1994 Games


Robot 883
1942: The Pacific air warPCSimulationMicroProse Software
1942: The Pacific Air WarPCSimulationMicroProse
1942: The Pacific Air WarPCStrategyMicroProse Software
1942: The Pacific Air WarPCunknown
3 Ninjas Kick BackMega DriveActionMalibu Interactive
3 Sister's StoryPCAdventureJast USA
3D CyberPuckPCSportTicsoft
4D Prince of PersiaPCActionKirill A. Terebilov
4D Prince of PersiaPCActionTerebilov K.A.
5 a Day AdventuresMacintoshEducationalDole Food Company
5th FleetPCunknown
5th FleetPCunknown
5th Fleet, ThePCStrategyAvalon Hill
7 dní a 7 nocíPCAdultPterodon Software
7 dní a 7 nocíunknownAdventurePterodon software
A Brief History of TimeMacintoshEducationalCreative technology Ltd.
A Mess O' TroubleMacintoshAdventureRay Dunakin
Abenteuer EuropaPCAdventureSPD
Aces of DeepPCSimulationDynamix
Aces of the DeepPCSimulationDynamix
Aces of the deepPCSimulationDynamix
Aces of the DeepunknownSimulationDynamix, Inc.
Aces of the DeepPCSimulationDynamix
Aces of the PacificPCunknownSierra
Aces over EuropePCunknown
Aces over EuropePCunknown
Aces over EuropePCunknown
Aces over Europe patch diskPCunknown
Action-Strategy BaseballMacintoshSportCary Torkelson
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Collector's EditionMacintoshRPGMacSoft
Adventures of Micro Man - Crazy Computer v1.5PCMiscBrian L Goble
Adventures of RobboPCPuzzle
Aegis - Guardian of the FleetPCSimulationSoftware Sorcery
Aethra Chronicles, The: Volume one - Celystra's banePCRPG
Air Combat ClassicsPCunknown
AirlinesPCSimulationInterActive Vision
Al-Qadim - The Genie';s CursePCRPGSSI
Al-Qadim - The Genie's CursePCRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Al-Qadim: The Genie's CursePCRPGCyberlore studios
Al-Qadim: The Genie's CursePCRPGSSI
AladdinunknownActionDisney software
Aladdin Activity CenterMacintoshEducationalDisney Interactive
Aladdin, Disney'sunknownActionDisney Software
Alien AlleyPCActionThe Coriolis Group
Alien Breed 3 - Tower AssaultPCActionTeam 17
Alien Breed Tower AssaultPCActionTeam 17
Alien breed: tower assaultPCActionTeam 17
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultPCActionTeam17 Software
Alien breed: Tower assaultPCActionTeam 17
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultPCActionTeam 17
Alien CarnagePCActionApogee
Alien CarnagePCunknown
Alien CarnagePCunknown
Alien CarnagePCAction
Alien CarnagePCunknownMulti Media International
Alien CarnagePCunknown
Alien CarnagePCunknown
Alien LegacyPCunknownYbarra Productions
Alien LegacyPCStrategyYbarra Productions
Alien LegacyPCStrategySierra Entertainment
Alien LegacyunknownStrategyYbarra Productions, Inc.
Alien Vs PredatorunknownActionRebellion
Alien vs PredatorJaguarActionAtari
All New World of LemmingsPCunknown
All New World of LemmingsPCunknown
All New World of LemmingsPCMiscDMA Designs
All New World of Lemmings (Lemmings 3)unknownPuzzleDMA Design Limited
Allan Border';s CricketPCSportAudiogenic
Alone in the Dark (floppy version)MacintoshAdventureInfogrames
Alone in the Dark 2PCAdventureInfogrames
Alone in the Dark 2PCAdventureInfogrames
Alone in the dark 2PCAdventureInterplay
Alone in the Dark 2unknownAdventureInfogrames
Alone in the Dark 3PCAdventureInfogrames
Alone in the Dark 3PCPuzzleInfogrames
AmoebArenaMacintoshStrategyCasady & Greene
Ancients II: Approaching EvilPCunknown
Anstoss: World Cup EditionPCunknown
Ant attackPCActionDataware
Ants AfireMacintoshActionMacromedia
Anyone for Cards?MacintoshPuzzleCapstone Software
Apocalypse AbyssPCPuzzleSoftware Visions
Arc of DoomMacintoshAdventureKeystone Productions
Arcade PoolPCSportTeam17 Software
Arcade PoolPCunknown
Arcade PoolPCSport
Archon UltraPCStrategySSI
Archon UltraunknownPuzzleFree Fall Associates
Archon UltraPCStrategyFree Fall Associates
Archon UltraPCStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc.
Archon UltraPCunknown
Armored fistPCSimulationNovaLogic
Armored fistunknownSimulationNovalogic
Armored FistPCSimulationNovaLogic
Armored FistPCStrategyNovaLogic
Armored FistPCunknownNova Logic
AsteraxMacintoshActionArvandor Software
Astro Chase 3DMacintoshActionFirst Star Software
Astro firePCActionORT Software
Astro FirePCunknownORT Software
Astro FirePCActionORT Software
AstronomicaMacintoshAdventureHYPER-QUEST Inc.
AtominoMacintoshPuzzleBlue Byte Software
Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo, The - The Cyberplasm FormulaPCunknownSanctuary Woods
Awesome BlackjackMacintoshPuzzleBryan Arntson
Awesome CrapsMacintoshPuzzleBryan Arntson
Awesome RouletteMacintoshPuzzleBryan Arntson
Awesome SicBoMacintoshPuzzleBryan Arntson
BackslashMacintoshPuzzleErik K. Veland
BalderdoushMacintoshPuzzleGeorges Lobry
BansheeAmigaActionCore Design
Battle BugsPCunknown
Battle BugsPCStrategySierra / Epyx
Battle BugsPCStrategyEpyx
Battle BugsPCStrategySierra On-Line, Inc.
Battle BugsPCStrategySierra Entertainment
Battle BugsunknownStrategyEpyx, Inc.
Battle Isle 2PCunknown
Battle Isle 2PCStrategyBlue Byte Software, Inc.
Battle Isle 2PCStrategyBlue Byte Software
Battle Isle 2PCStrategyAccolade
Beneath A Steel SkyAmigaAdventureRevolution Software
Beneath A Steel SkyPCunknown
Beneath A Steel SkyPCunknown
Beneath a steel skyPCAdventureRevolution Software
Beneath a Steel SkyPCAdventure
Beneath A Steel SkyPCunknown
Beneath a Steel SkyPCAdventureVirgin Interactive
Beneath a steel skyPCAdventureFreeware
Beneath A Steel SkyPCunknown
Beneath a Steel SkyunknownAdventureRevolution Software, Ltd.
Beneath A Steel SkyPCAdventureRevolution Software
Berlin ConnectionPCAdventurePromotion Software GmbH
Big Red RacingPCSportThe Big Red Software Company
Big Sea: The Better One Will WinPCunknownCyberdyne Systems
Biker Mice From MarsSNESActionKonami
Black ThornePCActionInterplay
Black ThornePCunknownInterplay Entertainment
BlackthornePCActionBlizzard Entertainment
BlackThorneunknownActionBlizzard Entertainment Inc.
BlackThornePCActionBlizzard Entertainment
BlackThorne (Blackhawk)PCActionBlizzard Entertainment
BlackThorne (Blackhawk)SNESActionBlizzard Entertainment
Blake Stone: Aliens of GoldPCActionJAM Productions
Blake Stone: Planet StrikePCunknown
Blake Stone: Planet StrikePCunknown
Blake Stone: Planet StrikePCActionApogee Software
Blind WarsPCStrategySoleau Software
BloodnetPCRPGMicroProse Software, Inc.
Blown AwayMacintoshAdventureImagination Pilots/MGM Interactive
Bob the HamsterPCMiscHamster Republic
Bobby Fisher teaches chessPCStrategyMission Studios
Body Blows GalacticAmigaActionTeam 17
BoppinPCPuzzleAccursed Toys
Brutal Sports FootballAmigaSportMillenium
Brutal Sports FootballPCSportMillenium
Brutal: Paws of FuryPCunknown
Bundesliga Manager HattrickPCunknown
Bundesliga Manager HattrickPCSportKRON Software
Bundesliga Manager HattrickPCunknown
Bundesliga Manager Hattrick SupporterPCunknown
Burn: CyclePCAdventurePhilips Interactive Media
Burn: CycleunknownAdventureTrip Media
Call of Cthulhu - Shadow of the CometPCAdventureInfogrames
Cannon FodderPCStrategyVirgin
Cannon FodderPCStrategySensible Software
Cannon FodderPCActionVirgin
Cannon FodderPCStrategyVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Cannon FodderMega DriveActionSensible Software
Cannon FodderPCActionSensible Software
Cannon Fodder 2PCStrategyVirgin
Cannon Fodder 2PCActionVirgin
Cannon Fodder 2PCStrategyVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Cannon Fodder 2PCunknown
Cannon Fodder 2PCActionVirgin Interactive
Cannon Fodder 2PCActionSensible Software
Captain Bible in Dome of DarknessPCAdventureBridgestone Multimedia
Captain Bible in the Dome of DarknessPCAdventureBridgestone Multimedia
Captain ZinsPCunknown
Carriers at WarMacintoshStrategyStrategic Studies Group
Casino MasterMacintoshEducationalCentron Software Technologies
Castle of the Winds I: A Question of VengeancePCunknown
Castles II: Siege & ConquestPCStrategyInterplay
Castlevania BloodlinesMega DriveActionKonami
Central IntelligencePCStrategyOCEAN Software
CHAMP Ms. Pac-manPCActionChamProgramming corp.
Championship Manager '94PCSportDomark
Chaos EnginePCunknown
Chaos Engine, ThePCActionRenegade Software
Checkered FlagJaguarSportAtari
Christoph KolumbusPCunknown
Christoph KolumbusPCStrategySoftware 2000
Christoph KolumbusAmigaStrategySoftware 2000
Club DriveJaguarSportAtari
Club Football The ManagerPCSportBoms
Club Football: The ManagerPCunknown
Clue!, theunknownPuzzleNeo software
Clue!, ThePCAdventureneo Software
Clue!, TheunknownAdventureNEO Software Produktions GmbH
Clue!, ThePCAdventureKompart UK
ColonizationPCStrategyMicroProse \(Sid Meier\)
ColonizationPCStrategyMicroProse Software
Colonization, Sid Meier'sPCStrategyMicroProse
Comanche Data Disk 2PCunknown
Comanche Data Disk 2PCunknown
Comet Busters!PCunknownHAMCO Software
Contra Hard CorpsMega DriveActionKonami
Cool SpotPCActionVirgin Interactive
Cool SpotPCActionVirgin
Cool SpotPCActionVirgin Interactive
Cool SpotPCunknownVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Cool spotPCActionVirgin Interactive
Cool SpotPCActionVirgin Interactive
Corncob DeluxePCunknown
Corpse KillerMega DriveActionDigital Pictures
Corridor 7PCunknown
Corridor 7PCAction
Corridor 7 - Alien InvasionPCActionCapstone Software
Corridor 7: Alien InvasionunknownActionGameTek, Inc.
Crazy cars IIIPCSportTitus
Crime PatrolPCActionAmerican Laser Games
Crime PatrolunknownActionAmerican Laser Games, Inc.
Cross CheckAmigaSportSunflowers
Crusader of Centy aka SoleilMega DriveActionNexTech Corporation
Crystal DragonunknownRPGMagnetic Fields (Software Design) Ltd.
Curse of EnchantiaPCunknown
CyberiaPCAdventureElectronic Arts
Cyberia - Mission Norway v1.87PCunknownInterplay
Cyberia - Project DescriptionPCunknownInterplay
Cyberia v1.86PCunknownInterplay
CyClonesPCunknownRaven Software
D-Day - The Beginning of the EndPCStrategyImpressions Games
D-Day - The Beginning of the EndPCStrategyImpressions Games
D-Day: The Beginning of the EndPCStrategyImpressions Games
Dangerous StreetsPCActionFlair Software
Dangerous StreetsPCActionMicromania
Dark Castle (Color)MacintoshActionDelta Tao Software
Dark ForcesPCActionLucasarts
Dark LegionsPCStrategySilicon Knights
Dark legionsPCStrategySilicon Knights
Dark LegionsunknownStrategySilicon Knights, Inc.
Dark LegionsPCStrategySSI
Dark LegionsPCunknown
Dark LegionsPCActionStrategic Simulations Inc.
Dark Sun - Wake of the RavagerPCRPGStrategic Simulations Inc.
Dark sun 2: Wake of the ravagerPCRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Dark Sun 2: Wake of the RavagerPCRPGSSI
Dark WolfPCActionD'India Software
Darkmere: The Nightmare's BegunAmigaActionZero Hour
Das Schwarze Auge 2: SternenschweifPCunknown
Das Schwarze Auge 2: SternenschweifPCunknown
Das Schwarze Auge 2: SternenschweifPCunknown
Das Schwarze Auge 2: Sternenschweif (Speech pack)PCunknown
Das Schwarze Auge 2: Sternenschweif (Speech pack)PCunknown
Davidic MatchupPCEducationalGodly Games
Dawn PatrolPCSimulationRowan Software Ltd.
Dawn PatrolPCSimulationEmpire Interactive
Dawn PatrolPCSimulationEmpire Interactive Entertainment
Dawn PatrolunknownSimulationRowan Software Ltd.
Dawn PatrolPCSimulationRowan Software
Dawn PatrolPCActionEmpire Interactive
Daze Before ChristmasMega DriveActionSunsoft
Daze Before ChristmasMega DriveActionSunSoft
Daze Before ChristmasMega DriveActionFunsoft
DazzeloidsMacintoshEducationalRodney Alan Greenblat
Death GatePCAdventureLegend Entertainment
Death GatePCAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Death GateunknownAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Death GatePCAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Death GatePCAdventureLegend Entertainment
Death GatePCAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Deep IIPCMiscALO-Software
Delta VPCActionBethesda Softworks
Demon's CrestSNESActionCapcom
Depth DwellersPCAction
Depth DwellersPCActionTriSoft
Der Clou!AmigaStrategyneo Software
Der PlanerPCStrategyGreenwood
Der Rasende ReporterAmigaStrategyPromotion Software
Der Schatz im SilberseePCAdventureLinel
Der Schatz Im SilberseePCunknown
DescentPCSimulationParallax Software
DescentPCMiscParallax Software
DescentPCActionParallax Software
DescentPCActionInterplay Entertainment
Desert StrikePCActionGremlin
Desert Strike - Return to the GulfPCStrategyGremlin Interactive
Desert Strike: Return to the GulfPCActionElectronic Arts
Die Höhlenwelt-Saga: Der leuchtende KristallPCAdventureWeltenschmiede
Die SiedlerPCunknown
Die SiedlerPCunknown
Die SiedlerPCunknown
Die SiedlerPCunknown
DiggersPCPuzzleMillennium Interactive
Dinosaur SafariMacintoshEducationalCreative Multimedia
Disciples of SteelPCRPGFormGen, Inc.
Disciples of SteelunknownRPGMegaSoft Entertainment, Inc.
Discovering AmericaPCStrategyLawrence Productions
Disney's AladdinPCActionVirgin Interactive
Disney's AladdinPCunknownVirgin Interactive
Disney's AladdinPCActionVirgin Interactive
Dizzy: The Fantastic Adventures of DizzyPCunknownCodemasters
DominusPCStrategyU.S. Gold, Ltd.
DominusPCStrategyU.S. Gold
DominusPCStrategyVisual Concepts
Donkey Kong CountrySNESActionNintendo
Donkey Kong CountrySNESAdventureRare, ltd.
DoofusPCActionX-ample Architectures
DoomJaguarActionID Software
Doom 2PCunknown
Doom 2PCunknown
Doom 2PCunknown
Doom 2PCunknown
Doom 2PCunknown
Doom 2PCunknown
Doom 2: Hell on EarthPCActionid software
Doom 2: Hell on EarthPCActionid Software
Doom IIPCActionGT Interactive
Doom IIPCunknownid Software
Doom IIPCunknownGT Interactive
Doom II - Hell on EarthPCActionid Software
Doom II: Hell on EarthPCActionid Software
Doom II: Hell on EarthPCActionID Software
Dragon Lore - The Legend BeginsPCunknownMindscape
Dragon Lore: The Legend BeginsPCAdventureCryo
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryJaguarActionAtari
DragonspherePCAdventureMicroProse Software
DreamwebPCAdventureEmpire Interactive
DreamWebPCAdventureCreative Reality
DreamwebPCAdventureCreative reality
DreamwebunknownAdventureCreative Reality
DreamWebPCAdventureEmpire Interactive
DreamWebPCAdventureEmpire Interactive Entertainment
DreamwebPCAdventureCreative Reality
Drug WarsPCActionAmerican Laser Games
Dual Orb IIunknownRPGI'Max Corp.
Dune 2: The Battle for ArrakisPCunknown
Dune: The Battle for ArrakisMega DriveStrategyWestwood Studios
Dungeon Master 2PCunknownInterplay
Dungeon Master 2 - The Legend of SkullkeepPCRPGInterplay
Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of SkullkeepPCunknown
Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of SkullkeepPCunknown
Dunkle SchattenPCAdventureArt Department
Dynamite HeaddyMega DriveActionTreasure Co., Ltd.
Eagle Eye Mysteries in LondonPCAdventureStormfront Studios
Eagle Eye Mysteries in LondonPCAdventureEA Kids
EarthBoundSNESStrategyHAL Laboratory, Inc.
Earthworm JimMega DriveActionShiny Entertainment
Earthworm JimGame BoyActionShiny Entertainment
Earthworm JimMaster SystemActionShiny Entertainment
Earthworm JimunknownActionShiny Entertainment, Inc.
Earthworm JimSNESActionShiny Entertainment
Earthworm JimPCActionShiny Entertainment
Earthworm Jim: Special EditionPCunknownPlaymates Interactive Entertainment
Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong NouMacintoshAdventureOutSide Directors Company
Eat My Photons!MacintoshActionEccentric Software
Ecco: The Tides of TimeMega DriveAdventureNovotrade Software Kft.
EcstaticaunknownAdventureAndrew Spencer Studios
EcstaticaunknownAdventureAndrew Spencer Studios
EcstaticaPCActionPsygnosis Limited
EcstaticaPCAdventureAndrew Spencer Studios
EcstaticaPCAdventureAndrew Spencer Studios
Eight Ball DeluxePCunknown
Elder Scroll ArenaPCRPGBethesda Softworks
Elder Scrolls - ArenaPCRPGBethesda Softworks
Elder Scrolls: ArenaPCRPGUS Gold
Elder Scrolls: Arena, TheunknownRPGBethesda Softworks
ElectranoidPCPuzzlePixel Painters
ElectranoidPCActionPixel Painters
Electro ManPCAction
ElementsPCPuzzleVilla Crespo Software
ElementsPCStrategyVilla Crespo Software
Empire DeluxePCunknownSoftgold
Empire SoccerPCSportGraftgold
Empire Soccer 94PCunknown
Empire Soccer 94PCSportEmpire Software
EntityPCunknownLoriciel SA
Evasive ActionPCunknown
Evasive ActionPCunknown
ExplorationPCSimulationSoftware 2000
F-117A Nighthawk Stealth FighterMacintoshSimulationMicroProse
F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0MacintoshSimulationMicroProse
F-14 Tomcat: Fleet DefenderPCSimulationMicroProse
F1 World Championship EditionPCunknownDomark
Facts in ActionPCEducationalSpirit of Discovery
Falcon BeertenderPCActionFalcon
Fantasy EmpiresPCStrategySSI
Fantasy EmpiresPCunknown
Fantasy EmpiresPCunknown
Fatal ImpactAmigaActionNico Galis
Fatman - The Caped ConsumerPCActionIO Product
Fatman: The Caped ConsumerPCunknownBlack Legend
Fatty Bear's Birthday SurpriseMacintoshEducationalHumongous Entertainment
Fields of GloryPCStrategySpectrum Holobyte
Fields of GloryAmigaStrategyMicroprose
Fields of GloryAmigaStrategyMicroprose
Fields of GloryAmigaStrategyMicroprose
FIFA Internatioan SoccerPCSportElectronic Arts
FIFA International SoccerPCunknown
FIFA International SoccerPCSportElectronic Arts
FIFA International SoccerPCunknown
FIFA International SoccerPCSportElectronic Arts
FIFA International Soccer 94PCSportElectronic Arts
Fighter WingPCunknownMerit Studios
Flash Traffic: City of AngelsPCAdventureTime Warner Interactive
Fleet DefenderPCunknown
Fleet DefenderPCSimulationMicroProse Software
Fleet DefenderPCSimulationMicroprose
Fleet DefenderPCunknown
Fleet Defender - F-14 TomcatPCSimulationMicroprose
Fleet Defender: ScenarioPCunknown
Flying TigersPCunknownTicsoft
Flying Tigers IIPCunknownTicsoft
Ford simulator 5PCSimulationThe SoftAd Group
Ford Simulator 5.0PCunknownFord Motor Company
Fortress of Dr. Radiaki, ThePCActionMerit Studios
Fox Collection, TheunknownActionTitus Interactive, S.A.
Freak ShowMacintoshAdventureThe Residents
Front LinesPCStrategyImpressions Games
Front Page Sports Baseball 94PCunknownDynamix
Front Page Sports: Baseball '94PCSportSierra Entertainment
Front Page Sports: Football Pro '95PCSportSierra Entertainment
Front Page Sports: Football Pro '95unknownSportDynamix, Inc.
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the FathersMacintoshAdventureSierra
Gahan Wilson's The Ultimate Haunted HouseMacintoshAdventureByron Preiss Multimedia
Galactic EmpireMacintoshStrategyCary Torkelson
Galactic TraderMacintoshStrategyCary Torkelson
GateMacintoshActionJörg Kienzle
Gemstones IIIPCPuzzleWilliam D. Rinehart
GesetzgebungPCStrategyDeutscher Bundestag
GhostsMacintoshAdventureMedia Design Interactive
Gingerbread ManMacintoshAdventureThe Residents
Goal 94PCSportNew Era Software
Goal 94PCSportWizard Games
Goal!PCSportDini and Dini Productions
Goal!PCSportVirgin Interactive
Goblins 3AmigaPuzzleCoktel Vision
Goblins 3 (a.k.a. Goblins Quest 3)PCAdventureCoktel vision
God of ThunderPCRPGArgo Games
Gone fishinunknownSimulationAmtex
GovernmentMacintoshEducationalLloyd Burchill
Grandest Fleet, ThePCStrategyQuantum Quality Productions
Gravity BallsMacintoshActionAaron Davidson
Great Naval Battles II: Guadalcanal 1942-43PCSimulationSSI
Great Naval Battles vol. 2: Guadalcanal 1942 - 43PCSimulationSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Grey Wolf: Hunter of the North AtlanticPCSimulationPro One
Grid PokerPCSportJeff Anderson
H.U.R.L.PCActionMillennium Media Group
H.U.R.L. (Slob Zone 3D)PCAction
Hammer of the GodsPCStrategyNew World Computing
Hammer of the GodsPCStrategyHolistic Design
Hammer of the GodsunknownStrategyHolistic Design, Inc.
HamstersPCPuzzleInterQuest Productions
HamstersPCStrategyInterQuest Productions
Hanse - Die Expedition \(German\)PCStrategyAscon GmbH
Hardball 4PCSportAccolade
HardBall IVPCSportAccolade
Harpoon ClassicMacintoshStrategyAlliance Interactive
Harpoon IIPCSimulationThree-Sixty Pacific
Hawaii High: The Mystery of the TikiMacintoshAdventureEssex Interactive
Heart of the Alien: Out of this World parts I and IIunknownActionInterplay
HeartlightPCunknownEpic MegaGames
HeartlightPCActionMoon Doggie
Heimdall 2PCunknown
Heimdall 2PCActionCore Design
Heimdall 2 - Into the Hall of WorldsPCRPGCore Design
Heimdall 2: Into the hall of worldsPCRPGThe 8th Day
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of WorldsPCRPGCore Design
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of WorldsPCRPGCore Design
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of WorldsunknownRPG8th Day, The
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of WorldsPCRPGThe 8th Day
Heirs tot the Throne \(German\)PCStrategyQuantum Quality Productions
Helicopter MissionPCunknown
Hell - A Cyberpunk ThrillerPCAdventureGameTek
Hell: A Cyberpunk ThrillerPCAdventureGameTek
Hell: A Cyberpunk ThrillerunknownAdventureTake-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
HereticPCunknownRaven Software
HereticPCActioniD Software
HereticPCActionRaven Software Corporation
HereticunknownActionRaven Software Corporation
HereticPCActionRaven Software
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent RidersPCActionid Software
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent RidersPCActionRaven Software Corporation
Hero Quest 2: Legacy of SorasilAmigaRPGGremlin
Hero Quest 2: Legacy of SorasilunknownStrategyGremlin Graphics Software Ltd.
Hero-QuestZX SpectrumunknownKarry Soft
Hexx - Heresy of the WizardPCRPGPsygnosis Limited
Hexx: Heresy of the WizardPCRPGPsygnosis
Hexx: Heresy of The WizardPCRPGPsygnosis
High Seas TraderunknownStrategyImpressions Games
Highway HunterPCActionSafari Software
Hocus PocusPCunknown
Hocus PocusPCActionApgoee
Hocus PocusPCActionApogee
Hocus PocusPCAction
Hocus PocusPCActionApogee Software
Hocus PocusPCunknownApogee Software
Hocus PocusunknownActionMoonlite Software
Hocus PocusPCActionMoonlite Software
Holiday Lemmings '94unknownPuzzleDMA Design Limited
Holiday Lemmings '94PCMiscDMA Designs
Horde, TheunknownStrategyToys for Bob
Hugo på Nye EventyrPCActionITE
Hurra DeutschlandPCStrategyPromotial Software
Hurra DeutschlandPCunknown
I Spy FantasyMacintoshAdventureBlack Hammer Productions
Igor objective UikokahoniaPCAdventurePendulo Studios
Igor: objective UikokahoniaunknownAdventurePendulo studios
Igor: Objective UikokahoniaPCAdventureOptik Software
In search of Dr. RiptidePCActionMindStorm Software
In Search of Dr. RiptidePCAction
In Search of Dr. RiptidePCunknownPack Media Company
In Search of Dr. RiptidePCActionMindStorm Software
In Search of Dr. RiptidePCActionPack Media
In Search of Dr. RiptidePCActionMindstorm Software
In the Dead of NightAmigaAdventureTrecision
Inca 2 - Nations of ImmortalityPCAdventureCoktel Vision
Inca 2: WiracochaPCAdventureCoktel vision
Incredible Machine 2, ThePCPuzzleSierra Entertainment
Incredible Toon Machine, ThePCPuzzleSierra Entertainment
Indiana Jones' Greatest AdventuresSNESActionLucasArts
Indiana Jones' Greatest AdventuresSNESActionJVC
IndyCar Racing Expansion PackPCunknown
InfernoPCActionOcean of America
Inferno: The Odyssey ContinuesPCSimulationOCEAN Software
Inferno: The Odyssey ContinuesunknownSimulationDigital Image Design Ltd.
Inherit the Earth - Quest for the OrbPCAdventureNew World Computing
Inherit the Earth - Quest for the OrbPCAdventureThe Dreamers Guild
Inherit the Earth: Quest for the OrbPCAdventureNew World Computing
Inherit the Earth: Quest for the OrbunknownAdventureDreamer's Guild, The
Inspektor Zebok: Das ErbePCAdventureSillyWood Productions
International SoccerPCSportZeppelin Games Ltd.
International Tennis OpenPCSportPhilips Interactive Media
International Tennis OpenPCSportInfogrames
Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of DoomPCActionPop Software
Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of DoomPCunknownPop Software
Iron CrossPCStrategyNew World Computing
Iron CrossPCunknown
Iron CrossPCStrategyNew World Computing
Iron CrossunknownStrategyNew World Computing, Inc.
Iron CrossPCStrategyNew World Computing
Iron HelixMega DriveunknownSpectrum Holobyte
Iron SeedPCSimulation
Iron SeedPCStrategyChannel 7
IronSeedPCStrategyChannel 7
IronSeedPCStrategyChannel 7
Ishar - Legend of the FortressPCunknownSilmarils
Ishar 2: Messengers of DoomPCRPGSilmarils
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityPCRPGSilmarils
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityPCRPGGOG.com / DotEmu
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityPCRPGSilmarils
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityPCRPGSilmarils
Ishar compilationPCRPGSilmarils
Isle WarsPCStrategySoleau Software
Jack in the DarkunknownAdventureInfogrames
Jack in the DarkPCAdventureInterplay Entertainment
Jagged allianceunknownStrategyMadlab software
Jagged AlliancePCStrategySir-tech Software
Jagged AlliancePCStrategySir-tech Software
Jagged AllianceunknownStrategyMadlab Software
JammitPCSportGTE Entertainment
Jazz JackrabbitPCunknown
Jazz JackrabbitPCActionGray Design Associates
Jazz JackrabbitPCAction
Jazz JackrabbitPCActionEpic MegaGames
Jazz JackrabbitunknownActionEpic MegaGames, Inc.
Jazz JackrabbitPCMiscEpic MegaGames
Jazz JackrabbitPCActionEpic Megagames
Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1994unknownActionEpic MegaGames, Inc.
Jazz the JackrabbitPCActionEpic Games
Jazz The Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare '94PCActionEpic Games
Jeopardy! Sports EditionMacintoshSportGameTek
Jesus MatchupPCEducationalGodly Games
JetstrikePCSimulationRasputin Software
JetstrikePCSimulationRasputin Software
JigsawMacintoshPuzzleVincent Tan
Jo Guest in the Milk RoundPCAdultInteractive Girls Club
Jotto IIMacintoshPuzzleMark Pilgrim
Journeyman Project Turbo!, TheunknownAdventurePresto Studios
JoustMacintoshActionDigital Eclipse
Jump RavenMacintoshActionCyberFlix
Jungle Book, TheSNESActionVirgin Interactive
Jungle Book, TheMega DriveActionVirgin Interactive
Jungle Book, TheGame BoyActionVirgin Interactive
Jungle Book, TheMaster SystemActionVirgin Interactive
Jungle Book, TheNESActionVirgin Interactive
KaasPCMiscSM spellen
Kasumi NinjaJaguarActionAtari
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League BaseballSNESSportNintendo of America, Inc.
Kick Off 3 - European ChallengePCSportAnco Software
Kick Off 3: European ChallengePCSportAnco Software
KidsTime DeluxeMacintoshEducationalGreat Wave Software
KingMacintoshStrategyMichael Shopsin
King Arthur's Knights of the Round TablePCStrategyMVP Software
King Arthur's Knights Of the Round Table (K.O.R.T.)PCStrategyMVP Software
King's Quest VII - The Princeless BridePCunknownSierra
King's Quest VII - The Princeless Bride v1.51PCunknownSierra
King's Quest 7 - The Princeless BridePCunknownSierra
King's Quest VIIPCAdventure
King's Quest VII: The Princeless BridePCAdventureSierra Entertainment
King's Quest VII: The Princeless BridePCAdventureSierra On-Line
King's Quest VII: The Princeless BridePCAdventureSierra
Kingdoms of GermanyPCStrategyRealism Entertainment
Kingdoms of GermanyPCStrategyRealism Entertainment
KingmakerPCStrategyAvalon Hill
Kingmaker - The Quest for the CrownPCStrategyThe Avalon Hill Game Company
Klik & PlayPCunknown
Knights of XentarPCRPGMegaTech Software
Knights of XentarPCRPGMegaTech Software
Knights of XentarunknownRPGELF Corporation
Knights of XentarPCRPGMegaTech Software
Knights of XentarPCAdultMegaTech Software
Knights of XentarPCRPGMegaTech
Krypton EggPCPuzzleC2V
Krypton EggPCunknownC2V
L'eternauta: Gli Invasori della Citta' EternaPCAdventure
La Casa de la Ciencia de Sammy | Sammy's Science House (Español)MacintoshEducationalEdmark
Lamborghini - American ChallengePCSimulationTitus
Lamborghini American ChallengePCunknownTitus Interactive
Laser ChessPCStrategyDesertSoft
Laser LightPCStrategyPixel Painters Corporation
LaserwarsPCStrategyForbidden Gap
Last Action HeroPCActionPsygnosis
Last Action HeroPCActionPsygnosis
Last Action HeroPCActionPsygnosis Limited
Le meilleur de KalistoMacintoshActionKalisto
Legend of Kyrandia 3 - Malcolm's RevengePCAdventureWestwood Studios
Legend of Kyrandia 3 - Malcolm's RevengePCAdventureVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Legend of Kyrandia 3, The: Malcolm's RevengePCAdventureWestwood Associates
Legend of Kyrandia, The - Book ThreePCunknownVirgin
Legend of the Seven PaladinPCActionSKC Soft Land
Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!MacintoshAdventureSierra
Lemmings 3: The ChroniclesPCPuzzlePsygnosis
Lemmings Holidays 94PCPuzzlePsygnosis
LemrisPCPuzzleAutotech Software
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun FightersMega DriveActionKonami
Liberty or DeathSNESStrategyKoei Corporation
Lion KingPCunknownVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Lion KingPCActionDisney
Lion King, TheunknownActionWestwood Studios, Inc.
Lion King, ThePCActionVirgin Interactive
Lion King, TheMaster SystemActionVirgin Interactive
Little Big AdventurePCAdventureAdeline
Little Big AdventurePCunknown
Little Big AdventurePCAdventureElectronic Arts
Little Big AdventurePCActionAdeline Software International
Little Big AdventurePCActionElectronic Arts
Little Big AdventurePCAdventureAdeline Software International
Little Big AdventurePCunknown
Little Big AdventurePCActionAdeline Software International
Little Big Adventure: Twinsen's AdventureunknownAdventureAdeline Software International
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully BodineMega DriveActionRocket Science Games
Lode Runner: The Legend ReturnsPCActionPresage Software
Lode Runner: The Legend ReturnsPCPuzzleSierra Entertainment
Lode Runner: The Legend ReturnsPCunknown
LollypopPCunknownRainbow Arts
LollypopPCActionRainbow Arts
LollypopPCActionSoftgold Computerspiele GmbH
Lord AvalotPCAdventureThorsoft of Letchworth
Lord of the Rings - Volume OneSNESRPGInterplay
Lords of the RealmPCunknown
Lords of the RealmPCStrategyImpressions games
Lords of the RealmPCStrategyImpressions Games
Lords of The RealmPCStrategyImpressions
LucasArts Air Combat ClassicsPCunknown
Luigi en CircuslandPCActionTopo Soft
LychnisPCunknownSoft Town
Mac Rogue 3.0MacintoshRPGMarco Pontil
Mad Dog II: The Lost GoldPCActionAmerican Laser Games
Mad NewsPCunknown
Mad News - ExtrablattPCunknown
Mad News \(German\)PCStrategyIkarion Software GmbH
Mad ParadoxPCRPGSamourai
Mad ParadoxPCRPGSamourai
Magic CarpetPCActionBullfrog
Magic CarpetPCActionBullfrog
Magic carpetPCActionBullfrog
Magic CarpetPCActionElectronic Arts
Magic CarpetPCunknownElectronic Arts
Magic CarpetPCActionBullfrog Productions
Magic of EndoriaPCunknown
Magic of EndoriaPCStrategyGerman Design Group
Manchester United EuropePCunknownKrisalis
Maniac Lite v2.1.1MacintoshActionAlex Metcalf
Mansion of Hidden SoulsMega DriveAdventureVic Tokai
MarathonMacintoshActionBungie Software Products
Marble CookingPCPuzzleNegative
Mario and LuigiPCActionWiering Software
Mario's Time Machine DeluxeMacintoshEducationalMindscape
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinMega DriveAdventureSony Imagesoft
Master of MagicPCStrategyMicroprose
Master of MagicPCunknown
Master of MagicPCStrategyMicroProse
Master of MagicPCStrategyMicroProse
Master of magicPCStrategySimTex
Master of MagicPCStrategyAtari
Master of MagicPCStrategyMicroProse Software
Master of magicPCStrategyMicroProse Software, Inc.
Master of MagicPCunknown
Master of MagicPCunknown
Master of MagicPCRPGSimtex
Master of Magic v1.2PCunknownElectronic Arts
Master of Magic v1.3PCunknownMicroProse
Master of OrionPCStrategyMicroProse
Mavlin: Vesmírný únikunknownAdventureMael Software Group
Mega Man 6NESActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
MegaracePCunknownSoftware Toolworks
MegaZeuxPCActionSoftware Visions
MenzoberranzanPCRPGDreamForge Intertainment
Metal MarinesPCStrategyMindscape
Metaltech: EarthsiegeunknownSimulationDynamix, Inc.
Mickey ManiaSNESActionTravellers Tales Ltd.
Micro MachinesPCSimulationCode Masters
Micro MachinesPCSportCodemasters
Micro MachinesPCSportCodemaster
Micro MachinesPCunknownCodemasters
Micro machinesPCSportOcean Software Ltd.
Micro MachinesPCActionCodemasters
Micro Machines 2: Turbo TournamentunknownSportSupersonic Software Ltd.
MicropedePCActionRobert B. Easter
Microsoft Space SimulatorPCunknown
Microsoft Space SimulatorPCSimulationMicrosoft
Microsoft Space SimulatorPCSimulationThe Bruce Artwick Organization
Microsoft Space SimulatorPCunknown
Midnight RaidersMega DriveActionSega
Might and Magic: World of XeenunknownRPGNew World Computing, Inc.
Monty Python's Complete Waste of TimePCPuzzle7th Level
Mortal Kombat 2PCActionMidway (Bally) Manufactoring
Mortal Kombat 2PCActionAcclaim Entertainment
Mortal Kombat IIMega DriveActionMidway Games
Mortal Kombat IIPCActionMidway Games
Mortal Kombat IIMaster SystemActionMidway Games
Mortal Kombat IIGame BoyActionMidway Games
Mortal Kombat IISNESActionMidway Games
Mortal Kombat IIPCActionMidway Games
Motor CityPCSimulationMax Design
Motor CityPCunknownMax Design GesMBH
Mystic TowersPCPuzzleApogee
Mystic TowersPCunknown
Mystic TowersPCActionApogee Software
NahlakhPCRPGTom Proudfoot Games
NanukPCunknownMago Soft
Nascar RacingPCSportPapyrus
NASCAR racingPCSportPapyrus Design Group
Nascar racingunknownSimulationPapyrus design group
NASCAR RacingPCunknown
Nascar RacingPCSimulationSierra Online
NASCAR Track PackPCunknown
National Lampoon's Blind DateMacintoshStrategyNational Lampoon
NaturixunknownActionRaster Software
NBA Live 95PCunknownElectronic Arts
NCAA - Road to the Final Four 2PCSportBethesda Software
Need for Speed, ThePCSportElectronic Arts
Need for Speed, TheunknownSportPioneer Productions, EA Canada
Negra NochePCunknown3PSoft
NetTron 2.0MacintoshActionElectric Dreams
Network Q RAC Rally ChampionshipPCSimulationEuroPress
NeuroDancerMacintoshActionElectric Dreams
NeXusMacintoshActionChuck Groom
NHL 95Mega DriveSportElectronic Arts
NHL 95PCunknownElectronic Arts
NHL 95Game BoySportElectronic Arts
NHL 95PCSportElectronic Arts
NHL 95PCSportElectronic Arts
NHL Hockey 95unknownSportElectronic Arts Canada
Night TrapMacintoshAdventureDigital Pictures
Nikolai's TrainsMacintoshEducationalI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.
Ninja Boy WorldMacintoshActionJun Suzukawa
Nitemare 3DPCActionGray Design Associates
NoctropolisPCAdventureFlashpoint Productions
NoctropolisPCAdventureElectronic Arts
NS ArnhemPCSimulationR. Plokhaar
Odell Down UnderPCunknown
OK Cash MachineunknownSimulationComputer Experts
On the Ball - World Cup EditionPCSportAscon GmbH
One Must Fall 2097PCActionEpic Megagames
One Must Fall 2097PCActionEpic MegaGames
One Must Fall 2097PCActionDiversions Entertainment
One Must Fall 2097PCActionDiversions Entertainment
One must fall 2097unknownActionDiversions Entertainment
One Must Fall 2097PCunknown
One Must Fall 2097PCActionEpic MegaGames
One must fall 2097PCActionFreeware
One Must Fall 2097unknownActionDiversions Entertainment
One Must Fall: 2097PCAction
One Must Fall: 2097PCActionDiversions Entertainment
Operation Body CountPCAction
Operation Body CountPCActionCapstone Software
Operation Body CountPCActionCapstone
Operation CrusaderMacintoshStrategyAtomic Games
Operation Europe: Path to Victory 1939-45PCStrategyKOEI
Operation Europe: Path to Victory 1939-45PCStrategyKoei Corporation
Operation OverlordPCSimulationRowan Software
Operation OverlordPCunknown
Operation OverlordPCunknown
Operation: Inner SpacePCActionSoftware Dynamics
OscarPCunknownFlair Software
OscarPCActionFlair Software, LTD.
OutpostPCStrategySierra Entertainment
OutpostPCMiscSierra On-Line Inc.
OverlordunknownSimulationRowan Software Ltd.
Pac in TimePCActionMindscape
Pac-in-timePCActionMagicom Multimedia
Pacific StrikePCSimulationORIGIN Systems
Pacific StrikePCSimulationOrigin Systems
Pacific StrikeunknownSimulationORIGIN Systems, Inc.
PakoPCunknownUranium Software
PakoPCActionUranium Software
Panda Dodge-ballPCSportPanda Entertainment
Panda WarriorsPCunknownPanda Entertainment
Panzer GeneralPCStrategySSI
Panzer GeneralPCStrategySSI
Panzer GeneralPCStrategyStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Panzer GeneralPCStrategySSI
Panzer GeneralPCunknownMindscape
Panzer GeneralPCStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc
Panzer GeneralunknownStrategyStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Panzer General 1PCStrategySSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Paradise HeightsunknownAdventureFoster
Parenting: Prenatal to PreschoolMacintoshEducationalCreative Multimedia
Příhody z Galské země (Kajko i Kokosz)unknownAdventureSeven Stars
PC Basket 2.0PCSportDinamic Mult
PC calcio 3.0 (94/95)PCSportDinamic
Pea Shootin' PetePCunknownMindStorm Software
PeggedMacintoshPuzzleCary Torkelson
PegLegMacintoshActionChangeling Software
Penguin TowerC64ActionVisualize
Perfect General 2PCStrategyQuantum Quality Productions
Peter & Julie's Colors AdventureMacintoshAdventureArborescence
PGA Tour Golf 486PCunknownElectronic Arts
Pickle Wars (Trilogy)PCunknownMVP Software
PiecesSNESPuzzleAtlus Co., Ltd.
Pinball Dreams 2PCAction21st Century Entertainment
Pinball Dreams 2PCunknown21st Century Entertainment
Pinball Dreams 2PCAction21st Century Entertainment
Pinball Dreams 2PCActionSpidersoft Ltd.
Pinball FantasiesPCunknown
Pinball FantasiesPCActionDigital Illusions
Pinball FantasiesPCMiscDigital Illusion
Pinball FantasiesPCPuzzle21st Century Entertainment
Pinball FantasiesPCunknown
Pinball FantasiesPCActionDigital Illusions AB
Pirates! GoldAmigaStrategyMicroprose
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureSNESActionActivision
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureMega DriveActionActivision
Pizza ConnectionPCStrategySoftware 2000
Pizza ConnectionPCunknown
Pizza ConnectionPCunknown
Pizza ConnectionPCunknown
Pizza TycoonPCStrategySoftware 2000
Pizza TycoonPCStrategyMicroProse
Pizza TycoonPCunknownSoftware 2000
Pizza TycoonPCSimulationMicroProse
Pizza TycoonPCSimulationMicroProse
Pizza TycoonPCStrategyMicroProse Software
Pizza TycoonPCSimulationCybernetic Corporation
Pocky & Rocky 2SNESActionNatsume Co., Ltd.
POK the Little "Artiste" / Pok le Petit PeintreMacintoshEducationalLiving Media
Popeye 2PCAction
Ports of CallPCStrategyKlein & Ulrich
Ports of CallPCStrategyAris Entertainment
Ports of CallPCunknown
Power DrivePCunknown
Power DrivePCunknownRage
Power DrivePCunknownUS Gold
Power drivePCSportUS Gold
Premier manager 3PCActionRealms of Fantasy
Premiership, ThePCSportCodemasters
Primal RageunknownActionAtari, Inc.
Primal RagePCActionATARI
Principio del Fin, ElPCAdventureBass Softwar
Prize FighterMega DriveSportSega Sports
Professor Iris' Fun Field Trip: Animal SafariMacintoshAdventureDiscovery Channel
Project-XPCActionTeam 17
Project-XPCunknownTeam17 Software
Project-XPCActionTeam 17
Psycho PinballunknownSimulationCodemasters
Quantum GateMacintoshAdventureHyperBole Studios
Quest for Glory - Shadows of DarknessPCunknownSierra
Quick the Thunder RabbitPCActionTitus
Quik the Thunder RabbitPCunknownTitus
Quik the Thunder RabbitPCActionStywox
RacerPCunknownPC Solutions
RaidenPCSimulationImagitec Design
RaidenPCunknownSeibu Kaihatsu Inc.
Rallo GumpPCActionEdge Creations
Rally ChampionshipPCunknownFlair Software
Rally ChampionshipsPCSimulationFlair Software
Raptor - Call of the ShadowsPCActionApogee
Raptor: Call of the ShadowsPCunknownMountain King Studios
Raptor: Call of the ShadowsPCActionApogee
Raptor: Call of the ShadowsPCAction
Raptor: Call of the ShadowsPCActionCygnus Multimedia Productions
Raptor: Call of the ShadowsPCunknownApogee Software
Raptor: Call of the ShadowsunknownActionCygnus Studios
Raptor: Call of the ShadowsPCActionMountain King Studios
Ravenlof: Der Fluch des GrafenPCunknown
Ravenloft - Strahd';s PossessionPCRPGStrategic Simulations Inc.
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossesionPCunknown
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossesionPCunknown
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossesionPCunknown
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossessionPCRPGDreamForge Intertainment
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossessionPCRPGSSI
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossessionunknownRPGDreamForge Intertainment, Inc.
Realms of Arkania - 2. Star TrailPCRPGAttic Entertainment
Realms of Arkania 2 - Star TrailPCRPGSir-tech Software, Inc.
Realms of Arkania 2: Star trailPCRPGAttic Entertainment Software
Realms of Arkania 2: Star TrailunknownRPGAttic Entertainment Software
Realms of Arkania II: Star TrailPCRPGSir-tech Software
Realms of Arkania Vol. 2: Star TrailPCRPGAttic Entertainment Software
Realms of ChaosPCunknown
Red CatPCActionDavilex
RetributionPCunknownGremlin Interactive
Return to RingworldPCAdventureTsunami Games
Return to RingworldunknownAdventureTsunami games
Return to RingworldPCAdventureTsunami Games
Return to RingworldPCAdventureTsunami Media
ReunionPCStrategyMerit Studio, Inc.
ReunionPCStrategyMerit Studios
ReunionunknownStrategyAmnesty Design
ReunionPCStrategyGrandslam Entertainment
Revenge of the Mutant CamelsPCActionLlamasoft, LTD.
Rings of Medusa GoldAmigaActionStarbyte
Rise of the robotsPCActionMirage Technologies
Rise of the RobotsPCunknownTime Warner Interactive
Rise of the TriadPCActionApogee
Rise of the Triad - Dark WarPCActionApogee
Rise of the Triad: Dark EarPCunknownApogee
Rise of the Triad: Dark WarPCActionApogee Software
Rise of the Triad: Dark WarunknownActionApogee Software, Ltd.
Road RashPCActionElectronic Arts
Robinson's RequiemPCunknown
Robinson's RequiemPCAdventureSilmaris and Readysoft
Robinson's RequiemPCRPGDotEmu
Robinson's requiemunknownActionSilmarils
Robinson's RequiemunknownRPGSilmarils
Robinsons RequiemPCRPGSilmarils
Rock 'n ShaolinPCunknown
Romantic Blue, ThePCAdventureCrystalVision Brand
Rugby World Cup '95Mega DriveSportElectronic Arts, Inc.
Sabre TeamPCStrategyKrisalis Software
Sabre TeamPCunknownKrisalis
Sabre TeamPCStrategyKrisalis Software
Sabre TeamPCStrategyKrisalis
Safety Scavenger HuntMacintoshEducationalSoftKey
Sam & Max Hit the RoadPCAdventureLucas Arts
Sam & Max Hit the RoadPCunknown
Sam & Max Hit the RoadPCunknown
Same GameMacintoshPuzzleTakahiro Sumiya
Sammy the EelMacintoshActionEdmark
Sammy's Science HouseMacintoshEducationalEdmark
Samurai Mech IIMacintoshRPGHulinks
Sargon V: World Class ChessMacintoshPuzzleActivision
Scatter BrainsMacintoshMiscMichael Bluejay
Scrabble (1994)MacintoshPuzzleMacPlay
Secret of ManaSNESAdventureSquare
Secrets of the PyramidsMacintoshAdventureEdnovation
Sensible GolfPCunknownSensible Software
Sensible World of SoccerunknownSportSensible Software
Settlers 1, ThePCStrategyBlue Byte Software
Settlers 2, The - Gold EditionPCStrategyBlue Byte Software
Settlers I, ThePCStrategySSI
Shadow CasterPCunknown
Shadow of the cometPCAdventureInfogrames
ShadowForcePCAdventureMVP Software
Shaq FuSNESActionElectronic Arts
Sid Meier's ColonizationPCunknownMicroProse
Sid Meier's ColonizationPCunknownMicroProse
SidetrisPCPuzzlePC Solutions
SilverballPCActionDigital Extremes
Sim City 2000AmigaStrategyMaxis
Sim City 2000PCunknown
Sim City 2000PCunknown
Sim City 2000PCunknown
Sim City 2000PCunknown
Sim City 2000PCunknown
Sim City 2000 Scenarios Vol. I: Great DisastersPCunknown
Sim City 2000 Scenarios Vol. I: Great DisastersPCunknown
Sim City 2000 Szenarien Teil 1: Grosse KatastrophenPCunknown
Sim City 2000 v1.0PCunknownMaxis
Sim City 2000: Berlin 1994PCunknown
Sim City 2000: Urban Renewal KitPCunknown
Sim City 2000: Urban Renewal KitPCunknown
Sim City Classic GraphicsPCunknown
Sim HealthPCunknown
Sim TowerPCStrategyMaxis
Sim Tower: The Vertical EmpirePCStrategyMaxis Software Inc.
SimCity 2000: Special EditionPCSimulationMaxis
SimCity ClassicunknownStrategyMaxis Software Inc.
SimHealthPCActionThinking Tools Inc.
SimHealthPCSimulationMaxis Software
Simon the SorcererPCunknownAdventure Soft
SimTowerPCActionOPeNBooK Co.
SkyRoads - Xmas SpecialPCActionBlueMoon Software
SkyRoads Xmas Special EditionPCunknownBlue Moon Interactive
Skyroads: Xmas SpecialPCSimulation
SnatcherMega DriveActionKonami
Soccer KidPCunknownKrisalis Software
Soccer KidPCActionKrisalis Software Ltd.
Software ManagerAmigaStrategyKaiko
Sonic the Hedgehog 3Mega DriveActionSEGA
Sonic the Hedgehog 3Mega DriveActionSonic Team
Space DudePCActionEvryware
Space FederationPCunknown
Space Federation (a.k.a. Star Reach)PCStrategyInterplay Entertainment
SparksterMega DriveActionKonami Industry Co. Ltd.
Spear of Destiny Mission 2: Return to DangerPCunknown
Spear of Destiny Mission 3: Ultimate ChallengePCunknown
Spectre VR ClassicPCunknownVelocity
Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum CarnageSNESActionLJN
SSN-21 SeawolfPCunknown
Stíny nociPCAdventureComputer Experts
Stíny NociunknownAdventureComputer Experts
Star CrusaderPCunknown
Star Trek - The Next Generation - A Final UnityPCunknownSpectrum HoloByte
Star Trek the Next Generation: A Final UnityPCAdventureSpectrum HoloByte
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Enhanced CD-ROMMacintoshAdventureInterplay
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Echoes of the PastMega DriveAdventureSega
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Future's PastSNESAdventureSpectrum Holobyte
Star Wars - Dark ForcesPCunknownLucasArts
Star Wars - Rebel AssaultPCunknownLucasArts
Star Wars - X-Wing - CD-ROM EditionPCunknownLucasArts
Star Wars - X-Wing Collector's CD-ROMPCunknownLucasArts
Star Wars Chess, ThePCunknownReveal - Software Toolworks
Star Wars Tie FighterPCActionLucasArts Entertainment Company
Star Wars: ChessPCPuzzleThe Software Toolworks
Star Wars: Dark ForcesPCActionLucasArts
Star Wars: Rebel AssaultMega DriveActionJVC
Star Wars: Tie FighterPCSimulationLucasArts
Star Wars: Tie FighterPCActionLucasArts
StereodromeMacintoshActionjohn calhoun
Street FighterPCunknown
Street Fighter ZeroPCActionCapcom Entertainment
Strike Commander: Tactical OperationsPCunknown
Strike Commander: Tactical OperationsPCunknown
Strike Commander: Tactical OperationsPCunknown
Strip poker de luxePCStrategy
Strip Poker de LuxePCMiscDDM
Strip poker professionalPCStrategyArtworx Software Co
Stunt Race FXSNESSportNintendo of America, Inc.
Super FlyPCActionNels Anderson
Super International CricketSNESSportNintendo
Super Mario BrossPCAction??
Super MetroidSNESActionNintendo
Super MetroidSNESActionNintendo of America, Inc.
Super MetroidSNESActionIntelligent Systems, Nintendo
Super MetroidunknownActionNintendo R&D1
Super MetroidSNESActionNintendo of America Inc.
Super ScrylisPCPuzzleTopo Soft
Super SolitaireSNESunknownExtreme Entertainment Group, Inc.
Super Solvers: Treasure CovePCPuzzleThe Learning Company
Super Star Wars: Return of the JediSNESActionJVC
Super Star Wars: Return of the JediPCunknownLucasArts
Super Street Fighter 2: The New ChallengersPCActionCapcom Entertainment
Super Street Fighter II: The New ChallengersSNESActionCapcom
SuperfrogPCunknownTeam 17
Superhero League of HobokenPCunknown
Superhero League of HobokenPCRPGLegend Entertainment
Superhero league of HobokenunknownRPGLegend entertainment
Superhero League of HobokenPCAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Superhero League of HobokenPCRPGLegend Entertainment Company
Superhero League of HobokenPCAdventureLegend Entertainment
Superhero League of HobokenunknownAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
System ShockPCunknown
System ShockPCActionORIGIN Systems Inc.
System ShockPCRPGLooking Glass Studios
System ShockPCunknown
System ShockPCAdventureOrigin Systems
System ShockPCunknownElectronic Arts - Origin
System ShockPCAdventureOrigin
System ShockPCActionLooking Glass Technologies Inc.
TacOpsMacintoshStrategyI.L. Holdridge Inc.
Tactical ManagerPCSportBlack Legend
Tajemství Oslího ostrovaPCAdventurePterodon Software
Tajemství Oslího Ostrova (Donkey Island)unknownAdventurePterodon Software
Tales of the Wild ZeepMacintoshEducationalWestwind Media
Tank RunMacintoshActionSean Parkinson
Teen AgentPCAdventureFreeware
Tempest 2000JaguarActionAtari
Tempest 2000JaguarActionLlamasoft
TenDoPCunknownBletchley Group
Terminal TerrorPCActionExpert Software
Terminator:RampagePCActionBethesda Softworks
The Aethra Chronicles - 1 - Celysta's BanePCRPGMichael W. Lawrence
The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the SchnibbPCunknownCoktel Vision
The Child MurdererAmigaAdventureMichael Zerbo
The Clue!PCAdventureNeo Software
The Clue!AmigaStrategyneo Software
The Dark Queen of KrynnPCunknown
The Death and Return of SupermanSNESActionSunSoft
The Elder Scrolls: ArenaPCunknown
The Elder Scrolls: ArenaPCRPG
The Elder Scrolls: ArenaPCRPGBethesda Softworks
The Elder Scrolls: ArenaPCActionBethesda Softworks
The FiremenSNESActionHuman Entertainment
The HordePCStrategyCrystal Dynamics
The Incredible HulkSNESActionU.S. Gold
The Incredible HulkSNESActionU.S. Gold
The Incredible Machine 2PCunknown
The Incredible Machine 2PCunknownDynamix
The Incredible Machine 2PCEducationalSierra On-Line Inc.
The Incredible Machine 2PCunknown
The Incredible Machine 2PCPuzzleJeff Tunnell Productions
The Incredible Toon MachinePCPuzzle
The Incredible Toon MachinePCPuzzleJeff Tunnell Productions
The Lawnmower ManMega DriveunknownTime Warner Interactive
The legend of KyrandiaPCAdventureWestwood Studios
The Legend of Kyrandia 2PCunknown
The Legend of Kyrandia 2PCunknown
The Legend of Kyrandia 2 - Hand of fatePCAdventureWestwood Studios
The Lemmings ChroniclesPCunknown
The Lemmings ChroniclesPCStrategyPsygnosis
The Lion KingPCunknown
The Lion KingPCActionWestwood Associates
The Lion KingPCActionVirgin Interactive
The PagemasterMacintoshAdventureMammoth Micro Productions
The PremiershipPCSportCodemasters
The Princess and the GoblinMacintoshRPGSchuster & Partner
The SettlersPCStrategyBlue Byte
The Songs of Distant EarthMacintoshAdventureMike Oldfield
The TerminatorPCunknown
The TerminatorPCunknown
Theatre of DeathPCStrategyPsygnosis
Theatre of DeathPCActionThe Software Shed
Theme ParkPCStrategyBullfrog
Theme ParkPCunknown
Theme ParkPCunknownElectronic Arts
Theme ParkunknownStrategyBullfrog Productions, Ltd.
Theme ParkPCunknown
Theme ParkPCSimulationElectronic Arts
Theme ParkPCunknownElectronic Arts
Theme ParkPCStrategyElectronic Arts
Theme ParkPCunknownBullfrog
Theme parkPCActionBullfrog
Theme ParkPCStrategyElectronic Arts
Theme ParkPCMiscBullfrog Productions
Tie FighterPCunknown
Tie FighterPCunknown
TIE FighterPCSimulationLucasarts
Tie Fighter - Star WarsPCunknownLucasArts
Tie Fighter CD Version - Star WarsPCunknownLucasArts
Tomcat AlleyMega DriveActionSega
Tony & Friends in Kellogg's LandAmigaActionRauser Entertainment
TornadoPCunknownDigital Integration
Tough GuyPCActionPanda Entertainment
Traffic Department 2192PCAction
Traffic Department 2192PCunknownSafari Software
Traffic Department 2192PCActionSafari Software
Traffic department 2192PCActionP Squared
Trainer, DerPCunknownBlack Legend
Transport TycoonPCStrategyMicroprose
Transport TycoonPCunknown
Transport TycoonPCStrategyMicroProse
Transport TycoonPCStrategyMicroProse Software
Transport TycoonPCSimulationMicroProse
Transport TycoonPCSimulationMicroProse
Transport TycoonPCunknown
Transport tycoonPCunknownMicroProse Software
Transport TycoonPCSimulationMicroprose
Transport TycoonunknownStrategyMicroProse Ltd.
Trick or treatPCAdventureACA Soft
Trick or TreatPCAdventureProein S.L.
Troggle Trouble MathMacintoshEducationalMECC
True LiesSNESActionLjn
True LovePCAdventureJAST USA
TubesPCPuzzleImpulse Software
Tubular WorldsPCAction
Tubular WorldsPCunknownDongleware
Tubular WorldsunknownActionCreative Game Design
U-BoatMacintoshStrategyDeadly Games
U.S. Navy FightersPCunknownElectronic Arts
U.S. Navy FightersPCSimulationElectronic Arts
U.S. Navy FightersPCunknownElectronic Arts
UFO - Enemy UnknownPCunknownMicroProse
UFO - Enemy Unknown & Master of OrionPCunknownMicroProse
UFO: Enemy UnknownPCStrategyMicroProse
UFO: Enemy UnknownPCStrategyMicroProse Software
UFO: enemy unknownunknownStrategyMicroprose
UFO: Enemy UnknownPCStrategyMicroprose
Ufo: Enemy UnknownPCunknown
UFO: Enemy UnknownPCStrategyMicroprose
Ufo: Enemy UnknownPCunknown
Ufo: Enemy UnknownPCunknown
Ufo: Enemy UnknownPCunknown
UFO: Enemy UnknownPCStrategyMicroprose Software, Inc.
UFO: The Card GamePCStrategyFreeware
Ultima 8PCRPGOrigin Systems
Ultima 8 Speech PackPCunknown
Ultima 8: PaganPCunknown
Ultima 8: PaganPCunknown
Ultima 8: PaganPCunknown
Ultima VIII - PaganPCunknownOrigin
Ultima VIII - PaganPCunknownOrigin
Ultima VIII: PaganPCRPGOrigin
Ultima VIII: PaganPCActionORIGIN Systems
Ultimate BackgammonPCStrategySentient Software
Ultimate Body BlowsPCActionTeam17
Ultimate Domain aka GenesiaPCStrategySoftware Toolworks
Ultimate NFL Coaches Club FootballPCSportMicroProse
Ultimate NFL Coaches Club FootballPCSportMicroProse Software
Ultimate pinball quest, theunknownActionInteractivision
Under a Killing MoonPCAdventureAccess Software, Inc.
Under a Killing MoonPCunknownU.S. Gold
Under a Killing MoonPCunknownU.S. Gold
UniverseAmigaAdventureCore Design
UniversePCAdventureCore Design
UniversePCAdventureCore design
UniversePCAdventureCore Design
UniverseunknownAdventureCore Design Ltd.
USA Soccer '94PCSportDDM
Val d'Isère Skiing and SnowboardingJaguarSportAtari
Vegas GamesMacintoshPuzzleNew World Computing
Veritech - Variable Fighter SimulatorPCSimulationRYLO Software
Victory at SeaMacintoshStrategyThree-Sixty Pacific
VirtuosoPCActionElite Systems
VirtuosoPCActionVic Tokai
Vision 2PCunknown
Vital LightAmigaPuzzleMillennium
Voyages of Discovery aka ExplorationPCStrategySoftware 2000
VoyeurPCAdventureInterplay Entertainment
VoyeurunknownAdventureEntertainment Software Partners
Wacky JacksMacintoshPuzzleApple
Wacky WheelsPCSport
Wacky WheelsPCunknownApogee
Wacky WheelsPCSimulationApogee
Wacky WheelsPCSportApogee Software
Wacky WheelsunknownSportBeavis-Soft
Wacky WheelsPCActionBeavis-Soft
Wallobee Jack: The Bingi Burra StoneMacintoshAdventureMegatoon Entertainment
Wallobee Jack: The Lost LionardoMacintoshAdventureMegatoon Entertainment
WarbirdsMacintoshActionAmbient Software
WarCraft - Orcs & HumansPCStrategyBlizzard
Warcraft - Orcs and HumansPCStrategyBlizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Warcraft 1: Orcs & HumansPCStrategyBlizzard Entertainment
WarCraft: Orcs & HumansPCStrategyBlizzard Entertainment
Warcraft: Orcs & HumansPCStrategyBlizzard
Warcraft: Orcs & HumansunknownStrategyBlizzard Entertainment Inc.
Warcraft: Orcs & HumansPCStrategyBlizzard Entertainment
Warcraft: Orcs and HumansPCStrategyBlizzard Entertainment
Warcraft: Orcs and HumansPCStrategyBlizzard Entertainment
Wari - The Ancient Game of AfricaPCStrategyImagiSoft
Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3Game BoyActionNintendo
Wario's WoodsNESPuzzleNintendo
Wario's WoodsSNESPuzzleNintendo
Warlords IIPCStrategySSG Strategic Studies Group
WarpathPCActionSynthetic Reality
WCW SuperBrawl WrestlingSNESSportFCI
Wembley Rugby LeaguePCSportAudiogenic Software
West AdventurePCActionPanda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?PCunknown
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?PCunknown
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?PCunknown
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?PCunknown
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?PCunknown
WhizzPCActionFlair Software
Who Killed Brett Penance?MacintoshAdventureCreative Multimedia
Who Shot Johnny Rock?Mega DriveActionAmerican Laser Games
Wild Cup SoccerAmigaSportTeque
Wing Commander - Heart of the TigerPCunknownOrigin
Wing Commander ArmadaPCunknown
Wing Commander ArmadaPCSimulationORIGIN Systems
Wing Commander: Privateer - Righteous FireunknownSimulationORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Wing Commander: Privateer: Righteous FirePCunknown
WolfunknownSimulationSanctuary Woods
WolfPCSimulationSanctuary Woods
WolfPCSimulationSanctuary Woods
WolfunknownSimulationManley and Associates, Inc.
Wolfenstein 3DJaguarActionAtari
Wolfenstein 3D: First EncounterMacintoshActionid Software
Wonder Project JSNESRPGEnix
Woodruff and the Schnibble of AzimuthPCAdventureSierra Entertainment
Woodruff and The Schnibble of AzimuthunknownAdventureCoktel Vision
World at War: Operation CrusaderPCStrategyAvalon Hill
World at War: StalingradPCStrategyAvalon Hill
World Cup USA '94PCunknown
World Cup USA '94PCSportU.S. Gold
World of XeenPCRPGNew World Computing
Wrath of the GodsPCAdventureLuminaria
WWF RawSNESActionLjn
X-COM - UFO Defense \(DOS\)PCStrategyMicroProse
X-Com: UFO DefensePCunknown
X-COM: UFO DefenseunknownStrategyMythos Games Ltd.
X-COM: Ufo defense (a.k.a. Ufo: Enemy unknown)PCStrategyMicroProse Software
X-COM: UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown)PCStrategyMicroProse
X-COM: UFO Defense / UFO: Enemy UnknownPCStrategyMicroProse
X-itunknownActionData Design interactive
X-Men: Mutant ApocalypseSNESActionCapcom
XataxPCunknownPixel Painters
XataxunknownActionPixel Painters Corporation
XataxPCActionPixel Painters
XataxPCActionPixel Painters Corporation
XiolaMacintoshPuzzleCMY Multimedia
YA-MancalaMacintoshPuzzleKeith Rose
Yellow KidPCAdventureHolodream Software
Yendorian Tales - Book 1PCRPGSmithWare
Yendorian Tales Book I (a.k.a. Yendor I)PCRPGSpectrum Pacific Publishing
ZeewolfAmigaActionBinary Asylum
ZeewolfunknownActionBinary Asylum
Zeppelin – Giants of the SkyPCStrategyIkarion
Zero ToleranceMega DriveActionAccolade
Zipman 3PCActionZipTeam
ZipZapMap! CanadaMacintoshEducationalNational Geographic Society
ZipZapMap! USAMacintoshEducationalNational Geographic Society
ZipZapMap! WorldMacintoshEducationalNational Geographic Society
Zoda's Revenge: Startropics IINESActionNintendo
Zool 2PCunknownGremlin Interactive
Zool 2PCActionGremlin Interactive
Zool 2PCActionGremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
Zool 2PCActionGremlin
Zork AnthologyMacintoshAdventureInfocom