Seven Cities of Gold: Commemorative Edition

Seven Cities of Gold: Commemorative Edition

Robot 139
Electronic Arts

The player takes the role of a late 15th-century explorer for the Spanish Empire, setting sail to the New World in order to explore the map and interact with the natives in order to win gold and please the Spanish court. The name derives from the "seven cities" of Quivira and CĂ­bola that were said to be located somewhere in the Southwest United States. It is considered to be one of the earliest open world video games.

In 1993, a new version was released for MS-DOS. It is more a reconceptualization of the gameplay than as a simple cosmetic makeover. The game is set up as a tier of goals that must be accomplished. For example, the first goal is to establish one mission, one colony, and three forts in the space of ten voyages.

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XTC Abandonware 7 Cities of Gold PC 1993
The Retro Spirit Seven Cities of Gold: Commemorative Edition PC 1993

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