keys to Maramon, TheunknownMindcraft Software, Inc.1990
King's BountyMacintoshNew World Computing1991
King';s Bounty - The LegendPCKatauri Interactive2008
King's BountyPCNew World Computing, Inc.1995
Knights of LegendPCOrigin Systems1989
Knights of Pen and Paper +1 editionPCBehold Studios2012
Knights of XentarPCMegaTech Software1994
Knights of XentarPCMegaTech Software1994
Knights of XentarunknownELF Corporation1994
Knights of XentarPCMegaTech Software1994
Knights of XentarPCMegaTech1994
Kult: Heretic KingdomsMacintosh3D People/Virtual Programming2006
Lands of Lore - The Throne of ChaosPCWestwood Studios1993
Lands of Lore - The Throne of ChaosPCWestwood Studios1993
Lands of Lore 1: The Throne of ChaosPCWestwood Associates1993
Lands of Lore 2: Guardians of DestinyPCWestwood Associates1997
Lands of Lore 2: Guardians of DestinyunknownWestwood Studios, Inc.1997
Lands of Lore: The Throne of ChaosPCWestwood Studios1993
Lands of Lore: The Throne of ChaosPCWestwood1993
Lands of Lore: The Throne of ChaosPCVirgin Interactive1993
Lands of Lore: The throne of chaosPCVirgin Games, Inc.1993
Lands of Lore: The throne of chaos (CD)PCVirgin Games, Inc.1993
Le Maitre Des AmesPCUBI Soft1987
Legacy of the AncientsPCElectronic Arts1989
Legacy of the AncientsunknownQuest Software, Inc.1987
Legacy of the AncientsPCQuest Software1989
Legacy, theunknownMicroprose1993
Legacy, The: Realm of TerrorunknownMagnetic Scrolls1993
Legend - The Four Crystals of TrazerePCMindscape1992
Legend (a.k.a. The Four Crystals of Trazere)PCMindscape1992
Legend of DjelPCCoktel Vision1987
Legend of FaerghailPCElectronic Design Hannover1990
Legend of FaerghailPCRainbow Arts Software1990
Legend of GrimrockPC2012
Legend of GrimrockPCAlmost Human Games2012
Legend of the Silver TalismanPCInter-Active Arts1996
Legend of Zelda, TheNESNintendo1986
Legend of Zelda, TheunknownNintendo EAD1986
Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the PastSNESNintendo1991
Legendary LairMacintoshRobert L. Steely2001
Legends of murderPCSoftDisk Publishing1993
Legends of the Lost Realm I: The Gathering of HeroesMacintoshAvalon Hill1988
Legends of the Lost Realm II: WilderlandsMacintoshAvalon Hill1992
Legends of ValourPCU.S. Gold1992
Legends of ValourPCElectronic Arts1989
Legends of ValourPCSSI1993
Legends of ValourPCSyntetic Dimensions1992
Leygref's CastlePCFrank Dutton1986
Leygref's CastlePCFrank Dutton1986
Lionheart: Legacy of the CrusaderPCGOG.com2003
Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the RingPCInterplay1990
Lord of the rings - Vol.1PCInterplay1990
Lord of the Rings - Volume OneSNESInterplay1994
Lord of the Rings 2 - The Two TowersPCInterplay1991
Lord of the Rings Vol. I, ThePCInterplay Entertainment1990
Lord of the Rings Vol. II, The: The Two TowersPCInterplay Entertainment1991
Lords of MidnightPCDomark Software1995
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomunknownNeverland Co., Ltd.1993
Mac Rogue 3.0MacintoshMarco Pontil1994
Mad ParadoxPCSamourai1994
Mad ParadoxPCSamourai1994
Magic Candle II, The: The Four and FortyPCMindcraft1991
Magic Candle II, The: The Four and FortyunknownMindcraft Software, Inc.1991
Magic Candle III, ThePCMindcraft1992
Magic Candle III, TheunknownMindcraft Software, Inc.1992
Magic Candle, TheunknownMindcraft1989
Magic Candle, ThePCMindcraft1989
Magic Candle, ThePCMindcraft1989
Magic of Scheherazade, TheNESCulture Brain1987
Martian DreamsPCOrigin1991
Master of MagicPCSimtex1994
Megatraveller 1: the Zhodani conspiracyPCParagon software1990
MegaTraveller 1: The Zhodani ConspiracyPCParagon Software1990
Megatraveller 2: Quest for the ancientsPCParagon software1991
MegaTraveller 2: Quest for the AncientsPCParagon Software1991
MegaTraveller: The Zhodani ConspiracyPCParagon Software1989
MenzoberranzanPCDreamForge Intertainment1994
Middle EarthPCVirgin1988
Might & Magic Book 1 - Secret of the Inner SanctumPCNew World Computing1987
Might and Magic 1 - Secret of the Inner SanctumPCNew World Computing, Inc.1987
Might and Magic 1: Secret of the inner sanctumPCNew World Computing1987
Might and Magic 2 - Gates to Another WorldPCNew World Computing, Inc.1988
Might and Magic 2: Gates to another worldPCNew World Computing1988
Might and Magic 2: Gates to another worldunknownNew world computing1988
Might and Magic 3 - Isles of TerraPCNew World Computing, Inc.1991
Might and Magic 3: Isles of TerraPCNew World Computing1991
Might and Magic 4: Clouds of XeenPCNew World Computing1992
Might and Magic 5: Darkside of XeenPCNew World Computing1993
Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner SanctumunknownNew World Computing, Inc.1986
Might and Magic I: Secret of the Inner SanctumPCNew World Computing1987
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another WorldPCNew World Computing1989
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another WorldMega DriveNew World Computing1988
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another WorldSNESNew World Computing1988
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another WorldunknownNew World Computing, Inc.1988
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another WorldPCNew World Computing1988
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another WorldPCNew World Computing1988
Might and Magic III: Isles of TerraPCNew World Computing1991
Might and Magic III: Isles of TerraSNESNew World Computing1991
Might and Magic III: Isles of TerraPCNew World Computing1991
Might and Magic III: Isles of TerraPCNew World Computing1991
Might and Magic IV: Clouds of XeenPCNew World Computing1992
Might and Magic IV: Clouds of XeenPCNew World Computing1992
Might and Magic IV: Clouds of XeenunknownNew World Computing, Inc.1992
Might and Magic IV: Clouds of XeenPCNew World Computing1992
Might and Magic V: Darkside of XeenPCNew World Computing1993
Might and Magic V: Darkside of XeenPCNew World Computing1993
Might and Magic: book 1unknownNew world computing1986
Might and Magic: Book 1PCNew World Computing1986
Might and Magic: Book IPCNew World Computing1986
Might and Magic: Book INESNew World Computing1986
Might and Magic: The Secret of Inner SanctumPCNew World Computing1987
Might and Magic: World of XeenPCNew World Computing1993
Might and Magic: World of XeenunknownNew World Computing, Inc.1994
Mighty Nerd vs. the SupervillainsMacintoshISM1989
Mines of TitanPCInfocom1989
Mines of TitanPCWestwood Associates1989
Mines of Titan (a.k.a. Mars Saga)PCWestwood Associates1988
Mines of Titan (Mars Saga)unknownWestwood Studios, Inc.1988
MoebiusPCOrigin Systems1987
MoebiusPCOrigin Systems1987
Moebius - The Orb of Celestial HarmonyPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1987
Moonstone - A Hard Day's KnightPCMindscape, Inc.1992
Moonstone - A Hard Days KnightPCMindscape1992
Moonstone: A Hard Days KnightPCMindscape1992
Moraff's RevengePCMoraffWare1988
Moraff's Dungeons of the UnforgivenPCMoraffware1993
Mordor: The Depths of DejenolPC1995
NahlakhPCTom Proudfoot Games1994
NetHackMacintoshThe NetHack Dev Team1987
NethackPCStichting Mathematisch Centrum1992
NethergateMacintoshJeff Vogel1999
Neverwinter nightsPCStormfront Studios1991
Neverwinter NightsMacintoshBioWare2003
Neverwinter NightsPCSSI1991
Neverwinter NightsPCAtari2005
Neverwinter NightsPCStrategic Simulations Inc.1991
Neverwinter NightsPCSSI1991
Neverwinter Nights (MMORPG)unknownStormfront Studios, AOL1991
Neverwinter Nights: Diamond EditionPCGOG.com2005
NoxPCWestwood Studios2000
OberinMacintoshDavid Bourg2005
OberinMacintoshDavid Bourg2005
ObitusPCPsygnosis Limited1991
ObitusPCPsygnosis Limited1991
ObitusPCPsygnosis Limited1991
Odyssey: The Legend of NemesisMacintoshMacSoft1996
Omnicron ConspiracyPCEpyx1989
Ormus saga, theunknownMike Doran1991
Paladin + Quest Disk - The Scrolls of TalmouthPCOmnitrend Software1988
Pangea - Return to Planet EarthPCInteractive Computer Entertainment1993
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3PC2012
Perihelion: The ProphecyunknownMorbid Visions1993
Phantasie 1PCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1987
Phantasie 3 : The Wrath of NikademusPCSSI1988
Phantasie 3: The wrath of NikademusPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1987
Phantasy starunknownSega1987
Phantasy StarMaster SystemSEGA Enterprises1987
Phantasy Star IIMega DriveSEGA Enterprises1989
Planescape - TormentPCAtari1999
Planescape: TormentPCGOG.com1999
Planescape: TormentPCBlack Isle Studio1999
Planet's edgePCNew World Computing1991
Planet's EdgePCNew World Computing1991
Pokémon Blue VersionGame BoyNintendo1996
Pokémon Red VersionGame BoyNintendo1996
Pool of RadiancePCSSI1988
Pool of RadiancePCSSI1988
Pool of radiancePCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1988
Pool of RadianceunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc.1988
Pool of RadiancePCSSI1988
Pool of radianceunknownSSI1988
ProkletĂ­ EridenuunknownNapalm Soft1997
Prophecy of the ShadowPCSSI1992
Prophecy: the fall of TrinadonPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1989
Prophecy: The Fall of TrinadonPCActivision1988
Psychic WarPCBroderbund1989
Psychic WarPCBrřderbund1989
QuarterstaffMacintoshSimulated Environment Systems1987
Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A HeroPCSierra On-Line1992
Quest For Glory IV: Shadow of DarknessPCSierra1993
Quest for Glory: So you Want to be a HeroPCSierra1992
Quest for Glory: So you Want to be a HeroPCSierra1989
Quest Of Yipe!MacintoshKevin Kinell1996
Questron 2PCWestwood Associates1988
Questron 2PCStrategic Simulations Inc.1988
Quick Majik AdventurePCNeurosport1991
Rage of MagesPCMonolith Productions1998
Ragnarok (a.k.a. Valhalla)PCGray Design Associates1993
Ragnarok aka ValhallaPCOptyk1993
Ravenloft - Strahd';s PossessionPCStrategic Simulations Inc.1994
Ravenloft 2: The Stone ProphetPCSSI1995
Ravenloft: Stone ProphetPCDreamForge Intertainment1995
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossessionPCDreamForge Intertainment1994
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossessionPCSSI1994
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossessionunknownDreamForge Intertainment, Inc.1994
Realms of ArkaniaunknownAttic entertainment1992
Realms of Arkania - 1. Blade of DestinyPCAttic Entertainment1993
Realms of Arkania - 2. Star TrailPCAttic Entertainment1994
Realms of Arkania - Blade of destinyPCFantasy Productions1992
Realms of Arkania 1 - Blade of DestinyPCSir-tech Software, Inc.1993
Realms of Arkania 1: Blade of destinyPCAttic Entertainment Software1992
Realms of Arkania 2 - Star TrailPCSir-tech Software, Inc.1994
Realms of Arkania 2: Star trailPCAttic Entertainment Software1994
Realms of Arkania 2: Star TrailunknownAttic Entertainment Software1994
Realms of Arkania 3 - Shadows over RivaPCAttic Entertainment1996
Realms of Arkania 3: Shadows over RivaunknownAttic Entertainment Software1996
Realms of Arkania II: Star TrailPCSir-tech Software1994
Realms of Arkania III: Shadows Over RivaPCSir-tech Software1996
Realms of Arkania Vol. 2: Star TrailPCAttic Entertainment Software1994
Realms of Arkania: Blade of DestinyPCAttic1992
Realms of Arkania: Blade of DestinyPCSir-tech Software1993
Realms of Arkania: Blade of DestinyunknownAttic Entertainment Software1992
Rescue at RigelPCEpyx1983
Rescue at RigelPCEpyx1983
Return to KrondorPCActivision1998
RevenantunknownCinematix Studios, Inc.1999
Revolt of Don’s KnightsunknownEmerald Software1996
Rings of Medusa II: The Return of MedusaAmigaStarbyte1991
Rings of ZilfinPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1987
Roadwar 2000PCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1987
Roadwar EuropaPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1987
Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesGame BoyVirgin Games1991
Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesNESVirgin Games1991
Robin Hood: The Legend of SherwoodMacintoshSpellbound Entertainment2002
Robinson's RequiemPCDotEmu1994
Robinson's RequiemunknownSilmarils1994
Robinsons RequiemPCSilmarils1994
RoguePCCodebusters Inc.1984
RoguePCArtificial Intelligence Design1983
RogueunknownArtificial Intelligence Design1980
RoguePCArtificial Intelligence Design1983
Rogue: The Adventure GamePCunknown
Rol CrusadersPCDigital Dreams1995
Romancing SaGa 3unknownSquare Co., Ltd.1995
Ruins of CawdorPCSierra On-Line1995
Rytíři GráluunknownCentauri Production1996
Sacred GoldPCGOG.com2004
Sacred GoldPCAscaron2004
Samurai Mech IIMacintoshHulinks1994
Scarab of RaMacintoshRick Holzgrafe1987
Scavengers of the Mutant WorldPCInterstel1988
Scavengers of the Mutant WorldPCInterstel Corporation1988
Secret of the SilverbladesPCSSI1990
Secret QuestAtari 2600Axlon1989
Sentinel Worlds 1: Future MagicPCElectronic Arts1989
Sentinel Worlds 1: Future MagicPCElectronic Arts1988
Sentinel Worlds I: Future MagicPCElectronic Arts1988
Septerra CorePCValkyrie Studios1999
Shadow CasterPCRaven Software1993
Shadow casterunknownRaven software1993
Shadow of YserbiusPCSierra Entertainment1993
Shadow of YserbiusPCSierra On-Line1993
Shadow SorcererPCSSI1991
Shadow SorcererunknownU.S. Gold Ltd.1991
ShadowbaneMacintoshWolfpack Studios2003
ShadowcasterPCORIGIN Systems1993
ShadowCasterPCORIGIN Systems1993
ShadowlandsPCDomark Software1992
ShadowlandsunknownTeque London Ltd.1992
ShadoworldsunknownTeque London Ltd.1992
ShadoworldsPCKrisalis Software1993
ShadowrunSNESData East1993
ShadowrununknownBeam Software1993
ShadowrunSNESBlueSky, Beam Software1993
ShadowrunMega DriveBlueSky, Beam Software1993
Shadows of MordorPCBeam International1988
SorcerianPCNihon Falcom1990
Space RoguePCOrigin Systems1989
Space roguePCOrigin Systems1990
SpellCraft: Aspects of ValorPCAsciiware1992
Spellcraft: Aspects of ValourPCBrøderbund Software1992
Spellforce PlatinumPCJoWood2005
SpellForce: Platinum EditionPCGOG.com2005
Spelljammer: Pirates of RealmspaceunknownCybertech1992
Spirit of AdventureunknownAttic Entertainment Software1991
Spirit of AdventurePCAttic Entertainment Software1991
Spirit of ExcaliburPCVirgin Interactive Entertainment1990
Spirit of ExcaliburPCVirgin Interactive Entertainment1990
Spirit of ExcaliburunknownSynergistic software1990
Sram 2PC3RE1987
Star CommandPCStrategic Simulations Inc1988
Star Oceanunknowntri-Ace Inc.1996
Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicPCLucasArts2003
Star WolvesPC1C Publishing2005
StarControl II: The Ur-Quan MastersPCAccolade1992
StarflightPCBinary Systems1987
StarflightPCBinary Systems, Electronic Arts1987
StarflightPCElectronic Arts, Inc.1986
Starflight 2 - Trade Routes of the Cloud NebulaPCBinary Systems, Electronic Arts1989
Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud NebulaPCunknown
StarQuest: Rescue at RigelPCEpyx1983
StonekeepPCInterplay Entertainment1995
StonekeepunknownInterplay Productions Ltd.1995
StrongholdPCStrategic Simulations Inc1993
Summoning, ThePCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1992
Summoning, ThePCSSI1992
Summoning, TheunknownEvent Horizon Software, Inc.1992
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsSNESNintendo1996
Superhero League of HobokenPCLegend Entertainment1994
Superhero league of HobokenunknownLegend entertainment1994
Superhero League of HobokenPCLegend Entertainment Company1994
Survival KidsGame BoyKonami1999
Sweet HomeNESCapcom1989
Sweet HomeNESCapcom1989
Sweet HomeunknownCapcom1989
Sword of the SamuraiPCMicrprose1990
Sword Quest 1 - The SearchPCErik Badger1992
Sword Quest 2 - Tale of the TalismanPCErik Badger1993
Swords of Xeen (a.k.a. Might and Magic Trilogy)PCCatware, Inc.1995
System ShockPCLooking Glass/Origin1995
System ShockPCLooking Glass Studios1994
System Shock 2PCElectronic Arts1999
System Shock 2PCIrrational Games, Looking Glass Studios1999
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling TogetherunknownQuest1995
Tales of the Unknown: The Bard's TalePCInterplay1987
Tangled TalesPCOrigin Systems1989
TaskMakerMacintoshDavid Cook1997
TelengardPCAvalon Hill1985
TelengardPCAvalon Hill1985
Temple of Apshai trilogyPCEpyx1985
Temple of Elemental Evil, The: A Classic Greyhawk AdventurePCGOG.com2003
TerminusMacintoshVicarious Visions2000
The Aethra Chronicles - 1 - Celysta's BanePCMichael W. Lawrence1994
The Bard's Tale 1PCInterplay Productions1987
The Bard's Tale 2: The destiny knightPCInterplay Productions1988
The Bard's Tale 3: Thief of fatePCInterplay Productions1990
The Bard's Tale II: Destiny KnightPCInterplay1986
The Bard's Tale III: Thief of FatePCInterplay Productions1988
The BoomtownPCMindscape1988
The Citadel of ChaosGamebookPuffin Books1983
The Citadel of ChaosC64Puffin Books1984
The dark heart of UukrulPCDigital Studios Limited1989
The Dark Heart of UukrulPCBroderbund1990
The Dark Queen of KrynnPCStrategic Simulations, Inc.1992
The Elder Scrolls II: DaggerfallPC1996
The Elder Scrolls II: DaggerfallPCBethesda Softworks1996
The Elder Scrolls: ArenaPC1994
The Elder Scrolls: ArenaPCBethesda Softworks1994
The Elder Scrolls: ArenaPCBethesda Softworks1995
The Faery Tale AdventureMacintoshMicroillusions1989
The Faery Tale Adventure: Book IPCSculptured Software1988
The ImmortalPCElectronic Arts1991
The Keys to MaramonPCMindcraft Software1990
The LegacyPCMicroprose1992
The Legacy: Realm of TerrorPCMagnetic Scrolls1993
The Legend of ZeldaNESNintendo1986
The Lord of the rings: Vol 1PCInterplay Productions1990
The Lord of the rings: Vol 2, The two towersPCInterplay Productions1991
The Magic CandlePCMindcraft1989
The Magic Candle 1PCMindcraft Software1989
The Magic Candle 2: The four and fortyPCMindcraft Software1991
The Magic Candle 3PCMindcraft Software1992
The Princess and the GoblinMacintoshSchuster & Partner1994
The Return of MedusaPCStarbyte Software1991
The Ruins of CawdorPCSierra Online1995
The Savage EmpirePCOrigin1990
The Shadow of YserbiusPCSierra Online1993
The Temple of Elemental EvilPCAtari2003
The Third CourierPCManley Associates1989
The Warlock of Firetop MountainGamebookPuffin Books1982
The WitcherPCAtari2007
Times of LoreunknownORIGIN Systems, Inc.1988
Times of LorePCOrigin Systems, Inc.1988
Times of LorePCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1988
Times of LorePCORIGIN Systems1988
Times of lorePCOrigin Systems1988
Titan QuestPCIron Lore Entertainment2006
TowersPCJV Enterprises1993
Towers II: Plight of the StargazerPCTelegames1997
Treasure Hunter GunknownSting Entertainment1996
Treasures of the Savage FrontierPCSSI1992
Treasures of the Savage FrontierPCStormfront Studios1992
Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of KhazanunknownNew World Computing, Inc.1990
Twilight: 2000PCEmpire Software1991
Two WorldsPCTopWare Interactive2007
Two Worlds: Epic EditionPCGOG.com2007
Ultima - The First Age of DarknessPCOrigin System1986
Ultima 1unknownOrigin systems1980
Ultima 1 - The First Age of DarknessPCCalifornia Pacific Computer Company1981
Ultima 2 - Revenge of the EnchantressPCSierra1983
Ultima 3 - ExodusPCOrigin System1983
Ultima 4 - Quest of the AvatarPCOrigin System1987
Ultima 4 - Quest of the Avatar \(enhanced\)PCOrigin System1987
Ultima 5 - Warriors of DestinyPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1988
Ultima 5 - Warriors of DestinyPCOrigin System1988
Ultima 6 - The False ProphetPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1990
Ultima 6 - The False ProphetPCOrigin System1990
Ultima 7 - Part 1 - The Black GatePCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1990
Ultima 7 - Part 2 - Serpents IslePCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1993
Ultima 8PCOrigin Systems1994
Ultima I - The First Age of DarknessC64Origin Systems1986
Ultima I: The First Age of DarknessC64Origin1986
Ultima I: The First Age of DarknessPCOrigin1987
Ultima I: The First Age of DarknessPCORIGIN Systems1986
Ultima I: The first age of darknessPCOrigin Systems1987
Ultima II: revenge of the enchantressunknownSierra on-line1982
Ultima II: Revenge of the enchantressPCOrigin Systems1983
Ultima II: Revenge of the EnchantressPCSierra On-Line/Origin Systems1982
Ultima II: The Revenge of the EnchantressMacintoshRichard Garriott (Lord British)1985
Ultima II: The Revenge of the EnchantressPCORIGIN Systems1983
Ultima III: ExodusMacintoshLairWare1985
Ultima III: ExodusPCORIGIN Systems1985
Ultima III: ExodusunknownORIGIN Systems, Inc.1983
Ultima III: ExodusPCOrigin Systems1985
Ultima IV Quest of the AvatarPCORIGIN Systems1987
Ultima IV: Quest of the AvatarPCORIGIN Systems1985
Ultima IV: Quest of the AvatarPCOrigin1987
Ultima IV: Quest of the AvatarPCOrigin Systems1985
Ultima Underworld - The Stygian AbyssPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1992
Ultima Underworld - The Stygian AbyssPCOrigin Software1992
Ultima Underworld 2 - Labyrinth of WorldsPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1992
Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of WorldsPCOrigin1993
Ultima underworld II : Labyrinth of WorldsPCORIGIN Systems Inc.1992
Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of WorldsPCORIGIN Systems1992
Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of worldsPCLooking Glass Studios1993
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssPCOrigin1992
Ultima underworld: the Stygian AbyssunknownBlue sky productions1992
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssPCBlue Sky Productions, ORIGIN1992
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssPCORIGIN Systems1992
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssPCORIGIN Systems1992
Ultima Underworld: The stygian abyssPCBlue Sky Productions1992
Ultima V: Warriors of DestinyPCORIGIN Systems1988
Ultima V: Warriors of DestinyPCOrigin1988
Ultima V: Warriors of destinyPCOrigin Systems1988
Ultima VI: The False ProphetPCORIGIN Systems1990
Ultima VI: The False ProphetPCOrigin1990
Ultima VI: The False ProphetunknownORIGIN Systems, Inc.1990
Ultima VI: The False ProphetPCOrigin Systems1990
Ultima VI: The False ProphetPCORIGIN Systems1990
Ultima VII part 1: The black gatePCOrigin Systems1992
Ultima VII part 2: Serpent islePCOrigin Systems1993
Ultima VII- Part 1: The Black GatePCORIGIN Systems1992
Ultima VII- Part 2: Serpent IslePCORIGIN Systems1992
Ultima VII, part 2: Serpent IslePCOrigin1993
Ultima VII: Part Two - Serpent IsleunknownORIGIN Systems, Inc.1993
Ultima VII: The Black GatePCOrigin1992
Ultima VII: The Black GatePCORIGIN Systems1993
Ultima VII: The Black GateunknownORIGIN Systems, Inc.1992
Ultima VIII: PaganPCOrigin1994
Ultima VIII: PaganPCORIGIN Systems1995
Ultima World of Adventure 1 - The Savage EmpirePCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1990
Ultima World of Adventure 2 - Martian DreamsPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1991
Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian DreamsPCOrigin Systems1991
Ultimate Wizardry Archives, TheunknownSir-tech Software, Inc.1998
Unlimited AdventuresPCStrategic simulations Inc1993
UnReal World v. 3.20PC1992
Vampire The Masquerade - RedemptionPCActivision2000
Vampire: The Masquerade - BloodlinesPCActivision2004
Vampire: The Masquerade - RedemptionPCActivision2000
Vampire: The Masquerade - RedemptionPCGOG.com2000
Vampire: The Masquerade – RedemptionMacintoshMacSoft2001
Vampyr - Talisman of InvocationPCBrian Weston, Victor Shao1990
Veil of DarknessPCEvent Horizon1993
Veil of DarknessPCStrategic Simulation, Inc.1993
Vengeance of ExcaliburPCVirgin Interactive Entertainment1991
Vengeance of ExcaliburMacintoshSynergistic Software1991
Vengeance of ExcaliburPCVirgin Interactive1991
Vengeance of ExcaliburPCVirgin Games1991
Wanderer I: The Cult of MiseryMacintoshQuinn Dunki1995
Warriors of LegendPCVirgin1993
Warriors of LegendPCVirgin Games1993
WastelandPCElectronic Arts, Interplay1988
WastelandPCInterplay, Electronic Arts1988
WastelandPCElectronic Arts1988
WastelandunknownInterplay Productions Ltd.1988
WastelandPCInterplay Productions1988
WastelandPCElectronic Arts1988
Whale's VoyagePCPro One Software1995
Whale's VoyageunknownNEO Software Produktions GmbH1993
Whale's Voyage II: Die ĂśbermachtunknownNEO Software Produktions GmbH1995
Whales VoyagePCFlair Software1993
Windwalker - A Tale From MoebiusPCORIGIN Systems, Inc.1989
Windwalker (Moebius 2)PCOrigin Systems1989
Witcher (Enhanced Edition), ThePCGOG.com2007
Wizard WarzPCCanvas1987
Wizard WarzPCunknown
Wizard's CrownPCSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1987
Wizard's CrownunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)1985
Wizardry 1: Proving Grounds of the Mad OverlordunknownSir-tech Software, Inc.1981
Wizardry 1: Proving grounds of the mad overlordPCSir-tech Software1981
Wizardry 2: The knight of diamondsPCSir-tech Software1982
Wizardry 2: The Knight of DiamondsunknownSir-tech Software, Inc.1982
Wizardry 3: Legacy of LlylgamynunknownSir-tech Software, Inc.1983
Wizardry 4: The Return of WerdnaPCSir-tech Software1988
Wizardry 4: The Return of WerdnaunknownSir-tech Software, Inc.1987
Wizardry 5: Heart of the MaelstromunknownSir-tech Software, Inc.1988
Wizardry 5: Heart of the MaelstromPCSir-tech Software1988
Wizardry 6: Bane of the cosmic forgePCSir-tech Software1990
Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark SavantPCSir Tech1992
Wizardry 8PCSir-Tech2001
Wizardry 8unknownSir-Tech Software, Inc.2001
Wizardry GoldPCSir-Tech1996
Wizardry I-II-III: Story of LlylgamynunknownSir-tech Software, Inc.1999
Wizardry I: Proving Grounds of the Mad OverlordPCSir-tech Software1983
Wizardry II: The Knight of DiamondsPCSir-tech Software1983
Wizardry III: Legacy of LlylgamynPCSir-tech Software1983
Wizardry IV: The Return of WerdnaPCSir-tech Software1987
Wizardry V: Heart of the MaelstromPCSir-tech Software1988
Wizardry VI : Bane of the Cosmic ForgePCSir-tech Software1990
Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark SavantPCSir-tech Software1992
Wizardry: Crusaders of the Dark SavantPCSir-Tech1992
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad OverlordPCSir-Tech1984
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad OverlordNESSir-tech Software1981
Wizards & WarriorsunknownHeuristic Park, Inc.2000
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's TrapMaster SystemSEGA Enterprises1989
Wonder Boy in Monster LandMaster SystemWestone Co.1987
Wonder Project JSNESEnix1994
World of Aden: ThunderscapePCSSI1995
World of XeenPCNew World Computing1994
Worlds of Legend: Son of the EmpirePCMindscape1992
Worlds of ultima: martian dreamsPCOrigin Systems1991
Worlds of Ultima: The Savage EmpirePCORIGIN Systems1990
Worlds of Ultima: The Savage EmpirePCOrigin Systems1990
X-men 2PC1990
XyphusMacintoshPenguin Software (aka Polarware)1985
Yendorian Tales - Book 1PCSmithWare1994
Yendorian Tales - Book 1 - Chapter 2PCSmithWare1996
Yendorian Tales - The Tyrants of ThainePCSmithWare1997
Yendorian Tales Book I (a.k.a. Yendor I)PCSpectrum Pacific Publishing1994
Yendorian Tales Book I: Chapter 2 (a.k.a. Yendor II)PCSpectrum Pacific Publishing1996
Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine (a.k.a. Yendor III)PCSpectrum Pacific Publishing1997
Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished (Ancient Land of Ys)unknownNihon Falcom Corp.1989
Ys: The Oath in FelghanaPCNihon Falcom Corporation2005
Ys: The Vanished OmensMaster SystemNihon Falcom Corp.1987
Ys: The vanished omensPCNihon Falcom1989
Zelda CGEMacintoshBrooke Benton-Smith2004
Zelda ClassicPCArmageddon Games1999
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkNESNintendo1987
Zelda, The Legend ofPCArmageddon Games1999
Zelda, The Legend of: Seeds of Darkness - RemakePCFreeware2008
ZeliardPCGame Arts / Sierra1990
ZeliardPCGame Arts1987
ZombiPCUBI Soft1986