1993 Games


Robot 883
1830: Railroads & Robber BaronsStrategyAvalon Hill
1869StrategyMax design
18th Airborneunknown
1993trisPuzzleYoung K. Chung
1st Division ManagerSportCodemasters
3D Brick BashActionMatthew Diamond
3D Paddle Bash!ActionMatthew Diamond
3D World TennisSportSimulmondo
3d24unknownL.K. Avalon
7 Cities of GoldStrategyElectronic Arts
8 Ball DeluxeActionPAS Systems/Amte
A Journey Into XanthAdventure
A320 AirbusSimulation
A320 Airbus: EuropeSimulationThalion Software
A320 Airbus: USASimulationThalion Software
Abandoned Places 2RPGArtgame
Ace ExplorerEducationalMindplay
Aces Over EuropeSimulationDynamix
Aces Over EuropeSimulation
AcquireActionToucan Track Club
Aesop's FablesEducationalDiscis Knowledge Research Inc.
ALeX-WORLD (アレックス・ワールド)AdventureAS Entertainment Planning
Alien BlastunknownDean Garraghty Software
Alien Breedunknown
Alien Breed 2: The Horror ContinuesActionTeam17 Software Limited
Alien CarnageActionFreeware
Alien LegacyStrategySierra
Alien Vs. Predator (SNES)ActionInformation Global Service
AliensunknownMarc Tebeka
Allan Border's Cricketunknown
Alone in the Dark 2unknown
Amazon SkullsunknownToggle Booleans
Amazon: Guardians of EdenunknownAccess Software
Ambush at SorinorStrategy
An American Tail: Fievel Goes WestAdventure
An American Tail: Fievel Goes WestAdventureCapstone
Ancients 1 - Death WatchRPGFarr-Ware Software
Ancients 2 - Approaching EvilRPGFarr-Ware Software
AppleFieldPuzzleLorenzo Cangiano
Apprentice, TheunknownZenobi Software
Arcade TriviaPuzzleZeppelin Games
Arcade Trivia QuizPuzzle
ArcheounknownProxima Software
Archer MacLean's PoolSportVirgin
Arkanoid III The Last Chanceunknown
Armaeth - The lost kingdomAdventureGrand Slam
Armaeth: The Lost KingdomAdventure
ArmageddonunknownSVC Software
Arnie 2ActionZeppelin Games
Arthur's Teacher TroubleEducationalThe Learning Company
Astérix and the Secret MissionActionSEGA Enterprises
AtomicunknownPhilippe Lesire
Aufschwung OstStrategySunflowers
AurumunknownL.K. Avalon
AurumunknownL.K. Avalon
AvenunknownProxima Software
AvishPuzzleBUG Multisystem Ltd.
Axis The Game CheaterMiscBaseline Publishing
Baby LabyrinthActionSimone and Marianna Bettini
BabyLabyrinthActionSimone Bettini
BackGround TetrisPuzzleAlex Yakovlev
BackstageAdventureArt Department
Bailey's Book HouseunknownEdmark
Ball Bearingunknown
BalloonzActionAcumen Software
BarahirunknownL.K. Avalon
BarahirunknownL.K. Avalon
BarahirunknownL.K. Avalon
BarbarianunknownL.K. Avalon
BarbarianunknownL.K. Avalon
BarbarianunknownL.K. Avalon
BarbarianunknownL.K. Avalon
Barbie Super ModelActionHi-tech Expressions
Barbie Super ModelAction
Barney Bear Goes to the FarmEducationalFree Spirit Software
Bass Duelunknown
Batman ReturnsActionKonami
Battle Isle 2StrategyBlue Byte
Battle Isle 93 - The Moon of ChromosStrategyBlue Byte Software, Inc.
Battle Isle 93: The Moon of ChromosStrategy
Battletoads & Double DragonActionTradewest, Rare
BC RacersSportFreeware
Beethoven 2Action
Beethoven's 2ndActionHi Tech Expressions
Beethovens 2ndActionHi Tech Expressions
BelzerionAdventureHuman Entertainment
Beneath A Steel SkyAdventureVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Betrayal at KrondorRPG
Bi-Fi Roll: Snack Zoneunknown
Bi-Fi Roll: SnackzoneAdventureArt Department
Bio MenaceActionApogee Software, Ltd.
Bio Menace Episode 1: Dr. Mangle's LabAction
Bio Menace Episode 2: The Hidden LabAction
Bio Menace Episode 3: Master CainAction
Black HolePuzzleLouis DeSetto
Black SectAdventureLankhor
Black Tower II - A Serpentine TaleunknownZenobi Software
Blake Stone 1: Aliens of Goldunknown
BlitzStrategyPC Solutions
Block BreakerPuzzleYutaka Emura
BlockBreaker, 3.01E for Windows.unknownYutaka Emura
BlocksPuzzleScott Fiske
Bloodstone - An Epic Dwarven TaleRPGMindcraft
BluditunknownIng. Miroslav Nemecek
Blue ForceAdventureTsunami Media
Blues Brothers 2ActionTitus
Body BlowsActionTeam17 Software Limited
Body Blows GalacticActionTeam17 Software Limited
BombiunknownPower Per Post
BOTunknownDreamers Guild
Bram Stoker's DraculaActionPsygnosis Limited
Bravo Romeo Deltaunknown
Breath of FireRPGCapcom Co., Ltd.
Brutal RecallunknownK-Soft
Brutal RecallunknownK-Soft
Brutal Sports Footballunknown
Bubble Bobble - The AdventureunknownAP's Adventures
Bubble DizzyAction
Bubble TroubleunknownDreamers Guild
Bully's Sporting DartsunknownAlternative Software
Bully's Sporting DartsSportAlternative Software Ltd.
Bundesliga Manager 3unknown
Bunny BricksActionSilmarils
BurntimeActionMax Design MBH
Buzz Aldrin's Race into SpaceSimulation
Buzz Aldrin's Race Into SpaceStrategyStrategic Visions, Inc.
C.I.T.Y. 2000: LondonunknownRollogame
C.R.B. (Cuerpo Rompe Bolas)ActionKronos
Caesar iii crackStrategyMacPlay
Call of Chtulhu: Shadow of the CometMiscInfogrames Europe
Campaign 2StrategyEmpire Software
Cannon FodderStrategyVirgin Interactive
Captain DynamoActionCode Masters
Capture the FlagStrategyCarr Software
Car & DriverSimulationLooking Glass Technologies
Carriers at War 2SimulationSSG Strategic Studies
CartePuzzleArt Min
Casino BlackJack for Windows V.2.1s.unknownPyramid Software Development (PSD)
Castle Adventure Simulatorunknown
Castle of the WindsRPG
Castle of the WindsRPGEpic MegaGames
Catacomb Apocalypse, TheActionSoftdisk Publishing
Catacomb Armageddonunknown
Celtic CarnageunknownZenobi Software
Cerv IActionVladimir Chvatil
Cerv IIActionVladimir Chvatil
Cervii (Červi)ActionVladimír Chvátil
CHAMP Centipedeunknown
Championship Manager '93StrategyDomark
Championship Manager Italiaunknown
Chaos Engine, TheActionBitmap Brothers
Chinese SolitaireunknownRandy Rasa
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers 2ActionCapcom
Chopper Duelunknown
CimmerjanunknownSindicato del Software
CimmerjanunknownSindicato So
CimmerjanunknownSindicato del Software
Civilization 1.0 for WindowsStrategyMicroProse \(Sid Meier\)
Clash of SteelStrategy
Clash of SteelStrategyStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Clay FighterMiscInterplay Productions
Code: EuropeEducationalSynergistic Software
Cohort II: Fighting for RomeStrategyImpressions
Comanche: Maximum OverkillSimulationNovalogic
Companions of XanthAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Computer Undergroundunknown
Conquest of the Longbow - The Legend of Robin HoodAdventureSierra
Cool Coyote aka Fire & IceActionRenegade Software
Cool SpotActionVirgin Games
Cool WorldActionOcean
CooltrisunknownNew Breed Software
Cosmic Spaceheadunknown
CPC Invadersunknown
Crash 'n BurnActionCrystal Dynamics
Crazy Nick's Roger Wilco's Spaced Out Games PackAction
Crime cityAdventureImpressions
Crime Cityunknown
Crime FighterSimulation
Crystal Missionunknown
Crystals of KingsunknownZenobi Software
Crystals of KingsunknownZenobi Software
Crystals of Kings - IntrounknownZenobi Software
Crystals of Kings - IntrounknownZenobi Software
Curse of the CatacombsActionFroggman
Cyber Culture Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 1.unknownCreatiVision
Cyber RaceActionCyberdreams Inc.
Cycle WarzActionVectorScope Software
CzaszkiunknownL.K. Avalon
CzaszkiunknownL.K. Avalon
CzaszkiunknownL.K. Avalon
Czaszki + ElectraunknownL.K. Avalon
Daisy QuestEducationalJohan Strandberg
DaisyQuestEducationalGreat Wave Software
Dalek AttackActionAlternative Software
Dama italianaunknownPC Solutions
DancerStrategyBetter Homes and Gardens
Dangerous Dave: Risky RescueAction
Dangerous StreetsActionFlair
Dark AbyssunknownMirage
Dark AbyssunknownMirage
Dark AbyssunknownMirage
Dark Gladiator, TheunknownFSF Adventures
Dark Sun - Shattered LandsRPGStrategic Simulations Inc.
Dark Sun: Shattered LandsRPG
Darkmere: The Nightmare's BegunRPGZero Hour Software
Das schmutzige ErbeAdventureUmweltbundesamt
Das Telekommando kehrt zurückAdventureArt Department
Dave Goes Nutz aka Dangerous Dave 4ActionSoftdisk Publishing
Day of the TentacleunknownLucasArts
DeadEndPuzzleWolfgang Thaller
Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald DuckActionSEGA Enterprises
DeimosunknownSonix Software
DeimosunknownSonix Software
DeimosunknownSonix Software
DeimosunknownSonix Software
DemonunknownGlonisz Soft
DemonunknownGlonisz Soft
Demon BlueActionMicroValue
DenebunknownRobespix Software
Der Rote Mondsteinunknown
DetroitunknownImpressions Games
DiarmidunknownZenobi Software
DiarmidunknownZenobi Software
Die Neue StadtunknownV.Delboi & O.Scholz
Die PruefungunknownKingsoft
Die PruefungunknownKingsoft
Die SiedlerStrategyBlue Byte
Dinopark TycoonStrategyMECC
Dinopark Tycoonunknown
Dinosaur AdventureEducationalKnowledge Adventure
Disney's AladdinActionVirgin Interactive
Dizzy - MagiclandActionCodemasters
Dizzy VII - Crystal Kingdom DizzyunknownCodemasters
Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolkunknown
Dizzy';s FastfoodActionCodemasters
Dizzy's KwiksnaxPuzzleCodemasters
DJ Puffs Voltcantic CapersActionCodemasters
Dogfight - 80 Years of Aerial WarfareActionMicroprose Software, Inc.
Dominate v1.0 for Windows 3.1unknownShadoware
DoofusActionPrestige Softwareentwicklung GmbH
DoomActionid Software
DosmineStrategyDavid Vancina
Draconus IV: La LeyendaunknownWillysoft
Dracula UnleashedAdventureViacom New Media
Dreamworld PogieActionUnreleased
Droga WojownikaunknownASF
Droga WojownikaunknownASF
Droga WojownikaunknownASF
Drop It!unknownSonix Software
Duke Nukem 2Action
Duke Nukem II - Episode 4Action
Dungeon HackRPGSSI
Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of SkullkeepRPGFTL Games
Dwie WiezeunknownASF
Dwie WiezeunknownASF
Dwie WiezeunknownASF
Dwie WiezeunknownASF
Dwie WiezeunknownASF
Dwie WiezeunknownASF
Dylan Dog - 11 - IL marchio rossoActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 12 - Il lungo addioActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 13 - I killer venuti dal buioActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 14 - Il Bosco degli assassiniActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 15 - InferniActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 16 - FantasmiActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 17 - Il cimitero dimenticatoActionSimulmondo
Dziedzictwo GigantowunknownMirage
Dziedzictwo GigantowunknownMirage
Eagle Eye MysteriesAdventureEA*Kids
Eagle Eye Mysteries in LondonAdventureHigh Score Productions
Eagle Eye Mysteries: The OriginalAdventure
Eamon 019 - Death TrapunknownNelson, J.
Eamon 023 - The Temple of NgurctunknownJ. & R. Plamondon
Eamon 036 - The Citadel of BloodunknownHodson, E.
Eamon 050 - Behind the Sealed DoorunknownBerge, T.
Earth InvasionActionOracle Software
Easy MoneyunknownL.K. Avalon
Ecco the DolphinActionSEGA of America, Inc.
Eco Quest 2 - The Lost Secret of the RainforestunknownSierra
Eishockey ManagerStrategySoftware 2000
El-FishSimulationMaxis Software
ElectraunknownL.K. Avalon
ElectraunknownL.K. Avalon
ElectraunknownL.K. Avalon
ElectraunknownL.K. Avalon
Electro ManActionxLand Games
Elfos de Maroland, LosunknownKame Soft
Elfos de Maroland, LosunknownKame Soft
Empire DeluxeStrategyNew World Computing
Empire DeluxeStrategy
Endless HorrorAction
Epic PinballActionEpic MegaGames
Epic PinballAction
Eric the UnreadyAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Eric the UnreadyAdventure
Escaping Habit, TheunknownZenobi Software
Evasive ActionSimulation
EVO - The search for EdenActionEnix
Eye of the Beholder 3 - Assault on Myth DrannorRPGSSI
F-15 Strike Eagle 3SimulationMicroProse
F.A.S. SoccerSportGeorge Loo
F/A-18 HornetSimulationGraphic Simulations
FaceMakerPuzzleJeff Buell
FaceTrexPuzzleSoleau Software
FactoryEducationalWings for Learning
Factory: The Industrial DevolutionPuzzleRoundHouse Software
Fallen EmpireActionMirage
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, TheActionCodemasters Software
Fantasy EmpiresStrategySilicon Knights, Inc.
Fatal RelationsAdventureC's Ware
Fates of TwinionunknownSierra
Fatty Bear';s Birthday SurpriseEducationalHumongous Entertainment
Fatum - IntrounknownASF
Fatum - IntrounknownASF
Fatum - IntrounknownASF
Fields of GloryStrategy
FIFA International SoccerSportElectronic Arts, Inc.
Final Demand, TheunknownZenobi Software
Final Fight 2ActionCapcom
Fine ArtistunknownMicrosoft
Fire and IceAction
Fire PowerunknownASF
Fire PowerunknownASF
Fist FighterSportZeppelin Games
Flak AttackunknownDreamers Guild
Flinstone's AdventuresunknownJK Soft
Football Manager 3unknown
For Pete's SakeunknownZenobi Software
For Pete's SakeunknownZenobi Software
Forgotten Realms: Unlimited AdventuresRPG
Formula One Grand PrixSportMicroprose
Four Season 1.01unknownRandy Rasa
Four Symbols, TheunknownFSF Adventures
Four Symbols, TheunknownFSF Adventures
Frank & MarkunknownL.K. Avalon
Frank & MarkunknownL.K. Avalon
Frank & MarkunknownL.K. Avalon
Frank & MarkunknownL.K. Avalon
Freddy Pharkas - Frontier PharmacistunknownSierra
Freddy Pharkas: Frontier PharmacistAdventure
Front Page Sports: Football ProSportDynamix, Inc.
Frontier: Elite 2StrategyGameTek
Frontier: Elite 2Simulation
Fury of the FurriesActionKalisto
Gabriel KnightAdventureSierra On-Line
Gadget: Invention, Travel, & Adventure (ガジェット)AdventureSynergy Interactive
Galacta - The Battle for SaturnActionSean M. Puckett
Gamma ZeeActionDwight Rogers
Gary Grigsby's War in RussiaStrategy
Gary Grigsby's War in RussianStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc.
Gateway 2 - HomeworldAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
GateworldActionHomebrew Software
Geheimprojekt DMSOPuzzleArt Department
GemstonesunknownWilliam D. Rinehart
Genghis Khan 2 - Clan of the Grey WolfStrategyKoei Corporation
Get the Girl!unknownVince Paul Balatbat
GetaLife v1.0; version \unknownDave Crawford
GladiatorsActionAlternative Software
Global DominationStrategyImpressions
Global WarunknownL.K. Avalon
Global WarunknownL.K. Avalon
Global WarunknownL.K. Avalon
Goal!SportVirgin Games
Gobliins 2: The Prince BuffoonAdventure
Gobliins 2: The Prince BuffoonPuzzleCoktel Vision
Goblins 3AdventureCoktel Vision
God of thunderPuzzleFreeware
God of ThunderRPG
Golden Axe 3ActionSEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Golden Locket, TheunknownZenobi Software
Golden Locket, The - IntrounknownZenobi Software
Goof TroopPuzzleCapcom
Grabbed by the Ghoulies!unknownFSF Adventures
Guns 'R' Usunknown
Gus Goes to CybertownunknownModern Media Ventures
Hail!ActionKen Iwasa
HamstersPuzzleInterQuest Productions
Happyweed!ActionChristopher B. Council
HawkmoonunknownL.K. Avalon
Hedor del Dinero, ElActionJ.P. & E.J.
Heirs to the throneStrategyQuantum Quality Productions
Heli KillerunknownTajemnice Atari
Helicopter MissionSimulationRauser Advertainment
HeliousStrategyAlbino Frog Software, Inc.
Helious 2StrategyAlbino Frog Software, Inc.
Hell CabAdventureDigital Fusion, Inc.
Helvera - Mistress of the ParkunknownFSF Adventures
Heros: The Sanguine SevenAction
HexxagonPuzzleArgo Games
Hexxagon 2PuzzleArgo Games
Hired GunsRPGDMA Design Limited
Holiday LemmingsStrategyPsygnosis
Holye Classic Card GamesStrategySierra
Homey D. ClownAdventure
Honba za PoklademunknownProxima Software
HonkyunknownL.K. Avalon
HonkyunknownL.K. Avalon
Hugo III: Jungle of Doom!AdventureGray Design Associates
HydraulikunknownL.K. Avalon
HydraulikunknownL.K. Avalon
Il Grande Gioco di Tangentopoliunknown
In Extremisunknown
IncaunknownCoktel Vision
IncaActionCoktel Vision
Inca 2 - WiracochaunknownCoktel Vision
Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisAdventureLucasarts
Indycar RacingSportPapyrus
Innocent Until CaughtAdventure
Innocent until caughtAdventurePsygnosis
InspektorunknownOrkus Software
Intelligent Strategy Games 10StrategyOxford Softworks
Interactive Girls Club GamesPuzzle
Interactive Girls collectionAdultInteractive Girls Club
International AthleticsSportTrue Emotions
International Ninja RabbitsActionMicroValue
International Open Golf ChampionshipSportOcean Software
International TennisSportZeppelin Games
Interplay's 10 Year Anthology CD-ROMunknownInterplay
Iron HelixAdventureDrew Pictures
Isle of the DeadActionRainmaker Software
Ja-JounknownYFA Software
Jack in the DarkAdventureInfogrames Europe
Jack in the Darkunknown
JackalActionViper Games
James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCodActionMillennium Interactive Ltd.
James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCodAction
Jet-Man SillyunknownProxima Software
JetpackActionSoftware Creations Ltd.
Jetpack: Christmas SpecialAction
Jill of the Jungle - Jill Goes UndergroundActionApogee
Jim Power - The Lost Dimension in 3DActionLoriciel
JonathanAdventureSoftware 2000
Journeyman Project, TheAdventurePresto Studios
Jumping JackunknownASF
Jungle StrikeActionElectronic Arts, Inc.
Jurassic ParkActionOcean Software Ltd.
Jurassic Parkunknown
Kampania WrzesniowaunknownL.K. Avalon
Karamalz CupSportArt Department
Kasparov';s GambitStrategyElectronic Arts
Kens LabyrinthActionFreeware
Ken's Labyrinthunknown
KernawunknownL.K. Avalon
KetherActionPhilips Interactive Media
KeyWackEducationalE&P Ware
KhurdianunknownIceberg Soft
Kid's TypingEducationalBright Star Technology
KidnappedunknownZenobi Software
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone TomorrowAdventureSierra
King';s Table - The Legend of RagnarokStrategyGameTek
King's Table: The Legend of RagnarokStrategy
Kirby's AdventureAdventureNintendo Co., LTD
Kliatba NociunknownUltrasoft - Sintech
Kliatba NociunknownUltrasoft - Sintech
Kolo FortunyunknownKrystian Walczyk
Kolo FortunyunknownKrystian Walczyk
Kolo Fortuny 2unknownRobespix Software
Kolo Fortuny 2unknownRobespix Software
KowbojunknownYFA Software
Kronolog - The Nazi Paradox aka Red HellAdventureMerit Software
Kronolog: The Nazi ParadoxAdventure
Krusty';s Super Fun houseActionAcclaim Entertainment
Kwik Snax DizzyPuzzle
Lands of Lore - The Throne of ChaosRPGWestwood Studios
Lands of Lore: The Throne of ChaosRPG
Larry LoaderPuzzleSoleau Software
Lasersoft Video GamblingunknownLasersoft
LaserstrikeunknownKevin Ng
Last Will DizzyunknownOleg Moskalenko
Lawnmower Man, TheActionSales Curve Ltd.
Le Maître des ContesEducationalClub PoM Logiciels
Legacy, The: Realm of TerrorRPGMagnetic Scrolls
Legend of Kyrandia (CD version)AdventureVirgin Games
Legend of Kyrandia 2 - The Hand of FateAdventureWestwood Studios
Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of fateAdventure
Legends of murderRPGSoftDisk Publishing
Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Shape Up or Ship OutunknownSierra
Lemmings 2 - The TribesActionPsygnosis
Lethal Tenderunknown
Life of a Lone Electron, TheunknownZenobi Software
Link: The Faces of EvilActionPhilips Interactive Media
LiverpoolSportGrandslam Entertainment Ltd
Logic GamesunknownABC Software
Lost in TimeAdventureCoktel Vision
Lost in TimeunknownZenobi Software
Lost in TimeunknownCoktel Vision
Lost RobotunknownMarkt & Technik
Lost Tomb of Ananka, TheunknownCompass Software
Lost Tomb of Ananka, TheunknownCompass Software
Lotus - The Ultimate ChallengeSimulationGremlin
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomRPGNeverland Co., Ltd.
Luna LandaunknownBinary Zone
Lunar JailbreakunknownQuantum Logic
LycanthropyunknownZenobi Software
LycanthropyunknownZenobi Software
M LabyrinthPuzzle
Magia FortunyunknownASF
Magic BoyActionBlue Turtle
Magic CastleunknownMarkt & Technik
Magic ColorsunknownMarkt & Technik
Magic FieldsunknownCP Verlag
Magische SteineunknownMarkt & Technik
MagneticunknownCP Verlag
MagneticStrategyX-ample Architectures
Major StrykerActionApogee
Major Strykerunknown
Man Enough: The Ultimate Social AdventurePuzzleTsunami
Mario is Missing!unknownThe Software Toolworks
Master of OrionStrategy
Master of Orion 1 + 2StrategyMicroProse
Math Dodger!EducationalArcadia Productions
Maze of Agdagon v1.0unknownAgda Group
Maze of Agdagon v1.02unknownAgda Group
MECC A339B Dog Sled Ambassadors side 1unknownMinnesota Educational Computing Corporation
Mega BombermanActionHudson Soft
Mega Man XActionCapcom U.S.A., Inc.
Mega TronunknownWizard Software
Mega TronunknownWizard Software
Melee: The Battle BoardgameunknownMnemonic Productions
MeltdownunknownZenobi Software
Merchant Princeunknown
Merlin ChallengeSimulationDigital Integration Ltd.
Metal & Lace: The Battle of the Robo BabesActionMegaTech Software
Metal & laceAction
Metal MarinesStrategy
Michael's PuzzlesunknownLoadstar
Micheal Jordan in Flightunknown
Micro MachinesActionCodemasters
MicroManunknownBrian L. Goble
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0SimulationMicrosoft Corporation
MicroxunknownL.K. Avalon
MicroxunknownL.K. Avalon
Midway CommandunknownCompute!
Miecze Valdgira II: Wladca GorunknownASF
Miecze Valdgira II: Wladca GorunknownASF
Miecze Valdgira II: Wladca GorunknownASF
Might and Magic 5: Darkside of XeenRPG
Might and Magic: World of XeenRPGNew World Computing
Mighty Final FightActionCapcom
Mighty Final FightActionCapcom
Mille BornesunknownCompute!
Mind Cross WarunknownThe Smart Soft
Mind Cross WarunknownThe Smart Soft
MinefieldunknownMarkt & Technik
Mines!unknownANG Software
Minesweeper 64unknownErik Engdahl
Minus 90MiscALO-Software
Missile ActionunknownMirage
Misterios del Gusano, LosunknownVideofex
Misterios del Gusano, LosunknownVideofex
Mole's QuestunknownDreamers Guild
Monster BashAction
Moraff's Dungeon of the UnforgivenRPG
Moraff's Super Blast 3PuzzleMoraffware
Mortal KombatActionMidway Games
Mortal Kombat IIActionMidway Games, Inc.
MozaikAdultImage Line Entertainment
Mr. Drumstix' Music StudiounknownHowling Dog Systems
MscicielunknownYFA Software
MscicielunknownYFA Software
MuehleunknownArt Project
MuehleunknownArt Project
Murder - He SaidunknownZenobi Software
Murder Times Seven!unknownLoadstar
Muzeum MrtvolAdventureComputer Experts
MystAdventureBrøderbund Software
Mystery at the MuseumsPuzzle
NanotankunknownTwin Dolphin Games
National Lampoon's Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1StrategySpectrum Holobyte
NBA JamSportAcclaim
NeronunknownL.K. Avalon
NeronunknownL.K. Avalon
NeronunknownL.K. Avalon
NeronunknownL.K. Avalon
New DizzyunknownN. Kutin - D. Paltusov
New Great Giana-Sisters II v1.2unknownThe 7A3
NHL '94SportElectronic Arts
NHL Hockeyunknown
NovaunknownCP Verlag
Nueve de Cada Diez Lapidas Estan CambiadasunknownSindicato del Software
Nueve de Cada Diez Lapidas Estan CambiadasunknownSindicato del Software
Nueve de Cada Diez Lapidas Estan CambiadasunknownSindicato del Software
Og the GreatunknownDamian Steele
OgratonunknownCP Verlag
One LifeunknownP&S Software
Ormus Saga II, The Guild of DeathunknownMike Doran Software
Oseong-gwa HaneumAdventureGoldstar Software
P.World IIunknownTranquillizer
Pac ManiacAction
Pacc Mann De Luxe v.2unknownSYS PD
Pacc Mann De Luxe v2unknownSYS PD
Pangea - Return to Planet EarthRPGInteractive Computer Entertainment
Paradroid 2000ActionCoin-Age Ltd
Paradroid IIActionMarc S. Seter
Particle ManActionRon Kapps
Pathways Into DarknessActionBungie
Patriot CommandActionAntonio A. Lagana
Paulie PythonunknownCraig P. Thompson
Peewee HockeyunknownLoadstar
Pentamino 1.0unknownIgor Davydov
Penthouse Hot NumbersPuzzle
Pepper's Adventure's in TimeunknownSierra
Pepper's Adventures In TimeAdventureSierra On‑Line, Inc.
Perihelion: The ProphecyRPGMorbid Visions
PerseusunknownZenobi Software
PerseusunknownZenobi Software
Personal Computer Whirled!unknownZenobi Software
PhantasmagoriaunknownThe Guild Adventure Software
Pinball dreamsAction21st Century Entertainment
Pinball DreamsAction21st Century Entertainment
Pinball DreamsAction
PingunknownGeorge Victor Czerniecki
PipeunknownCP Verlag
Pirates! GoldStrategyMicroprose
Play a MatchunknownCP Verlag
PlayboyAdventureVictory Software
Plok!PuzzleTradewest Inc.
PlutoniumunknownCP Verlag
Police Quest 4 - Open SeasonunknownSierra
Police Quest: Open SeasonAdventure
Pop!ActionBit culture
Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian GodsStrategy
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian GodsStrategyBullfrog
PornPipeAdultImage Line Entertainment Software
PorntrisAdultImage Line Entertainment Software
Power ShooterActionJay Kramer
PršíMiscPavel Káš
Prairie Dog HuntAction
Prehistorik 2ActionTitus
Prehistorik 2Action
Premier Manager 2unknown
Prince of EvilActionSoftstar
Prince of Persia 2ActionBrøderbund Software
Princess Maker 2unknown
Private Eye MysteriesunknownAccess Software
Project NomadActionGameTek
ProtostarAdventureTsunami Media
Protostar: War on the FrontierunknownTsunami Games
Protostar: War on the FrontierSimulation
Psycho KillerunknownDelta 4 Interactive
PuggsyActionPsygnosis Limited
Qin - The Tomb of the Middle KingdomAdventureTime Warner Interactive
QuadrantunknownMichael Strelecki; Thomas Heinrich; Thomas Detert
QuadrigaunknownInternational Software Factory
QuarterPoleSimulationMicroleague Interactive Software
QuatrixunknownMarkt & Technik
Quest For Glory 4 - Shadows of DarknessunknownSierra
Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero?AdventureSierra
Quest for the Dark SwordAdventureIain Becker
R Hood Legend Questunknown
R Hood Der Held von SherwoodunknownData House Software
Race the NagsunknownDick Olsen
Ragnarok aka ValhallaRPGOptyk
Rags to Richesunknown
Railroad Tycoon DeluxeStrategyMicroprose
Railroad Tycoon Deluxeunknown
RC Questunknown
Re!MiscPivoňka Software
Realms of Arkania - 1. Blade of DestinyRPGAttic Entertainment
Reaping The DungeonRPG
Red Hook's RevengeMiscImagiSoft
Red sky at morningStrategy
Rescue RoverPuzzleSoftDisk
Return of the PhantomAdventure
Return of the PhantomunknownMPS Labs
Return to ZorkAdventure
Reversi GTIunknownCP Verlag
River Raid II RemakeAction
Robin Hood - Legend QuestunknownCodemasters
Rock 'n' Roll RacingActionInterplay
Roger Wilco's Spaced Out Game PackActionSierra On-Line, Inc.
Rogue SunbathersunknownCompute!
Rollan FootballunknownCompute!
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3StrategyKOEI
Rome: Pathway to PowerAdventure
Rotato PokerunknownLoadstar
Rules of Engagement 2Strategy
S.O.SActionVic Tokai Corporation
SaboteurAdventurePavel Pospíšil
Sam & Max - Hit the RoadunknownLucasArts
Sand StormActionMVP Software
Sango FighterAction
Santa';s Xmas CaperActionZeppelin Games
Santa's Xmas CaperAction
Schach 64unknownMarkt & Technik
Scooter';s Magic CastleEducationalElectronic Arts
Scuba VentureActionSoftdisk Publishing
Sea CommandunknownRyan Chenery
Sea Command: Air Command IIunknownBinary Zone
Sea to SeaunknownLoadstar
SEAL TeamSimulationElectronic Arts
Search for the Lost DickunknownVortex Software House
Secret of ManaActionSquare Co., Ltd.
Secret of Monkey IslandunknownLucasfilm
Sensible SoccerSportSensible Software (PC port by Audio Visual Magic)
Sensible Soccer: European ChampionsSportRenegade Software
SensounknownMarek Roth
Seven Cities of Gold (Commemorative Edition)unknown
Sex Tetris v1.2unknownRussian Soft
SextrisPuzzleÍñigo Ayo
Seymour Goes to Hollywoodunknown
Shadow CasterRPGOrigin
Shadow of the CometAdventure
Shadow of YserbiusRPG
Shadow presidentunknown
ShadowrunRPGBlueSky, Beam Software
Shining Flower: HikaruHanaAdventureMaze
ShitunknownANG Software
Sid & Al's Incredible ToonsPuzzle
Sid Meier's CivilizationunknownMicroProse
SilverballSimulationDigital Extremes
Sim City 2000SimulationMaxis Software Inc.
SimCity 2000unknown
Simon the SorcererAdventure
Simple MindsunknownANG Software
Simulman - 01 - Simulman!ActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 02 - Nella morsa di SS-DOSActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 03 - Nel regno di DoorsActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 04 - Il mondo simulatoActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 05 - I rapitori di sogniActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 06 - Luna ParkActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 07 - Il grande freddoActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 08 - Il giardino virtualeActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 09 - Il giocattolaioActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 10 - PentagramActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 11 - Jailhouse RockActionSimulmondo
Sink or SwimPuzzle
Skat 2010unknownCreaTeam-Software
Skunny KartSportCopysoft
SkyRoadsSportBluemoon Interactive
Slam!SportRobert Epps
Slater & Charlie Go CampingunknownSierra
Slicks ';n SlideSimulationT&J Kaupinnen
Slicks 'n' SlideSport
Slide PokerunknownLoadstar
Slimey's Mine: Hip Hop VersionunknownSimon Pick & Kinley-Fresh Productions
Smiley Affair, Theunknown
SmusunknownL.K. Avalon
SmusunknownL.K. Avalon
SmusunknownL.K. Avalon
Snack ManunknownBinary Zone
Snake or DieunknownCP Verlag
SnowballunknownL.K. Avalon
SnowballunknownL.K. Avalon
Soccer KidSportKrisalis
Solar WindsAction
Solar Winds 2: Galaxyunknown
Solar Winds: The Escapeunknown
Solomon's Key 2PuzzleTecmo
SOTE Der Schatten des Boesen Harcons FluchunknownMarkt & Technik
Space HulkStrategy
Space JobActionKarstadt AG
Space PiratesunknownMarkt & Technik
Space PowerActionPyramid
Space Quest 5 - Roger Wilco in the Next MutationunknownSierra
Space TrekunknownCompute!
Special Forces: Operation Blood IIunknownMirage
Special Forces: Operation Blood IIunknownMirage
Special Forces: Operation Blood IIunknownMirage
SpielautomatStrategyMr Creosote
Spiritual WarfareAction
Spit Wad WillyActionRaoul Said
Splay MasterActionChris Elsbfree
Spy GamesunknownGumi Software
Spy GamesunknownGumi Software
Spy MasterunknownL.K. Avalon
Spy MasterunknownL.K. Avalon
Spy MasterunknownL.K. Avalon
Spy MasterunknownL.K. Avalon
Spy MasterunknownL.K. Avalon
Squeak!unknownThe Guild Adventure Software
Star Trek: Judgment RitesAdventure
Star Wars Chessunknown
Star Wars: Rebel AssaultActionLucasArts
Star Wars: X-WingSimulation
Star Wars: X-WingActionLucasArts
Starflight: A Cosmic AdventureunknownThe Guild Adventure Software
Stars and RingsunknownEagleware International
Stars and RingsunknownEagleware International
Steg the SlugActionCodemasters
Stellar EmpiresStrategyTahuya Bay Software
Stickybear's Math TownEducationalOptimum Resource
Stop That Bomb!unknownLoadstar
Street MachineunknownCP Verlag
Street SlaughterunknownBinary Zone
StreetsunknownL.K. Avalon
StreetsunknownL.K. Avalon
StreetsunknownL.K. Avalon
StreetsunknownL.K. Avalon
Streets of Rage 2ActionSega Corporation
Stress IIunknownDaniel Himmel
Strike CommanderSimulation
StrongholdRPGStrategic Simulations Inc
Subtrade: Return to Irataunknown
Subwar 2050SimulationMicroProse
Sunset RidersActionKonami
Super Advanced Lawnmower Simulator Adventure 2 - The SequelunknownCreative.Radical.Alternative.Production Games
Super Dominos BrothersunknownEagleware International
Super Mario All-StarsActionNintendo Co., LTD
Super RockfallunknownCompute!
Super SextrisPuzzleMagic Studio
Super Solvers - Gizmos & Gadgets!EducationalThe Learning Company
Super Space InvadersunknownFrank Gasking & Richard Bayliss
Super Space InvadersunknownFrank Gasking & Richard Bayliss
SupercyberActionBalance Game
Supreme WarriorActionCrystal Dynamics
Světák BobAdventureBohewia software
Swap ItunknownMarkt & Technik
Sword Quest 2 - Tale of the TalismanRPGErik Badger
Sword Quest 2: Tale of the TalismanRPG
Syn Boga WiatruunknownL.K. Avalon
Syn Boga WiatruunknownL.K. Avalon
Syn Boga WiatruunknownL.K. Avalon
Syn Boga WiatruunknownL.K. Avalon
Syndicate: American RevoltStrategyBullfrog Productions, Ltd.
T2 - The Arcade GameActionMidway
Take•A•Break CrosswordsPuzzleDynamix
TamerunknownLK Avalon
Tanks DestroyerActionGamos Ltd.
Tarkus and the Orbs of DoomunknownTiger Developments
Tarkus and the Orbs of DoomunknownTiger Developments
Tarkus and the Orbs of DoomunknownTiger Developments
Tarkus and the Orbs of DoomunknownTiger Developments
Team Telekom PelotonunknownPeter Diehm
TechnoManiacStrategyJoe Fleck
Technus: Technologic SoldierunknownMirage
Technus: Technologic SoldierunknownMirage
Technus: Technologic SoldierunknownMirage
Technus: Technologic SoldierunknownMirage
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament FightersActionKonami
Temple of DregunknownDorothy Millard
Terminator 2029: Operation ScourActionBethesda Softworks
Terminator, The: RampageActionBethesda Softworks
Tetrisunknown576 kByte
Tetrixunknown576 kByte
TFXSimulationDigital Image Design Ltd.
The 7th GuestAdventure
The 7th GuestPuzzleTrilobyte
The Adventures of MicroManunknownBrian L. Goble
The Amazon Trailunknown
The Atlantis AdventureunknownAura
The Atomix PlusunknownBlackfire!
The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Last Dinosaur EggAdventureSanctuary Woods
The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Vampire's CoffinAdventureSanctuary Woods
The Beverly HillbilliesAdventureIntraCorp
The Beverly HillbilliesAdventure
The CaveunknownJohn Foskett
The Even More Incredible MachinePuzzleDynamix
The Even More! Incredible MachineunknownDynamix, Inc.
The Geekwad - Games of the GalaxyActionTsunami Media
The Geekwad: Games of the GalaxyAction
The Great War 1914-1918StrategySSI
The GreensunknownShadoware
The HordeStrategyCrystal Dynamics
The HumansPuzzle
The Incredible MachineStrategySierra
The Incredible MachinePuzzle
The Last GuardianunknownL.K. Avalon
The Legacy: Realm of TerrorRPG
The Lost VikingsActionInterplay Productions
The Lost WorldunknownAtlas Adventure Software
The Maniac TalesunknownStefan Bohn
The Maniac Tales IIunknownStefan Bohn
The Ocean Life ProjectunknownPeter Diehm & Werner Karsten
The PatricianunknownTriptychon Software
The PatricianStrategyAscon
The ProphecyAdventureCoktel Vision
The Puzzle Page #104unknownLoadstar
The Shadow of YserbiusRPGSierra Online
The SnakeunknownMarkt & Technik
The Staff of PowerunknownAdventure Workshop
The Swiss Family Robinson: An Island AdventureEducationalMulti Dimensional Communications
The TerminatorunknownDomain Software
The TerminatorunknownDomain Software
The Wacky World of Miniature GolfPuzzlePhilips Sidewalk Studio
The War ZoneunknownSYS PD
The Westbury MysteryunknownDorothy Millard
The Working StoneunknownMarkt & Technik
The Wurg GameunknownMister X
Theme Park U.K.unknownZenobi Software
Theme Park U.S.A.unknownZenobi Software
Theseus and the MinotaurunknownThe Guild Adventure Software
ThingunknownFrank Gasking
Tiles & Tribulations: Windows Game Like KlaxunknownTechnological Computer Innovations
Tiles And TribulationsunknownTechnological Computer Innovations
Tiles v2unknownDavid Robertson
Tiles v2unknownDavid Robertson
ToadforceunknownPlayers Software
ToggleunknownMarkt & Technik
Tom & JerryActionHi-Tech Expressions
Top SecretunknownMirage
Town With No NameunknownDelta 4 Interactive
Tracon for WindowsSimulation
Tracon II for WindowsunknownWesson International
Trap SpringerunknownThe Guild Adventure Software
Traps 'n' TreasuresActionStarbyte
Trisz DivinisunknownASF
Trisz DivinisunknownASF
TroddlersPuzzleSales Curve Interactive
TurbulenceunknownBeyond Belief
TurbulenceunknownBeyond Belief
Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent IsleRPG
Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of WorldsRPG
Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of WorldsActionORIGIN Systems
Ultima VII: The Black GateRPGORIGIN Systems
Ultimate GinStrategyAccidental Software
Ultimuh MCMLXVII: Part 2 of the 39th TrilogyRPG
UltrabotsStrategyElectronic Arts
UninvitedunknownICOM Simulations, Inc.
Unnatural SelectionStrategy
Unnecessary Roughnessunknown
Unspeakable ViolenceunknownLoadstar
Uridium 2ActionGraftgold
Utok Bile MyskyunknownProxima Software
V for Victory (series)StrategyAtomic Games
V for victory: Gold-Juno-SwordStrategy
V for victory: Market-GardenStrategy
ValkyrieSimulationDonald A. Hill Jr.
Various GamesunknownVarious
Veil of DarknessRPGSSI
Veil of Darknessunknown
Veil of TiersunknownLoadstar
Victor LoomesAdventureLBS
Video PokerPuzzleGlenn Seemann
VietnamunknownCommodore Format
VikingsStrategyRealism Entertainment
ViorisunknownBinary Zone
VitaminunknownMarkt & Technik
VlakPuzzleGOLEM (Miroslav Němeček)
Voyeur …don't get caughtPuzzlePhilips Interactive Media
Waggle-O-Mania!unknownDominic Morris
Waggle-O-Mania!unknownDominic Morris
Wall PipePuzzleSoleau Software
Walls of RomeStrategyMindcraft
War in the GulfSimulationEmpire Software
Warlords 2Strategy
Warriors of LegendRPG
Wayne';s WorldAdventureCaptstone Software
Ween: The ProphecyAdventure
Whale's Voyage: CD EditionunknownFlair Software
Whale's VoyageRPGNEO Software Produktions GmbH
Wheel of FortuneunknownUdo
Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego? DeluxeAdventure
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? DeluxePuzzleBroderbund Software
Who's Afraid of the Balrogunknown
Whoops! 2unknownANG Software
Wild West – The Incredible Adventures of Donald ReddishAdventureProline
Windows 3.1 en idioma EspañolunknownMicrosoft
Windows 3.1 Freeware: LabylandunknownDirk Plate
Windows 3.1 Shareware: _aztecunknownNew Zone Productions
Windows 3.1 Shareware: _cas11aunknownRick Saada
Windows 3.1 Shareware: _dareunknownCliff Bleszinski
Windows 3.1 Shareware: 0x_10unknownPentti Moilanen
Windows 3.1 Shareware: 0X-10unknownPentti Moilanen
Windows 3.1 Shareware: 2WINGAMSunknownPhilip B. Cook
Windows 3.1 Shareware: 3dxwd123unknownRichard Wagner
Windows 3.1 Shareware: 3SHUFF10unknownChris Gruel
Windows 3.1 Shareware: 4PLAY12unknownAndy Smith
Windows 3.1 Shareware: 4PLAY13unknownAndy Smith
Windows 3.1 Shareware: 4WINSunknownPerry Prust
Windows 3.1 Shareware: 4WINS202unknownPerry Prust
Windows 3.1 Shareware: abmunknownKent Rollins
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ABM_CMDunknownKent Rollins
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ABSTRACTunknownMichael Perry
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ACBJunknownOleg Goldfayn
Windows 3.1 Shareware: acbj100unknownOleg Goldfayn
Windows 3.1 Shareware: acc200unknownRichard R. Sands
Windows 3.1 Shareware: acctmn11unknownWinnovation
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ACHIunknownFiras Bushnaq
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ADA_T100unknownBill Yow
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ADA-T100unknownBill Yow
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ALIEN102unknownMarc Tebeka
Windows 3.1 Shareware: AMAZE321unknownStuart Swain
Windows 3.1 Shareware: amaze334unknownStuart Swain
Windows 3.1 Shareware: AMAZE384unknownStuart Swain
Windows 3.1 Shareware: AMAZE402unknownStuart Swain
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ANAGRAMunknownTim Hill
Windows 3.1 Shareware: APPLMATHunknownYou and Me Products
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ASTERO03unknownCarl von Blixen
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ASTLITEunknownGuy Straley
Windows 3.1 Shareware: atoms20unknownMike McNamee
Windows 3.1 Shareware: atoms21unknownMike McNamee
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ATOMS21AunknownMike McNamee
Windows 3.1 Shareware: AZTECunknownNew Zone Productions
Windows 3.1 Shareware: b_box10unknownKevin S. Murray
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BACKUP12unknownMark Brownstein
Windows 3.1 Shareware: balclm10unknownPedro Sander
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ballclimunknownPedro Sander
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BASTILLEunknownFiras Bushnaq
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BBARNEYunknownGareth
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BCRYPunknownJim Fox
Windows 3.1 Shareware: bcryp11unknownJim Fox
Windows 3.1 Shareware: bddunknownGlacier Edge Technology
Windows 3.1 Shareware: bdd150unknownGlacier Edge Technology
Windows 3.1 Shareware: bdp150unknownGlacier Edge Technology
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BG200unknownBob Dolan
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BIBLCRPTunknownJim Fox
Windows 3.1 Shareware: bjwin21unknownJohn Washburn
Windows 3.1 Shareware: blackboxunknownChristophe Yvon
Windows 3.1 Shareware: blacko30unknownPatrick L. Mills
Windows 3.1 Shareware: blc301unknownYutaka Emura
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BLC312unknownYutaka Emura
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BLITZ52WunknownPC Solutions
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BLKBOXunknownChristophe Yvon
Windows 3.1 Shareware: blockunknownYutaka Emura
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BLWIN350unknownMichael J. Ahlers
Windows 3.1 Shareware: bmaster1unknownNeil Sanford
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BOGOU211unknownLance Frohman
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BOXEMunknownFlat Rabbit Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BOXEM10unknownFlat Rabbit Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: brainj15unknownBrain Jam Publications
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BRATS20unknownAlbert C. Ashton
Windows 3.1 Shareware: brgamesunknownFiras Bushnaq
Windows 3.1 Shareware: bteaserunknownAlan F. Shikoh
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BUGSWATunknownMike Murphy
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BUTMAD20unknownDavid W. Palmer
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CAMAZEunknownRon Helwig
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CARDSWS1unknownDavid Jean
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CASINOunknownPyramid Software Development
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CASINO21unknownPyramid Software Development
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CHAINunknownJonas Olsson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: cheat100unknownGordon Haff
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CLCKSOLunknownBarry Fanion
Windows 3.1 Shareware: cnfd11unknownPete Koziar
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CNFND121unknownPete Koziar
Windows 3.1 Shareware: codebraunknownGreg Nesbitt
Windows 3.1 Shareware: COLWIN1CunknownAlston Software Labs
Windows 3.1 Shareware: compoundunknownMatt Tagliaferri
Windows 3.1 Shareware: confnd10unknownPete Koziar
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CSBTunknownNelson Ford
Windows 3.1 Shareware: csno21unknownPyramid Software Development
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CUBEunknownJonas Olsson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CWEVAL10unknownEdward E. Dellow
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CXWD124unknownRichard Wagner
Windows 3.1 Shareware: D4WIN20unknownStephen B. Kinsch
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DBM10unknownDan Puraty
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DBM10AunknownDan Puraty
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DEQUOTunknownSam C. Misemer
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DEQUOTERunknownSam C. Misemer
Windows 3.1 Shareware: discardunknownMatt Tagliaferri
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DISCARDWunknownMatt Tagliaferri
Windows 3.1 Shareware: domina10unknownSam C. Misemer
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DOMINATEunknownSam C. Misemer
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DOTSunknownRalph W. Whitfield, Jr.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: dots20unknownRalph W. Whitfield, Jr.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: dpro3winunknownTim Trahan
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DRAGONunknownAngelo Lombardi
Windows 3.1 Shareware: dragoncunknownAngelo Lombardi
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DUCKunknownAndrew Novotak
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ecneuq11unknownMatthew L. Smith
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ECNEUQESunknownMatthew L. Smith
Windows 3.1 Shareware: EMLunknownYutaka Emura
Windows 3.1 Shareware: eml301eunknownYutaka Emura
Windows 3.1 Shareware: emp101eunknownYutaka Emura
Windows 3.1 Shareware: EUCH11unknownJ.J. Lehett
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ffws1unknownPAS Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: FLSHCD10unknownYou and Me Products
Windows 3.1 Shareware: FONCHES2unknownJerry Feris
Windows 3.1 Shareware: FSunknownRandy Rasa
Windows 3.1 Shareware: FS101unknownRandy Rasa
Windows 3.1 Shareware: FS102unknownRandy Rasa
Windows 3.1 Shareware: FSTMOUSEunknownPyramid Software Development
Windows 3.1 Shareware: gems10unknownSteven Marshall
Windows 3.1 Shareware: GETALIFEunknownDave Crawford
Windows 3.1 Shareware: GHOSTunknownAlbert C. Ashton
Windows 3.1 Shareware: GHOSTC10unknownAlbert C. Ashton
Windows 3.1 Shareware: GREENS15unknownShadoware
Windows 3.1 Shareware: greensv1unknownShadoware
Windows 3.1 Shareware: gtgunknownVince Paul Balatbat
Windows 3.1 Shareware: HANGEMunknownEric Jarrett
Windows 3.1 Shareware: HEARTS12unknownPaul Pedriana
Windows 3.1 Shareware: hi_lounknownRoderick A. Begbie
Windows 3.1 Shareware: HJMM1unknownAlston Software Labs
Windows 3.1 Shareware: HRTSunknownPaul Pedriana
Windows 3.1 Shareware: hrts20unknownPaul Pedriana
Windows 3.1 Shareware: HURRunknownSystems Software Developing, Inc.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: hurr101unknownSystems Software Developing, Inc.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: HURRI101unknownSystems Software Developing, Inc.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: icicle20unknownMatt Tagliaferri
Windows 3.1 Shareware: JMLIFEunknownJean Michel
Windows 3.1 Shareware: KCHESW10unknownArk Angles
Windows 3.1 Shareware: KIDS1unknownPaul Murdaugh
Windows 3.1 Shareware: KIDS2unknownPaul Murdaugh
Windows 3.1 Shareware: KINGCOunknownFinancial Systems Associates, Inc.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: KISMETunknownAlan Harder
Windows 3.1 Shareware: KLOKSunknownSteven Marshall
Windows 3.1 Shareware: kloks10unknownSteven Marshall
Windows 3.1 Shareware: kngcrn12unknownFinancial Systems Associates, Inc.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: LADunknownMike Berro
Windows 3.1 Shareware: LAD101unknownMike Berro
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ladun101unknownMike Berro
Windows 3.1 Shareware: LEAP10unknownElla Hobson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: LEAPFROGunknownElla Hobson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: lil20unknownZane Rathwick
Windows 3.1 Shareware: LOGIGRunknownMavabe
Windows 3.1 Shareware: LOGIGRAMunknownMavabe
Windows 3.1 Shareware: lottopunknownConan L. Brown
Windows 3.1 Shareware: LVIEW31unknownLeonardo Haddad Loureiro
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MAGNETOunknownMarc-Thomas Clifton
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MAPWINunknownBarthel Steckemetz
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MASTMAZunknownSpice Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MATCHITunknownPaul Navarre
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MCHEATunknownKeith Garner
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MICRO1unknownBrian L. Goble
Windows 3.1 Shareware: micromanunknownBrian L. Goble
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MIMA250unknownScott A. Murray
Windows 3.1 Shareware: mind101unknownGary Evans
Windows 3.1 Shareware: mind4winunknownGary Evans
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MMIND10unknownCompass Point Software, Inc.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MODM12unknownCalvin L. Wong
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MOTHERunknownCade Roux
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MRPILLunknownRodney Wood
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MSQU103unknownRandy A. Harris
Windows 3.1 Shareware: nailsunknownRoss C. Goldstein
Windows 3.1 Shareware: NAMEGAMEunknownToggle Booleans
Windows 3.1 Shareware: namegm10unknownToggle Booleans
Windows 3.1 Shareware: nedwld10unknownDavid S. Smiczek
Windows 3.1 Shareware: NEDWORLDunknownDavid S. Smiczek
Windows 3.1 Shareware: NEURALNunknownDavid S. Smiczek
Windows 3.1 Shareware: NEWTON10unknownPaul Keet
Windows 3.1 Shareware: NFL93WunknownThomas C. Kerr
Windows 3.1 Shareware: NMMW08unknownCarl von Blixen
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ODASHunknownRasmus Wickholm
Windows 3.1 Shareware: oilbrn12unknownAl Funk
Windows 3.1 Shareware: OMYWD1EunknownGreg Martin
Windows 3.1 Shareware: OUBLIETunknownA.B. Data Sales, Inc.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: paigow20unknownChris G. Straghalis
Windows 3.1 Shareware: parsecndunknownBrad L. Rucker
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PATRN005unknownStar Graphics Corp.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: patuman2unknownMr. Patuman
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PDICE11unknownRonald G. Moore
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PELVISunknownBrett McDonald
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PENTPUZLunknownKurt Van den Branden
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PFW40unknownBlue Chip Computing, Inc.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PGTunknownJohn L. Hancock
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ppythonunknownCraig P. Thompson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PPYTONunknownCraig P. Thompson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PUISS4unknownDidier Barzin
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PYTHONunknownCraig P. Thompson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PZL8_103unknownEric Bergman-Terrell
Windows 3.1 Shareware: QCWGAMEunknownDoe Entertainment
Windows 3.1 Shareware: QUADWINunknownSverrir A. Berg
Windows 3.1 Shareware: QUENZARunknownSandra Garvie
Windows 3.1 Shareware: quenzr10unknownSandra Garvie
Windows 3.1 Shareware: QUENZR12unknownSandra Garvie
Windows 3.1 Shareware: RANGN111unknownRudy Miller
Windows 3.1 Shareware: RANGOONunknownRudy Miller
Windows 3.1 Shareware: REVERSIunknownMicrosoft
Windows 3.1 Shareware: RHAPSODYunknownJeffrey R. Marken
Windows 3.1 Shareware: RISK100unknownPeter Hjaeresen
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ROBOTSunknownDavid W. Hoy
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ROCKET11unknownR. Powell
Windows 3.1 Shareware: rouletunknownPyramid Software Development
Windows 3.1 Shareware: rouletteunknownPyramid Software Development
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SCRAMBL2unknownRichard Mansfield
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SCRAPSunknownChris Peterson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: scraps10unknownChris Peterson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SHIHTAOunknown
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SHOOTunknownStardust Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: shooter1unknownAlbert C. Ashton
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SHOTGN10unknownAlbert C. Ashton
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SIMMAP10unknownBrentley Smith
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SINKV11unknownAnders Wihlborg
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SLGOLFunknownSteve Laterra
Windows 3.1 Shareware: slgolf10unknownSteve Laterra
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SLIDEunknownPaul Navarre
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SLIDERunknownSteven Marshall
Windows 3.1 Shareware: slider10unknownSteven Marshall
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SNWunknownDan Puraty
Windows 3.1 Shareware: spanitunknownMark T. Chapman
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SPCROCKSunknownAdam J. Taub
Windows 3.1 Shareware: spexp1unknownJeffrey R. Marken
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SPTVL1unknownJeffrey R. Marken
Windows 3.1 Shareware: STATS25unknownCarl Andrews
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ste2v10unknownSteven Marshall
Windows 3.1 Shareware: stickm10unknownFinancial Systems Associates, Inc.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: STLEMPunknownTahuya Bay Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: STLEMP10unknownTahuya Bay Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SVPOKEunknownElton M. Inada
Windows 3.1 Shareware: svpoke10unknownElton M. Inada
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SVPOKERunknownElton M. Inada
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SWATMunknownJim Fox
Windows 3.1 Shareware: swatm11unknownJim Fox
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TAILunknownIan Firth
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TAKEONEunknownJimmy Kavanagh
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TANKTK10unknownAlbert C. Ashton
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TAZunknownStar Graphics Corp
Windows 3.1 Shareware: THINGSunknownPaul DeWolf
Windows 3.1 Shareware: tilesunknownTechnological Computer Innovations
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TOWER100unknownDave Read
Windows 3.1 Shareware: towers20unknownPeninsula Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: towns10unknownSteven Marshall
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TOWNS11unknownSteven Marshall
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TRE7unknownMarzano Gianfranco
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TRIOunknownTorensoft Consulting
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TTIME12unknownMerryWare
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TYAHOOunknownDan Puraty
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TYH20FunknownDan Puraty
Windows 3.1 Shareware: UCS1V100unknownMichael Harvey
Windows 3.1 Shareware: UCS2V100unknownMichael Harvey
Windows 3.1 Shareware: UFOTK10unknownAlbert C. Ashton
Windows 3.1 Shareware: uhshelpunknownRobert Norton
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ulp110unknown4A Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ULTMA17BunknownJay J. Falconer
Windows 3.1 Shareware: USHOOTunknownSteve Nabieszko
Windows 3.1 Shareware: vcw73unknownWilliam A. Jackson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: VDP20unknownWalter Toews
Windows 3.1 Shareware: VDPOKERunknownWalter Toews
Windows 3.1 Shareware: VPOKERunknownPyramid Software Development
Windows 3.1 Shareware: VPOKER13unknownPyramid Software Development
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WALIENunknownMarc Tebeka
Windows 3.1 Shareware: walien03unknownMarc Tebeka
Windows 3.1 Shareware: waliens2unknownMarc Tebeka
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WALLBALLunknownTuomo Reipsaari
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WARBOAT1unknownJim Cunningham
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WARBOATSunknownJim Cunningham
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WATORW1unknownDr. Warren L. Kovach
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WATORW11unknownDr. Warren L. Kovach
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WBRIDGunknownDavid Fullerton
Windows 3.1 Shareware: wcubeswunknownKillTime Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: wdstk11unknownFrank Bielsik
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WESunknownBrett McDonald
Windows 3.1 Shareware: wes100unknownBrett McDonald
Windows 3.1 Shareware: williunknownChris Nokleberg
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINCOINSunknownGary Moore
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINDOGunknownIan Firth
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINDOG10unknownIan Firth
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINFISHunknownIan Firth
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINGOunknownBob Dolan
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINGO1unknownMichael Cahill
Windows 3.1 Shareware: wingo10gunknownBob Dolan
Windows 3.1 Shareware: winpool3unknownIsmail Arit
Windows 3.1 Shareware: winqueenunknownSteven Cheng
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINTunknownBrett McDonald
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINTREKJunknownJoseph Jaworski
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINYAHunknownMichael Rapier
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINYOTunknownTodd Short
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINYOTZunknownTodd Short
Windows 3.1 Shareware: winytz20unknownTodd Short
Windows 3.1 Shareware: winyzunknownPhilip DiSario
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINYZ11unknownPhilip DiSario
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINZEEunknownScott Gifford
Windows 3.1 Shareware: wntriv12unknown
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WNYTZ20DunknownTodd Short
Windows 3.1 Shareware: wo_williunknownChris Nokleberg
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WOLunknownDan Puraty
Windows 3.1 Shareware: wol11unknownDan Puraty
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WOL21DunknownDan Puraty
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WORDMANunknownCarl Bjoerk
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WORMWRLDunknownKevin Ng
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WOWSPILLunknownBen C. Pullen
Windows 3.1 Shareware: wrmwldunknownKevin Ng
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WROIDS10unknownStephen Baxter
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ws210unknownBrett McDonald
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WSLAMunknownRobert Epps
Windows 3.1 Shareware: wt170unknownBrett McDonald
Windows 3.1 Shareware: wtictacunknownStephen Smith
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WWUMP_10unknownMonte Ferguson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WYN101unknownDaniel Montaron
Windows 3.1 Shareware: yacht221unknownFrank Bielsik
Windows 3.1 Shareware: YALIFEunknownJean Michel
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ZAN12CunknownPSS LL/CT
Windows 3.1 Shareware: zanti05unknownPSS LL/CT
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ZANTI1unknownPSS LL/CT
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ZZCOLR10unknownJason Balmuth
Windows 3.1: 0616unknownRobert Epps
Windows 3.1: 2804unknownAlbert C. Ashton
Windows 3.1: 6037unknownSteven Marshall
Windows 3.1: PRO111unknownStar Graphics Corp.
Windows 3.1: PRO133unknownSystems Software Developing
Windows 3.1: PRO226unknownPeter Lok
Windows 3.1: PRO291unknownBob Dolan
Windows 3.1: smartcatunknownBill Dickson
Windows 3.1: ZANTIunknownPSS LL/CT
Windows 3.x: Nuts - a puzzle game.unknown
Wing CommanderActionOrigin
Wing Commander AcademySimulationOrigin
Winter Olympics: Lillehammer '94SportU.S Gold
Wladcy CiemnosciunknownLK Avalon
WloczykijunknownL.K. Avalon
WloczykijunknownL.K. Avalon
WloczykijunknownL.K. Avalon
World CitiesunknownLoadstar
World Soccer LeagueunknownE&J Software
World Tour Tennisunknown
Worlds of Legend: Son of the EmpireRPG
WozzleunknownCP Verlag
WozzleunknownCP Verlag
Wrestling SuperstarsunknownCodemasters
Wrestling SuperstarsunknownCodemasters
Wrestling SuperstarsunknownCodemasters
Wyprawy KupcaunknownMirage
Wyprawy KupcaunknownMirage
X-Com - UFO Defense \(Win\)StrategyMicroProse
XenosActionJECO Software
Xmas LemmingsPuzzlePsygnosis
XXIV!PuzzleMark Ambachtsheer
YachtunknownFrank Bielsik
Yo! Joe! Beat the GhostsActionHudson Soft Company
Ys IV: The Dawn of YsActionHudson Soft, LTD.
YS2 Issue 1unknownY-Not Software
YS2 Issue 2unknownY-Not Software - Delta 4 Software
YS2 Issue 3unknownY-Not Software - Delta 4 Software
ZeliardActionSierra On-Line
ZeusunknownL.K. Avalon
ZeusunknownL.K. Avalon
ZeusunknownL.K. Avalon
ZeusunknownL.K. Avalon
ZeusunknownL.K. Avalon
ZeusunknownL.K. Avalon
ZeusunknownL.K. Avalon
ZillionunknownCP Verlag
ZillionunknownCP Verlag
ZillionunknownCP Verlag
ZOA: The Zone of AvoidanceActionCasady & Greene
Zombies Ate My NeighborsActionLucas Arts
Zone 66Action
Zoo KeeperEducationalDavidson & Associates
ZumbajaunknownKrysal Software
ZumbajaunknownKrysal Software
Zurk's Learning SafariPuzzleSoleil Software, Inc.