1993 Games


Robot 629
1830: Railroads & Robber BaronsStrategyAvalon Hill
1869StrategyMax design
1993trisPuzzleYoung K. Chung
1st Division ManagerSportCodemasters
3D Brick BashActionMatthew Diamond
3D Paddle Bash!ActionMatthew Diamond
3D World TennisSportSimulmondo
7 Cities of GoldStrategyElectronic Arts
8 Ball DeluxeActionPAS Systems/Amte
A Journey into XanthAdventureNeil Sorenson
A320 AirbusSimulationThallion Software
A320 Airbus: EuropeSimulationThalion Software
A320 Airbus: USASimulationThalion Software
Abandoned Places 2RPGArtgame
Ace ExplorerEducationalMindplay
Aces Over EuropeSimulationDynamix
AcquireActionToucan Track Club
Aesop's FablesEducationalDiscis Knowledge Research Inc.
After Darkunknown
Aide de Campunknown
Aide de Camp Module: Stalingrad Pocketunknown
Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfightingunknown
ALeX-WORLD (アレックス・ワールド)AdventureAS Entertainment Planning
Alien 3ActionLJN
Alien breedActionTEAM 17 - AVM
Alien Breed 2: The Horror ContinuesActionTeam17 Software Limited
Alien CarnageActionFreeware
Alien LegacyStrategyYbarra Productions
Alien vs PredatorActionActivision
Alone in the Dark 2AdventureInfogrames
Ambush at SorinorStrategyMindcraft
An American Tailunknown
Ancients 1 - Death WatchRPGFarr-Ware Software
Ancients 2 - Approaching EvilRPGFarr-Ware Software
AppleFieldPuzzleLorenzo Cangiano
Arcade TriviaPuzzleZeppelin Games
Archer MacLean's PoolSportVirgin
Armaëth: The Lost Kingdomunknown
Arnie 2ActionZeppelin Games
Arthur's Teacher TroubleEducationalThe Learning Company
Astérix and the Secret MissionActionSEGA Enterprises
AvishPuzzleBUG Multisystem Ltd.
Axis The Game CheaterMiscBaseline Publishing
Baby LabyrinthActionSimone and Marianna Bettini
BabyLabyrinthActionSimone Bettini
BackGround TetrisPuzzleAlex Yakovlev
BackstageAdventureArt Department
BalloonzActionAcumen Software
Barbie Super ModelMiscHi-Tech Expressions
Barney Bear Goes to the FarmEducationalFree Spirit Software
Barney's Hide and Seek GameActionSega
Bass Duelunknown
Batman ReturnsActionKonami
Battle Isle 2StrategyBlue Byte
Battle Isle 93 - The Moon of ChromosStrategyBlue Byte Software, Inc.
Battletoads & Double DragonActionTradewest, Rare
BC RacersSportFreeware
Beethoven's 2ndActionHi Tech Expressions
Beethovens 2ndActionHi Tech Expressions
BelzerionAdventureHuman Entertainment
Beneath A Steel SkyAdventureVirgin Interactive Entertainment
Betrayal at KrondorRPGSierra On-Line, Inc.
Bi-Fi Roll: SnackzoneAdventureArt Department
Bible BuffetPuzzleWisdom Tree
Bio MenaceAction
Black HolePuzzleLouis DeSetto
Black SectAdventureLankhor
Blake Stone 1: Aliens of GoldunknownJAM Productions
BlitzStrategyPC Solutions
Block BreakerPuzzleYutaka Emura
BlocksPuzzleScott Fiske
BloodNetRPGMicroProse Software, Inc
Bloodstone - An Epic Dwarven TaleRPGMindcraft
BluditunknownIng. Miroslav Nemecek
Blue ForceunknownTsunami
Blues Brothers 2ActionTitus
Body BlowsActionTeam17 Software Limited
Body Blows GalacticActionTeam17 Software Limited
Boxing Legends of the RingSportElectro Brain Corp.
Bram Stoker's DraculaActionPsygnosis Limited
Breath of FireRPGCapcom Co., Ltd.
Brutal Sports FootballSportMillenium
Bully's Sporting DartsSportAlternative Software Ltd.
Bunny BricksActionSilmarils
BurntimeunknownMAX Design
Buzz Aldrin's Race Into SpaceStrategyStrategic Visions, Inc.
C.R.B. (Cuerpo Rompe Bolas)ActionKronos
Caesar iii crackStrategyMacPlay
Call of Chtulhu: Shadow of the CometPuzzleInfogrames Europe
Campaign 2StrategyEmpire Software
Cannon FodderActionVirgin Interactive
Captain DynamoActionCodemasters
Capture the FlagStrategyCarr Software
Car & DriverSimulationLooking Glass Technologies
Carriers at Warunknown
Carriers at War 2unknown
Carriers at War: Construction Kitunknown
CartePuzzleArt Min
Castle of the WindsRPGEpic MegaGames
Catacomb Apocalypse, TheActionSoftdisk Publishing
Central Point PC Tools Prounknown
Cerv IActionVladimir Chvatil
Cerv IIActionVladimir Chvatil
Cervii (Červi)ActionVladimír Chvátil
CHAMP CentipedeActionChamProgramming corp.
Championship Manager '93StrategyDomark
Championship Manager ItaliaStrategyDomark
Chaos Engine, TheActionBitmap Brothers
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers 2ActionCapcom
CimmerjanunknownSindicato So
Civilization & MantisunknownMicroProse
Civilization 1.0 for WindowsStrategyMicroProse \(Sid Meier\)
Clash of SteelStrategyStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Clay FighterMiscInterplay Productions
CliffhangerActionSony Imagesoft
Code: Europeunknown
Cohort II: Fighting for RomeStrategyImpressions
Comanche CDunknownSoftgold
Commander Keen: Keen Dreamsunknown
Companions of XanthAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Complete Chess Systemunknown
Conquest of the Longbow - The Legend of Robin HoodAdventureSierra
Cool Coyote aka Fire & IceActionRenegade Software
Cool SpotActionVirgin Games
Cool WorldActionTwilight
Cosmic Spaceheadunknown
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/03)unknown
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/05)unknown
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/06)unknown
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/08)unknown
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/11)unknown
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/12)unknown
Crime cityAdventureImpressions
Crime FighterSimulation
Curse of the CatacombsActionFroggman
Cyber RaceActionCyberdreams Inc.
Cycle WarzActionVectorScope Software
Daisy QuestEducationalJohan Strandberg
DaisyQuestEducationalGreat Wave Software
Dalek AttackActionAlternative Software
DancerStrategyBetter Homes and Gardens
Dangerous Dave: Risky RescueActionSoftdisk Publishing
Dangerous StreetsActionMicromania
Dare to Dreamunknown
Dark Sun - Shattered Landsunknown
Darkmere: The Nightmare's BegunRPGZero Hour Software
Das schmutzige ErbeAdventureUmweltbundesamt
Das Telekommando kehrt zurückAdventureTelekom
Dave Goes Nutz aka Dangerous Dave 4ActionSoftdisk Publishing
Day of the TentacleAdventureLucasArts
DeadEndPuzzleWolfgang Thaller
Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald DuckActionSEGA Enterprises
Delta Vunknown
Demon BlueActionMicroValue
DetroitunknownImpressions Games
Die Schöne Und Das Biestunknown
Die SiedlerStrategyBlue Byte
Dinopark TycoonStrategyMECC
Dinosaur AdventureEducationalKnowledge Adventure
Disney's AladdinActionVirgin Interactive
Dizzy - MagiclandActionCodemasters
Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolkunknown
Dizzy';s FastfoodActionCodemasters
Dizzy's KwiksnaxPuzzleCodemasters
DJ Puffs Voltcantic CapersActionCodemasters
DoofusActionX-ample Architectures
DoomActionid Software
DOS-Trend Heftdiskette 4/5/93unknown
DOS-Trend Heftdiskette 8/9/93unknown
DosmineStrategyDavid Vancina
Dracula UnleashedAdventureSega
Dragon's Lair CD-ROMunknownReadySoft
Dreamworld PogieActionCodemasters
DuckTales 2ActionCapcom
Duke Nukem 2ActionApogee
Duke Nukem II - Episode 4Action
Dungeon HackRPGSSI
Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of SkullkeepRPGFTL Games
Dylan Dog - 11 - IL marchio rossoActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 12 - Il lungo addioActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 13 - I killer venuti dal buioActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 14 - Il Bosco degli assassiniActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 15 - InferniActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 16 - FantasmiActionSimulmondo
Dylan Dog - 17 - Il cimitero dimenticatoActionSimulmondo
Eagle Eye MysteriesAdventureEA Kids
Eagle Eye Mysteries in LondonAdventureHigh Score Productions
Earth InvasionActionOracle Software
Ecco the DolphinActionNovotrade Software Kft.
Eco Quest 2 - The Lost Secret of the RainforestunknownSierra
Eishockey ManagerSportSoftware 2000
El-FishSimulationMaxis Software
Electro Man aka Electro BodyActionxLand Games
Elefanten!Strategyelefanten Schuh GmbH
Empire DeluxeStrategyNew World Computing
Empire II - The Art of WarStrategyNew World Computing, Inc
Epic PinballSimulationDigital Extremes
Eric the UnreadyAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Escom CD ROM Edition 2unknownSoftgold
Evasive ActionSimulationParticle Systems
EVO - The search for EdenActionEnix
Eye of the Beholder 3 - Assault on Myth DrannorRPGSSI
Eye of the Beholder TrilogieunknownSoftgold
Eye of the Stormunknown
F-15 Strike Eagle 3unknown
F.A.S. SoccerSportGeorge Loo
F/A-18 HornetSimulationGraphic Simulations
FaceMakerPuzzleJeff Buell
FaceTrexPuzzleSoleau Software
FactoryEducationalWings for Learning
Factory: The Industrial DevolutionPuzzleRoundHouse Software
Fallen EmpireActionMidnight
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, TheActionCodemasters Software
Fantasy EmpiresStrategySilicon Knights, Inc.
Fatal RelationsAdventureC's Ware
Fates of TwinionunknownSierra
Fatty Bear';s Birthday SurpriseEducationalHumongous Entertainment
Fields of Gloryunknown
FIFA International SoccerSportElectronic Arts
Final Fight 2ActionCapcom
Fist FighterSportZeppelin Games
FlashbackActionDelphine Software
Football Manager 3SimulationAddictive
Forgotten Realms - Unlimited AdventuresRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Formula One Grand PrixSportMicroprose
Freddy Pharkas - Frontier PharmacistunknownSierra
Front Page Sports Football Prounknown
Frontier: Elite 2StrategyGameTek
Frontier: First Encountersunknown
Fury of the FurriesActionMindscape Inc.
Gabriel KnightAdventureSierra On-Line
Gadget: Invention, Travel, & Adventure (ガジェット)AdventureSynergy Interactive
Galacta - The Battle for SaturnActionSean M. Puckett
Galactic Warrior Ratsunknown
Gamma ZeeActionDwight Rogers
Gary Grigsby's War in Russiaunknown
Gateway 2 - HomeworldAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
GateworldActionHomeBrew Software
Gear Worksunknown
Geekwad: Games of the GalaxyActionTsunami Media
Geheimprojekt DMSOPuzzleArt Department
GemstonesunknownWilliam D. Rinehart
Gendai Daisenryaku EXunknown
Genghis Khan 2 - Clan of the Grey WolfStrategyKoei Corporation
GladiatorsActionSteve Metcalf
Global Dominationunknown
Goal!SportVirgin Games
Gobliins 2: The Prince BuffoonPuzzleCoktel Vision
Goblin's Quest 3unknown
God of thunderPuzzleFreeware
Golden Axe 3ActionSEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Goof TroopPuzzleCapcom
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-43 - America in the Atlanticunknown
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-43 - Scenario Builderunknown
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-43 - Super Ships of the Atlanticunknown
Ground Zero: TexasActionSony Imagesoft
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon v1.0unknownReadySoft
Hail!ActionKen Iwasa
HamstersPuzzleInterQuest Productions
Happyweed!ActionChristopher B. Council
Harpoon Designers' Series 2: Post-Graduate Naval Operations & Tacticsunknown
Haunting: Starring PoulterguyStrategyElectronic Arts
Hedor del Dinero, ElActionJ.P. & E.J.
Heirs to the throneStrategyQuantum Quality Productions
Helicopter MissionSimulationRauser Advertainment
HeliousStrategyAlbino Frog Software, Inc.
Helious 2StrategyAlbino Frog Software, Inc.
Hell CabAdventureDigital Fusion, Inc.
Heros: The Sanguine SevenAction
HexxagonPuzzleArgo Games
Hexxagon 2PuzzleArgo Games
Hired GunsRPGDMA Design Limited
Holiday LemmingsStrategyPsygnosis
Holye Classic Card GamesStrategySierra
Homey D. Clownunknown
Il Grande Gioco di Tangentopoliunknown
In ExtremisActionU.S. Gold
IncaActionCoktel Vision
Inca 2unknown
Inca 2 - WiracochaunknownCoktel Vision
Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisAdventureLucasarts
Indycar RacingSportPapyrus
Innocent until caughtAdventurePsygnosis
Intelligent Strategy Games 10StrategyOxford Softworks
Interactive Girls collectionAdultInteractive Girls Club
International AthleticsSportTrue Emotions
International Ninja RabbitsActionMicroValue
International Open Golf ChampionshipSportOcean Software
International Rugby Challengeunknown
International TennisSportZeppelin Games
Iron HelixAdventureDrew Pictures
Isle of the DeadActionRainmaker Software
Jack in the DarkAdventureInfogrames Europe
JackalActionViper Games
James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCodActionVectordean Ltd.
Jill of the Jungle - Jill Goes UndergroundActionApogee
Jim Power - The Lost Dimension in 3DActionLoriciel
Jonny Quest: Curse of the Mayan Warriorsunknown
Journeyman Project, TheAdventurePresto Studios
Jungle StrikeActionElectronic Arts, Inc.
Jurassic ParkActionOcean Software
Karamalz CupSportArt Department
Kasparov';s GambitStrategyElectronic Arts
Kens LabyrinthActionFreeware
KeyWackEducationalE&P Ware
KhurdianunknownIceberg Soft
Kid's TypingEducationalBright Star Technology
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone TomorrowAdventureSierra
King';s Table - The Legend of RagnarokStrategyGameTek
Kirby's AdventureAdventureHAL Laboratory, Inc.
Kronolog - The Nazi Paradox aka Red HellAdventureMerit Software
Krusty';s Super Fun houseActionAcclaim Entertainment
Lands of Lore - The Throne of ChaosRPGWestwood Studios
Larry LoaderPuzzleSoleau Software
Lawnmower Man, TheActionSales Curve Ltd.
Le Maître des ContesEducationalClub PoM Logiciels
Legend of Kyrandia (CD version)AdventureVirgin Games
Legend of Kyrandia 2 - The Hand of FateAdventureWestwood Studios
Legends of murderRPGSoftDisk Publishing
Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Shape Up or Ship OutunknownSierra
Lemmings 2PuzzlePsygnosis
Lethal EnforcersActionKonami
Lethal Tenderunknown
Liberty or DeathStrategyKOEI
Link: The Faces of EvilActionPhilips Interactive Media
Litil Divilunknown
LiverpoolSportGrandslam Entertainment Ltd
Lost in TimeAdventureCoktel Vision
Lotus - The Ultimate ChallengeSimulationGremlin
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomRPGNeverland Co., Ltd.
Magic BoyunknownPMR International
MagneticStrategyX-ample Architectures
Major StrykerActionApogee
Man Enough: The Ultimate Social AdventurePuzzleTsunami
Mario's Time Machineunknown
Master of OrionStrategyMicroProse
Master of Orion 1 + 2StrategyMicroProse
Math Dodger!EducationalArcadia Productions
Mega BombermanActionHudson Soft
Mega Man XActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Merchant PrinceunknownHolistic Design
Merlin ChallengeSimulationDigital Integration Ltd.
Metal & Lace: The Battle of the Robo BabesActionMegaTech Software
Metal MarinesStrategyNamco
Michael Jordan in Flightunknown
Micro MachinesActionCodemasters
MicroProse Entertainment Pack Vol #1: Dr Floyd's Desktop Toysunknown
Microsoft Arcadeunknown
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0SimulationMicrosoft
Microsoft Flight Simulator Update Diskunknown
MiG-29: Deadly Adversary of Falcon 3.0unknown
Might and Magic 5: Darkside of XeenRPGNew World Computing
Might and Magic: World of XeenRPGNew World Computing
Mighty Final FightActionCapcom
Mighty Final FightActionCapcom
Minus 90MiscALO-Software
Mirage Thunderunknown
Misterios del Gusano, LosunknownVideofex
Monster Bashunknown
Moraff's Super Blast 3PuzzleMoraffware
More Vegas Games Entertainment Pack for Windowsunknown
MorphmanAdventureDynamic Dimensions Development
Mortal KombatActionAcclaim
Mortal Kombat IIActionMidway Games, Inc.
Moscow Nightsunknown
MozaikAdultImage Line Entertainment
MS-DOS 6.22unknown
Muzeum mrtvolAdventureComputer Experts
MystAdventureBroderbund Software
Mystic Midway: Phantom ExpressActionPhilips Interactive Media, Inc.
National Lampoon's Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1StrategySpectrum Holobyte
NBA JamSportAcclaim
NFL Coaches Club Footballunknown
NHL '94SportElectronic Arts
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racingunknown
Norton Commander 4.0unknown
Norton Utilities 7.0unknown
Operation Logic BombActionJaleco USA, Ltd.
Origin FXunknown
Oxyd Magnum!unknown
Pangea - Return to Planet EarthRPGInteractive Computer Entertainment
Paradroid 2000ActionCoin-Age Ltd
Paradroid IIActionMarc S. Seter
Particle ManActionRon Kapps
Pathways Into DarknessActionBungie
Patriot CommandActionAntonio A. Lagana
PC Zone Demo Disk (Sep 2 1993)unknown
Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxeunknown
Penthouse Mahjongunknown
Pepper's Adventure's in TimeunknownSierra
Pepper's Adventures In TimeAdventureSierra On‑Line, Inc.
Perihelion: The ProphecyRPGMorbid Visions
Pinball DreamsActionDigital Illusions
Pinball DreamsActionDigital Illusions AB
Pirates GoldSimulationMicroProse
PlayboyAdventureVictory Software
Plok!PuzzleTradewest Inc.
Police Quest 4 - Open SeasonunknownSierra
Pop!ActionBit culture
Populous IIStrategyBullfrog
PornPipeAdultImage Line Entertainment Software
PorntrisAdultImage Line Entertainment Software
Power ShooterActionJay Kramer
PršíMiscPavel Káš
Prairie Dog HuntAction
Prehistorik 2ActionTitus
Premier Manager 2StrategyGremlin
Premier manager 2unknownGremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
Prince of EvilActionSoftstar
Prince of Persia 2ActionBroderbund
Princess maker 2unknownGainax
Project NomadActionGameTek
ProtostarAdventureTsunami Media
Pub Pokerunknown
Qin - The Tomb of the Middle KingdomAdventureTime Warner Interactive
QuarterPoleSimulationMicroleague Interactive Software
Quest For Glory 4 - Shadows of DarknessunknownSierra
Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero?AdventureSierra
Quest for the Dark SwordAdventureIain Becker
Race the NagsunknownDick Olsen
Ragnarok aka ValhallaRPGOptyk
Rags to Richesunknown
Railroad Tycoon DeluxeStrategy
Railway Challengeunknown
Re!MiscPivoňka Software
Realms of Arkania - 1. Blade of DestinyRPGAttic Entertainment
Reaping The DungeonRPG
Red Hook's RevengeMiscImagiSoft
Red sky at morningStrategySimulations Canada
Rescue RoverPuzzleSoftDisk
Return of the PhantomAdventureMicroProse Software
Return to ZorkAdventureActivision
Ringworld - Revenge of the PatriarchunknownTsunami
Rise of the DragonAdventureSierra
River Raid II RemakeAction
Robocop vs TerminatorActionVirgin Games
Rock 'n' Roll RacingActionInterplay
Roger Wilco's Spaced Out Game PackActionSierra On-Line, Inc.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3StrategyKOEI
Rome – Pathway to PowerAdventureMillennium
Rooms of Doomunknown
Rules of Engagement 2unknown
S.O.SActionHuman Entertainment
SaboteurAdventurePavel Pospíšil
Sam & Max - Hit the RoadunknownLucasArts
Sand StormActionMVP Software
Sango FighterAction
Santa';s Xmas CaperActionZeppelin Games
Scooter';s Magic CastleEducationalElectronic Arts
Screen Antics: Jhonny Castawayunknown
Scuba VentureActionSoftdisk Publishing
SEAL TeamSimulationElectronic Arts
Secret of ManaActionSquare Co., Ltd.
Sensible SoccerSportSensible Software (PC port by Audio Visual Magic)
Sensible Soccer: European ChampionsSportSensible Software
SextrisPuzzleÍñigo Ayo
Shadow CasterRPGRaven Software
Shadow of Yserbiusunknown
Shining Flower: HikaruHanaAdventureMaze
Shining ForceStrategySega
Sid & Al's Incredible Toonsunknown
Sim City 2000SimulationMaxis Software Inc.
Simon The SorcererAdventureAdventuresoft
Simulman - 01 - Simulman!ActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 02 - Nella morsa di SS-DOSActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 03 - Nel regno di DoorsActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 04 - Il mondo simulatoActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 05 - I rapitori di sogniActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 06 - Luna ParkActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 07 - Il grande freddoActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 08 - Il giardino virtualeActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 09 - Il giocattolaioActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 10 - PentagramActionSimulmondo
Simulman - 11 - Jailhouse RockActionSimulmondo
Sink or SwimPuzzleZeppelin Games
SkunnyunknownMulti Media International
Skunny KartSportCopysoft
SkyRoadsSportBluemoon Interactive
Slam!SportRobert Epps
Slater & Charlie Go CampingunknownSierra
SleepwalkerActionCTA Developments
Slicks ';n SlideSimulationT&J Kaupinnen
Soccer KidSportKrisalis
Solar WindsAction
Solomon's Key 2PuzzleTecmo
Sorcerer of the Claymorgue Castleunknown
Space HulkStrategyElectronic Arts, Inc.
Space JobActionKarstadt AG
Space PowerActionPyramid
Space Quest 5 - Roger Wilco in the Next MutationunknownSierra
Speed Racer in The Challenge of Racer Xunknown
SpielautomatStrategyMr Creosote
Spiritual Warfareunknown
Spit Wad WillyActionRaoul Said
Splay MasterActionChris Elsbfree
Sports Mastersunknown
Star Control CollectionunknownAccolade
Star Trek - 25th AnniversaryunknownInterplay - Virgin
Star Trek: Judgment RitesAdventureInterplay
Star Trek: The Next GenerationMiscAbsolute Entertainment
Star Wars - Rebel AssaultunknownLucasArts
Star Wars ChessPuzzleMindscape
Star Wars: X-WingActionLucasArts
Steg the SlugActionCodemasters
Stellar EmpiresStrategyTahuya Bay Software
Stickybear's Math TownEducationalOptimum Resource
Street Fighter IIunknown
Streets of Rage 2ActionSEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Strike Commanderunknown
Strike Commander Speech Packunknown
Strike Squadunknown
Strip Poker Professionalunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 1: Kathy & Morganunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 10: Allison & Meganunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 11: Amy & Jessicaunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 12: Christi & Rebeccaunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 13: Barbra & Meredithunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 14: Erika & Sergiounknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 15: Jill & Marianneunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 16: Cindy & Michelleunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 2: Jack & Samanthaunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 3: Gina & Hollyunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 4: Desiree & Staceyunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 5: Kelly & Maureenunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 6: Melissa & Suziunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 7: Maria & Traciunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 8: Donna & Vickyunknown
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 9: Lisa & Mikeunknown
Suburban Commandounknown
Subwar 2050SimulationMicroProse
Sunset RidersActionKonami
Super Baseball 2020SportTradewest, Inc.
Super BattleshipActionMindscape, Inc.
Super High ImpactActionAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Super Mario All-StarsActionNintendo Co., LTD
Super Noah's Ark 3DunknownWisdom Tree
Super SextrisPuzzleMagic Studio
Super Solvers - Gizmos & Gadgets!EducationalThe Learning Company
Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackActionJVC
Super WidgetActionAtlus Co., Ltd.
Super-VGA HarrierunknownDomark
SupercyberActionBalance Game
Světák BobAdventureBohewia software
Sword Quest 2 - Tale of the TalismanRPGErik Badger
SyndicateStrategyElectronic Arts
Syndicate: American RevoltStrategyElectronic Arts
T2 - The Arcade GameActionMidway
Take a Break! Pinballunknown
Take•A•Break CrosswordsPuzzleDynamix
Tanks DestroyerActionGamos Ltd.
TechnoManiacStrategyJoe Fleck
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament FightersActionKonami
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day - Chess WarsunknownCapstone
Terminator 2: Judgement DayActionLJN
Terminator 2029: Operation ScourActionBethesda Softworks
Terminator, The: RampageActionBethesda Softworks
Terror of the Catacombsunknown
The 7th GuestPuzzleTrilobyte
The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The KingpinActionSega
The Amazon Trailunknown
The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Last Dinosaur EggAdventureSanctuary Woods
The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Vampire's CoffinAdventureSanctuary Woods
The Beverly Hillbilliesunknown
The Blue & the Grayunknown
The Complete Universal Military Simulatorunknown
The Even More Incredible MachineunknownDynamix
The Great War 1914-1918StrategyBlue Byte
The HordeStrategyCrystal Dynamics
The humansPuzzleImagitec Design
The Humans 2unknown
The Hunt for Red OctoberActionHi-Tech Expressions
The Incredible MachineunknownDynamix
The Lost VikingsActionSilicon & Synapse
The PatricianStrategyAscon
The ProphecyAdventureCoktel Vision
The Simpsons: Bart's NightmareActionAcclaim
The Software Toolworks Game Pack 3unknown
The Swiss Family Robinson: An Island AdventureEducationalMulti Dimensional Communications
The Treehouseunknown
The Ultimate Doomunknown
The Wacky World of Miniature GolfPuzzlePhilips Sidewalk Studio
Tie Fighterunknown
Tie Fighter: Defender of the Empireunknown
Tom & JerryActionHi-Tech Expressions
Tony La Russa Baseball IIunknown
Tornado & Falcon 3.0unknownDigital Integration
Tornado: Operation Desert Stormunknown
Trevor McFur in the Crescent GalaxyActionAtari
Triple Action Volume 2unknown
TroddlersPuzzleSales Curve Interactive
UFO Enemy UnknownStrategyMicroprose
Ultima 7 - Part 2 - Serpents IsleRPGORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Ultima I-VI SeriesunknownElectronic Arts
Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of WorldsRPGLooking Glass Studios
Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of WorldsActionLooking Glass Technologies Inc.
Ultima VII: The Black GateRPGORIGIN Systems
Ultimate GinStrategyAccidental Software
Ultimuh MCMLXVII: Part 2 of the 39th TrilogyRPG
Unnatural Selectionunknown
Unnecessary Roughnessunknown
Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amandaunknown
Uridium 2ActionGraftgold
V for Victory (series)StrategyAtomic Games
V for victory: Gold-Juno-SwordStrategyAtomic Games
V for Victory: Gold-Juno-Swordunknown
V for Victory: Market Gardenunknown
ValkyrieSimulationDonald A. Hill Jr.
Veil of DarknessRPGEvent Horizon
Victor LoomesAdventurePromotion Software
Video PokerPuzzleGlenn Seemann
VikingsStrategyRealism Entertainment
VlakPuzzleGOLEM (Miroslav Němeček)
Voyeur …don't get caughtPuzzlePhilips P.O.V. Entertainment
Wall PipePuzzleSoleau Software
Walls of RomeStrategyMindcraft
War in the GulfSimulationEmpire Software
Warlords 2StrategySSG Strategic Studies Group
Warriors of LegendRPGSynergistic Software
Wayne';s WorldAdventureCaptstone Software
Whale's VoyageRPGNEO Software Produktions GmbH
Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego?unknown
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?unknown
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? DeluxePuzzleBroderbund Software
Wild West – The Incredible Adventures of Donald ReddishAdventureProline
Wing Commander AcademySimulationOrigin
Winter Olympics: Lillehammer '94unknownUS Gold
World Tour Tennisunknown
World War II: Battles of the South Pacificunknown
WWF Royal RumbleunknownAcclaim
X-Wing: B-WingSimulationLucasArts
X-Wing: Imperial Pursuitunknown
X-Wing: Upgrade Kitunknown
XenosActionJECO Software
Xmas LemmingsPuzzleDMA Design
XXIV!PuzzleMark Ambachtsheer
Yo! Joe! Beat the GhostsActionHudson Soft Company
ZeliardActionSierra On-Line
ZOA: The Zone of AvoidanceActionCasady & Greene
Zombies Ate My NeighborsActionKonami
Zone 66Action
Zoo KeeperEducationalDavidson & Associates
Zurk's Learning SafariPuzzleSoleil Software, Inc.