1995 Games


Robot 493
1000 GamesActionBeachWare
11th Hour, TheAdventureTrilobyte, Inc.
1830 Railroads & Robber BaronsStrategyAValon Hill
3-D Ultra PinballunknownSierra
3D PitfallStrategyJ. Shramko
3D ScreamersActionVirtually Unlimited
5th FleetStrategyAvalon Hill
5th Fleet Scenario Module 1unknown
A Change in the WeatherAdventureInfocom
A-10 Attack!SimulationParsoft Interactive
A4 Networksunknown
Absolute ZeroActionDomark Software
AbuseActionCrack Dot Com
Aces of the Deep Expansion DiskSimulationDynamix, Inc.
Aces over EuropeunknownSierra
Achtung die Kurve!Action
Ack-Ack AttackActionKurt W. Dekker
Across the RhineSimulationMicroProse
Action SoccerSportLudimedia SAS
Activision's Atari 2600 Action Pack 2unknownActivision
Actua SoccerSportGremlin Interactive Ltd.
Advanced CivilizationStrategyAvalon Hill
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Masterpiece CollectionunknownMindscape
Adventure Collection, TheAdventureActivision
Adventures of Down Under Dan, TheAdventurePowerVision
Africa TrailAdventureMECC
Agent Mlíčňák (Teenagent)AdventureMetropolis Software House
Air Power - Battle in the SkiesSimulationMindscape
Air Warrior Plus v1.16bunknownOn-line
Airlift RescueMiscDavid Fleming
AIV Network$unknown
Al Unser Jr. Arcade RacingSportKalisto
AlbionRPGBlue Byte
Alge-Blaster 3EducationalDavidson & Associates
Alien ArcadeActionLuxenberg Software
Alien Bash IIActionGlen Cumming
Alien Breed 3DActionTeam 17
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultActionEast Point Software
Alien OdysseyActionArgonaut Software Ltd.
Alien SoldierActionTreasure Co., Ltd.
Alien VirusAdventureTrecision S.p.A.
Aliens - A Comic Book Adventure v1.0unknownMindscape
Alley 19 BowlingSportMidas Interactive
Allied GeneralStrategyHalestorm
Alone in the Dark (CD version)ActionInfogrames
Alone in the Dark 3AdventureInfogrames
AlphaBonk FarmEducationalHeadbone Interactive
AltairPuzzleBarry Day
Anatema: Legenda o prekliatiAdventureRune Software
Ancient LandsEducationalMicrosoft Home
AntiquadraPuzzleGrayson Myers
Anvil of DawnRPGNew World Computing
Apache LongbowSimulationInteractive Magic
ApeironActionAmbrosia Software
Arctic MovesunknownDinamic Multimedia
Are You Afraid of the Dark?AdventureNickelodeon
Arena GamesRPGJeff Derstadt
Argos (fr)AdventureRichard Soberka
ArtRageous!EducationalFuture Vision Multimedia
Assault Dragon (a.k.a. The Day 5: Assault Dragon)unknownGameland
BackPackerEducationalBMG Interactive Entertainment
Bad Day on the MidwayAdventureInscape
Bailey's Book HouseEducationalEdmark
BaldiesStrategyCreative Edge
Barbarian QuestunknownDarkkat Adve
BaryonunknownCDV Software
Bat 'n BallPuzzleButton Soft
Battle Arena ToshindenActionTamsoft Corporation
Battle BeastActionInteractive Entertainment
Battle BugsStrategySierra
Battle CheeseStrategyBrad Boggess
Battle Isle 3StrategyBlue Byte Software
Battle WrathActionCerebral
Battlecruiser 3000ADunknownTake 2
BC RacersSport
Beavis & Butt-Head: Virtual StupidityAdventureViacom New Media
Beavis & Butthead: Bug JusticeAction
Beavis & Butthead: Court ChaosAction
Beavis & Butthead: Hock-a-LoogieAction
Beavis and Butthead in Virtual StupidityAdventureViacom Newmedia
Behind the Iron GateActionEgo
Beneath a Steel SkyunknownVirgin
Bermuda SyndromeActionCentury Interactive
Big Red Adventure, TheAdventureDynabyte
Big Red RacingSport
Biing! – Sex, Intrigen und SkalpelleStrategyreLINE Software
BioforgeAdventureORIGIN Systems
Black Knight: Marine Strike FighterSimulationFormGen
Black Star: Agent of JusticeAdventure
Blind JusticeRPGR.A.W. Entertainment
Blood BowlStrategyDestiny Software Productions, Inc.
Blue IceAdventurePsygnosis
Bolo (1995)ActionDongleware Verlags GmbH
Bomberman GBActionHudson Soft
Brain Dead 13 Starring FritzunknownEmpire
Breach 3StrategyImpressions Games
BreakfreeActionSoftware Storm
Brett Hull Hockey 95SportAccolade
Brutal: paws of furyActionGameTek
Bureau 13AdventureGameTek
Buried in Time - Verschollen in der ZeitunknownSanctuary Woods
Bust A MovePuzzleTaito
Caesar 2unknownImpressions Games
Call of Chtulhu: Prisoner of IceAdventureChaosium Inc.
CapitalismSimulationEnlight Software
Capitalism PlusSimulationInteractive Magic
Cargo Bay DeluxePuzzleMVP Software
Celtic Tales - Balor of the Evil EyeStrategyKOEI
Championship Manager 2SimulationSports Interactive
Cheat Machine 2.03AdventureA Forest Software
Chewy - Esc von F5 v1.0unknownBlue Byte
Children's Bible StoriesEducationalCompton's New Media
Chrono TriggerRPGSquare Soft
ChronomasterAdventureCapstone Software
CitadelActionVirtual Design
Civil War, TheunknownCyberium
Claas APS-SpielAction?
Classic Games for OS2 WarpunknownIBM
Clock TowerAdventureHuman Entertainment
ClockWerxPuzzleSpectrum Holobyte
Club Football - The ManagerunknownBOMS
Clyde's RevengeunknownMoonlite Software
Cold DreamsActionImmortality Production
ColonizationSimulationSid Meier
Comanche 2SimulationNovaLogic
Combat Air PatrolunknownGT Interactive
Comix ZoneunknownSega
Command & ConquerStrategyWestwood Studios, Inc.
Command Adventures - StarshipunknownMerit Studios
Complete Ultima VII, TheunknownElectronic Arts
Congo: Descent Into ZinjAdventureViacom New Media
Corridor 7: Alien InvasionActionCapstone Software
Crusade: The Fight for PowerStrategyGreenwood Entertainment
Crusader - No Remorse v1.23unknownOrigin
Cyberia 2 - ResurrectionunknownVirgin
CyberMage - Darklight Awakening v1.01funknownElectronic Arts
CyberwarActionSCi (Sales Curve Interactive)
Cycle WarzActionVector Scope
D-Day - America InvadesStrategyThe Avalon Hill Game Company
D: The GameAdventureAcclaim
Daedalus Encounter, TheAdventureMechadeus
DaggerfallRPGBethesda Softworks
Daily Tarot 1.1PuzzleDoug Musto
Dame Was Loaded, TheAdventurePhilips Interactive
Danger SwampsActionPhilips Media
Dangerous Dave: Dave Goes Nutz!ActionSoftdisk Publishing
Dark Eye, TheAdventureExpert Software Inc.
Dark ForcesActionLucasarts
Dark Seed 2AdventureDestiny Software Productions, Inc.
DarkerSimulationPsygnosis Limited
Daryl F. Gates' Police Quest - SWATunknownSierra
Das Amtunknown
Dawn of AcesSimulationiENtertainment Network
Dawn Patrol: Head to HeadSimulationRowan Software Ltd.
Day of the TentacleAdventureLucasArts
Death GateunknownLegend
Death MaskActionApache Software
Death or Glory: Das Erbe von MorganStrategySoftware 2000
Defcon 5StrategyVic Tokai
Definitive Wargame Collection, TheStrategySSG
Delvion Star Interceptorunknown
Demolition ManActionAcclaim
Descent 2MiscParallax Software
Desert Strike and Jungle StrikeActionElectronic Arts, Inc.
Destruction DerbySportReflections Interactive Limited
Die Sage von NietoomAdventure4th Generation Studios
Die total verrückte RallyeStrategyBlue Byte
DiepStrategyVincent Diepeveen
Dig, TheAdventureLucasArts
Diggers 2 - ExtractorsStrategyPsygnosis, Ltd.
Dime CityStrategyCyberdyne Systems
Disney's The Jungle BookunknownVirgin Interactive
Disney's Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle GamesPuzzleDisney
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestActionRare, ltd.
Doom 95 PackActionid Software
Doom II - The Master LevelsunknownGT Interactive
Dračí HistorieAdventureNoSense
DragonstoneRPGCore Design
Druid: Daemons of the MindRPGSynthetic Dimensions
Dune II - The Battle for ArrakisunknownVirgin
Dungeon master 2: The legend of SkullkeepRPGFTL
Dungeons of KremlinActionNewcom
EarthsiegeSimulationSierra Entertainment
Earthtia Saga: Larthur's Legend (アースティアサーガ ラーサーレジェンド)AdventureBandai Visual Co. LTD.
Earthworm JimActionShiny Entertainment
Earthworm Jim 2unknownPlaymates Interactive Entertainment
Eastern Mind 2: Chu-TengAdventureOsamu Sato Productions
EF2000SimulationDigital Image Design Ltd.
ElectranoidActionPixel Painters
Elizabeth IStrategyAscon
Elroy Goes BugzerkAdventureHeadbone Interactive
Emergency RoomSimulationLegacy Interactive
Empire 2 - The Art of WarStrategyNew World Computing
EndorfunPuzzleTime Warner Interactive
Entomorph: Plague of the DarkfallRPGCyberlore Studios
Epic BaseballunknownMicroLeague Multimedia
Epic Pinball - Cyborgirlunknown
Erben der Erde – Die große SucheAdventureDreamer's Guild
Escape from DeliriumAdventureMagicom Multimedia Corp.
Escape from Planet ArizonaEducationalEF Multimedia
ExplorationStrategyInteractive Magic
Extreme pinballActionEpic MegaGames
F/A-18 Hornet 2.0.1SimulationGraphic Simulations
F1GPSportSatoru Nishisaka
Fables & Fiends - Hand of FateunknownVirgin
Fade to BlackunknownElectronic Arts
Fatal RacingunknownGremlin Interactive
FawnRPGArmadillo Games
Fever Pitch SoccerunknownU.S. Gold
FIFA '96SportElectronic Arts
Fighter DuelSimulationPhilips Interactive
Fighter Wingunknown
Fighter Wing: Manual Viewunknown
Final Doom: The Plutonia ExperimentActionid Software
Final SoulAdventuretbc
Firestorm - The Forest Fire SimulationSimulationCricket Software
Fist FightActionSunstar
Flashback: The Quest for IdentityActionU.S. Gold, Ltd.
Flight of the Amazon QueenAdventureInteractive Binary Illusions
Flight UnlimitedSimulationLooking Glass Technologies, Inc.
Football GlorySportCroteam
Frankenstein - Mit den Augen des MonstersunknownAmazing Media
Frontier - First EncountersActionGameTek
Full ThrottleMiscLucasArts
Funky Funny AliensAdventureBandai Visual Co. LTD.
Fury 3Simulation
Fussball Total!unknownBlack Legend
Fuzzy's world of miniature space golfunknownPixel Painters Corporation
Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space GolfSimulationPixel Painters Corporation
FX FighterActionArgonaut Software Ltd.
Gabriel Knight 2 - The Beast WithinAdventureActivision
game demo'sAdventureAmbrosia Software
Game ParlorPuzzleMacPlay
Garcia's GuitarsActionJason Rainbows
Gargoyle Medieval PackunknownSynaptic Entertainment
GearheadsStrategyPhilips Interactive Media
GearheadsStrategyPhilips Interactive Media
GemWorldAdventureWilliam O. Cain
GeoBeeEducationalDigital Alchemy
GladiatorActionForgotten Sages
GloomActionBlack Magic
Goof TroopStrategyDisney Channel
Grand Prix 2SportMicroProse
Grand Prix ManagerunknownMicroProse
Great Naval Battles III: Fury in the Pacific 1941-1944SimulationSSI
Great Naval Battles IV: Burning Steel 1939-1942SimulationSSI
GuiltyAdventureDivide By Zero
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon v1.0unknownMedia Safari - ReadySoft
Hai Tetsuman DesuAdventureTeichiku
Haight-Ashbury in the SixtiesEducationalCompton's New Media
Hammer of the GodsStrategyHolistic Design
Hanna-Barbera's Cartoon CarnivalAction*FunHouse*
Happy Boy's HutAdventureRobin Sevakis
Happy HouseStrategyHarumi Arai
Hardball 5unknownAccolade
Harpoon 2: BattleSet 3 - Cold Warunknown
Harpoon IIStrategyAztech New Media
Hattrick!StrategyIkarion Software
HAVOCActionReality Bytes
Heaven';s DawnAdventureArt 9 Entertainment Inc.
Hellfire ZoneActionGameTek
Hello Kitty Big Fun DeluxeEducationalSanrio
Heroes of Might and MagicRPGNew World Computing
Hi OctaneunknownElectronic Arts
High Seas TraderunknownImpressions Games
Highway FighterSportSafari Software Ltd.
Highway HunterActionSafari Software
HindunknownSold Out
Hodj 'n' PodjStrategyBoffo Games
Hollywood PicturesStrategyStarbyte
How Would You Survive?EducationalGrolier
Humans 3: Evolution Lost in TimePuzzleGameTek
I Have No Mouth And I Must ScreamAdventureAcclaim Entertainment
I.M. MeenEducationalAnimation Magic
Ice & FireActionGT Interactive
IcebreakerActionAndrew Looney
Igor - Objective UikokahoniaAdventureOptik Software
Il giardino incantatoAdventureFreeware
Imperium RomanumunknownRainbow Arts
In Bred with RednexAdventureAluminium Interactive
In Pursuit of GreedActionSoftdisk Publishing
In the 1st DegreeAdventureBrøderbund
In the Dead of NightAdventureTrecision S.p.A.
Incredible Machine 3, ThePuzzleSierra Entertainment
iNESMiscJohn Stiles
Inordinate Desireunknown
Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of DoomActionPop Software
It's a Bird's LifeAdventureShelley Duvall
J. B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues (J.B.ハロルド ブルー・シカゴ・ブルース)AdventureRiverhill Soft
Jack the RipperAdventureIntergalactic Development Inc.
Jack The RipperAdventureGameTek
Jagged AllianceStrategySir-Tech
Jagged Alliance - Deadly GamesStrategySir-Tech Software
Jan Pienkowski's Haunted HouseAdventureMedia Station
Jazz Jackrabbit - Holiday Hare 1995ActionEpic MegaGames
JetFrogActionDan Green
Jewels of the Oracle (Discis CD-ROM version)PuzzleDiscis Knowledge Research Inc.
John's Fire WitchAdventureJohn T Baker
Johnny MnemonicActionPropaganda Code
Judge DreddActionAcclaim Entertainment
Juilliard Music AdventureAdventureTheatrix Interactive
Jungle StrikeActionOcean
KA-50 HokumSimulationVirgin Interactive
KaiserStrategySoftgold Computerspiele
Karma: Curse of the 12 CavesAdventureDiscis Knowledge Research Inc.
KeibotPuzzleGlen Solosky
Kerboom!unknownKurt W. Dekker
Kid PhonicsEducationalDavidson & Associates
Kid Pix Studio (1995)EducationalBrøderbund
King Pin arcade sports bowlingSportTeam 17
King's BountyRPGNew World Computing, Inc.
King's Quest VII: The Princeless BrideAdventureSierra
Kingdom at WarStrategyInterscan
KixMiscEdward Mueller
Knight's Chase - Das Zeitlose AbenteuerunknownInfogrames
Knights of XentarunknownSoftgold
Kung-Fu Master - RemakeActionFreeware
Kurt's Spaced InvadersActionKurt W. Dekker
L'Affaire MorlovAdventureTitus
Labyrinth of CretePuzzle*FunHouse*
Lamb Chop Loves MusicEducationalMedia Station
Lands 2: El AprendizActionAlien Soft
Legend of Kyrandia 3: Malcolm's RevengeAdventureWestwood Studios
Lemmings 3DPuzzlePsygnosis
Lemmings 3D WinterlandPuzzlePsygnosis
Lemris 2PuzzleFreeware
Les Guignols de l'Info...LE JEU !AdventureCanal+ Multimedia
LionActionManley and Associates
Little Big Adventure, The: Relentless - Twinsen's AdventureAdventureElectronic Arts
Little FighterActionMarti Wong
Living BallAction21st Century Entertainment
Lode Runner (Remake)ActionAleksey V. Vaneev
Lords of MidnightRPGDomark Software
Lords of the RealmStrategyImpressions
Lost EdenAdventureCryo Interactive Entertainment
Lost Tribe, TheSimulationKidsoft
Mac InvadersActionBoneHead Projects
Macaroni Houren Shou InteractiveAdventureToshiba EMI
MacbethEducationalThe Voyager Company
Machiavelli The PrinceStrategyMicroProse
Machines, The (a.k.a. Universal Warrior)ActionMerit Studios
Mad NewsStrategyIkarion
Magic Carpet - Hidden WorldsunknownBullfrog
Magic Carpet 2 - The NetherworldsActionElectronic Arts
Magic Carpet PlusunknownElectronic Arts
Majestic Part 1: Alien EncounterAdventurePiranha Interactive
Manchester United - The DoubleSportKrisalis
Marco PoloSimulationPhilips Interactive Media
Mario & LuigiunknownFreeware
Mario!!! RemakeAction
Mario's Game GalleryPuzzleInterplay Entertainment
Math Blaster Episode II: Secret of the Lost CityEducationalDavidson
Math WorkshopEducationalBrøderbund
Mechwarrior 2SimulationActivision
MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's LegacyActionActivision
Mega Blastunknown
Mega ManActionCapcom
Mega Man 7ActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Mega Man XActionCapcom
Metaltech: BattledromeSimulationDynamix, Inc.
Meteor MissionAction
Micro Machines 2SportCodemasters
Micro! DeluxePuzzleAcumen Software
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1unknown
Millennia: Altered DestiniesSimulationTake-Two Interactive
Mimi & The MitesActionThe Unobstructed Reason Corporation
Mise QuadamAdventureAgawa
Missile Command 3DActionAtari
Mission CriticalAdventureLegend Entertainment
Mixed Up Mother Goose DeluxeunknownSierra
Mordor: The Depths of DejenolRPG
Mortal CoilunknownVirgin
Mortal Kombat 2ActionAcclaim
Mortal Kombat 3ActionMidway Games
Ms Pac PCActionMagicom Multimedia
Nascar RacingunknownSierra Entertainment
Nashua (a.k.a. Nashuman)unknownPavell Software
NBA Jam Tournament EditionSportAtari
NectarisStrategySunflowers Interactive
Need for Speed, TheunknownElectronic Arts
Nerves of SteelActionMerit Studios
NetherWorldActionStick Man Games
NFL Pro League Footballunknown
NHL 96SportElectronic Arts
NS HilversumSimulationR. Plokhaar
Ocean TraderSimulationSoftware 2000
Oh No! More Lemmings!PuzzlePsygnosis
OMo Sena OMo Sena Yatai Dai SakusenStrategyRusho & iTA-Choco Systems
Once Upon a ForestAdventureSanctuary Woods
One Small Square: BackyardEducationalMagnet Interactive
Operation NeptuneEducationalThe Learning Company
Operation: TsunamiActionMark Fong
Orion ConspiracyAdventureDomark
Outer RidgeActionWizard Software
OverdriveunknownTeam17 Software
P.A.W.S. - Personal Automated Wagging SystemEducationalDomestic Funk
Pac The ManActionMcsebi
Pac the ManActionMcsebi
Pako 2ActionUranium Software
Panthers in the ShadowsSimulationHPS Simulations
Pantsylvania: The Kingdom of the Fancy PantsEducationalHeadbone Interactive
Panzer GeneralunknownSSi
Paparazzi!: Tales of TinseltownStrategyActivision
PaperopolisEducationalVirgin Sound and Vision
Paradise Heights 2AdventureFoster
Paradise RescueAdventureTonkin House
ParanoiaStrategyPhoenix Arts
PatriotunknownDigital Integration
PC Basket 3.0SportDinamic Mult
PC Calciounknown
PC Fútbol 4.0SportDinamic Multimedia
PC RallySportDDM
Peanuts Yearn2LearnEducationalImage Smith
PhantasmagoriaAdventureSierra On-Line
Pinball IllusionsSimulationDigital Illusions CE AB
Pinball ManiaSportSpidersoft
Player Manager 2SportAnco Software
PocahontasActionTeeny Weeny Games
Power Drive RallySportTime Warner Interactive
Prehistorik ManActionTitus
Premier Manager 3SportGremlin Interactive
Primal RageunknownTime Warner Interactive
Princess Maker 2RPGGainax
Project BattlefieldActionMirage Media
Project XActionTeam 17
ProliferationStrategySilicon Commander
Psycho PinballActionCodemasters
Psygnosis Entertainment Pak - Obitus & AtominounknownSoftprime
Putt-Putt Joins the ParadeAdventureHumongous Entertainment
Quarantine 2: Road WarriorSportGameTek, Inc.
QuickSLIPActionRobert Chancellor
QwirksPuzzleBig Bang Software
Race ManiaunknownFlair Software
Racing Days RSportFeral Interactive
Radix - Beyond the VoidActionEpic MegaGames
Rally-KSimulationKurt W. Dekker
Ramonovo KouzloAdventureRiki Computer Games
Ravenloft 2: The Stone ProphetRPGSSI
Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles Adventure GameAdventureByron Preiss Multimedia
RaymanActionUbi Soft
Read, Write & Type!EducationalCalifornia Neuropsychology Services
Reader Rabbit 3EducationalThe Learning Company
Reader Rabbit and Friends: Let's Start Learning!EducationalThe Learning Company
Reading GalaxyEducationalBrøderbund
Realm of ChaosunknownApogee Software
RedCat 2: De ontvoeringunknownDavilex
Reelect JFKAdventureQuadra
Return to RingworldunknownTime Warner Interactive
Revolution XActionAcclaim
Riddle of Master LuAdventureSanctuary Woods, Inc.
Rise of the TriadAction
Rise of the Triad: Power Packunknown
RistarActionSega Corporation
Rival ChessPuzzleAlastair Scott
Road Hog!unknownTicsoft
Rodge Rock in RetroactiveunknownRodge Rock Software
Rol CrusadersRPGDigital Dreams
Rolling Stones: Voodoo LoungeAdventureSecond Vision
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Walls of FireStrategyKOEI
Romancing SaGa 3RPGSquare Co., Ltd.
Ruiner PinballSportAtari
Ruins of CawdorRPGSierra On-Line
Sacrificio por la HumanidadunknownLast nivel
Sammy the CyclebotActionCelluSoft
Sango Figther 2ActionPanda Software
Savage Warriors (a.k.a. Warriors)ActionMindscape
Science Sleuths Vol 1: Mysteries of the Blob and the Exploding LawnmowersEducationalMECC
Scrutiny in the Great RoundAdventureScruTiny Associates
Sea LegendsStrategyOCEAN
SeaQuest DSVStrategyMalibu Games
Secret of Mana 2AdventureSquare
Sensible GolfSportSensible Software
Sensible World of SoccerSportRenegade Software
Shadow FighterActionGremlin
ShannaraAdventureLegend Entertainment
Shaq FuActionDelphine
ShiversAdventureSierra Entertainment
Silicon ScreamAdventureOff World Communications
SilverloadAdventureMillenium Interactive
Sim Town - The Town You Build YourselfunknownDice
SimCity EnhancedStrategyMaxis
SimFarmSimulationMaxis Software
SimIsle: Missions in the RainforestSimulationMaxis Software
Simon the Sorcerer 2AdventureAdventuresoft
Skunny: Special EditionunknownMagic Touch
Slipstream 5000SportThe Software Refinery, Ltd.
SołtysAdventureL.K. Avalon
SoldiersActionJuho Ruohola
Sonic & Knuckles CollectionunknownSEGA
Space InvadersActionPaul S. Reid
Space invaders (clone)Action
Space Marines: Der stählerne KaiserStrategySoftware 2000
Space Quest 6Adventure
Space Quest IV - Roger Wilco and the Time RippersunknownSierra
Spectre VRunknownVelocity
Spectre VRunknownVelocity
Spectre VRunknownVelocity
Speed HasteunknownFriendware
Star Fox 2ActionNintendo Co., LTD
Star RangersActionInteractive Magic
Star Trek - Judgment Rites - Limited CD-ROM Collector's EditionunknownInterplay
Star Trek - The Next Generation - A Final UnityunknownSpectrum HoloByte
Star Trek: DS9 - Crossroads of TimeActionPlaymates Interactive
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy - Starship Bridge SimulatorunknownInterplay
Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden EmpireunknownLucasArts
Star Wars - TIE Fighter Collector's CD-ROMunknownLucasArts
Star Wars - X-Wing - CD-ROM EditionunknownLucasArts
Star Wars 2unknownFreeware
Steel PanthersStrategySSI
Street Fighter 2 TurboActionCapcom Entertainment
Strike CommanderunknownElectronic Arts - Origin
Striker '95SportMidway Games
Strip Poker ProfessionalAdultArtworx
Super BubsyunknownAccolade
Super kartsSportManic Media Production
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandActionNintendo
Super Sales AcerActionMike Brent
Super Speed: Deluxe EditionunknownTom Fresen
Super Speed: The Christmas EditionunknownTom Fresen
Super Street Fighter II: The New ChallengersActionU.S. Gold
Super TriounknownDong Sung
Super TurricanActionFactor 5
Supercross 3DSportAtari
System ShockRPGLooking Glass/Origin
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling TogetherRPGQuest
Tang ChiPuzzleCapcom
Tank CommanderActionDomark Software
Tank TimeActionKlaus Reimer
Tchibo Spiele Paketunknown
Teen agentAdventureMetropolis
Tempest 2000ActionAtari Interactive
Terminal Velocityunknown
Terminator, The: Future ShockActionBethesda Softworks
Terror T.R.A.X. - Track of the VampireunknownMulti Media International
The Big Red AdventureAdventureCore Design
The Elder Scrolls: ArenaRPGBethesda Softworks
The Greatest Paper AirplanesEducationalKitty Hawk Software, Inc.
The Journeyman Project 2AdventurePresto Studios
The Lost Episodes of Doomunknown
The Lost Mind of Dr. BrainunknownSierra
The Lost Vikings 2: Norse By NorsewestPuzzleBlizzard Entertainment
The Otter's AdventureEducationalSoftKey
The Scottish Open: Virtual Golfunknown
The SmurfsActionInfogrames
The Ultimate DoomActionGT Interactive
Third ReichStrategyAvalon Hill
Thor's HammerAction
Thunderhawk 2: FirestormSimulationCore Design Ltd.
Tie Fighterunknown
TimecopActionVictor Interactive
Torin's PassageunknownSierra
Touché - The Adventures of the 5th MusketeerAdventureUS Gold
Transport TycoonStrategyMicroprose Software, Inc.
Transport Tycoon DeluxeStrategyMicroprose
True loveAdventureSpectrum Holobyte
TruggPuzzleDigital Workshop
Turbo SpeedwaySportWorld Spy Software
TuroidActionJason Truong
Turrican II - The Final FightunknownRainbow Arts
Twisted MetalunknownSony Computer Entertainment
TyrianActionEclipse Software
U-Boat II: DrumbeatStrategyDeadly Games
U.S. Navy FightersunknownElectronic Arts
UEFA Champions LeagueSportKrisalis Software
Ultima III: Exodus (1995)RPGLairWare
Ultima VIII: PaganRPGORIGIN Systems
Ultimate Doomunknownid software
Ultimate Football ';95SportMicroProse Software
Ultimate Scumm CollectionAdventureCallisto Corporation
Ultimate Soccer ManagerSportImpressions Games
Ultra VortekActionAtari
Uncharted Waters 2 - New HorizonsStrategyKOEI Co., Ltd.
Under a Killing MoonAdventureAccess Software
Undersea AdventureEducationalKnowledge Adventure
UndoAdventureNeil deMause
USS Ticonderoga - Life and Death on the High SeasunknownMindscape
VanSlug: X Missionunknown
Velcro MindMiscJohn White
Vic KombatActionJames Hejl (Infinity Software)
Vinyl Goddess from MarsActionSix Pound Sledge Studios
Virtual PoolunknownCeleris
Virtual Valerie 2StrategyArcus Media Group
VitaminActionPacific Media WorX
VlakActionMiroslav Nemecek
VR Soccer 96SportGremlin Interactive
Wanderer I: The Cult of MiseryRPGQuinn Dunki
Warcraft 2 - Tides of DarknessStrategyBlizzard Entertainment
Warcraft: Orcs & HumansStrategyBlizzard
Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks! Scenario Disk 14unknown
Warlords 2 (CD version)StrategyStrategic Studies Group
Warlords II DeluxeStrategySSG
WaterBalloonsActionAaron Bowles
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All StarsSportTime Warner Interactive
Whale's VoyageRPGPro One Software
Whale's Voyage II: Die ÜbermachtRPGNEO Software Produktions GmbH
White Men Can't JumpSportAtari
Wild WoodyActionSega
Wing Commander - PrivateerunknownElectronic Arts
Wing Commander IV - The Price of FreedomunknownElectronic Arts - Origin
Wings of GlorySimulationORIGIN Systems, Inc.
WinpolisStrategyChristian Jung
WipEoutActionPsygnosis Limited
WitchavenActionU.S. Gold
WolfenDOOM collectionActionLaz Rojas
WolfsbaneAdventureMidnight Games
World at War: Volume II - Stalingradunknown
World Hockey '95 (Alex Dampier's Pro Hockey)SportMerit Studios, Inc.
World of Aden: ThunderscapeRPGSSI
WormsActionTeam 17
Wrath of EarthActionSoftkey
WWF WrestlemaniaSportAcclaim
X TetrisPuzzleFreeware
X-COM - Terror from the DeepunknownMicroProse
Xeno BallActionHomebrew Software
Xenophage: Alien BloodSportActionApogee Software
XixitPuzzleOptik Software
Yokai Ningen Bemu Aratanaru Tamashii No MeikyuuActionVantan
You Don't Know JackPuzzleBerkeley Systems
Young Pocahontas Interactive StorybookAdventureUAV Entertainment
Zap'T'BallsActionRichard Bannister
Zeddas: Horror Tour 3: Labyrinthe (ホラーツアー3 ラビラーント)AdventureCaravan Interactive
Zeddas: Servant of SheolAdventureCaravan Interactive
Zeek The Geek: Part 1Puzzle
Zeewolf 2: Wild JusticeActionBinary Asylum
Zeppelin - Giants of the SkyStrategyMicroProse
Zone RaidersSimulation
Zone WarriorActionCasady & Greene
ZoopPuzzleViacom New Media
Zork: The Zork AnthologyAdventureAztech New Media
Zug and GrugEducationalPlaylearn Software