1992 Games


Robot 329
1-0 Soccer ManagerSportWizard Games of Scotland, Ltd.
1000 MigliaSportSimulmondo
1869unknownMax Design GesMBH
3D Cyberpuckunknown
3D World BoxingSportSimulmundo
3D World TennisSportSimulmundo
3x8MiscCírculo A.S.
4 Queens Computer CasinoStrategyApplications Plus
4D BoxingSportDistinctive Software
4D Sports - TennisSportMindscape
8-Ball DeluxeActionAmtex
A Line in the Sandunknown
A.J.';s World of DiscoveryEducationalCoktel Vision
A320 AirbusSimulationThalion
Abandoned PlacesRPGInternational Computer Entertain
Abandoned Places: A Time for Heroesunknown
Abenteuer Atlantisunknown
Aces of the PacificSimulationDynamix
Aces of the Pacificunknown
Addams family, theActionOcean
Advanced Thinking SkillsEducationalCompedia Software
Adventure Island IIActionNow Production Co., Ltd.
Adventure Mathunknown
Adventures of Robin HoodAdventureMillennium
Air BucksSimulationImpressions Games
Air Force CommanderStrategyImpressions Games
Air SupportActionPsygnosis
Air WarriorSimulationKonami
AirpuckActionBob Mandel
Alien 3ActionProbe Software
Alien Breed (Special Edition 92)ActionTeam17 Software Limited
Alien³ActionAcclaim, Probe Software Ltd.
Alone in the DarkAdventureInfogrames
Amazon (Arcade Version)ActionC. Disc Comp
Amazon: Guardians of EdenAdventureAccess Software
Amazon: Guardians of Edenunknown
Amazon: Guardians of Edenunknown
American gladiatorsunknownMagicom Multimedia
Animal Questunknown
AniraRPGRay Dunakin
Another WorldActionDelphine Software
Apogee Software Shareware Libraryunknown
Apple CD-ROM Titles SamplerEducationalApple
AquanoidActionKarsten Finger, Stefan Heineke
Archer Maclean's poolunknownVirgin Interactive
Ashes of EmpireActionMidnight
ATAC: The Secret War Against Drugsunknown
AtaxxPuzzleLarry Kepko
AV-8B Harrier AssaultStrategyDomark Software
B-17 flying fortressSimulationMicroprose
B.A.T. 2 : The Koshan ConspiracyAdventureComputer's dream
B.C. KidActionFactor 5
BachmanActionIngemar Ragnemalm
BackgammonPuzzleThe Dream Machine
BackstabPuzzleAdam Miller
Ballgame 2PuzzleToxic Dream
Bargon AttackAdventureCoktel vision
Bargon AttackAdventureCoktel Vision
Barney Bear Goes to SpaceEducationalFree Spirit Software
Batlle Chess 4000StrategyInterplay Productions
Batman ReturnsAdventureKonami
Battle Isle Data Diskunknown
Battles of Destinyunknown
BattleTech Compilationunknown
Beetlejuice: Skeletons in the closetPuzzleHi-Tech Expressions
Black CryptRPGRaven Software Corporation
Blitz DraughtsStrategyPC Solutions
Blocks from HellPuzzleToren K. Smith
Borland Turbo C++unknown
BoxeoSportRafa Vico
Bram Stoker';s DraculaActionPsygnosis
BrixPuzzleEpic MegaGames
Brix 2nd versionPuzzleMichael Riedel
Bubble DizzyActionCodemasters Software
Buck Rogers - Matrix CubedRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Buck Rogers: Matrix CubedRPGSSI
Bucky O'HareActionKonami Inc
Bundesliga Manager ProfessionalStrategySoftware 2000
Buzz Aldrin's Race into Spaceunknown
C.Y.P.H.E.R. Operation US PresidentsEducationalTanager Software Productions
CampaignStrategyEmpire Interactive Entertainment
Capitalist PigStrategyDavid C. Thomas
Captured by Pirates!Strategytbf
Car And DriverunknownLooking Glass Studios
Card Shell GamesPuzzleRalph S Sutherland
CarnageSportZeppelin Games
Carrier Strike - South Pacific 1942-44SimulationStrategic Simulation Inc.
Castle ElsinoreAdventureTemple Software
Catacomb 3-D: The DescentActionid Software
Catacomb Armageddon, TheActionSoftdisk Publishing
Caverns of ChaosAdventurePaul Martinez and Alison Castro
CD ManAction
CD-Man v2.0ActionCreative Dimensions
ChakanActionSEGA of America, Inc.
Challenge of the Five RealmsRPGMicroProse Software
Championship HockeySportElectronic Arts, Inc.
Championship ManagerSimulationDomark, Ltd
Championship manager ItaliaSportDomark
Chaos engineActionVirgin interactive
Chichén ItzáunknownAventuras AD
Chinese CheckersPuzzleImagiSOFT
Chip´s ChallengePuzzleEpyx
Chuck Yeager Air CombatSimulationElectronic Arts
Classifiche e Primatiunknown
Cobra MissionRPGMegaTech Software
Colección de Juegos '92unknownTopo Soft
Colmena, LaMiscOpera Plus
Color BusterPuzzle
Columbus DiscoveryPuzzleGamos
Commander Keen: Keen DreamsActionid software
Conan - The CimmerianRPGVirgin Interactive
Conflict: Korea the First Year 1950-1951unknown
Conquered Kingdomsunknown
Conquest of Japanunknown
ConquestadorStrategyGerman Design Group
Contra ForceActionKonami
Contra III: The Alien WarsActionKonami
Contraption ZackPuzzleMindscape
Cool Croc TwinsActionEmpire Interactive
Cool Worldunknown
Corncob 3DSimulation
Cosmo's Cosmic AdventureActionApogee
Coverdisk: PC Games (1992/10)unknown
Coverdisk: PC Games (1992/11)unknown
Crazy Cars 3SimulationTitus
Crazy Nick's Leisure Suit Larry CasinoStrategySierra On-Line
Cribbage Masterunknown
Crime CityAdventureImpressions
Crisis in the KremlinStrategySpectrum Holobyte
Croisère pour un cadavreunknown
Curse of EnchantiaAdventureCore Design Ltd.
Cyber empireStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc
Cyberbox 2PuzzleDoug Beeferman
CyberchessPuzzleGamer's Edge
DaemonsgateRPGImagitec Design
Daisy's CastleEducationalGreat Wave Software
Dark half, theAdventuresymtus
Dark Queen of KrynnRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Dark SeedAdventureCyberdreams
DarklandsRPGMicroprose Software, Inc.
Darkwing DuckActionCapcom
DarkwoodRPGRobert Chancellor
Das Schwarze Auge: Die SchicksalsklingeRPGAttic
Daughter of SerpentsAdventureMillenium
Davis Cup World TourSportLoriciel SA
DawgfightSimulationSoftdisk Publishing
Death SquadronSimulationGatecom
DeathbringerActionEmpire Software
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War: Vol. 3StrategySSG Strategic Studies Group
DefCon 1StrategyROMulus Software
Deluxe Scrabble for Windowsunknown
Deluxe Trivial PursuitPuzzleDomark
Der PatrizierStrategyAscon
Desert strikeActionElectronic arts
Diabolik - 01 - Inafferrabile CriminaleActionSimulmondo
Diabolik - 02 - La Gemma di SalomoneActionSimulmondo
Diamond Balls 3PuzzleUnknown
Die Hard 2ActionGrand Slam
Dirty RacketsSportPyramid
Domark PC Games Collection Vol 1unknown
Doom: Special Editionunknown
Double Dragon 3 - The rosetta stoneActionVirgin Interactive
Dr FrankenActionElite
Dr FrankenActionElite
Dr. BlackjackMisc
Dr. MarioPuzzleJ. David Hamilton
Dr. Who: Dalek AttackActionAdmiral Software
Dragon's Lair 3: The Curse of MordreadAdventureSullivan Bluth Interactive Media
DruglordStrategyPhil Erwin
DuneStrategyCryo Interactive Entertainment
Dune 2StrategyWestwood Studios
Dylan Dog - 01 - La regina delle tenebreActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 02 - Ritorno al crepuscoloActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 03 - Storia di nessunoActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 04 - OmbreActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 05 - La mummiaActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 06 - MaelstromActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 07 - Gente che scompareActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 08 - La clessidra di pietraActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 09 - Il maleActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 10 - I vampiriActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - Gli UccisoriActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog: MurderersActionSimulmondo
Dyna BlasterActionHudson Soft, LTD.
Eco Quest 1: The Search for CetusAdventureSierra On-Line
Eco-Adventures in the OceansEducationalChariot Software
Eco-Adventures in the RainforestEducationalChariot Software
Ega TrekStrategyNels Anderson
Einstein Jr.'s ClassroomEducationalDinosoft
Electric Crayon 3.1 - Super Mario Bros & FriendsEducationalMerit Software
Electric Crayon 3.1 - At the ZooEducationalMerit Software
Electro Manunknown
Elevators from HellActionJohn Shramko
ElfActionOcean Software
ElflandActionCarl Erikson
Elvira Ii - The Jaws Of CerberusAdventureFlair Software Ltd
Erben des Thronsunknown
Estación AcuariounknownL.S. Palacio
Europe: September 1, 1939EducationalEntrex Software
Evander Holyfield's Real Deal BoxingSportSega of America
Exotic Car Showroomunknown
Expert Puzzles and Mazesunknown
Eye of the Beholder 1 & 2unknown
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of DarkmoonRPGWestwood
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of DarkmoonRPGWestwood
F-15 Strike Eagle 2: Operation Desert Stormunknown
F.GodmomActionJohn Blackwell
Falcon 3.0 - Operation Fighter TigerSimulationSpectrum Holobyte
FalloutPuzzleBrad P. Taylor
FascinationAdventureCoktel Vision
Fast FoodActionCodemasters Software
Fatal ChallengeActiontbc
Felix the CatActionHudson Soft
Ferrari Grand PrixSportBullseye Software
FidgetPuzzleAnthony Cote
FillerPuzzleLeo Posazhennikov
Final Fantasy VStrategySquare Co., Ltd.
Flames of Freedomunknown
Flash Gordon: Il Rapimento di DaleAdventureHolodream Software
FlashbackActionStrategic Simulations Inc
Flek!MiscPivoňka Software
Flight of the Intruderunknown
Floor 13unknownPSI Software Designers
Follow the ReaderAdventureDisney Software
Football (For Windows)Sport
Ford simulator 3SportThe SoftAd Group
Formula One Grand PrixSportMicroProse
Fox RangerunknownSoft Action
Frederik Pohl's GatewayAdventureLegend Entertainment
Front Page Sports: FootballSportDynamix, Inc.
GalactixActionCygnus Studios
Game Over 2 aka PhantisActionDinamic Software
Gargoyle's Quest 2: The Demon DarknessRPGCapcom
Gary Grigsby's Pacific Warunknown
Gazza IISportEmpire Interactive
Gear WorksPuzzleIdea Software
Ghoul SchoolAdventureElectro Brain
GladiatorActionForgotten Sages
Global ConquestStrategyMicroprose
Global EffectStrategyMillenium
Gnome AloneActionVisionairs
Go Simulatorunknown
Goal 2SportWizard Games
Gobble ManActionAlex Shah
GobliiinsAdventureCoktel Vision
Gobliins 2 - The Prince BuffoonunknownCoktel Vision
GobmanActionFilipe Mateus
Gold Medal Challenge '92SportCapcom
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death AdderActionSEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Grandmaster Chessunknown
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939 - 1943SimulationSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Gunship 2000SimulationMicroprose
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddonunknown
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddonunknown
Harald HardtandActionPalmolive A/S
Hardball 3unknownMindSpan
HarpoonStrategyLarry Bond
Harpoon Designers' Series 1: BattleSet Enhancerunknown
Harpoon Patch Diskunknown
Harrier Jump JetSimulationMicroProse
Heart of ChinaAdventureDynamix
Heaven & EarthStrategyBuena Vista Software
HeimdallRPGCore design
Hero';s HeartStrategyEverett Kaser Software
Heroes of the 357thunknown
Hexuma – Das Auge des KalAdventureWeltenschmiede
High Command: Europe 1939-'45unknown
History Line 1914-1918StrategyBlue Byte
Holiday Lemmings (Xmas Lemmings) '92PuzzleDMA Design Limited
Home AloneActionSega
Home Alone 2: Lost In New YorkActionTHQ Inc.
Hugo 2: Whodunit?unknown
Hugo 3: Jungle of DoomAdventureGray Design Associates
Humans, ThePuzzleImagitec Design Inc.
Ian Botham's CricketSportGamart, Mason Software
IconQuestPuzzleAndre Ouimet
IncaAdventureCoktel vision
Incredible Machine, ThePuzzleJeff Tunnell Productions
Indiana Jones 4 - and the Fate of AtlantisunknownLucasArts
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantisunknown
Indy HeatSportTradewest
Inspector GadgetAdventureAzeroth
International AthleticsunknownTrue Emotions Software
International Sensible Soccerunknown
International Sports ChallengeSportEmpire Software
Ishar 1: legend of the fortressRPGSilmarils
Island of Dr. BrainunknownSierra
Jack Nicklaus Gold & Course Design - Signature EditionSportAccolade
Jack Nicklaus Gold & Course Design - Signature EditionSportAccolade
Jack Nicklaus Gold & Course Design - Signature EditionSportAccolade
JetFighter: The Adventureunknown
JetpackActionMark Bradley
JetsonsAdventureHi-Tec Software
Jetsons: The Computer Gameunknown
JewelboxPuzzleMicro Imagineering
Jill of the JungleAction
Joe Bladeunknown
Jones in the Fast LaneStrategySierra
Jungle QuestEducationalTurtlelips Productions
Jurassic ParkActionOCEAN
K.G.B. (Conspiracy)AdventureCryo Interactive Entertainment
KiloblasterActionEpid MegaGames
Kings Quest VI - Heir today gone tomorrowAdventureSierra
Kingdom at WarStrategyInterscan
Kingdoms of England II, Vikings: Fields of ConquestStrategyKrisalis
Kirby's DreamlandActionHal Laboratory
Krusty's Super Fun Houseunknown
L.A. LawAdventureSynergistic Software
L.A. Law: The Computer GameAdventureCapstone Software
Ladder ManActionSoleau Software
Land of Illusion starring Mickey MouseActionSEGA Enterprises
Laser ChessStrategyDavid Kujawski
Laser LordsAdventurePhilips Interactive Media, Inc.
Laser Squadunknown
Last Chance to SeeEducationalDouglas Adams
Laura Bow - The Dagger of Amon RaAdventureSierra
Leaper \(VGA\)ActionLee Chapel
Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2AdventureInfocom
Legend - The Four Crystals of TrazereRPGMindscape
Legend of KyrandiaAdventureWestwood Studios
Legend of MyraPuzzleGamezone
Legends of the Lost Realm II: WilderlandsRPGAvalon Hill
Legends of ValourRPGU.S. Gold
Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards (Color)AdventureSierra
LemmingsPuzzleDMA Designs
Lethal WeaponActionOcean Software Ltd.
LHX Attack ChopperActionElectronic Arts
Life GenesisPuzzle
Links 386 Prounknown
Links 386 Pro Update Diskunknown
Little SamsonActionTaito
Lords of the Rising SunActionPhilips Interactive Media
Lost files of Sherlock Holmes, theAdventureMythos software
Lost Vikings, TheActionSilicon & Synapse
Lotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeSportGremlin Graphics Software
LucasArts Classic Adventuresunknown
Luigi & SpaghettiActionTopo Soft
Lure of the temptressAdventureVirgin Interactive Entertainment
M4StrategyDeadly Games
Mac BzoneActionRandy Frank
Mac Has No TroublePuzzleGerhard Rogmann
MacAvenger 2000ActionMathias Foodim
MaelstromStrategyDon Bluth Multimedia
Magic Candle III, TheRPGMindcraft Software, Inc.
Magic PocketsActionBitmap Brothers
Magical Taruruuto-kunActionGame Freak, Inc.
Manchester United EuropeSportKrisalis
Mario is Missing!ActionSoftware Toolworks
Mario PaintunknownNintendo of America, Inc.
Mario Teaches TypingEducationalInterplay
Mario Teaches Typingunknown
Mario Teaches Typingunknown
Mario Teaches Typingunknown
Mario VGAActionThe Software Toolworks
Master of DarknessActionSIMS Co.
Math Climbersunknown
Math RescueEducationalApogee Software, LTD.
McDonald LandActionVirgin Interactive
MChess ProfessionalPuzzleMarty Hirsch
Mech warStrategy
Mega lo ManiaStrategySensible Software
Mega Man 3ActionHi-Tech Expressions
Mega Man 5ActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Menace of Dr. Spoil SportAdventureDavid Leithauser
Michael Jordan in FlightSportElectronic Arts
Mickey's ABC: A Day at the Fairunknown
MicrobowlActionGabi Soft
Microsoft Entertainment PackPuzzleMicrosoft
Microsoft Entertainment Pack Volume 4unknown
Microsoft Golfunknown
Might and Magic 4: Clouds of XeenRPGNew World Computing
MiniwarMiscJussi Aittoniemi
Missile CommandActionPeter Siamidis
Mission UFO: A Solar System OdysseyEducationalJ and B Associates
Mixed Up Mother Goose VGA - EnhancedunknownSierra
Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's RevengeAdventureLucas Arts
Monopoly DeluxeStrategyVirgin Interactive
Monster in My PocketActionKonami
Morkin 2StrategyAnthony Hamilton
Mortal KombatActionMidway Games, Inc.
Muppets On StageEducationalSunburst
Murder Makes Strange DeadfellowsAdventureTiger Media
MyDude (A.K.A Amazing Dudes)ActionJECO Software
NCAA BasketballSportNintendo of America, Inc.
NCAA: Road to the Final Fourunknown
NethackRPGStichting Mathematisch Centrum
Neverending Story IiActionGolden Disk 64
NFL FootballSportKonami
NFL Footballunknown
NHLPA Hockey '93SportElectronic Arts, Inc.
NibblyActionGame On
Nicky BoomActionMicroids
Night RaidActionArgo Games
Night TrapPuzzleDigital Pictures
Ninja BoyActionJun Suzukawa
Ninja GaidenActionSIMS Co.
Ninja RabbitsActionMicrovalue
Nippon Safes Inc.AdventureDynabyte
No Greater Glory: The American Civil WarStrategySpace Time Simulations
Off to EuropeEducationalGlamus
Oil BaronsSimulationStarsoft Development
Oklib';s RevengeAdventureCastle Technologies
Olimpiadas 92: AtletismoSportTopo Soft
Olimpiadas 92: Gimnasia DeportivaSportTopo Soft
Olympic Gold: Barcelona '92SportTiertex
Opera Super SportsunknownOpera Plus
Operation DivaStrategyPointware
Oregon Trail DeluxeSimulationMECC
OutlanderSportMindscape, Inc.
OverKillActionEpic MegaGames
Pacific IslandsSimulationOxford Digital Enterprises
Pack RatActionSteve Blanding
Paladin 2StrategyImpressions Games
Paperboy 2ActionTengen
Pararena 2.0SportCasady & Greene
Parodius: Non-Sense FantasyActionKonami Inc
Pax ImperiaStrategyChangeling Software
PC Arcade ActionunknownJackson
PCKaiser++StrategyMartin Gelter
Pinball DreamsSport21st Century Entertainment
Pinball FantasiesSport21st Century Entertainment
Plan 9 from outer spaceAdventureGremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
Pocky & RockyActionNatsume Co., Ltd.
Police Quest (VGA Remake)AdventureSierra On-Line
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angelunknown
Popeye 2ActionSyndicate Inc.
Ports of callSimulationAegis International
Power Factory: Featuring C + C Music FactoryunknownSony Imagesoft
Power Putt GolfunknownClubware
PowermongerStrategyBullfrog Productions, Ltd
Predator 2ActionArena Entertainment
Premier ManagerStrategyGremlin Graphics
PremiereActionCore Design
Pro Tennis Tourunknown
Project XActionTeam 17
Prophecy of the ShadowRPGSSI
Prophecy, theAdventureCoktel vision
Psycho KillerAdventureDelta 4 Interactive
Push OverPuzzleOcean
Putt-Putt Joins the ParadeEducationalHumongous Entertainment
Q*Bert 3PuzzleRealtime Associates
Quarky & Quaysoo';s Turbo ScienceEducationalSierra
Quest for Glory [remake]AdventureSierra
Quest for Glory 1: So You Want To Be A HeroAdventureSierra On‑Line, Inc.
Quest For Glory 3 - Wages of WarunknownSierra
Race the NagsSportDick Olsen
RampartActionElectronics Arts
Rattler RacePuzzle
Reader Rabbit 2EducationalThe Learning Company
Realms of Arkania 1: Blade of destinyRPGAttic Entertainment Software
Return of Double DragonActionTechnos
Return of Valkyr, TheActionM.A. Soft
Returned RacoonActionKyunghee University
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender BenderAdventureMicroProse
RingworldAdventureTsunami games
Rise of the Dragonunknown
Risky Woodsunknown
Road RashSportElectronic Arts
Road Runner's Death Valley RallyActionSun Corporation of America
Robin Hood - Legend QuestActionCodemasters
Robocop 3unknownDigital Image Design
RoboSportStrategyThe Dreamers Guild
Rome: Pathway to Powerunknown
S.C. OutPuzzleKalisto
S.C.OUTPuzzleAtreid Concept
Samurai Mech (サムライ・メック)RPGHulinks
Sand Storm - The Championship VersionStrategyMVP Software
Santa's Xmas CaperActionZeppelin Games
ScenarioStrategyStarbyte Software
Schwert und Magie 7: Unter Wasser!RPGGerman Design Group
Schwert und Magie 8: Insel der WunderRPGGerman Design Group
Sea BattlePuzzleBady
Sea Rogueunknown
Secret AgentActionApogee Software, Ltd.
Sensible SoccerSportSensible Software
Sesame Street CountdownunknownHi-Tech Expressions
Sewer SharkActionSony Imagesoft
SextrisAdultThe Dream Team
Sexy droidsAdultEleven Software
Sfida Olimpicaunknown
Shadow of the Beast 3ActionReflections Interactive Limited
Shadow of YserbiusunknownYbarra Productions
Sherlock HolmesPuzzleEverett Kaser
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Vol IIAdventureICOM
Shuttle: The Space Flight SimulatorSimulationVektor Grafix
SimAnt: The Electronic Ant ColonyStrategyMaxis Software
SimLifeStrategyMaxis Software
Snoopy's Game Clubunknown
Solar Hockey LeagueActionHarm Hanemaayer and John Remyn
Solar Winds - The EscapeAdventureEpic
Solitaire's JourneyPuzzleDestiny Software Productions
Solomon's Key 2 (Fire 'n Ice)PuzzleTecmo, Ltd.
Solver Go-MokuPuzzleArtyom V. Shaposhnikov
Sonic the Hedgehog 2ActionSega Corporation
Soul CrystalAdventureStarbyte
Space BugsActionN.K. Dann
Space CrusadeStrategyGremlin
Space Quest IV - Roger Wilco and the Time RippersunknownSierra
Spaceward Ho!unknown
Spear of Destinyunknown
Special Forcesunknown
Spectre Challengerunknown
Speedball 2 - Brutal DeluxeSportBitmap Brothers
Spellcasting 301: Spring BreakAdventureLegend Entertainment
SpellCraft: Aspects of ValorRPGAsciiware
Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspaceunknown
Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister SixActionB.I.T.S., Ltd.
Splatterhouse 2ActionNamco
Spoils of Warunknown
Star Control 2StrategyAccolade, Inc.
Star Legionsunknown
Star Packunknown
Star Trek 25th AnniversaryAdventureInterplay Productions
Stellar 7ActionDynamix
Stone AgePuzzleEclipse Productions
Storm MasterActionSilmarils
Street Fighter 2ActionCapcom
Stunt IslandSimulationDisney
Summer ChallengeSportAccolade
Summoning, TheRPGEvent Horizon Software, Inc.
Super Ball!ActionRaoul Said
Super Cauldronunknown
Super Mario KartActionNintendo EAD (Japan)
Super OffroadActionTradewest
Super Scope 6ActionNintendo of America, Inc.
Super Smash T.V.ActionAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Super Solvers - Treasure MathStormEducationalThe Learning Company
Super Solvers: Treasure CovePuzzleThe Learning Company
Super Star WarsActionJVC
Sword Quest 1 - The SearchRPGErik Badger
Task Force 1942SimulationMicroprose
Taz-ManiaActionRecreational Brainware
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The HyperStone HeistActionKonami
Tenka TouitsuStrategyYukihiro Kuroda/Muse Software
Tennis Cup 2unknownLoriciels
Terminator 2: Judgment dayActionOCEAN
Terminator 2029, TheActionBethesda Softworks
Tetris ClassicPuzzleSpectrum Holobyte
Tetris Triounknown
Text - 01 - MefistoActionSimulmondo
The Adventures of Maddog Williams...AdventureGameCrafters
The Ancient Art of War in the Skiesunknown
The Carls Lewis ChallengeActionTeque
The Case of the Cautious CondorAdventureTiger Media
The Dream Teamunknown
The Games '92: Españaunknown
The LegacyRPGMicroprose
The Lord of the Rings, Vol 2: The Two Towersunknown
The Lost TribeStrategyLawrence Productions
The Magical Quest Starring Mickey MouseActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
The Perfect General: Greatest Battles of the 20th Centuryunknown
The Sierra Networkunknown
The Sierra Networkunknown
The Taking of Beverly Hillsunknown
The Tell-Tale HeartEducationalDiscis
The Town With No NameAdventureDelta 4 Interactive
Theatre of Warunknown
ThunderHawk AH-73MSimulationCore Design
Tic TacticsPuzzle
Time TreksEducationalEARTHQUEST Inc.
Tiny Skweeksunknown
Titus the foxActionTitus
Toyota GTSimulationGremlin
TransplantActionJumping Jack Flash
Treasures of the Savage Frontierunknown
Trilogía de Ci-U-Than, LaunknownJackson
TrollsActionMicroValue / Flair Software
Tut's TombPuzzle
TV sports baseballSportCinemaware
U.S.S. John Young 2SimulationMagic Bytes
Ugh!ActionBleu Byte
Ultima 7 Part 1: The Black GateRPGOrigin Systems
Ultima Underworld - The Stygian AbyssRPGOrigin Software
Ultima Underworld 2 - Labyrinth of WorldsRPGORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Ultimate CardsStrategyMicroleague Interactive
Universal SoldierActionCode Monkeys Ltd.
V for victory: Velikiye LukiStrategyAtomic Games
Vengeance of ExcaliburAdventureSynergistic
Viaje de Colón, ElSimulationMicronet
Video Poker - A HyperCard GamePuzzleDon Hewitt
Virtual Reality Studio 2.0EducationalDomark Software
VizActionProbe Entertainment
Viz - The GameActionVirgin Games
Wacky Funsters! The Geekwad';s Guide to GamingActionTsunami Media
Wacky RacesActionHi-Tec Software
WakuActionEd Mostrom
Walpurgis, La Noche deActionNew Dream
WarlordsStrategyStrategic Studies Group
Wayne Gretzky Hockey 3SportBethesda Softworks
Weird IslandAdventure
Where in America's Past Is Carmen Sandiego?EducationalBrøderbund
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego? Enhanced EditionPuzzleBroderbund Software
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?AdventureBrøderbund Software
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? DeluxeAdventureBroderbund
Windows Entertainment Pack 4unknown
Wing Commander 2: Vengeance of the Kilrathiunknown
Wings 2: Aces HighActionNamco Hometek Inc.
Winter Supersports 1992unknown
Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark SavantRPGSir Tech
Wolfenstein 3Dunknownid software
Word Rescueunknown
Word ZapPuzzle
World Class RugbySportAudiogenic
WWF European Rampage Tourunknown
WWF WrestlemaniaunknownTwilight
XerixActionBrendan Reville
XF5700 Mantis Experimental FighterActioncompany
XyphrActionEugene Lin
YAB! BaseballSporttbf
ZentrisPuzzleRobert J. Sundling
ZyconixPuzzleMiracle games