C Games


Robot 139
C-DogsActionRonny Wester
C-in-CStrategyLoki Engineering
C.I.A. AdventureAdventureInternational PC Owners
C.R.B. (Cuerpo Rompe Bolas)ActionKronos
C.Y.P.H.E.R. Operation US PresidentsEducationalTanager Software Productions
C'est pas sorcier: Menace sur le volcan TamakouEducationalLexis Numérique
獣王記 (Jūōki)ActionSega
CabalunknownTAD Corporation
Cabol IIActionD•revolution
Cad Cam WarriorActionTaskset
CadaverAdventureBitmap Brothers
Cadaver - The PayoffRPGBitmap Brothers
CaesarStrategyLüder Osmers
Caesar 2unknownImpressions Games
Caesar 3StrategyActivision
Caesar The CatActionMirrorsoft Ltd
Caesar's PalacePuzzleRealtime Associates
Caillou: Magic PlayhouseEducationalBrighter Child Interactive
Cairo ShootOut!ActionDuane Blehm
California Draw Low-BallMiscRaymond M. Buti
California GamesActionEpyx, Inc.
California games 2SportEpyx
California Pro GolfSportMastertronic Group
Calixto IslandAdventureMark Data Products
Call of Chtulhu: Prisoner of IceAdventureChaosium Inc.
Call of Chtulhu: Shadow of the CometPuzzleInfogrames Europe
Call of DutyActionActivision
Call of Duty 2ActionAspyr
Call of Duty: United OffensiveActionActivision
Call to Power 2StrategyActivision
Callahan's Crosstime SaloonAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
CamelStrategyCary Torkelson
Camelot WarriorsActionDinamic
Camelot Warriors RemakeActionBuhonero & C
Camp CantitoeAdventureDevin Garrity
CampaignSimulationEmpire Software
Campaign 2StrategyEmpire Software
Campeones PCunknownTopo Soft
CanabaltActionAdam Saltsman
Candy CrisisPuzzleJohn Stiles
Candy Land AdventureAdventureHasbro Interactive
CanfieldPuzzleComputing Capabilities Corporation
Cannon FodderActionVirgin Interactive
Cannon Fodder 2ActionVirgin Interactive
Cannons & CastlesStrategyAndy Lyttle
Canyon BomberActionAtari, Inc.
Caos BeginsActionHikaru Games
Cap'n Crunch's Crunchling AdventureStrategyCobalt Interactive
Cap'n Magneto v1.xAdventureAl Evans
Cap'n Magneto v2.xAdventureAl Evans
Caper in the Castro (aka Murder on Main Street)AdventureCM Ralph
Capitán Trueno, ElActionDinamic
Capital PunishmentActionclickBOOM
CapitalismSimulationEnlight Software
Capitalist PigStrategyDavid C. Thomas
Captain America and the Avengersunknown
Captain Bible in Dome of DarknessAdventureBridgestone Multimedia
Captain BloodAdventureERE Informatique
Captain BumperActionCasady & Greene
Captain ComicActionMichael Denio
Captain Comic 2 - Fractured RealityActionComputerEasy
Captain DynamoActionCodemasters
Captain Gysi - Galaxis FuturaAdventurePDS
Captain Gysi und das Raumschiff BonnAdventurePDS
Captain Planet and the Planeteersunknown
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the FutureActionBox Office Inc.
Captain Salve: Secret of the PyramidAdventureCederroth
Captain Skyhawkunknown
Captain Verdeterre's PlunderAdventureRyan Veeder
Captain ZappActionMAD
Capture the Enemy Space ShipStrategyInternational PC Owners
Capture the FlagStrategyCarr Software
CapturedActionAction Software
Captured by Pirates!Strategytbf
Car & DriverSimulationLooking Glass Technologies
Car Builder v2.02SimulationOptimum Resource
Card SharksPuzzleSharedata
Card Shell GamesPuzzleRalph S Sutherland
CardhaliaRPGCalimero Industries
Cardinal of Kremlin, TheStrategyIntracorp Entertainment
Caren and the Tangled TentaclesAdventurePrior Art
Cargo Bay DeluxePuzzleMVP Software
Caribbean DisasterStrategyIkarion
Carmageddon 2ActionSCi (Sales Curve Interactive)
Carmageddon Splat PackSportInterplay
Carmageddon: TDR 2000ActionTorus Games
Carmen Sandiego Math DetectiveEducationalBrøderbund
Carmen Sandiego Word DetectiveEducationalBrøderbund
Carmen Sandiego: Junior Detective EditionEducationalBrøderbund
Carmen Sandiego's ThinkQuick ChallengeEducationalThe Learning Company
CarnageSportZeppelin Games
Carrier CommandStrategyMicroplay
Carrier Strike - South Pacific 1942-44SimulationStrategic Simulation Inc.
Carriers at WarStrategyStrategic Studies Group
Carriers at War 2SimulationSSG Strategic Studies
CartePuzzleArt Min
Cartels & CutthroatsStrategyStrategic Simulation Inc.
CasanovaActionIber Soft
CascadePuzzlePC Solutions
Case of the Cautious Condor, TheAdventureTiger Media
CasinoMiscAtari, Inc.
Casino GamesStrategyIBM
Casino Kidunknown
Casino MasterMiscUnknown
Caso Cerrado I: La MansiónunknownPapada Soft
Caso Cerrado II: El PueblounknownPapada Soft
Castillo de Godless, ElunknownIdealogic
Castillo Embrujado, ElActionMicrohobby
Castillo MalditounknownMicrohobby
CastleunknownSami Tammilehto
Castle AdventureAdventureKevin Bales
Castle AdventureAdventureBen Chenoweth
Castle ChaosRPGModern Ancients Software
Castle ElsinoreAdventureTemple Software
Castle masterAdventureIncentive
Castle Master 2 - The CryptAdventureDomark Software
Castle of Dr BrainPuzzleSierra
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey MouseActionSEGA
Castle of the WindsRPGEpic MegaGames
Castle of the Winds: Part 2RPG
Castle WolfensteinActionMuse Software
Castles II: Siege & ConquestStrategyInterplay
Castles: The Northern CampaignStrategyQuicksilver Software, Inc.
Castlevania 2: Simon's Questunknown
Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curseunknown
Castlevania BloodlinesActionKonami
Castlevania Dark CenturyActionCoptron game
Castlevania: The AdventureActionKonami
Cataclysm: Dark Days AheadRPGKevin Granade
Catacomb 2ActionSoftdisk
Catacomb 3-DAdventureSoftdisk
Catacomb Apocalypse, TheActionSoftdisk Publishing
Catacomb Armageddon, TheActionSoftdisk Publishing
Catch the KreisActionDregenrocks
Catch'emMiscDave Edson
CatFight: The Ultimate Female Fighting GameActionPhantom Card
Cave QuestRPGLightwave Consultants
Caveman Gamesunknown
Caveman Ugh-lympicsSportElectronic Arts
CavequestRPGLightwave Consultants
Caverna del Dragón de Bronce, LaunknownDanisoft
Caverna InfernalunknownJorge Fuerte
CavernasActionJorge Pérez
Caverns of BobActionBob Robert
Caverns of ChaosAdventurePaul Martinez and Alison Castro
Caverns of GinkActionGinkware
Caverns of KrozActionApogee
Caverns of Kroz 2ActionApogee
Caverns of ZoarreAdventureThomas Hanlin III
Caves of ThorAdventureApogee
CavewarsStrategyBroken Arrow Entertainment
CD ManActionCreative Dimensions
CD School House 9.0: Education and GamesEducationalWayzata Technology
CD-Man 2ActionCreative Dimensions
Celtic Kings: Rage of WarRPGHaemimont Games
Celtic Tales - Balor of the Evil EyeStrategyKOEI
CentaurPuzzleVictor Vikhrev
Center Court TennisSportVisutech
Centerfold SquaresPuzzleArtworx Software Co
CentipedeActionR. J. Grafe
Central de Fantasmas: Viaje DisparatadoEducationalCMY Multimedia
CenturionStrategyElectronic Arts
Ceremony of InnocencePuzzleReal World Multimedia
Cerv IActionVladimir Chvatil
Cerv IIActionVladimir Chvatil
Cervii (Červi)ActionVladimír Chvátil
Chack'n PopActionTaito
Chainz 2: RelinkedActionMumboJumbo
ChakanActionSEGA of America, Inc.
ChalkActionJoakim Sandberg
Challenge of the Ancient EmpiresPuzzleLearning Company
Challenge of the Five RealmsRPGMicroProse Software
Chamber of the Sci-Mutant PriestessAdventureDraconian
Chambers of ShaolinActionThalion
Champ Asteroidsunknown
CHAMP KongActionChamProgramming corp.
CHAMP Ms. Pac-manActionChamProgramming corp.
Champion of the RajStrategyLevel 9 Computing, Ltd.
Champions of KrynnRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Championship BackgammonStrategySpinnaker
Championship BowlingSportRomstar
Championship BoxingSportSierra On-Line
Championship HockeySportElectronic Arts, Inc.
Championship Lode RunnerActionBrøderbund Software
Championship ManagerunknownDomark Software
Championship Manager 2SportDomark
Championship Manager 2006StrategyBeautiful Game Studios/Eidos International
Championship Manager 97/98SportSports Interactive Limited
Championship Manager ItaliaStrategyDomark
Championship Manager QuizSportKing of the Jungle
Chaos – RemakeStrategy
Chaos – The Battle of WizardsStrategy
Chaos EngineActionBitmap Brothers
Chaos OverlordsStrategyNew World Computing, Inc.
Charlie ChaplinMiscU.S. Gold
Charlie de EendActionWiering Software
Chase H.Q.SportOcean
CHASM The RiftunknownAction Forms Ltd.
Chasm: The RiftActionAction Forms
Cheat Machine 2.03AdventureA Forest Software
Checkered FlagSportAtari
Checkers for WindowsStrategy
Cheesy Invadersunknown
ChessPuzzleMichael Rakaska
ChessStrategyInternational PC Owners
Chess \(english\)StrategyPsion Ltd.
Chess \(french\)StrategyPsion Ltd.
Chess 8088StrategyDon Berg
Chess HousersActionDDM
Chess88PuzzleDon Berg
ChessmasterPuzzleSoftware Toolworks
Chessmaster 2000PuzzleSoftware Toolworks
Chessmaster 2100StrategySoftwork Toolworks
Chewy - Esc von F5 v1.0unknownBlue Byte
Chex QuestAction
Chicago 1930ActionSpellbound
Chicago 90unknownMicroïds
Chichén ItzáunknownAventuras AD
Chicken InvadersActionInterAction Software
ChickensPuzzleMartin Magnusson
Children's Bible StoriesEducationalCompton's New Media
ChillerActionAmerican Game Cartridges
China Sea Traderunknown
Chinese CheckersPuzzleImagiSOFT
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue RangersActionCapcom
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers 2ActionCapcom
Chip';s ChallengePuzzleEpyx
ChocolatierStrategyBig Splash Games
Chocolatier 2: Secret IngredientsStrategyBig Splash Games
ChoplifterActionBrøderbund Software
Chopper CommandActionActivision
Chopper CommandoSimulationUnknown
Choujikuu Yousai MacrossActionNamco
Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu WarriorSimulationPositive
Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection)unknown
Christoph KolumbusStrategySoftware 2000
Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay (Director's Cut)unknownVivendi Universal
Chrono Triggerunknown
ChronomasterAdventureDreamForge Intertainment, Inc.
Chuck Yeager Air CombatSimulationElectronic Arts
Cid, ElActionDro Soft
Ciencias Naturaleza 8º EGBEducationalAnaya
CifroidePuzzleD. Alonso
CimmerjanunknownSindicato So
Circus AtariActionAtari, Inc.
Circus Caperunknown
Circus CharlieActionKonami
Circus GamesActionKeypunch
Circus MaximusStrategyAvalon Hill
Cisco HeatSimulationImage Works
CitadelActionBlack Legend
City ConnectionSportJaleco
Civil War, TheunknownCyberium
Civilization 1.0 for WindowsStrategyMicroProse \(Sid Meier\)
Civilization IIStrategyMicroprose Software, Inc.
Civilization IVStrategyFiraxis Games
Civilization VStrategy2K Games
Claas APS-SpielAction?
Clash at DemonheadActionVic Tokai, Inc.
Clash of SteelStrategyStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Classic ConcentrationPuzzleShareData
Classic Concentration 2PuzzleSharedata
Classic Games for OS2 WarpunknownIBM
Clay FighterMiscInterplay Productions
Clean SweepActionGCE
Click Jigsaw Puzzles: International Series 3PuzzleCrown & Andrews
Clif DangerunknownCDV
CliffhangerActionSony Imagesoft
Clock TowerAdventureHuman Entertainment
Clone InvadersActionGary Quiring
Cloud KingdomsPuzzleMillenium
Clu Clu LandActionNintendo
Club DriveSportAtari
Club Football - The ManagerunknownBOMS
Clue Master DetectivePuzzleVirgin Mastertronic
Clue!, TheAdventureneo Software
ClueFinders: Empire of the Plant PeopleEducationalThe Learning Company
ClueFinders: Math Ages 9-12EducationalThe Learning Company
Clueless ChessStrategy-
CoachSportNew Era Software
Cobra Commandunknown
Cobra MissionRPGMegaTech Software
Cobra's ArcunknownDinamic
Cobra's Arc RemakeAdventureNerlaska Stu
Code Head: Calculated RiskEducationalKnowledge Adventure
Code name: Hell SquadActionDigital Dreams
Code-name: IcemanAdventureSierra On-Line
Code: EuropeEducationalSynergistic Software
Codename Viperunknown
Cohort - Fighting for RomeStrategyImpressions Games
Cohort II: Fighting for RomeStrategyImpressions
Cold DreamsunknownImmortality production
Cold IronAdventureAndrew Plotkin
Cold WarActionMindware Studios
Colección de Éxitos DinamicunknownDinamic
Colección de Juegos '92unknownTopo Soft
Colección Dinamic 90unknownDinamic
Colibricks 1.3ActionMichel Colman
Colin McRae Rally 3unknownCodemasters
College SlamSportAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Colmena, LaMiscOpera Plus
Colonial ConquestStrategySSI
Colony 28ActionNapoleon Games
Colony Wars 2492StrategyBlack Legend Software GmbH
Color BusterPuzzle
Color HarmonyPuzzleCountry Fox
Color TailsPuzzleCountry Fox
Color the TruthAdventureBrian Rushton
ColoricalPuzzleM.A. Soft
Colossus Chess XStrategyCDS
Colt 36ActionTopo Soft
Columbus DiscoveryPuzzleGamos
Comanche 3unknownNova Logic
Comando QuatroActionZigurat
CombatActionAtari, Inc.
Combat Air PatrolunknownGT Interactive
Combat Mission 2: Barbarossa to BerlinStrategyBig Time Software
Combat Mission: Beyond OverlordStrategyBig Time Software
Combat TwoActionAtari, Inc.
Comic, Arcade & AventuraunknownDro Soft
Comix ZoneunknownSega
Command & ConquerMiscWestwood Studios Inc.
Command & Conquer - Red AlertunknownVirgin
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium WarsStrategyElectronic Arts
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2StrategyElectronic Arts, Inc.
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3StrategyElectronic Arts
Command & Conquer: The Covert OperationsStrategyWestwood Studios, Inc.
Command & Conquer: Tiberian SunStrategyWestwood Studios Inc.
Command Adventures - StarshipunknownMerit Studios
Command and Conquer: GeneralsStrategyEA Pacific
Command H.Q.StrategyMicroprose
Commander Keen - Episode 1Action
Commander Keen - Episode 4Action
Commander Keen - Keen DreamsAction
Commander Keen 2: The Earth ExplodesActionid Software
Commander Keen 3: Keen Must Die!Actionid Software
Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon MachineActionid Software
Commander Keen 6 - Aliens Ate My Baby SitterActionFormGen, Inc.
Commander Keen 7: The Keys of KrodaciaActionCeilick
Commander Keen 8: Dead in the DesertActionCeilick
Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxy!ActionApogee
Commando RaidActionU.S. Games
Commandos - Behind Enemy LinesStrategyPyro Studios
Commandos Battle PackStrategyPryo/Zonic
Commandos: Beyond the Call of DutyStrategyPyro Studios
Como la Vida Misma (o parecido)unknownBurga's Adve
Companions of XanthAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Complete Ultima VII, TheunknownElectronic Arts
Conan - The CimmerianRPGVirgin Interactive
Condor AttackActionUltravision
Conflict - The Middle East Political SimulatorSimulationVirgin Mastertronics
Conflict in VietnamStrategyMicroProse / Sid Meier
Conflict: FreespaceSimulationVolition
Conflict:FreeSpace (Silent Threat) PPC Beta4ActionVolition inc.
Congo BongoActionSEGA Corporation
Congo: Descent Into ZinjAdventureViacom New Media
ConquerorActionRainbow Arts
Conqueror A.D. 1086unknownSierra
ConquestActionWindmill Software
Conquest by Sean O'ConnorStrategy
Conquest of CamelotAdventureSierra
Conquest of the Crystal Palaceunknown
Conquest of the Longbow - The Legend of Robin HoodAdventureSierra
Conquest of the New WorldStrategyQuicksilver Software, Inc.
ConquestadorStrategyGerman Design Group
ConstructorStrategyAcclaim Entertainment
Constructor, ElPuzzleVentamatic
Contra Forceunknown
Contra Hard CorpsActionKonami
Contra III: The Alien WarsActionKonami Inc
Contra Onlineunknown
Contraption ZackPuzzleMindscape
Conway's Game of LifeStrategyAlan Hensel
Cookie's BustleAdventureKeisuke Harigai
Cool Coyote aka Fire & IceActionRenegade Software
Cool Croc TwinsActionEmpire Interactive
Cool SliderPuzzleCountry Fox
Cool SpotActionVirgin Games
Cool WorldActionTwilight
Corazón del Ángel, ElunknownYear Zero
Core War PlusStrategy
Corncob 3DSimulation
Corona Encantada, LaActionKaroshi corp
Corona Mágica, LaActionOMK
Corona, LaunknownSPE
Corporate RaiderSimulationSoftServ, Inc.
CorporationActionCore Design
Corpse KillerActionDigital Pictures
Corridor 7Action
CorruptionAdventureMagnetic Scrolls
Cosa NostraActionOpera Soft
Cosmic ArkActionImagic
Cosmic CommuterActionActivision
Cosmic CrusaderActionFuntastic
Cosmic SheriffunknownDinamic
Cosmic Soldier: Psychic WarRPGKogado Software Products
Cosmic SpaceheadAdventureCodemasters
Cosmo's Cosmic AdventureActionApogee
Cottage of DoomActionAlex May
CountdownAdventureAccess Software
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroActionSierra Entertainment
Counting On FrankEducationalElectronic Arts
Covalence Solitaire 1.0.2PuzzleDavid Blyth
Cover Girl Strip PokerStrategyEmotional Pictures
Covert ActionStrategyMicroprose
Cowy the MinesweeperPuzzleMartin Wengenmayer
Crab Attack IIActionAndrew & Scott Lindsey
Crack of Doom, TheAdventureBeam Software
Crash 'n BurnActionCrystal Dynamics
Crash GarretAdventureEre Informatique
Crazy CarsSimulationTitus
Crazy Cars 2unknownTitus Interactive
Crazy Cars 3SportTitus Interactive S.A.
Crazy Comets 2002 v0.3.7bActionMark Leopold
Crazy MachinesPuzzleFAKT Software/Pepper Games
Crazy Nick's Leisure Suit Larry CasinoStrategySierra On-Line
Crazy TaxiSportActivistion
Creative ContraptionsEducationalBantam
CreaturesunknownTime Warner Interactive
Cricket 97SportBeam Software
Crime and PunishmentStrategyJ. Kress and G. Newman
Crime CityAdventureInteractive Fantastic Fiction
Crime FighterSimulation
Crime PatrolActionAmerican Laser Games, Inc.
Crime ScoutsEducationalAid Association for Lutherans
Crime TimeAdventureStarbyte
Crime WaveActionAccess Software
Crimson LandunknownReflexive Entertainment
Crisis in the KremlinStrategySpectrum Holobyte
Critical MassActionDurell Software Ltd.
Cro-Mag RallySportPangea Software
Cro-Mag Rally Full PPCActionPangea Software
Croisière pour un cadavreAdventureDelphine Software
Crop Circles: Escape from Planet 3ActionZero Entertainment
Cross CheckSportSunflowers
CrossbowActionAbsolute Entertainment
CrossfireActionOn-Line Systems
CruncherunknownKarsten Finger
Crusade in EuropeStrategyMicroProse
Crusader - No RegretunknownOrigin
Crusader - No Remorse v1.23unknownOrigin
Crusader of Centy aka SoleilActionNexTech Corporation
Cruzado, ElunknownNuevo Soft E
Cryptic Passage for BloodActionWizardWorks Software
Crypto CubePuzzleDesignWare
Crystal CastlesActionAtari, Inc.
Crystal CavesunknownApogee Software
Crystal DragonRPGMagnetic Fields (Software Design) Ltd.
Crystal Minesunknown
Crystal RaiderActionPatrick Buckland
CrystalisRPGSNK Corporation
Crystals of ArboreaRPGSilmarils
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationAdventure369 Interactive
CSI: Deadly IntentAdventureTelltale Games
CSI: Fatal ConspiracyAdventureTelltale Games
CSI: Hard EvidenceAdventureTelltale Games
CSI: MiamiAdventure369 Interactive
CuboidsActionGrant Schindler
Curro JiménezActionZigurat
Curse of EnchantiaAdventureCore Design LTD.
Curse of Monkey Island, TheunknownLucasArts
Curse of The Azure BondsunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)
Curse of the CatacombsActionFroggman
CursedAdventureNick Rogers
Custer's RevengeAdultMystique
Cutthroat IslandActionAcclaim/LJN
Cyber empireStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc
Cyber JudasunknownMulti Media International
Cyber RaceActionCyberdreams Inc.
Cyber SphereActionClay Hellman
CyberboxPuzzleDoug Beeferman
Cyberbox 2PuzzleDoug Beeferman
CyberchessPuzzleGamer's Edge
CyberiaActionXatrix Entertainment, Inc.
Cyberia 2 - ResurrectionunknownVirgin
CyberMage - Darklight Awakening v1.01funknownElectronic Arts
Cybersphere PlusAction
CyberwarActionSCi (Sales Curve Interactive)
Cyberworld: Body TalkEducationalact-two
CyborgAdventureSentient Software
Cycle WarzActionVector Scope
Cycles, The: International Grand Prix RacingSportAccolade
CyClonesActionStrategic Simulations Inc.
CydoniaPuzzleVirtual Fant
CyrusStrategyIntelligent Chess Software