1987 Games


Robot 711
007 GoldfingerPCAdventureMindscape
1000 MilesMacintoshPuzzleRobert Harris
10th FramePCSportAccess Software
10th FramePCunknownAccess Software
10th Frame BowlingPCSportAccess Software
18th Hole Miniature GolfPCSportUnknown
1943: The Battle of MidwayNESActionCapcom
221 B Baker St.PCAdventureDatasoft
221B Baker StreetPCPuzzleDatasoft
221B Baker StreetPCStrategyDatasoft
2400 A.D.PCRPGOrigin Systems
3-D Helicopter SimulatorPCSimulationSierra
3D Pitch DeluxeMacintoshPuzzleChristopher Gross
3rd FloorMacintoshAdventureJ. Olson
4th & InchesPCunknown
4th & InchesC64SportAccolade
4th & InchesPCunknown
4th & Inches (Team Construction Kit)C64SportAccolade
4th and InchesPCSportAccolade
7 Spirits of RaPCActionSir-Tech Software, Inc.
720 DegreesC64SportU.S. Gold
Abadía del Crimen, LaZX SpectrumActionOpera Soft
Abadía del Crimen, LaAmstrad CPCActionOpera Soft
Abadía del Crimen, LaMSXActionOpera Soft
Abadía del Crimen, LaPCActionOpera Soft
Abadia del Crimen, LaPCAdventureOpera Soft
Abadia del Crimen, LaunknownAdventureOpera Soft
Accolade ComicsC64AdventureAccolade
Ace 2PCSimulationCascade
ACE 2PCSimulationArtronic Limited
Ace IiC64SimulationCascade Games Ltd
Ace IIPCSimulationCascade
Ace of AcesPCSimulationAccolade
Ace of AcesPCSimulationArtech Studios
AchetonPCAdventureTopologika Software
Advanced Flight TrainerPCSimulationEdward Lenner
Adventure construction setPCRPGElectronic Arts
Adventures of LoloGame BoyPuzzleHAL Laboratory
Adventures of LoloNESPuzzleHAL Laboratory
Air BallPCActionMicrodeal
Air CobraAmstrad CPCActionUnicornio
Air FortressNESActionHAL Laboratory, Inc.
Air HockeyMacintoshSportChristopher Gross
Airborne RangerPCunknown
Airborne RangerunknownActionMicroProse Software, Inc.
Airborne RangerPCunknown
Airborne RangerC64ActionMicroProse Software
Airborne rangerunknownActionMicroprose
Airborne RangerPCunknown
Airwolf IiC64ActionElite
Aldo's AdventurePCActionYAhoo Software
Aldo's adventurePCActionYahoo Software
Aldo's AdventurePCActionYahoo Software
Aldo's AdventurePCunknownYahoo Software
Aldo´s AdventurePCActionYahoo Software
AlfPCActionBox Office
ALF: The First AdventurePCunknown
Alternate Reality - The DungeonC64AdventureDatasoft
Amnesia (Adventure Version)C64AdventureElectronic Arts
AmpsMacintoshActionPaul A. Perkins
Amsilvania CastleAmstrad CPCActionMagic Team
Anacreon: reconstruction 4021PCStrategyThinking Machine Associates
Ancient Art of War at SeaPCunknown
Ancient Art of War at SeaPCunknown
AntaresZX SpectrumActionDro Soft
AntaresAmstrad CPCActionDro Soft
AntaresMSXActionDro Soft
Apache StrikeMacintoshActionSilicon Beach Software
Arcade VolleyballPCSportUnknown
Arcade VolleyballPCSportCOMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
Arcade volleyballPCAction
Arcade VolleyballPCSport-
Arcade VolleyballPCSportMicroforum
Arctic FoxPCSimulation
Arctic Fox (a.k.a. Arcticfox)PCSimulationDynamix
ArgonZX SpectrumActionGTS
ArkanoidC64ActionImagine / Taito
Arkanoid 2: Revenge of DohunknownActionTaito Corporation
Arkanoid II: The Revenge of DOHNESMiscTaito
Arkanoid II: The Revenge of DOHPCMiscTaito
Army MovesC64ActionImagine
ArnhemPCStrategyCases Computer Simulations
ArnhemPCStrategyCases Computer Simulations
AstraZX SpectrumActionSygran
Astrowulards, TheMSXActionOff Software
AtonAmstrad CPCActionUnicornio
Auf Wiedersehen MontyC64ActionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Aussie Joker PokerMacintoshPuzzleJoker Software
Avoid the noidPCActionFreeware
Awesome Earl in: Skate RockPCSportAlternative
BackgammonMacintoshPuzzleDavid Young
Bad CatC64ActionRainbow Arts
Bad CatPCunknown
Bad Street BrawlerPCActionMindscape
Bad Street BrawlerPCActionMindscape
Bad street brawlerunknownActionBeam software
Bad Street BrawlerPCActionMindscape
Bad Street BrawlerPCAction
Bank PanicMaster SystemActionSanritsu Denki
BarbarianPCActionPsygnosis Limited
BarbarianunknownActionMastertronic Group Ltd.
BarbarianunknownActionPalace software
Barbarian: The Ultimate WarriorC64ActionPalace Software
Barbarian: The Ultimate WarriorunknownActionPalace Software, LTD.
Bard's Tale I, The: Tales of the UnknownPCRPGElectronic Arts
Bard's TalePCRPGElectronic Arts Inc.
Baseball \(+ Pong pack\)PCSportKeypunch
Basketball ChallengePCSportXOR Corporation
Battle ZonePCStrategyUnknown
BedlamPCActionBeam International
Beyond Zork - The Coconut of QuendorPCAdventureInfocom
Beyond Zork: The Coconut of QuendorPCunknown
Beyond Zork: The Coconut of QuendorPCunknown
Bionic CommandoPCActionCapCom, U.S.A.,Inc
Bionic CommandoNESActionCapcom
Bionic CommandoPCActionCapcom
Bionic CommandoGame BoyActionCapcom
Black MondayPCStrategyKeypunch Software
Black MondayPCunknownStarsoft Development
Blades of SteelPCunknownKonami
BloodyZX SpectrumActionPJ Soft
BloodyMSXActionPJ Soft
Border ZonePCAdventureInfocom
Border ZonePCAdventureInfocom
Bruce LeePCActionDataSoft, Inc.
Bubble bobbleunknownActionTaito
Bubble bobblePCActionTaito
Bubble GhostPCPuzzleERE Informatique
Buggy BoyC64SportTatsumi
Burger BlasterPCAction??
Business simulatorPCActionReality Technologies
Cairo ShootOut!MacintoshActionDuane Blehm
California GamesMega DriveSportEpyx, Inc.
California GamesAtari 2600SportEpyx, Inc.
California GamesMaster SystemSportEpyx, Inc.
California GamesNESSportEpyx, Inc.
California GamesC64SportEpyx
California gamesunknownSportEpyx
Captain BloodMacintoshAdventureDidier Bouchon
Card sharksunknownMiscSoftie Inc.
Castelian (Tower Toppler)PCActionHewson Consultants
Castelian (Tower Toppler)NESActionHewson Consultants
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestNESRPGKonami
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestNESActionKonami Inc
Championship BackgammonPCStrategySpinnaker
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight TrainerPCunknown
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight TrainerPCunknown
Cid, ElZX SpectrumActionDro Soft
Cid, ElAmstrad CPCActionDro Soft
Cid, ElMSXActionDro Soft
Circus GamesPCSportKeypunch
Circus GamesPCActionKeypunch
Classic ConcentrationPCPuzzleShareData
Colonial ConquestAtari STStrategySSI
Colt 36MSXActionTopo Soft
CommandoPCActionData Ease
Conflict in VietnamPCunknown
Corporate RaiderPCSimulationSoftServ, Inc.
Crash GarretPCAdventureEre Informatique
Crazy CarsPCSportTitus Interactive
Crazy CarsunknownSportTitus Interactive, S.A.
Crazy CarsPCunknownTitus Interactive
Crazy CarsPCSportTitus Interactive
CrossZX SpectrumSportCompulogical
Cruzado, ElZX SpectrumunknownNuevo Soft E
Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes TruePCAdventureMindscape
Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!!PCAdventureMindscape
DangerZX SpectrumActionJorge Pérez
Dark CastlePCActionThree Sixty
Dark CastlePCunknownThree-Sixty Pacific
De Gouden KelkPCAdventure?
Death SwordPCActionEpyx
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War - Vol. 1PCStrategySSG Strategic Studies Group
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol. 1PCStrategyStrategic Studies Group
Deep SpacePCActionSir-Tech Software, Inc.
Deep SpacePCSimulation
Deep Space: Operation CopernicusPCActionSir-Tech
Defender of the CrownPCStrategyCinemaware
Defender of the CrownPCStrategyCinemaware
Defender of the CrownPCStrategyCinemaware
Defender Of The CrownPCStrategyMindscape, Inc.
Defender of the Crown \(EGA\)PCStrategyCinemaware
Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes TruePCAdventureICOM Simulations
Demon's ForgePCunknown
Demon's ForgePCAdventureMastertronics
Demon's forgePCAdventureMastertronic
Des Chiffres Et Des LettresPCPuzzleLoriciels
Desert RatsPCStrategyCases Computer Sim.
Desert RatsPCStrategyCases Computer Simulations
Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (Dizzy 1)unknownAdventureCode Masters
Don QuijoteZX SpectrumunknownDinamic
Don QuijoteAmstrad CPCunknownDinamic
Don QuijoteMSXunknownDinamic
Don QuijotePCunknownDinamic
Double DragonGame BoyActionTaito
Double DragonMega DriveActionTaito
Double DragonPCActionTaito
Double DragonMaster SystemActionTaito
Double DragonNESActionTaito
Double DragonAtari 2600ActionTaito
Double DragonPCActionArcadia Systems
Double DragonunknownActionTechnos Japan Corp.
Double DribbleNESSportKonami
Double DribblePCSportKonami
Double DribbleMega DriveSportKonami
Double DribbleGame BoySportKonami
Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's CastleunknownActionSullivan Bluth Interactive Media, Inc.
Dragonriders of PernPCStrategyEverlasting
Dream ZonePCAdventureNaughty Dog
Dream ZonePCAdventureBaudville
Driller (a.k.a. Space station oblivion)PCAdventureIncentive
Druid 2: EnlightenmentC64ActionFirebird
Dungeon MasterPCRPGFTL Games
Dungeon MasterSNESRPGFTL Games
Dungeon MasterunknownRPGFTL Games
EagleZX SpectrumActionJuliet Soft
EagleAmstrad CPCActionJuliet Soft
EagleMSXActionJuliet Soft
Earl Weaver BaseballPCSportElectronic Arts
Eden BluesPCAdventureERE Informatique
Eden BluesPCAdventure
Eden BluesPCActionERE Informatique
EidisiMacintoshAdventureDet Konnor
Elevator ActionC64ActionQuicksilva
ElitePCStrategyFrontier Developments
Empire- Wargame of the centuryPCStrategyInterstel
Empire: Wargame of the CenturyPCStrategyNorthwest Software
Enigma de Aceps, ElAmstrad CPCunknownACE Soft
Enigma de Aceps, ElPCunknownACE Soft
Eos - Earth Orbit StationC64SimulationElectronic Arts
EpsilonZX SpectrumActionGTS
Express RaiderC64ActionData East
F-19 Stealth FighterunknownSimulationMicroProse Software, Inc.
Face OffC64SportActivision
Face Off!PCSportGameStar
Face off!unknownSportMindspan
Face Off!unknownSportMindSpan
Faery Tale Adventure, TheunknownRPGMicroIllusions
FalconPCSimulationSpectrum Holobyte
FalconunknownSimulationSpectrum Holobyte
FalconPCSimulationSpectrum Holobyte
Family FeudPCMiscSharedata
Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-OpaMaster SystemActionSEGA Enterprises
Fast BreakPCSportAccolade
FaxanaduNESRPGHudson Soft
Fellowship of the RingMacintoshAdventureAddison-Wesley
Final FantasyNESRPGSquare Co., Ltd.
Final FantasyunknownRPGSquare Co., Ltd.
Final FantasyNESAdventureSquare Co., Ltd.
Flipper the ZipperPCActionRussco
FlunkyZX SpectrumActionPiranha
FomalhautZX SpectrumActionMicrohobby
Ford SimulatorPCSimulationFord Motor Company
Ford simulatorunknownSimulationBeck-tech
Ford SimulatorPCunknownFord Motor Company
Ford SimulatorPCSimulationThe SoftAd Group
Ford simulator 1PCSportThe SoftAd Group
Ford Simulator IIPCunknown
Frankenstein Jnr.C64AdventureCodemasters
Freddy HardestZX SpectrumActionDinamic
Freddy HardestAmstrad CPCActionDinamic
Freddy HardestMSXActionDinamic
Freddy HardestPCActionDinamic
Fruit Machine SimulatorC64MiscCodemasters
FX-15MSXActionMind Games
Galactic GamesC64SportActivision
Game OverZX SpectrumActionDinamic
Game OverAmstrad CPCActionDinamic
Game OverMSXActionDinamic
Game OverPCActionDinamic
Game OverC64ActionImagine
Game OverPCunknownDinamic Multimedia
Game Over 2 (a.k.a. Phantis 2)PCActionDinamic Software
Gangster TownMaster SystemActionSEGA Corporation
Geebee Air RallyC64ActionActivision
Genghis KhanunknownStrategyKOEI Co., Ltd.
GFL Championship FootballPCSportActivision
Ghosts 'n GoblinsPCActionCapcom
Ghosts 'N GoblinsPCunknownCAPCOM
Ghosts n GoblinsPCActionCapcom Entertainment
GiantkillerPCAdventureTopologika Software
GlumanZX SpectrumActionGTS
Gnome rangerPCAdventureLevel 9 computing
Gnome RangerPCAdventureLevel 9 Computing
Gnome Ranger (Graphic Version)C64AdventureLevel 9 Computing
GnoniZX SpectrumActionMicrohobby
GoodyPCActionOpera Soft
GoodyPCActionOpera Soft
Gorbaf el VikingoAmstrad CPCActionMagic Team
Gotcha! The SportNESActionLJN Toys
Gran PrixZX SpectrumSportGTS
Grand Prix 500ccPCunknown
Great Giana sisters, theunknownActionTime warp productions
Greyfell - The Legend Of NormanC64AdventureStarlight Software
Grover's Animal AdventuresPCunknown
Guerilla WarPCunknown
Guerilla WarPCActionData East
Guerilla WarPCunknown
Guild of Thieves, ThePCAdventureRainbird Software
HackMacintoshRPGMichael Kahl
Harrier Strike Mission IIMacintoshSimulationMiles Computing
Hat TrickPCSportBally Sente
Hat TrickPCSportCapcom
Head Over HeelsC64AdventureOcean
Head Over HeelsunknownActionOcean Software Ltd.
Helicopter simulatorPCSimulationSierra On-Line
Hiper TronicMSXActionGTS
Historias de MedialandZX SpectrumunknownJSJ Soft
Hitchhiker's Guide To The GalaxyPCAdventureInfocom
Hitchhiker'S Guide To The Galaxy (Solid Gold Edition)C64AdventureInfocom
Hole In OneC64SportMAD
Hunter'S MoonC64ActionThalamus
Igo: Kuroban TaikyokuNESPuzzleBullet-Proof Software
Ik+C64SportSystem 3
Ikari WarriorsPCActionData East Corporation
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomPCActionAtari Games Corporation
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomNESActionAtari Games Corporation
Indiana jones and the temple of doomunknownActionAtari games
Indiana Jones in Revenge of the AncientsPCAdventureMindscape
Indiana Jones in Revenge of the AncientsunknownAdventureAngelsoft, Inc.
Indiana Jones: Revenge of the AncientsPCAdventureAngelsoft
Indoor RaceZX SpectrumSportMind Games
Indoor RaceAmstrad CPCSportMind Games
Indoor RaceMSXSportMind Games
Indoor SportsC64SportMindscape Inc
Infiltrator 2PCStrategyMindscape
Infocom Sampler IiC64AdventureInfocom
Inside TraderPCStrategySoftServ, Inc.
Inside traderunknownSimulationCosmi corporation
Into the Eagle';s NestPCActionMindscape
Into the Eagle's NestPCActionMindscape
Into the Eagle's NestPCAction
Into The Eagles NestPCActionMindscape Inc.
Jammin' IiC64ActionMastertronic
JawsunknownActionLJN toys, ltd.
JawsNESActionWestone Co.
JawsNESActionLJN Toys
Jeopardy!PCPuzzleSharedata Inc
JinxterPCAdventureMagnetic Scrolls
JinxterMacintoshAdventureMagnetic Scrolls
Joe BladeC64AdventurePlayers Software
Jonah Barrington's SquashPCunknown
Karate Kid, TheNESActionLJN Toys
KarnovPCActionData East
KarnovunknownActionData East
KarnovPCActionData East
KaylethC64AdventureUS Gold
KettleC64ActionAlligata Software
Kid NikiC64ActionData East
KidsMathMacintoshEducationalGreat Wave Software
King of Chicago, theunknownPuzzleCinemaware
Kings quest II - Romacing the thronePCAdventureSierra
Kings quest IIIPCAdventureSierra
King's QuestMacintoshAdventureSierra
King';s QuestPCAdventureSierra
King';s Quest 2 - Romancing the ThronePCAdventureSierra
King';s Quest 3 - To Heir is HumanPCAdventureSierra
King's quest 2: romancing the stoneunknownAdventureSierra on-line
King's Quest 2: Romancing the ThronePCunknown
King's Quest 2: Romancing the ThronePCunknown
King's Quest 2: Romancing the ThronePCAdventureSierra
King's Quest 3: To Heir is HumanPCunknown
King's Quest 3: To Heir is HumanPCunknown
King's Quest 3: To Heir is HumanPCunknown
King's Quest 3: To Heir is HumanPCunknown
King's Quest II: Romancing the ThronePCAdventureSierra On-Line
King's Quest II: Romancing the ThronePCAdventureSierra On-Line Inc.
King's Quest: Quest for the CrownPCunknown
King's Quest: Quest for the CrownPCunknown
King's Quest: The Quest for the CrownPCAdventureSierra On-Line
King's QuestPCAdventureSierra
Kingdom of HamilPCAdventureJonathan Partington
Kingdom of KrozPCActionApogee
Knight GamesPCSportMastertronic
Knight orcPCAdventureLevel 9 computing
Knight OrcunknownAdventureLevel 9 Computing, Ltd.
Kobayashi NaruPCunknown
Kobayashi NaruPCAdventureMastertronic
Kobayashi NaruPCunknown
Kroz SeriesunknownAdventureApogee Software, Ltd. (Scott Miller)
La Abadía del CrimenPCAdventureOpera Soft
La Abadia del CrimenPCAdventureOpera Soft
Las Vegas Video PokerPCStrategyMastertronic
Laser SurgeonPCMiscActivision, Inc.
Laser Surgeon: The Microscopic MissionPCunknownSynergistic Software
Laser Surgeon: The Microscopic MissionPCunknown
Laser Surgeon: The Microscopic MissionPCSimulationActivision
Last NinjaC64AdventureSystem 3
Last Ninja, TheunknownActionSystem 3 Software, Ltd.
Last ninja, theunknownActionSystem 3
Lawn MowerPCAction
Lawn MowerPCActionChristopher D. Orr.
Lawn MowerPCActionChristopher D. Orr
Lawnmower ManPCMiscChristopher D. Orr
Le Maitre Des AmesPCRPGUBI Soft
Legacy of the AncientsunknownRPGQuest Software, Inc.
Legacy Of The AncientsC64AdventureElectronic Arts
Legend of DjelPCRPGCoktel Vision
Legend of KageNESActionTaito
Leisure Suit LarryPCAdventureSierra
Leisure Suit Larry 1PCAdultSierra On-Line
Leisure Suit Larry 1MacintoshAdventureSierra
Leisure Suit Larry 1 - Land of the Lounge LizardsPCunknownSierra
Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge LizardsPCAdventureSierra On-Line
Leisure Suit Larry 1: in the Land of the Lounge LizardsPCunknown
Leisure Suit Larry 1: in the Land of the Lounge LizardsPCunknown
Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge LizardsPCAdventureSierra Entertainment
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge LizardsPCAdventureSierra
Lets Get Tanked!MacintoshActionBill Hensler
Living DaylightsC64ActionDomark
Lords of ConquestPCStrategyEon Software
Lucky LukeAtari STActionCoktel Vision
Lurking HorrorC64AdventureInfocom
Lurking horror, theunknownAdventureInfocom
Mac CentipedeMacintoshActionRicardo Batista
Mac RacquetballMacintoshSportPractical Computer Applications Inc.
Mac Word HuntMacintoshPuzzleFred Moulden
Mac YahtzeeMacintoshPuzzleEdd Vrcich
Macadam BumperPCActionAccolade
MacCasinoMacintoshActionNeil Jacobson
Mach 3PCActionLoriciels
Mach 3PCAction
Mach 3PCActionLoriciels
Magic of Scheherazade, TheNESRPGCulture Brain
Magic PinballMSXunknownOMK
Mah Jongg SolitairePCStrategyArcanum Computing
Mah Jongg SolitairePCPuzzleNels Anderson
Maniac MansionC64AdventureLucasfilm Games
Maniac MansionPCunknown
Maniac MansionPCunknown
Maniac mansionPCAdventureLucasfilm/Lucasarts
Maniac MansionPCunknown
Maniac MansionPCunknownLucasArts
Maniac MansionNESAdventureLucasfilm Games
Maniac MansionPCAdventureLucasfilm Games
Maniac MansionPCunknown
Maniac MansionPCAdventureLucasArts
Maniac MansionPCunknown
Maniac MansionPCunknown
Maniac MansionPCunknown
Maniac MansionPCunknown
Maniac MansionPCunknown
Maniac MansionunknownAdventureLucasArts
Master BlasterPCunknown
Master NinjaPCunknown
Mega ApocalypseunknownActionMartech
Mega ManNESActionCapcom
Mega ManNESActionCapcom
Mega ManNESActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Metal GearPCActionKonami
Metal GearNESActionKonami
Metal GearPCActionKonami
Metal GearPCActionKonami
Metal gearPCActionKonami
Metal GearNESActionKonami
Metal GearNESActionKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
MetropolisPCAdventureArcadia Systems
MetropolisPCAdventureMelbourne House
Meurtres en SeriePCPuzzleCobra Soft
Mickey MousecapadeNESActionHudson Soft, LTD.
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0PCunknown
Might & Magic Book 1 - Secret of the Inner SanctumPCRPGNew World Computing
Might and MagicPCunknown
Might and Magic 1 - Secret of the Inner SanctumPCRPGNew World Computing, Inc.
Might and Magic 1: Secret of the inner sanctumPCRPGNew World Computing
Might and Magic I: Secret of the Inner SanctumPCRPGNew World Computing
Might and Magic: The Secret of Inner SanctumPCRPGNew World Computing
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!NESActionNintendo
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!NESSportNintendo
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!NESActionNintendo Co., LTD
Mixed up Mother GoosePCAdventureSierra
Mixed up Mother GoosePCunknownSierra
Mixed Up Mother GoosePCAdventureSierra Entertainment
Mixed-up mother goosePCAdventureSierra On-Line
Mixed-Up Mother GoosePCAdventureSierra On-Line
Mixed-Up Mother GooseunknownAdventureSierra On‑Line, Inc.
MoebiusPCActionOrigin Systems
MoebiusPCRPGOrigin Systems
MoebiusPCRPGOrigin Systems
Moebius - The Orb of Celestial HarmonyPCRPGORIGIN Systems, Inc.
MonopolyMaster SystemStrategySEGA Enterprises
MonopolyGame BoyStrategySEGA Enterprises
MonopolyNESStrategySEGA Enterprises
Mortville ManorunknownAdventureLankhor
NaufragioAmstrad CPCunknownRymsoft
NebulusC64ActionHewson Consultants Ltd
Nebulus (Tower Toppler)unknownActionHewson Consultants Ltd.
Necris DomeC64AdventureCodemasters
NetHackMacintoshRPGThe NetHack Dev Team
Nether EarthZX SpectrumStrategyArgus
Nether EarthC64ActionArgus Press Software
NetTrek (aka NetTrek: The Real Version)MacintoshStrategyPremier Technology Inc.
Nord And BertC64AdventureInfocom
Not A Penny More Not A Penny LessC64AdventureDomark
OgrePCStrategyJoe Applegate
OligopolyPCStrategyP.C. Design Associates
OligopolyPCStrategyPc design associates
Olli & Lissa - The Ghost Of Shilmoore CastleC64ActionFirebird
Omega Planet (English Version)C64AdventureInfogrames
Omega Planet (German Version)C64AdventureInfogrames
Oo-ToposPCAdventurePolarware, Inc.
Operation WolfunknownActionTaito Corporation
Pack MonstruoZX SpectrumunknownDinamic
Pack MonstruoAmstrad CPCunknownDinamic
Paper BoyPCActionElite Systems
Paper Boy 2PCActionElite Systems
Parlour gamesunknownSimulationCompile
Paso, ElZX SpectrumActionNuevo Mundo
Patton Versus RommelMacintoshStrategyChris Crawford
Patton vs. RommelPCStrategyElectronic Arts
Penguin LandGame BoyPuzzleSEGA Enterprises
Penguin LandMaster SystemPuzzleSEGA Enterprises
People from SiriusZX SpectrumActionU.S. Gold
Phantasie 1PCRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Phantasie 3: The wrath of NikademusPCRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Phantasie Iii - The Wrath Of NikademusC64AdventureSSI
Phantasy starunknownRPGSega
Phantasy StarMaster SystemRPGSEGA Enterprises
PiratesC64AdventureMicroProse Software
Pirates of the Barbary CoastPCStrategyStarsoft / Keypunch
PlatoonPCunknownData East Corporation
Plundered HeartsPCAdventureInfocom
Plundered HeartsC64AdventureInfocom
Poko Memorial: 18 Hole Miniature GolfPCunknownGold Hill Software
Police Quest - in Pursuit of the Death AngelPCAdventureSierra
Police Quest - In Pursuit of the Death AngelPCAdventureSierra On-Line Inc.
Police quest 1unknownAdventureSierra on-line
Police Quest 1 - In Pursuit of the Death AngelPCunknownSierra
Police Quest 1: In pursuit of the death angelPCAdventureSierra On-Line
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelAmigaAdventureSierra
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelPCAdventureSierra On-Line
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelPCAdventureSierra On-Line
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelPCAdventureSierra Entertainment
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelPCunknown
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelPCunknown
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelPCAdventureSierra On-Line
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelunknownAdventureSierra On-Line, Inc.
Ports of CallAmigaStrategyKlein & Ulrich
Predator: Soon the Hunt Will BeginNESActionKlon
Premier LeagueC64SportA.J. Clayton
President ElectPCunknownSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Pro-League BaseballPCunknown
Professional Ski SimulatorZX SpectrumSportCode Masters
Project Space StationPCSimulationAvantage
Project Stealth FighterC64SimulationMicroProse Software
Project: space stationPCSimulationAdvantage Software
Pub PoolPCSportMastertronic
QuarterstaffMacintoshRPGSimulated Environment Systems
R TypePCActionIrem
Rad RacerNESSportSquare
Rad WarriorPCActionEpyx
Rad WarriorPCActionEpyx
RampageunknownActionBally Midway
RastanMaster SystemActionTaito
RescatePCunknownJosé Pons
Return Of The Mutant CamelsC64ActionMastertronic
Rex HardZX SpectrumActionMister Chip
Rex HardAmstrad CPCActionMister Chip
Rex HardMSXActionMister Chip
Rings of ZilfinPCRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Road RunnerC64ActionU.S. Gold
Roadwar 2000PCStrategySSI
Roadwar 2000PCRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Roadwar 2000PCAdventureStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Roadwar EuropaPCRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Roadwar EuropePCStrategySSI
Robot rascalsPCStrategyOzark Softscape
RoboWarrior (Bomber King)NESActionHudson Soft
RockfordPCPuzzleFirst Star Software
RockfordPCPuzzleFirst Star
Rockford: The Arcade GamePCPuzzleArcadia Systems
RockyMaster SystemSportSEGA
Russia: Great War In The EastC64StrategySSG
Saboteur 2PCActionDurell Software
Scarab of RaMacintoshRPGRick Holzgrafe
ScaramoucheZX SpectrumActionMagic Team
ScrewieZX SpectrumActionNuevo mundo
Search And DestroyPCSimulationBroderbund
Serve & VolleyPCSportAccolade
ShadowgateAmigaAdventureIcom Simulations
ShadowgateunknownAdventureICOM simulations
ShadowgateNESAdventureICOM Simulations
ShadowgateunknownAdventureICOM Simulations
ShadowgateNESAdventureICOM Simulations, Inc.
Shadows of Mordor, TheunknownAdventureBeam Software
ShinobiPCActionSEGA Enterprises
ShinobiMaster SystemActionSEGA Enterprises
Sid Meier's Pirates!PCStrategyMicroProse Software
Sid Meier's Pirates!PCActionMicroprose Software, Inc.
Side PocketSNESSportData East
Side PocketMega DriveSportData East
Side PocketGame BoySportData East
Side PocketNESSportData East
SidearmsPCActionCapCom, U.S.A.,Inc
Sierra championship boxingPCActionEvryware
SigfridoZX SpectrumActionCiudadela So
SilpheedPCActionSierra On-Line
Sinbad and the throne of the falconunknownActionCinemaware
Skate or DiePCunknown
Skate or DiePCunknown
Skate or Die!C64SportElectronic Arts
Sky RunnerPCunknown
Solomon's KeyPCActionU.S. Gold Ltd.
Space Quest - The Sarien EncounterPCAdventureSierra
Space Quest 1: The Sarien EncounterPCunknown
Space Quest 1: The Sarien EncounterPCunknown
Space Quest 2 - Vohaul';s RevengePCAdventureSierra
Space Quest 2 - Vohauls RevengePCunknownSierra
Space quest 2 - Vohauls revengeunknownAdventureSierra on-line
Space Quest 2: Chapter 2 - Vohaul's RevengeunknownAdventureSierra On-Line, Inc.
Space Quest 2: Chapter 2- Vohaul's RevengePCAdventureSierra Entertainment
Space Quest 2: Vohaul's RevengePCunknown
Space Quest 2: Vohaul's RevengePCunknown
Space Quest 2: Vohaul's revengePCAdventureSierra On-Line
Space Quest II: Vohaul's RevengePCAdventureSierra On-Line
Space Quest II: Vohaul's RevengePCAdventureSierra On-Line Inc.
Space Quest: The Sarien EncounterPCAdventureSierra On-Line
SpiritsZX SpectrumActionTopo Soft
SpiritsAmstrad CPCActionTopo Soft
SpiritsMSXActionTopo Soft
Spy HunterNESActionSun Corporation
Spy vs Spy 3: Arctic AnticsPCActionEpyx
Spy vs. Spy 3: Arctic AnticsPCActionFirst Star
Star FighterZX SpectrumActionGTS
Star LordPCActionSoftbook
Star QuakePCActionBubble Bus
Star saga: One - Beyond the boundaryPCStrategyMasterplay Publishing Corporation
Star Ship CommandPCSimulationDon G. Bowen
Star SordiumAmstrad CPCActionEduardo F.
Star Trek: The Rebel UniverseunknownAdventureFirebird Software Ltd.
Star WarsPCActionBroderbund, Tengen
Star WarsPCunknownBroderbund Software
StarbyteZX SpectrumActionMister Chip
StarbyteAmstrad CPCActionMister Chip
StarbyteMSXActionMister Chip
StarflightPCRPGBinary Systems
StarflightPCRPGBinary Systems, Electronic Arts
Stop BallZX SpectrumPuzzleDro Soft
Stop BallAmstrad CPCPuzzleDro Soft
Stop BallMSXPuzzleDro Soft
StrategounknownStrategyAccolade, Inc.
Street FighterPCActionCapcom
Street sports baseballPCActionEpyx
Street Sports BasketballPCSportEpyx
Street sports basketballPCActionEpyx
Sub Battle SimulatorPCSimulationEpyx
Super Hang-OnPCunknown
Super hang-onPCSportSega
Super PitfallNESActionActivision
Superbike ChallengeunknownSportMicroïds
Superbike ChallengePCSportMicroids
Superbike ChallengePCunknownMicroids
Superstar Ice HockeyPCSportMindscape
Superstar Ice HockeyPCunknown
Superstar Ice HockeyPCSportDesignStar Consultants
Superstar Ice HockeyPCunknown
Superstar Ice HockeyPCunknownDesignStar Consultants
Superstar Ice HockeyPCSportDesignStar Consultants
Superstar Indoor SoccerPCunknown
Superstar Indoor Sports Volume 1PCunknown
SurvivorZX SpectrumActionTopo Soft
SurvivorAmstrad CPCActionTopo Soft
SurvivorMSXActionTopo Soft
Tales of the Unknown: The Bard's TalePCRPGInterplay
Talisman - Challenging the Sand of TimePCAdventurePolarware
Tank CommanderMacintoshActionBrian Sutter
Tau CetiPCSimulation
Tecmo BowlNESSportTecmo
Terror en la FacultadAmstrad CPCActionEdisoft
Test DrivePCSimulationAccolade
Test DrivePCSportAccolade
Test DriveunknownSportDistinctive Software, Inc.
Test drivePCSportDistinctive Software
Test driveunknownSportDistinctive software
Test DrivePCSimulation
Test DrivePCActionAccolade
Test Drive 1PCunknownAccolade
TetrisPCPuzzleSpectrum HoloByte
TetrisPCPuzzleSpectrum Holobyte
TetrisPCPuzzleSpectrum Holobyte
The 3 StoogesPCActionCinemaware
The Ancient Art of War at SeaPCStrategyBroderbund
The Ancient Art of War at SeaPCStrategyEvryware
The Bard's Tale 1PCRPGInterplay Productions
The Bard's Tale: Tales of the UnknownPCunknown
The Bard's Tale: Tales of the UnknownPCunknown
The Bard's Tale: Tales of the UnknownPCunknown
The Black CauldronPCAdventureSierra
The Black CauldronPCAdventure
The civil warPCStrategyAvalon Hill
The Fourth ProtocolPCAdventureThe Electronic Pencil Co.
The Great EscapePCStrategyOcean
The great escapePCAdventureOCEAN
The Great Giana SistersC64ActionTime Warp
The Great Giana SistersC64ActionRainbow Arts
The Great Giana SistersPCActionTime Warp Software
The great Giana sistersPCActionRainbow Arts
The Guild of ThievesAmigaAdventureMagnetic Scrolls
The Guild of ThievesPCunknown
The Guild of ThievesPCAdventureMagnetic Scrolls
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyPCunknown
The Last MissionPCActionOperaSoft
The Last MissionPCunknown
The Last MissionPCActionOpera Soft
The Last NinjaC64AdventureSystem 3
The Legend of ZeldaNESAdventureNintendo Co., LTD
The Lurking HorrorPCAdventureInfocom
The Lurking HorrorPCAdventureInfocom
The Lurking HorrorPCunknown
The lurking horrorPCAdventureInfocom
The ScrabblePCPuzzleUnknown
The SentinelPCPuzzleFirebird
The sevent spirits of RaPCActionSir-tech Software, Inc.
The Spy's Adventure in North AmericaPCPuzzlePolarware
The Three StoogesPCActionCinemaware
The Three StoogesNESActionActivision
ThexderPCunknownGame Arts Co.
ThexderPCunknownSierra Entertainment
ThexderPCActionGame Arts
ThexderPCActionGame Arts
TomahawkPCSimulationDigital Integration Ltd.
TomahawkPCSimulationDigital Integration
Tomy en el SlalomAmstrad CPCActionGTS
Top GunNESSimulationKonami
Top gunPCSimulationOcean
Top GunPCSimulationThunder Mountain
Top SecretPCAdventureLoriciels
Track and FieldNESSportKonami
Train - escape to Normandy, theunknownActionArtech Digital Entertainments, Inc.
TriskelionPCPuzzleNeil J. Rubenking
Trivial PursuitPCPuzzleUnknown
Trust & Betrayal - The Legacy of SibootPCStrategyMindscape
TurboPCunknownDoug Ross
Turbo CarPCSimulationDoug Ross
Turbo CupPCSimulationLoriciels
Ultima 4 - Quest of the AvatarPCRPGOrigin System
Ultima 4 - Quest of the Avatar \(enhanced\)PCRPGOrigin System
Ultima 4: Quest for the AvatarPCunknown
Ultima 4: Quest for the AvatarPCunknown
Ultima I: The First Age of DarknessPCRPGOrigin
Ultima I: The first age of darknessPCRPGOrigin Systems
Ultima I: The First Age of DarknessPCunknownOrigin Systems
Ultima IV Quest of the AvatarPCRPGORIGIN Systems
Ultima IV: Quest of the AvatarPCRPGOrigin
Un-BreakoutMacintoshActionM.C. Sumner
Under FireC64StrategyAvalon Hill Microcomputer Games Inc
Under Fire!PCStrategyAvalon Hill
UninvitedAmigaAdventureIcom Simulations
UninvitedunknownAdventureICOM simulations
UninvitedPCAdventureICOM Simulations
VaritalePCAdventurePinnacle Software
Vegas GamblerPCMiscCalifornia Dreams
Vegas gamblerunknownSimulationLogical Design Works, Inc.
Vegas gamblerPCStrategyLogical Design Works
Video CasinoPCMiscMastertronic Ltd.
Video CasinoPCStrategyMastertronic
War of the LancePCStrategyStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Wargame Construction SetC64StrategySSI
West BankC64ActionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Western GamesC64ActionMagic Bytes
Western GamesC64SportMagic Bytes
Wheel of FortunePCMiscSharedata, Inc.
Wheel of fortunePCPuzzleSoftie
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?PCunknown
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?PCunknown
Where in the USA is Carmen SandiegounknownPuzzleBroderbund
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?PCPuzzleBroderbund
Where Time Stood StillPCAdventureOcean
Where time stood stillPCAdventureDenton Designs
Who framed Roger RabbitPCActionDisney
Whopper ChaseZX SpectrumActionErbe
Whopper ChaseAmstrad CPCActionErbe
Whopper ChaseMSXActionErbe
Winter GamesPCSportEpyx
Wizard WarzPCRPGCanvas
Wizard's CrownPCRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Wizardry 4: The Return of WerdnaPCunknown
Wizardry 4: The Return of WerdnaunknownRPGSir-tech Software, Inc.
Wizardry IV: The Return of WerdnaPCRPGSir-tech Software
Wizards & WarriorsNESActionRare
WizballPCunknownSensible Software
Wonder BoyMaster SystemActionWestone Co.
Wonder Boy in Monster LandMaster SystemRPGWestone Co.
Wonderboy in monsterlandunknownActionSega
World ChessPCStrategySoftcorp Software
World Class GolfPCSport
World Class Leader BoardPCSportAccess Software
World Class Leader BoardunknownSportAccess Software, Inc.
World Class Leader BoardPCunknown
World Class LeaderboardC64SportAccess Software
World DartsPCSport1001 Limited
World DartsPCSportMelbourne House
World dartsPCActionMelbourne House
World Tour GolfC64SportElectronic Arts
X-fighterPCActionWordworks Software
XadiumPlus/4ActionMr Chip Software
XeviousC64ActionU.S. Gold
XiderAmstrad CPCActionGTS
XiriusZX SpectrumActionGTS
Yahtzee!MacintoshPuzzleKevin McDaniel
Yes Prime MinisterC64StrategyMosaic
Yes prime minister!unknownMiscO.D.E.
Yogi BearC64ActionPiranha
Your Faithful CamelMacintoshAdventureAmanda Goodenough
Ys: The Vanished OmensMaster SystemRPGNihon Falcom Corp.
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkNESActionNintendo
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkNESRPGNintendo
ZeliardPCunknownGame Arts Co.
ZeliardPCRPGGame Arts
Zero GravityMacintoshActionDuane Blehm
Zig ZagC64ActionMirrorsoft Ltd
ZikTuriaMacintoshAdventureBilly Yamka
ZillionMaster SystemActionSEGA Enterprises
Zork I - The Great Underground Empire (Solid Gold Edition)C64AdventureInfocom
Zork Quest - Assualt on Egreth CastlePCAdventureInfocom
Zork Quest 1: Assault on Egreth CastlePCunknown
ZortronZX SpectrumActionGTS